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038: “What’s for Dinner?”

Hello! Welcome to episode 38 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re putting on our planning hats and chatting all about meal planning and how we try to avoid eating nothing but popcorn and frozen pizza for dinner. Post contains affiliate links. Why we try to meal plan When we are STRESSED, dinner is the first thing to go out the window. By having some sort of meal plan,

037: Namaste with Farryn Pearson

Hello! Welcome to episode 37 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are talking to our coworker and yoga instructor, Farryn Pearson, to teach us all about yoga. How did Farryn get into yoga? Farryn started taking pilates, which led her to yoga classes. She decided to go through yoga teacher training as a way to deepen her own yoga practice. For her, yoga is an enjoyable way to

036: The Best of the Small Screen

Hello! Welcome to episode 36 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are spending far too much time discussing our favorite TV shows. What we’re watching now Megan has been into watching Search Party on the HBO app. Stephie just finished watching Love, Victor on Hulu. Stephie is always watching some part of The Bachelor franchise and Megan does not understand. Shows we couldn’t quite finish Mad Men. Sorry,

034: First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Hello! Welcome to episode 34 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, in honor of Megan and Bob’s 15th wedding anniversary, we’re talking about that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream: marriage! Post contains affiliate links. What keeps a marriage strong? Other interests and friends outside of your relationship! As counterintuitive as it may sound, having important things in our lives beyond our spouses has helped keep our respective

033: Skincare Myths with Ade Olayinka

Hello! Welcome to episode 33 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we have invited back one of our favorite guests, Ade Olayinka, to bust some skincare myths. What is a retinol? Retinols are vitamin A products. The correct term is “retinoids” or “vitamin A products.” Retinoids help treat acne, aging concerns, and hyper-pigmentation. They work by speeding up ‚Äúturnover” of your skin cells. This makes way for a new

032: Battling the Clutter Bug

Hello! Welcome to episode 32 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re talking about organizing, cleaning, and generally battling the clutter bug. What did we take away from Marie Kondo & Tidying Up? Stephie’s favorite Marie Kondo takeaway is the folding method. It’s amazing. Use it on your t-shirts forever. Also, no. Marie Kondo does not want you to throw away everything you own. She just wants you to

031: Make All the Things with Lindsay Ponta

Hello! Welcome to episode 31 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week we are joined by our friend Lindsay Ponta from Shrimp Salad Circus (@shrimpsaladcircus) to talk all about crafting and making. This post contains affiliate links. Perfectly imperfect Lindsay started her blog as a way to encourage people to find the freedom to be messy. She is also into applying the idea of “perfect imperfection” to sustainability. She has

030: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hello! Welcome to episode 30 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are taking advantage of the warm weather and spending some time talking about our home gardens. This post contains affiliate links. Know your zone If you’re new to outdoor gardening, one of the first things to do is figure out what zone you live in. This will tell you what plants will survive best outdoors for you.

029: Infertile AF

Hello! Welcome to episode 29 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are honoring National Infertility Awareness Week with a special episode on infertility. This post contains affiliate links. National Infertility Awareness Week This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. We wanted to do a special episode on infertility to continue to help break the stigma. 1 in 8 couples will struggle with infertility. Those numbers are staggering, yet

028: Dirty Hippies

Hello! Welcome to episode 28 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are taking a look at all of the things that make us hippies in this modern world. This post contains affiliate links. Ok, but why are we hippies? Aside from wanting to treat the planet more kindly, we like to know what products we are putting on and in our bodies. That’s just easier to do when