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063: No Soggy Bottoms

Hello! Welcome to episode 63 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re hoping for a scrummy bake and no soggy bottoms as we chat all about our favorite cooking shows.

Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your host Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week we’re chatting about our favorite cooking shows. Stay tuned.


Well, hello there.

How are you?

I am okay.

I’m okay. You

didn’t sound fully convinced of that fact. Well,

I mean, I said, Okay, I didn’t say great. So,

you know, like a question mark at the end. I’m okay.

Am I okay?

Yeah, today was just like a weird. Like, you know, you have days where sometimes just like, extra emotional for some reason? Uh huh. Yes. And that was today for me.

Oh, I create a shit ton at the therapist today.

So I mean, I did not go to the therapists.

But maybe if you had done a therapist, you also would have cried a shit ton. So

I think I made a deep cry alone. So

how so we’re just vibing with our

emotions today. We’re just so tapped into each other. Where you’re crying, I’m crying.

Our husbands would probably like if we were slightly less tapped into each other,


it’s fine. They’re very blessed. Um, yeah, I’m sorry that you had an emotional day. Those are not my favorite. No, I feel it. Hopefully after we hopefully after we’re done recording, you can go just like curl up in bed and watch something stupid.

I know. I just there’s no, there’s nothing stupid left for me to watch. I feel like you watched.

I’ve watched all the stupid things. And now only smart things are left.

I’ve watched all the stupid things that like I can watch without like hating myself without.

You have it stupid solo.

Well, it’s just that like, there’s certain shit. Like I’ve tried to watch a bunch of shows that people have recommended to me and I’m like, yeah, that’s fine. I don’t it’s not for me. So I feel like I don’t there’s no more shows that I want to watch right now.

tend to rewatch something.

Maybe so.

Maybe you should just rewatch the good place. That’s always a good one.

I could that will definitely work out some tears. So I mean,

or you could just turn shits Creek on again. Yeah, for some reason, put on some great British baking show.

I always feel a little bit guilty when I do rewatches because I’ve already watched them multiple times. And I’m like, there’s so many other shows out there that I should watch. But I I just have what I like.

And it’s comforting. Yeah, you know, that’s fine. It’s fine. I need to bitch about something. Please do. Um, so after I got to the therapists office, I swung through the Starbucks drive thru. And I have two things to bitch about, about that experience. One. For some reason, the Starbucks that I usually go to, which is the same one that you usually go to. They are the most fucking chipper over the drive thru thing like when they take your order. They

shout at you

all like they like chipper Lee yell at you that looks like in this very high pitched happy. It’s very like it literally, I know, we have both had this experience. Because we’ve had this experience together, where they come like, you pull up to the thing. And they say hello. And it’s so loudly chipper that it makes us jump. Like I have literally like visibly startled. What is happening? And I’m like, I don’t know that. Like these people are coming to you for caffeine. I’m not sure that they’re prepared for you to like, yell at them. Even if it’s in a happy tone. Like I think maybe you need to tone it down until after they’ve had the coffee. But what do I know?

But they’ve had too much coffee themselves.

That’s a possibility. The second thing I would like to pitch about about that experience is so I don’t drink coffee. Always get tea and I at Starbucks. I get a venti iced green tea, no sweetener, and I have to specify no sweetener, because for some ungodly reason, the Starbucks, like their default is to put sweetener in the iced tea. Yep.

I think it’s stupid.

If you order an iced latte at maybe nontheless a, maybe just an iced coffee even at Dunkin Donuts, they automatically put sweetener in it as well.

I think it’s weird.

It is very weird. I don’t want to sugar. No,

I asked for the sugar. And then I say, God forbid, like today, they miss that you very clearly said no sweetener. And then you like, get onto the road again, and you take a sip of your tea and you’re like, damn it.

And then you have to go back.

I didn’t I suffered through it today. It does. The thing about the green tea is that it’s not as egregious. I cannot drink sweet, like black. Oh, no. Yeah, it’s disgusting. The green tea I can handle, especially if I like let the ice melt for a while it kind of like waters it down. And then I’m like, okay, that’s whatever I’ll because I didn’t feel like because then by the time I was done, the drive thru line was really long. And I was like, I’m not I don’t know. Right. So then I just suffered in silence. Until I said something to you about it.

When I go to the other coffee shop is a in a new ish independent shop. By my eye doctor, they, for whatever reason, always give you some sort of compliment.


I don’t really understand why are they if it’s not a compliment, it’s like some sort of like thing they notice about you that they definitely need to chat about. Oh, the first time I went, it was soon after the like the whole ice situation. And I had a lot of ice on my car. So because I am too lazy to break it off. And I’m one of those people who will drive down the street with a bunch of ice on the car. Oh, yeah. Me too. And so they commented about that. And then one time, Bob and I went and they said, Remember what they said then but then I went today and she complimented the look of my debit card. And she also said, I know that’s a weird thing to compliment. But there it is. And I was like oh, okay,

I mean, at least she’s owning it. I

don’t that’s weird. I haven’t tried that one yet coffee shop yet. I maybe I should go so I can test out this like this this theory that they’re weird.

Apparently. They’re very chipper and cheerful. So

yeah, I haven’t read that one out. Because what do they have

much of a day? Do you have tea? They have Chai they have green tea. I have not gotten it either one there yet, though. Okay, well,

then maybe maybe I’ll try it. It’s sort of like it’s also sort of on the opposite end of town for me. So I’m rarely over that direction. But yeah,

I mean, the only reason I have gone there is because my eye doctor is literally next door to my eye doctor.

So I still went to the gym, I would have to pass by it. But I don’t go to the gym anymore.

goes to the gym.


Love you.

I’m gonna say the gym. She goes to orange theory, but she’s like the well and one of my very good friends is a manager at the gym. But even she was like, honey, you can cancel your vote and your membership. It’s like thank you for your permission. It’s fine. Everything is fine. So today we are going to talk about cooking shows because you know what? Shit is hard. And we want to talk about something just a little frivolous.

It cooking shows just bring us so much joy.

That Yes, although sometimes they make me a little stabby

it depends for sure on which ones they are.

Yeah, it depends what you’re watching. But there are many, many of them that are extremely like happy times. The thing that I think is interesting is that so used to be when you talked about cooking shows, it was very much like a person, a presumably famous chef or food writer are of some sort in a kitchen making food usually some sort of meal and like talking you through it. And now I feel like almost every cooking show is either like a competition show or it is like more of like a documentary style of like restaurants or whatever.

Yeah, I think it’s interesting to watch, like how they’re kind of divided on especially like on Food Network, or it’s like versus like what’s on streaming versus like, CNN has like CNN is the one who had all of Anthony Bourdain shows. Uh huh. And now they have Stanley Tucci show. And I think they might have might have be the ones you had. Pat, Padma Lakshmi Show. I’m not sure if that was on CNN or streaming. But I’ve noticed, you know, it used to be only Food Network. It was cooking shows like all the time, nice, you know, Ayana, yo, cooking dinner kitchen, bringing something that for Jeffrey. Oh, man, and I’ve noticed that that kind of show is only during the day. Yes. Edit night is the night is completely devoted to competition. And during the day like

before 1pm once you hit like 1pm, usually, somewhere between one o’clock and like three or four o’clock, depending on the day of the week, they switch over to like, the competition shows or like the diners drive ins dive style of shit. But yeah, they definitely reserve the like what I think of as a traditional cooking show for the morning.

Yeah, I think that’s really weird. And I also was thinking about it. And when Julia Child show was on I’m pretty sure that was also on like in the afternoon. Like it wasn’t on in the evening. It was granted it was like on PBS, but there was no, like primetime cooking cooking shows.


I think yeah. I mean,

I think that obviously, like Food Network definitely changed a lot of that. But yeah, it was all of all of those. Like, I’m going to teach you how to cook something shows very daytime, very daytime oriented. sidebar, I have somewhere a DVD collection. It’s not it’s like a set of two or three maybe DVDs of the French chef that we should watch sometime. Oh, absolutely.

So much fun.

Love her. Um, anyway, that was just aside.


I think that is actually why like one of the reasons why I really love Nadia is time to eat and Nadia bakes.

Because it’s going back to like, yes, that kind of like, cozy kitchen kitchen style.

Yes. Where they’re actually teaching you something.

Yeah. And I feel like it’s not like there aren’t like, there are still those cooking shows cozy cooking shows in people’s kitchens and stuff. But like, we work during the day,

we work during the day also. I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m not sure all of them actually really can cook.

I don’t, I don’t really think so either. I mean, I

where they get some of these people, and it’s very unclear.

I don’t think almost any of the shows are enjoyable, except for Ayana. And I think that just because I know is like adorable.

And, and borderline ridiculous

and ridiculous. But also like, you could tell that she knows what she’s doing. Right?

Yeah. And that’s like, my, I’m like, some of these people. I’m like, where, how? Where did you come from? Like, I don’t understand what your background is. So I don’t really know if you actually know what you’re doing. And sometimes they do things and I’m like, What are you doing?

Yeah, the tendency to give cooking shows to just randomly famous people. Very strange to me, like this. I don’t maybe Trisha, you’re but really, my God.

I was just about to say, Trisha, You’re what? Like,

come on. And also like Joanna Gaines, I know. She has a restaurant and a bakery and all of that, but like, does she need a cooking show?

Yeah, I don’t know.

It’s very confusing to me. But so let’s talk

about Nadia because I love her. I love her. So she won. Great British baking show, right?



I feel like I also I just watched that season recently. So But I feel like did she win? Did

she wait? Yes, yes. So she won Great British Bake Off, which is also one of our favorites. But she just, I, okay, there’s multiple things I love about her and I love about her shows. The one I really love. The thing I really love about Nadia Time to eat in particular, is aside from just her voice, it’s just, I could just listen to her talk forever. But when she so Nadia has time, he, she the like, premise is, like quick and easy meals. And like things that anybody can do, if you’ve got kids or whatever. And so then she will cook things in her kitchen, but then she will also have this was clearly created pre COVID. Um, but she will like go to, like real people’s homes, like real people who are short on time, for whatever reason, and like, show them how to make an easy meal. And the thing that I really love is that she actually makes them do it. Like, right, one lady has a baby. And Nadia just stands there, like holding the baby and like cuddling with the baby, and it’s like, okay, now you’re gonna chop this. This, like she actually makes the lady do it instead of being like, I’m really gonna do it. And then I’m gonna let you stir one thing, and then I’ll be like, Oh, yeah, you made this and you’re like, No, you didn’t. Nadia made it. Right.


It’s one of the things I love about Nadia. Also, her food is amazing.

I also really like how she a lot of the episodes, maybe every episode, she goes to like a farm or like she goes to the place where they make canned beans and England beans are like canned beans are super huge in England, right? She goes to like the factory. She goes to like a mushroom farm. Now one was super interesting. It’s super interesting. And I think it’s a really cool because a lot of people don’t know where their food comes from. And the way that she presents, it is really fun. And she also like brings whatever the recipe is yes, that she’s does for that week, like to the workers. So I think that is really cute.

She just, I just like want to be friends with her.

Yeah, I also have made multiple recipes from that show. And they’re i don’t think i’ve I don’t think I’ve ever done that before for TV cooking show.

Yeah, I don’t think so either. Because I, I think a lot of times, I’ll see something on a cooking show. And I’ll be like, Huh, that’s interesting. And like, sparked me into trying something similar. But yeah, I’ve never actually looked up a recipe from a cooking show and been like, I am going to make this. Yeah. And her food is really good.

It’s really good. I have started watching Nadia bakes, I have not finished it because I’m it’s one of those shows that I’m like, I tried to like parcel it out. Because I don’t want it to end. You know, and there’s there’s so many so few episodes. So I want to like savor it.

And they’re kind of short. So you don’t want to like write you know, blow through it. And I also like I don’t want to watch it while I’m working on something. I want to just like I need to pay attention. Yeah, because it’s probably gonna make something I want to make.

Yes. Also, I really love this is just like a design factor thing. But like it’s so bright and Karla colorful, and the clothes that she wears are colorful and sunny and cozy and just feels like a really inviting place to be.


I just want to sit and I want to have tea and eat whatever she’s making. Like I want. I want to just like get in her kitchen with her. Yeah, that’d be I think,

I think another thing is that a kind of they’re totally different, obviously. But it kind of brings back that initial feeling that you get when you watch. Great British Bake Off. Yes, originally, not necessarily now, because it’s changed so much. But in the beginning,

the before time back we still had Barry Barry.

Yes, it just seemed like a really fun place to be and I always am kind of shocked by how different Great British Bake Off was compared to like every other American competition show.

Yes, because they’re they’re not it’s not like a cutthroat competition. Like oh, all of the American competition shows they come in like even the ones that are are supposed to be Like home


or whatever, like even like, Master Chef or whatever. They come in, and they’re very cutthroat, like, I’m going to take down the competition, I’m going to win this thing. And like maybe it’s partly because the Great British Bake Off steaks or like, cake and engraved cake play. I mean, clearly, Nadia has, like, been able to, like, have a show and like all of these things. And so I mean, I’m sure it can be used as you know, a platform to get to something else, right? If you want that. But like, the initial show, stakes are pretty low, they aren’t getting money, they’re getting a engraved cake play. And like the clout or whatever, but they’re just so kind to each other, and they love each other. And they genuinely seem sad every week when someone has to go home. And like I love the times where they like the next week, somebody that they really loved. Like will go home and the next week, they’ll all like, do a little something and their honor.


Like it’s just like the all like if their thing is, what was there was one guy, his thing was like, he always wore Hawaiian shirts. And so then the next week, everybody wore Hawaiian shirt. Like in his honor, like, stuff like that. I was like, Oh my god, they’re like really actually, friends. Just Yeah,

heart so much. And they all help each other. If someone’s having problems, they rush over to help them and they’re like, well, that person’s cake is melting. I don’t care.


Whereas like American cooking shows are also like, you get 30 minutes to make a five layer cake. And we’re only going to give you one knife and your left hand is gonna be tied behind your back.

Like, okay, sure.

Yeah. It’s it’s just, it’s just it’s so uplifting. I, I don’t think you can. Here’s the thing. If you can watch the Great British Bake Off and be in a like, still be in a bad mood afterwards. He might be a monster.

Okay, well, it depends. I will just say.


it’s Paul, Hollywood is very annoying.

Paul, hollywood thinks very highly of Paul Hollywood.

She very much does. And I also feel like this last season. I know, it was COVID. And they had a lot of different they had to have a lot of changes. But I feel like a lot of the themes and stuff that they came up with were really found in Yeah. And it was really disappointing. It’s not really like what I expect to see from the Great British baking show. And also when you especially if you are like me and go back and watch the older seasons.


I learned I used to learn so much like mad show because melon Zoo would explain things they would like go to a patisserie and like talk about tempering chocolate or like whatever the thing was, you wouldn’t learn about it. I don’t know. It’s just at this point. They assume everyone knows because I’ve been watching the show for 10 years. But I would still like to learn things. I feel like you’re still like there’s still something you could learn in each episode, even if it’s a theme that they’ve already covered. Yeah, I would agree with that. Yeah, and rainbow bagels for American is lame.

Got a lot of thoughts about that.

A lot of people have a lot of thoughts about that.

What are we doing was no.

Bless it.

So my kids favorite cooking show is one of those crazy ones which is nailed it. Like they love nailed it. So Riddick, I don’t know if it’s made specifically for children, really, because like, it’s for adults. There’s all these adults guest posts and things like that. But like, My kids love that show.

I enjoy watching it with your kids.

Because they like it. I would not like it by myself. No,

I like when it first started. I watched an episode or two and I was like this show is weird.

Like, I know,

you’re definitely like it’s a show you can’t ask questions about


I don’t understand. The it’s like the point is to go on and do something poorly.

I think it’s just the point is that like, you get you get so little time to make the thing. It’s impossible to make To copy what they give you, because the thing is they’re like, here’s the thing that you have to make it takes joc Torres five days. Right? So, but then some of these people can’t

even make a cake from a box mix,

right? That is the confusing part where you have to not ask questions, because they give you the recipe. And the cake and most other things are like a box mix. You’re not making things from scratch,

right? I don’t know. It’s just very, I don’t know. Yeah, I have a lot of questions about who signs up to go on that show. I have many, many, many, many questions. So I really only enjoy it when I watch it with your kids. Because they enjoy it and they find it so humorous that then it becomes humorous, but otherwise, I can’t watch it too much.

I generally like to watch it for the guest shows because they’re usually like a comedian or an actor that I really like. So

yeah, that’s I appreciate that.

And my husband, well, I do as well really loves Chef’s Table flicks. I remember when that show first came out, we were living I was when we were still in our apartment. And I remember watching, like the very first season and he was just that this is before he worked at a restaurant. This is when he was still training. And when he was sort of like the idea of working in a restaurant was just sort of this like, there wouldn’t that be cool thing for him? And I just remember him being absolutely just enthralled with that show. Yeah, yeah. Just loving it. So that one’s that one’s always been a fun one. There was another one that came out around that time and I can’t remember I think David chain like it focused on him. How talking about?

Um, well, there’s ugly, delicious, but I don’t or not ugly, delicious. We know that is Yeah. ugly. Delicious. Is his show. But that came out in 2018.

Yeah, so this was earlier and it wasn’t like just about David Chang. It was an show and it followed him for a season and then followed. There was like another chef that they followed in season two, I think. And this is gonna drive me insane.


mine mind of a chef. Yes.

Yes. Yeah, that was my point. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Um,

yeah, that was interesting. Because I think a lot of the show is actually the first like, that one in chess table. The first like few seasons, it was like



as the host, and it was just like,

a cool.

Actually, I’m looking at that now. And they only had one. Some of these just say various, which is not helpful. They had Gabrielle Hamilton in season four, and they had April Bloomfield and season two. And that looks like it’s it

on mind of a chef

now. Yes. Correct.

Yeah, cuz they touched on Christina Tosi in season one with David Chang, but she didn’t have like,

like her own episode. Yeah.


yeah. Cuz Earth whatever series, right, because it was because she’s so entwined, obviously, with Momofuku and stuff. But yeah, she didn’t have like her own highlight, necessarily. So yeah, that was definitely disappointing, but, you know, takes a little while to be like, I guess. Women are chefs too.

Yeah, fine. Um, that’s why I was so happy when some minerals that got her show on salt, fat acid heats is a nice, interesting show. I really liked the ones that were there traveling around, possibly because I really liked Anthony Bourdain shows, but I feel like you just learned so much more when you like get out of your own kitchen. Yes. But I really liked that book. And so the series is also Really good. I

think I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, but I don’t think I’ve sat down and just watched that one.

It’s definitely one where you have to like pay attention. You can’t just have that passively watch it. Yeah,

I have. Sometimes I get to the end of the day, and I’m like, I can’t have brainspace to actively watch something and learn. I have taken in all of the information I can take in for the day. I cannot learn anything right now.


That is why we watch some dumb stuff sometimes.

Yes, it is. So Stanley Tucci has a show. I haven’t watched it. Have you watched any of the episodes yet?

I have not watched any yet. I am very much wanting to but I know as soon as I do. I’ll be like, I must eat all the pasta. Why can I not go and get some really good pasta because stupid Corona can’t do. Um, but I really love Stanley Tucci as an actor,

I love him.

I just think he’s so great. And I saw that in the past few years. He got really into cooking. He has a cookbook. He’s sort of doing I don’t know if it’s like tik tok, or whatever it was with like his Negroni video that everyone went crazy about last year. So much fun. Um, so I’m really excited to watch it. I just have not done it yet.

Yeah, same. I yeah, just is I’m just gonna want to eat Oh, the carbon IRA after

carbon hours. I love it. I know.

I know. It’s easy to make. And I know it’s so simple and stuff, but like that. I don’t make that at home. That’s something that I want someone to make for me.

I will make it at home. Because it is a nice one. Because I almost always have the ingredients for it. Yeah, so it is a nice, like, super easy thing to make when I don’t really feel like doing something else. But it is better when someone else makes it for you. Oh, absolutely. It’s like grilled cheese. Yeah, cheese sandwiches are better when other people make them for you. This is just a fact.

And I do I mean, I we do pretty much always have bacon. But it’s so much better if you have like akansha la ha huh? Ah, now I’m just like, even just thinking about it. I’m just making me hungry.


for real?

Yeah, I am excited to watch that one. Stanley Tucci so much. Also, he was in. Julia and Julia.

Just he was amazing in that movie, and also he is in big nights, which is amazing. Have you watched that movie? I

have not.

Oh my god. All right. So what we’re gonna have to do. Do you know the plot of the movie?

what they do?

Oh my god. Okay. big night is a movie from 1996. And it has Stanley Tucci, and Tony Shalhoub. Okay as to Brother, chefs to open a restaurant. And they’re like Italian. Uh huh. But their restaurant is like, two Italian or whatever. So the restaurants like struggling so they decide to have like a really big meal. to like, supposedly, like the famous person supposed to come to the restaurant, so they decided to like have a big blowout dinner and so they make what the heck is it called? That pasta casserole thing? Oh, what

is that called?

I don’t

there are many pasta casserole things.

It’s not Tim piano.


so it’s like a giant, huge thing. Where you like, it’s like Baked Alaska where like, it’s self contained. Okay. Yes. And so but it’s pasta. So the whole movie is like about this and it’s so good. It’s funny. They it’s like super food focused. It’s really,

okay, well, we great movie.

So we have to watch the movie. I would say Alex should make us to panel but that would take a 5000 years, especially

making it

we could just have some carbonara while we were in our works. Have a little Stanley Tucci night.

Oh my God, I’ve

been sold sounds good. Right. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. That sounds amazing. What are what are some other cooking shows that you historically love or are really enjoying right now?

I have enjoyed chopped in the past. I don’t have cable anymore, so I can’t really watch it. I guess it’s on Netflix now,

I guess Yeah. Um,

but it’s kind of funny. If you start watching it a lot, then you can kind of guess what the judges are gonna say.

Yeah, this is true. Yeah. If you watch it, you’re gonna be like, okay, that person is going home.

Yeah, yeah. And surprise element.

Yeah. So that gets kind of gets a little bit tiring when you realize that like one person’s like, I don’t like red onions. And you’re like, Oh, no, that person put a red onions in. And similarly, I used to be also really into Top Chef. Uh huh. And that same kind of thing, where like, if someone makes a risotto, I’m always like, they’re going home.

It never turns out well,

now and never does. They have a very high standards for ricotta on that show. I will eat pretty much any risotto

picky with it, right?

Um, but whenever they make it on the show, it never turns out the way that the judges want and they, they still keep making it or there’s be like a person who is like, I’m a vegetarian. Like the first time you meet them, and you’re like, that person is not gonna last on the show,


There’s nothing wrong with vegetarians. But if you’re going to be a chef, especially at a competition show, it has to be very short for you.

Right? So yeah, I’d have a little bit of a thing.

Yes. Especially if the theme is like barbecue.

Right. If the famous like butchery Yeah, that’s a butcher their own their own. They get like a side of a hog that they have to butcher and then make something for you’re like, oh, all the vegetarians are not gonna do well. Yeah, it’s like it’s like I could never go on a competition baking show because I hate chocolate. Right? Like it just would not work because invariably, like I could not go on Great British baking show because I there would absolutely be a chocolate episode. And chocolate themed week and I would flop.

right because you can’t taste it because you don’t like hate it.

Right? Right. I could taste it. But I would be like this is disgusting,

right? Which brings us back to Paul Hollywood.


doesn’t make gherkins gag does not like, does not like matcher. But like, Oh, yeah, things with matching.

And that’s so weird to me. You and I had this conversation not that long ago. Because it’s a little perplexing to me. Like the show has been running for years. It is so popular. You know that the people that have been that are going on the show have definitely watched in the past. So like, Okay, the first let’s say the first three seasons, the contestants get a pass. Let’s let’s go ahead and say three seasons, you get a pass by the fourth season. The people that have watched the show that are going on the show should be starting to see like, Huh, Paul clearly says he hates matcha. Or like maryberry doesn’t always love when something is super booze heavy, or blah, blah, like, whatever. Don’t fucking include that in your recipe like account for that? Well,

the thing with the matcha is aside from the fact people have been just putting it in themselves. They did literally have an episode where they made them make matcha food. Yeah, that was weird. And both the judges were like, I actually don’t like matcha. And like, why did you make them do that? There’s so many other things that they could have made from Japanese bakeries. That did not involve Macia. It was offensive.

Right? I’m like What is wrong with you?

On the flip side, they do seem to learn what Paul does like yes. So like there have been about 5000 key lime flavor thing. Because he frequently says that is his favorite flavor.


Yeah, you know, it’s a blossom. I’m sure show that I have historically loved is good eats.

I have not watched the new Good Eats but I did really enjoy the original No Goody.

I love I love Alan Brown. He is so smart. It’s, like,


And the thing that I loved about that show that show my mother really, really loved to, and it legitimately made her like, consider going back to school to become a nutritional anthropologist. Because she was like, Oh my God, if I had known this was a thing when I was in school, that’s what I would have done with my life.


because she really wanted to be a dietitian, but she didn’t get good enough grades her first semester of college, and so she like, wasn’t able to, like get into the dietetics program, anyway. But I love that he, like I have learned so much from watching that show. And just these strange little bits of knowledge, because he goes in so like, deep about the science, and where ingredients come from. And the history. I love it. I love it so much. It’s like the perfect marriage of nerdiness and food.

Yeah, I think the other thing that always made it stand out was that they worked really hard to like present interesting camera angles that showed all of that science. I think maybe they were the first ones to like, do the camera inside the oven kind of situation, watch things rise or simmer stuff like that. I always thought that was the coolest. Yeah. And I love like,

like, he they did some like behind the scenes kind of stuff. And showed like, he himself would make some of the models and be like, this is what we need to use. Like, I’m gonna just build this model to show you what this water molecule looks like or whatever. Like I love that. He and his wife, at least during the beginning of quarantine, they were doing like a quarantine that I think they called it like quarantine kitchen or something.

I think it’s like corn cooks or something they

were they were like live streaming it on YouTube. And it was delightful. Because they were just literally sometimes they would get on and they’d be like, what are we making? He’s like, I don’t know, we’ve got cocktails something up and they would like just like the two of them on their phones, whatever. And like because he was just doing it on YouTube. He could also like swear as much as you wanted and like literally say whatever and he would be like cuz you would sometimes he’d catch himself. He would like almost not say something. I’d be like wait

a minute,

this isn’t the Food Network. I could say whatever I want. That he just like unfiltered say whatever. Oh my god so good. And they’re their little dogs. scabbia Gail

is love them.

Excellent. 10 out of 10

reminds me of like Mandy Patinkin and his wife doing like random live streams.

Yeah, like I just it’s just, I like seeing people in their homes just like being weird. Yeah. Because I’m like, Hey, I have in my home and also weird. I feel like I’m one of them.

When I was doing I was trying to make reals. for work, I was filming like everything as I was doing it. And then I was gonna go back later and make the reel and then we decided to not use any of the stuff I did. But there was one point where I was like stirring something. And like a whole mess load of it. Like came out of the bowl. vigorously and I was like, Well, whatever.

I’m just like doing your child.

I wasn’t gonna put it back in the bowl. But no,

I mean, I think that that was like, so much of Julia Child’s allure. Is because she was so real that she was a hot ass mess. Yeah, she would just be like, sometimes

this happens. Whenever I keep on

going or like tell you how to fix it or be like what? Sometimes you make a mess. Sometimes this thing falls apart. And here’s kind of like patch it back together. like okay, because I don’t know, that also tells you like I can do this at home. Yeah, for sure. So outside the realm of possibility, like, Oh, wait, I don’t know. There’s just something there’s just something so real and approachable. That just I think encourages you to like want to actually get in the kitchen. When it looks like something like you could really do yourself because you also Make the messes. I don’t know, just my grade. Oh, this is my personal philosophy on that. So I guess if I ever get a cooking show, I’ll just be a hot ass mess. It’ll have if I ever had a cooking show would have to be on vice because I would swear so much. So I couldn’t be on Food Network.

Do you? Have you ever watched master chef? How do you feel about the master chef series?

I used to watch master chef. Um, I have not watched it recently. Is

it still on?

I actually don’t know. I assume so.

I always liked the kids one. Yes, I always but also like the kids.

I really liked the kids but also made me kind of mad. So first of all, I thought it was interesting that like, so master chef, like Gordon Ramsay screams at the people.

He’s such a dick.

But then on the kids one he is so dire. Um, but the kids are like, they’re precocious as hell.


But like in a really annoying way.

Some of them are really, really annoying. And some of them are just genuinely sweet.

Some of them are sweet. But then some of them are like, like one I remember watching one of the like they he made them make his super famous Beef Wellington recipe. And the one kid was like, I’ve made this before.

Oh, yeah. So I’m like, You’re such a snot, like,

I’m eight years old. I’ve already been doing this for years. So I learned how to cook when I was two. And I was like, excuse me?

Yeah, yeah,

no one likes you. I’m kidding. That’s mean. You get

sorry, playground. No. Seriously, sometimes I’m like, you’re kind of an asshole like, you’re eight, but you’re kind of an asshole. Like, what is happening? But yeah, some of the kids are just so genuinely sweet. And just like, can’t handle them. But yeah, I always I always really liked the kids one. Joe Bastianich.

That’s also a dick.

Yes. So he and Alex Alex hates him. It was always like, you’re even cook.

He owns a bunch of restaurants. Yeah, he has

a bunch of restaurants.

Yeah. And his mom was a famous chef, so therefore, he knows things

right. Like that drove Alex insane. So yeah, it wasn’t sad when like he was not on anymore. But yeah, I did. I did enjoy. enjoy that. What was the other one? I was gonna mention it. I can’t remember what it is.

The other show like yes,

Iron Chef. Maybe?

Oh, I was. I was gonna ask. I guess because you don’t have. You don’t have cable. So you’ve probably never watched Bon appetit.

Is that unlike the chive or something, it’s on vice TV.

is another favorite and the Predmore house.

That sounds like it would be hilarious. It is hilarious.

Like they and it actually is pretty fascinating. Like whether or not you choose to partake, whether it or not it is legal for you to do so. It is actually really fascinating because they get so like get like this is another one where they get very, very sciency about how they’re cooking with the cannabis and like all the different types and the different ways that they infuse it into the food. So, and a lot of times they do have like famous guest chefs on and stuff. So it is actually a really interesting show. They they kind of changed it. I think a few seasons in but the first couple seasons at very least, are pretty are pretty cool. I almost said pretty dope and that felt like that’s fine. Um,

I see what you did there.

But yeah, so it is really interesting. Again, like it just feeds that nerdiness or like, I had no idea. You can do that. So and then there’s another there’s another guy on there’s another guy on vice TV and he’s I can’t remember what He’s just like this big tattooed dude. And he just like swears all the time. And he’s great. pretty great. It’s like when I can’t take when I reach a point where like, can’t take the, I don’t know, Goofy Food Network people who I don’t know where they even came came from. Oh go watch cooking shows on fire. That’s fine. Whatever. Anyway,

What’s bringing us joy?

so stuffy cooking shows obviously they bring us a lot of joy. But what else is bringing you joy this week?

So I watched the Oprah interview with Megan and Harry, which is not necessarily the thing that’s bringing me joy because it was a very emotional interview to watch. But the thing that is bringing me joy is because they live in California now. And they have so they have a couple of rescue dogs which I believe were Megan’s before she even like married Harry. Yeah, and it’s like an old Beagle who was like running around, but they like showed Oprah their chicken coop they have these rescued chickens. And they have this adorable chicken coop. And on it, it’s it’s Archie’s chick in like in as an i n n.

I love it.

I so they showed that like pretty close to the beginning of the interview. And I like started crying because it was so pure and then I basically wept to the rest of the two hours. And at another point they go back and they show her like talking to them. And the chicken coop and stuff and like she’s like they never say anything about it. But if you look Oprah is holding like a little carton of their eggs that they’ve like given Oprah a carton of their eggs from their rescue chickens. And I was like I did man I just it straight up did man. I was like I cannot these people are so sweet. They just want to live their life with their rescue dogs and their rescue chickens and their adorable children. And they’re too pure for this world. We must protect them at all costs. Like I have thought about Archie’s chick in four days now.


That is adorable.

That reminds me of a jon stewart who when he retired from the Daily Show, turn his farm into an animal sanctuary for factory farm animals. It’s like too, it’s too It’s too much.

I can’t I love it so much. I love it. So good. Okay, Megan was bringing you joy.

So I, we I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got a bunch of seeds stuff and I planted them last week. And they’re going crazy.

I saw them yesterday was that yesterday, that was yesterday. It was like 100 years ago. I saw them yesterday and I was so impressed with them.

I had to take the so they I got like I got a grow light and I had like a little bio dome situation. So it was contained and keeps the humidity in and helps them grow. I had to take the lid off because the zucchini ones were smacking against the top of it.

They were like hello. Yeah.

So I’m very excited because I am just really excited to have a garden here. Start starting new gardening situation again, although I think I was not expecting them to grow so quickly. And now they’re like, here and ready to go. And I’m like it’s too early. Yeah, so I’m gonna have like, indoor zucchini plants pretty soon probably transfer them. And then they’re gonna keep growing and it’ll still be too cold to plant them outside.


so we’ll see what happens but it’s very excited. Everything that I planted is sprouting up except for some peppers. And those take forever. I feel like yeah, I kind of peeked in the little the little dirt pods have holes where you put the seed and you don’t cover it and there’s like a little wiggly sprout kind of situation trying to

trying to happen so I came over to visit and my presence probably killed the peppers because I like I don’t know what it is. I don’t peppers, although Alex’s jalapeno and he had a habanero that did pretty good. Last year probably because I didn’t go anywhere near them. I like stayed far away because I was afraid I like a cursed pepper plants but tomato plants do great for me but peppers Nope. So Maybe you can get maybe you have will have better luck with peppers. And then we can have a vegetable exchange program.

Yeah, we’ll see. I have also never been able to say to successfully grow zucchini because they always get attacked by squash vine borers, and I don’t catch it in time. So we’ll see. I’m hopeful.

Big. Did you plant any cucumbers?

I did plant cucumbers. But I did so because I live here now with you. And you guys will take my extra cucumbers.

Yeah. Provided my husband doesn’t plant 300 cucumber plants himself.


I can make zero promises about absolutely make no promises about whether he will grow 1000 cucumber plants this year or not. But you know,

well, I have all of those that are like, we have to start from seed. But then I err from, like, transplants or whatever, before we put them in the ground. But then I have a whole bunch of other plants that you put in as seeds.


And I think maybe I bought too many seeds.

Do you think maybe you just went a bit overboard?

It’s fine. I think maybe I mean, I don’t I do this every time I have a garden. Because I was just like, I’m gonna grow all the things.

Are you gonna

know I’m not doing leaf is this year? I still have a couple of them that I grew last year that I have not used yet. So

we’ll, we’ll rest a year on the loofahs.

Yes. So I have to figure out if I’m going to grow them again. I kind of have to think of a better use or actually use for them besides like just giving them to people.

So we have a year to to put our business plan for the loofahs. Right, right in place as well. Yes, I

have to learn how to make soap first.

And I tell you I have a friend here in town that does it. You could probably like give her some of your lymphocytes.

Yeah, probably. And then, but I am gonna try to grow corn.

Oh, that’s one outside that last year and it didn’t go so great. But blessings on your core.

Well, yeah, I’m gonna try the whole thing where you like grow the corn and the beans and the squash, like all together kind of situation. Yeah. See if that works. I don’t actually know if that will work or not. But I’m excited to try.

You know the thing about when you start things from seeds, you’re not really out anything besides time.

That’s true. Seeds are cheap. So cheap. So,

so you know, whatever.

And now I have a fancy grow light like the grow light wasn’t cheap, but like it’s gonna last me a long time. Yes. And you can grow herbs underneath


or you know, little succulent babies. whatevs. Good. Yeah. sorts of shit on your girl light.


I love it. I love my little girl light. Because you know, my house is dark. So it was one of the only places I can successfully grow some of my plants, but

the house is actually not dark.

Got a lot. So

I might maybe didn’t need the girl light. But she did really well. So

you needed the girl like It’s fine. It’s fine.

Next week’s episode

It’s fine. Next week, we’re gonna talk about burnout.

Yeah, I think that a lot of us are experiencing this. And I think it’s important to talk about not just burnout, but how do we tell the difference between burnout and depression? And what do we do when we are feeling burnt out. So join us back here next week as we dig into all of that more. Until then, be sure to leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at irsipodcast or send us an email at We’d love to hear from our listeners.


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