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Minisode 004: No One is OK

Hello! Welcome to another quarantine life update minisode of I’d Rather Stay In.

Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your host Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week we’re chatting about the past year of life with COVID. Stay tuned.


hello Stephie

What’s up? Megan?

Oh, well, you know, it’s been a year.

It’s like literally it’s been a year.

Yeah, a

year. in quarantine. We thought it was gonna be a two week quarantine.

I was just thinking about how I when we moved here, like, first of all, we probably would not have moved here. If if all of this hadn’t happened. very bizarre to think about. Yes. And secondly, when we moved here, we were like, during spring break, we’ll go back to Austin to visit.

Oh, what a funny funny thought you had.

Silly. We were silly.


I was also thinking, well, to be fair, I never I never actually believed it was going to be like a two week quarantine, who’s only going to be two weeks. I was like, I’m sorry. It’s been like eight weeks in Italy. Why would you think we could get away with two weeks for like 300 times the size of Italy? Um, but I didn’t think it was gonna be a year.

Plus, right. I mean, maybe it could have been two weeks, if everyone just sat there asses down

through it had just sat their assets down and follow the fucking rules

and not done anything. Like maybe it would have worked. If the country had shut down for two weeks, maybe we would have been okay, maybe. But there’s no way to ever know because no one will ever stop doing the things they want to do.

Oh, you know, my freedoms.

So many freedoms,

so many freedoms that we feel are being infringed upon. That’s great. So But yeah, I was like thinking about how this time last year we’re like, oh, it’s just gonna be a couple of weeks, maybe a month?

Yeah, spend 1212 months.

And we thought we would talk about that, and have a little bit of just like a quick reflection and talk about how we’re doing. So how are we doing?

We are not okay.

And not okay.

Although, what I will say is that I am more Okay, than I would have been if you had not moved here. Oh, I’m serious. Because you because you guys moved here. What was that end of September? Yep. And so you’ve been here most of the fall and all winter. And the winters are really rough. like not being able to go outside has been really really rough. And the fact that we have another house that we can go to because we you know quarantined together the fact that we have another house we can go to and people that we can see who do not live with us has been fantastic. Like honestly godsend.

Yes. Like not I think if we had not been able to see like anybody at all, like it’s hard enough as it is, but like to not have someone


They could just be like, oh, there’s there’s a world outside of my house in my family. And I know a lot of people are like, oh, but your pod your pods not really safe because this person you’re you don’t only do this and you blah blah blah, like is it we’re as safe as we possibly can we work from home?

Yes, Alex barely works outside of the home right now. And they he takes care of the baby better at the restaurant, about masking and like all of those things. And you know, the people that we see the very few people that we see very rarely handle things the way that we do and we feel like safe about that and good about that. And also, I think the thing that the thing that I’ll say to that is there. There are also times when you have to take your mental health into account. And you have to say, okay, is this a calculated risk that I’m willing to take to keep my mental health in check Cuz if your mental health is just like, completely crumbling, that’s not good either.


So you have to find, I think you have to find a balance. And I don’t know if we found it over the last year, but I feel like at least I feel like the the importance of that balance has maybe been hammered home a little bit more for me over the last year. Yeah,

I also definitely feel better being here in Illinois than I do in Texas.

I mean, the place where they said that you can just stop wearing masks and everything. Yeah, open up like normal today. Oh, yeah. Illinois would feel better to you, man.

I mean, aside from before that even dropped. I was thinking about, like, how it has been different where here, people just, they just wear the mask, like, it’s not right now I’m thinking they just do it. And like at the grocery store, you can’t use your own bags, because they’re like, not allowed to touch your bags. And there’s all these things. And in Texas, it was such a big deal to people, like, they just are an old neighborhood group. They’re half the people in that group. Were just like, I’m not gonna wear a mask, I’m gonna do whatever I want, wherever, like, I couldn’t. I couldn’t understand it at all. Right? I still don’t understand it. I posted the other day on Instagram about how I know everyone is getting their shots. And it’s, you know, slowly rolling out a lot of people have it now. But still, like, hundreds of people don’t. Right. But even knowing that a lot of people have their shot, and now I am not ready to see crowded restaurants.

At all. I think like even when we reach the point where you hopefully, like as many people are vaccinated as possible. I think it’s gonna take many of us a very long time to like bounce back from this state where like, seeing a lot of people together since you into a panic or like being people send you into a panic, like I I’m just thinking about like going to big weddings or going to like big work events, or any of that kind of stuff. And I’m like, oh, like the very idea of it makes me like hyperventilate a little bit.

Yeah. In November, when my grandfather died. We were in Madison for the funeral. And we, my dad, and my son and I, we did go to a restaurant to dinner. And the tables were spaced and everything. And they were following the rules that they had in place for Madison, but I was like, internally freaking out. Yeah, like being in a restaurant and seeing other people in a restaurant. I was like, I don’t know what is happening.

Yeah, we,

my two of my best friends, they just finished getting fully vaccinated, and they came down and saw us this weekend. And it was my friend Aaron, who’s been our guest on a guest on here twice. It was Aaron’s second time seeing the baby but first time since she was a sick two weeks old. And it was her husband’s first time meeting Eden and we walked up town to grab some lunch and get some coffee. And the place that we like walked in, went into for lunch, all of the outdoor tables were full and it was a really nice day outside. All the outdoor tables were full so we like sat inside and it was the first time Eden has sat inside a restaurant since she was like three weeks old. So basically since she’s been at like, aware that she was a human being and she was just like looking around like why is going on. There was another family with like two younger kids and she was like, Oh, look at those kids. Oh my gosh. And it was very bizarre because I was just like, I don’t know I’m like wiping the table down like crazy. I’m like sanitizing everything and sanitizing me sanitizing her sanitizing the air. She’s just like looking around like Oh, this is so strange. Look at these people. Oh, such a weird experience.

I mean, same Eden.

I was like girl

Yeah, I

wouldn’t even that many, like if there were very many people it wasn’t crowded at all. I really like, once I start once the like shock kind of wore off, I was like, Okay, this is this is fine. Don’t touch too many things, but it’s okay. But yeah, she was very like, what is happening and I just, I like have to think again about all of these, like 2020 babies that have not experienced anything. Like,

yeah, she very surreal, very like she hasn’t had playdates

really she hasn’t. We finally like made a date to have a playdate next weekend. With our, with our friends, and they’ve like she’s she in that she and this other baby have met. But when they were really little, we could like be outside, but they really haven’t played together. So her sister’s really the only other like little kid that she’s ever been around, like, close to her age. And the rest, she’s just like, not, they’re all older. Yeah, it’s been very weird. Like, she just she hasn’t been around a lot of kids her age, which I think because she isn’t walking yet. She’s almost 13 months old. She’s not walking yet. And I think that has a lot to do with it. Because she hasn’t seen a lot of other kids to like, see them walking and be like, I want to keep up with them and all of that. And so yeah, I don’t know. It’s just very strange to think of like all of the things that would have been very normal for us to do with her in any other year. We just have not done.

Yeah. Yeah,

it’s definitely weird. Like we, like I said, I don’t think that we would have moved because there wouldn’t have been. I guess there wouldn’t have been like an impetus to and if that makes sense. Yeah. And then, like, now that we’re here, we haven’t been able to, we’ve been here for six months, and we’ve barely been anywhere because we can’t go anywhere.

I have this huge list of people I want to introduce you to and I haven’t been able to introduce you to hardly any body because we just can’t. We can’t do it. So yeah, I know we I think at one point, you said something about like, okay, when the weather warms up, we’re gonna throw a big, like barbecue or whatever and Stephie you’ll just invite all the people

that come to my house, this space.

Come meet, come meet

the new people in town.

Please give my kids some friends.

Right? I know. I mean, not like they would have been able to go hang out with their friends in Texas, either. So it’s just all weird. It’s all

Well, I mean, when we were in Texas, Reese was they were doing like backyard driveway, situations with his friends. He would ride his bike over to their house and they they’d hang out outside. So that was okay, ish. But I was. I mean, I don’t send them to school. So it’s just yeah, it’s very strange. I think the interesting thing I know a lot of people like the school thing, especially a lot of people like oh, I i’ve been sending my kids to school the whole time and it’s been fine. No one’s gotten sick, blah, blah, blah, like. Okay, so um, first of all, I don’t think a lot of I think a lot of people have gotten undiagnosed. I do think that’s probably true. Especially, you know, when it comes to teachers who basically like half to go to work. And then also, kids, generally people send their kids to school when they’re sick anyway. Oh, all the time. And then, but the thing is school going go into schools are going constantly out to restaurants or bars or whatever, traveling places. You don’t know. So my thing is, is like yes, maybe I’m being a crazy person for staying home and not going anywhere. But also if I did go somewhere, and someone in my family got sick, or someone else that was around me got sick because of my actions, right? That’s not worth it. Like, half a million people have died. It is not worth it.

So many people. Yeah, it’s it’s scary. And I think for Like I desperately desperately want to see my grandmother so badly want to see my grandmother. And like, especially with my mom not being here, like, I want so much for my grandmother to like, know Eden and for Eden to know her. And we haven’t been able to see her for over a year. And because I’m so terrified of getting her sick, and like that, for me, it’s it’s almost less about us getting sick. I mean, I don’t want us to get sick either. Don’t get me wrong, but for me that the fear of getting someone else sick is like, even worse, even stronger. Like that, to me is like the most terrifying thing. So, I mean, luckily, my grandmother, I think she just got her second dose a couple weeks ago. So we’ll probably try to see her pretty soon. But yeah, I just that fear of getting someone else that you love sick. without realizing it is like, who God?

Yeah. Yeah.

I have enough anxiety without all of this.

I mean, I know well, that, you know, I thought, and I had this thought months and months ago, when the weather was like warming up. Because, you know, when everything hit, it was like a little cold here. And then we got to like, April, May, the weather started to warm up. And so we’d only been doing this for one or two months at that point. And even then, I was like, going for a walk outside, and I’d like pass them on the sidewalk. And I’d be like, shit, what do I do? And I was thinking about the fact that like, oh, man, my social anxiety is just gonna be way worse. Like, once. This is over. And a year later at is absolutely true by socialists. This is so terrible, like, way worse than it was before? Because I don’t know. Like, so often, like, I don’t know how to handle this, like. Can I just go back in my house? Nevermind. I don’t want to leave my house. after all.

It is safe in here.

Save here? Ah, yeah, I don’t know. It’s. And then, you know, I think my big frustration right now is trying to figure out the vaccine rolling.

Yes. That is,

it is.

It isn’t. It said, I know, everyone knows that. It’s a mess. But it is. It is crazy. First of all, the fact that it’s different from state to state is driving me insane. Yeah. Because I, we have so many friends spread out across the country. And then I’ll hear about all of my friends getting it in another state. And I’ll be like, well, how are you doing that, because I have so many other people that I know that I would feel like are further up on the list and they’re not getting it, I don’t

get it. Right. And then like even here, so we had phase one, a and phase one, B and we were supposed to have gone from phase one B to phase one c like last week, but then they changed it. And instead of when see it’s now expanded one B, which includes some of what was going to be included in one c but not all of what was going to be included in one C and I. I was like trying to figure it out. And I actually I was talking to Aaron because she works in public health. And literally, this is part of her job. The vaccine rollout is part of her job and the data around that. I was like, help me understand this. She was like, it’s really fucking confusing.

It doesn’t help that it’s the phases are named the same thing for in each state as well.

Yeah. So yeah, like phase one, B and in Illinois, is totally different than like phase one B in Wisconsin, which is totally different than phase one B in Minnesota.


it makes no sense. It’s so confusing. And then when you are eligible, trying to figure out how you figure out like, trying to figure out how to get on the list. Like how do you get an appointment? Because I was I was poking around on some of the different like health department websites, because you can get because you can’t get vaccines at like Walgreens, you know, different pharmacies, and then the health departments have clinics and stuff to it. And some of the health department’s will only give vaccines to people that live in their county. Some of them don’t care. Some of them actually list like, we will update with new clinic dates and times on Monday at 10am. Some of them don’t list that anywhere. So you have to like guess, when you should like go on their website to try to get an appointment? It is such a clusterfuck.

Yeah, I have a lot of friends back in Texas that are basically they’ve volunteered themselves to help get other people get shots. Yeah, because it’s really difficult especially like, because the a lot of the first group is older people who don’t necessarily know how to use those kinds of websites where you have to sign up on. And then a lot of the other people are, you know, low income and don’t have access to those systems at all.

And you have so and you have to have like an email address to sign up for them. So if you don’t have an email address, you can it’s, it’s a whole mess. It’s so terrible. And like we’re intelligent people.

I think so

I think we’re usually in pretty intelligent people. And we’re still struggling to figure it out. Like we are intelligent, we’re privileged, we have access to all of the things that you feel like you need, like, there’s nothing that that that should make this difficult for us really. And yet, we’re like, what is happening? And so I just, I’m like, how

the good thing is, is that they have said today


because they have approved this new one, Johnson and Johnson one that everyone who wants a shot should be able to get a shot. Soon, like they have enough shots to give everyone one by May or in May. Yeah. But But obviously, like we just said, just because they have them does not mean giving them out, it’s going to happen. But it makes me hopeful. for, you know, things being I’m not gonna say normal because I think our normal was broken. And I would, I would like a new normal. I would like to build from the ground up what normal should look like now?


but, you know, my kids going back to school full time in the fall and maybe thinking about traveling. Right? I would like to have a 40th birthday. It was last year, but I skipped it basically,

we’re just shoot she decided to be 39 for an extra year until

I will just keep it going until I can have that I was gonna have such a great amazing birthday we were going to go to Las Vegas like blow it up basically, it’s going to be girl you’re gonna study girls on the state of penthouse get room service, do spa treatments is going to be amazing. And I am a holding myself to that situation. And I will be 39 Okay, how long it takes fine.

I we might be celebrating our 40th birthdays together. It’s fine.

It better not be that long.

They better not be that long. No. Okay, so let’s, let’s end on a on a more positive note here. What are some of the things that have changed this year that we hope will stick around? So obviously we want we want our kids to be able to go back to school, we want our you know, school in daycare to be safe. We want to be able to go out to restaurants again, we want to be able to you know, blow it up for your birthday. Like those are the things that we want to come back. What are some things that maybe we’ve learned ways we learned to slow down that we think we could benefit from keeping?

Mmm hmm.

One thing that is like maybe not about slowing down but one thing that I would really like is they expanded takeout options are from restaurants. A lot of restaurant they had to pivot so quickly to being able to do takeout And most of them did a really good job without having to resort to, you know, the predatory delivery services. And I, I really appreciate that about them. I think it’s, I think a lot of restaurants. You know, it’s, it’s doing a lot of extra work, you know, when you are having tried to plan for takeout as well as if you have a dine in service, but it’s such a good option for people, especially if they’re you have other accessibility issues. There’s so many reasons why people don’t go to restaurants aside from COVID. Yeah. So I’d like that to keep going.

In keeping with that, I think so many of the curbside pickup options, not just for food, but so like, a lot of small businesses have implemented, like an online shopping experience with a curbside pickup. And I think that that is a really been a really great thing. For a lot of people, like, if you’re a mom with a baby, and getting the baby and you out of the car is a pain in the ass, like, pickup is great. If you have accessibility issues, being able to do a curbside pickup is great. Like, there are so many. And I know a lot of local businesses that are also doing have been doing just like porch delivery, basically. And, you know, I think that that’s a nice option. I don’t know if that’ll be able to stick around. But I think I do think some of those, those other options have been really nice. And I’d like to see them stay.

I think another thing that is really good that I know, we’re kind of all zoomed out by now. But I think that in a lot of cases, people have been more conscious and conscientious about checking in with each other. And seeing how they’re doing and you know, doing video chats to just see someone’s face. Especially if you have a long distance friendships and stuff, I think that has been really good. I think, like I said, I think we’re all a little bit tired of them just because at the beginning, we were like, we’re gonna do zoom happy hours every single weekend. Whoo. And that was just too much. Um, but I’d like something like that, I think to to continue, just basically, you know, taking stock of your friendships and keeping up with everybody. And it shouldn’t have to be some sort of tragic situation for you to stay connected.

I agree. I agree. I also think a lot of companies are realizing that remote work is the tits. As someone who has been working remotely for six years now, fully remotely. I’ve long seen the benefits of remote work for me personally, and I know I’m not the only one for whom working remotely work like is a much better environment. For my personality, like, I get so much more done, I’m able to focus better, like so many different things. And I see I’m seeing a lot of companies especially a lot of tech companies that have said that either they’re just going to stick with fully remote work or they’re going to transition to a model where their employees can decide if they want to work completely remote or if they want to be in the office, whether full time or you know, a few days a week, depending on if what their work style is and how they feel that they work best. And like as someone who because a while back I think for a while the trend has been like in these very like hipster spaces has been this like open concept office and just like no one that really has a desk can assist this collaborative bla bla bla bla bla rose sounds like a nightmare to someone like me. And so companies saying hey, whatever is gonna work best for you. We’re happy to support that. You do you i think is allowing people to choose. How am I how do I work best? What’s my work style, and plus that companies can save lot of money on not having a building?

Yeah, I think it’s important that people are there companies that are starting to recognize the fact that not everyone works the same way. Yeah, same thing with like using back to school, like some kids are visual learners and some kids are need that audio learning situation like, I like working from home, my husband likes working from home. I, I sort of like the camaraderie of the office by when I worked in an office full time, to be honest, I went in really early because no one else was there. Yeah. And I could get so much done when no one else was there. So the fact that they’re being more open to what works for people, like I get it, you know, sometimes you need to have face to face meetings, or whatever. But I feel like the past year has shown that there are ways to problem solve for that.

And they were also becoming more aware of accessibility, just in general. And, you know, not all workspaces are accessible workspaces. And there may be people that working from home is not just better for them because of their, like personal work style, but because it’s a safe space for them. And it’s an accessible space for them. And so, like a company being open to that, I think is important. Because they could be losing out on some really great talent, because they are, like, super set on everybody has to have a butt in their chair in their cube at 9am. So, yeah,

I don’t know, that’s,

that’s certainly something that I think I have already seen. Like I said, I’ve already seen companies, very big, large tech companies, and even some smaller ones that are saying like, this is what we’re going to be doing moving forward. And I think I think more companies could benefit from continuing with some sort of hybridized system moving forward.

Yeah, I totally agree. Especially because, especially, you know, if you’re a tech company, it there’s a lot of the times it doesn’t make sense, Steven be in the same building, right? Like,

what’s the point? So you can all sit on your computers and like, talk on slack next to each other, like, come on,

right. But like the fact that, you know, when you have a remote situation, you can hire the best people no matter where they live. So like, we both got a new job right when we moved here, but their company is completely remote. So it didn’t matter where we lived. So we can live somewhere that was really affordable. And have that job. And it wasn’t a problem at all, because that’s just what everybody else in the company did, too. Right?

Yeah, I don’t know.

I think I definitely think like you said, they’re there. They’re good things like we can, it’s hard to see that it’s hard sometimes to see, the forest for the trees, like this year has been tough. It’s been really, really, really, really, really tough. And I don’t want to downplay that in any way, it has been a collective trauma, and it’s going to take us a very long time to bounce back from that. Some of us, some of us may never fully bounce back from it. And that’s just the the harsh reality, especially I think, in a society that doesn’t always take mental health as seriously as we should. Like. It’s been some some tough shit. But we have made changes that have been positive, and that we can implement as positive change moving forward. And so I think, yeah, I think some of the new normal is not all terrible. It’s not all doom and gloom. Yeah. And I have seen, yeah, there’s been a lot of assholes. There’s been a lot of people showing their assets and showing exactly who they are. But I have also seen a lot of people come together and support each other, and some really profound ways. And so I think, like, those are the little things that I’ve been like kind of clinging to this past year because I have to in some ways, it’s the only way to stay afloat. Right.



on that note, Meghan,

should we talk about joy?

Yes, please. Let’s talk about joy. We need that in our lives.

What’s bringing us joy?

Joy in our lives. What’s Uh, what’s bringing you joy?

Well, I got LASIK.

Yes, you did. You

got new eyeballs.

I got new eyeballs. Well, the same eyeballs, but now with special lasers,

lasers in your eyes.

Um, yeah.

I am still in the recovery period, which means eyedrops all the time. I feel like my entire day is devoted to eyedrops because you

have to do that every hour.

Right? Every every waking hour. Yes, it is. annoying as hell. I was doing really good remembering like the first couple of days and then the past two days, I’ve been like, Oops, I forgot again. It’s fine.

It’s fine.

I told you the other day that I have a theory that you really only need like half the amount of eyedrops, but that they tell you to do it every hour because they know either you’re going to forget some or you’re going to like get it on your face instead of in your eyes some of the tie so they’re like we’ll just double it and hope for the average.

Yeah, that’s probably true. I literally hadn’t I think maybe only one other time in my life. I had tried to put eyedrops in my eyes and that was at some point where I was I was going to try allergy I addressed this did not work. Um, yeah, so I got it done. It’s it’s going fine. It’s weird to look at my face because I look even more like an unkempt child now. I’m where I felt like the glasses made me look slightly May.


and also I really looked like an unkempt child today because I took a shower, but I did not brush my hair after I dried. And then I’ve been wearing like this sweater Poncho situation all day. I saw myself in the mirror earlier and I was like, Oh, well, whatever. Yeah, but I do want to say so the LASIK. It’s good. It’s great. I will not be one of those people who are like, it’s no big deal because they are lasering your eyeballs. Like it is a big deal. It’s a big thing they’re doing. It is a big deal. I had a panic attack on my pre appointment and almost passed if you weren’t even doing anything at the time.

I didn’t know. I watched the boys during that and you came home and I was like How’d it go? And you’re like I almost passed out. Like they didn’t even do anything.

She hadn’t even I think she had put like the numbing drops in my eyes. Yeah, so she could touch my eyeballs. And I think that’s all that had happened. And I like lost in my mind, apparently. But they they gave me Valium for the surgery. Okay. But I do think it’s not for everyone. You have to like it took me many years to get to the point where I felt like I was comfortable enough to go to the doctor and have a talk about it and then go through with it. But it is possible for people with anxiety. get through it happen. It was good. It was fine. I had a good doctor. The clinic was nice. So I appreciated that. And they gave me free coffee afterwards. So hey, oh, you

love it. And I had a I had a talk with your boys after you left to get the surgery. Until then they were not to tell you that you looked weird without your glasses.

It was too late. They had already told me beforehand.

Well, I told them that they weren’t allowed to like hammer the point home. One of them said okay. And one of them said Why Why not? And I’ll let you guess which was which?

Yeah, I know. The funny thing was is that I asked I asked the sweet one if he was used to how I looked now and he’s like, I guess

I tried really hard.

They don’t care as much as they thought they would care apparently because that’s good. I because

I like the Did you had barely gotten to the car and I was like, Alright, let’s here’s what you’re not going to do when mom gets home.

bless their hearts bless their hearts.

So what is bringing you joy.

So when Aaron and Kevin were here over the weekend, Aaron made so we always have like some trashy reality show on Netflix that we have recently discovered that we make the other person watch and she Maybe watch bling Empire, which is like real life crazy rich Asians. And it was amazing. There was these people, it takes place, it takes place in LA. And these people are so rich, it is mind boggling. Just so rich, I can’t even begin to put into words like how much money these people must have, like they will spend 11 $100 on a pair of shoes, and they’re like, it’s nothing. And so there’s one guy in the show who he’s like a normie. And he is not originally from LA he moved there. He’s a model and like he met and became friends with all these really rich people. And they’re always like, Kevin, your fashion. We need to like dress you got you and some like Dior like whatever. And, like at one point, he I can’t remember who he was. I had somebody one of their houses and like the amount that they basically pay for the house like came up. And they were like, well, how much do you pay for like, where you live? And he’s like, for my place like to have my own bedroom. And they were like, your own bedroom. Like, obviously you’d have like, what? Like, why? Like, wait, you live with other people? He’s like, Yeah, he’s like, he’s like, I asked like $1,000 a month. And they were like,

that’s a pair of shoes.

I was like peeing my pants. It was insane. This one gal like she has this baby. And he’s like a year old. She has this whole extravagant photoshoot for him so that she can include these like pictures of him in this like gold jacket, like throwing around money and this little tiny car. She can include these pictures in his like preschool application. I almost fell off the bed. I was laughing so hard. It was amazing.

It was fantastic.

10 out of 10 would recommend,


you really freaks me out. I mean, I might like it on them like, Oh, I don’t know. Well, we’d see if I might try and watch it.

But if you want to just like laugh at these people and like the what this one lady who actually I think ended up being my favorite person in the show. Or like one of my favorite people. But the first time you see her she is literally in a ball gown. She has a sledge hammer, and she’s just like knocking out a wall in her closet. She’s just like decided that wall did not need to be in her closet. And so she’s before she goes to this very extravagant party. Literally, she’s in this floor length, strapless red ball gown and she’s just like knocking a hole in the wall. You’re like, what is happening?

That’s my kind of person.

And then she was like, she was like, Oh, I’m gonna like she told her friend like, Oh, I’m gonna take you to my favorite restaurant for your birthday. And her favorite restaurant just happens to be in Paris. So she just like they just take their like private plane to Paris. Of course.

What else are you gonna do as you I did see a clip on something. I guess it’s on Facebook or something. Maybe where they had they do like a Oh, I can’t know what it’s called. But there’s like a show where they have guests from popular shows on to talk about the show. Uh huh. But it’s on Netflix. I don’t know what’s called this is a really good story. I can tell.

I can I follow the premise though.

Well, they had people from bling Empire on and they were talking to this one lady and they asked her about her trs because apparently she has like a million trs.

And she says a poll of these women wore trs and they’re like


She said. She said that the producers that basically made her aware of this yars and on the show because normally the tiaras are just for her to wear in private. I

want to say about

this like he does.

He is also nice.


yeah, yeah. And I was like what

I don’t understand. I don’t get it

if I had a tiara Just wear it all the damn time. Yes.

Truly cuz it’s tiara because it’s like if you’re gonna have one, you’ll be the person that wears it. I don’t know, it’s Anyway, you want to just be astounded by other people’s wealth and you kind of like those kind of shows that like style of reality show. It’s a little bit like, I don’t really I don’t watch Real Housewives and stuff but for some reason I actually really enjoyed this one. So there you go.

I did used to watch like the original Real Housewives and I did enjoy that at the very beginning before there were like 15 versions of

the show. So you might actually like this. It’s probably I might Oh, gee, yeah,

I might have to check it out. Because I finished new girl and then I was trying to watch that Georgia and Jenny or Ginny and Georgia or whatever it’s called and I really hated it. To watch something else.

I’ve had multiple people tell me I should watch it. So now I really need to so I can see if I like it or not.

Oh, I only watched the first episode and I’m not even sure if I finished the first episode now they think about it but Wow,

you really Yeah.


Yeah, to feel many many feels about that.

Have a really like low tolerance level for TV shows when

I’m watching them. I don’t know.

Well, especially like when you come off of one that you just like finished watching

all love and I invested so much time into Yeah,

it’s hard to like find another to get into. So I feel Yes.

Next week’s episode

Next week, we are going to keep it light. And we’re going to talk about cooking shows because we spend a lot of time watching cooking shows.

We love cooking shows, there’s just something about them that makes us so happy and we’re gonna talk about it. So until then, leave us a review on Apple podcasts. And be sure to catch up on all our past episodes on your favorite platforms. You can also follow us on social media at IRS AI podcast or send us an email at I’d rather stay in we’d love to hear from you.

Talk to you soon.

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