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062: Divorce with Megan Pablo-Cowie

Hello! Welcome to episode 62 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re chatting with our friend Megan Pablo-Cowie about what happens when marriage needs to end and what it’s like to face the stigma around that.

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Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your hosts Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week we’re chatting about divorce with our special guest Megan Pablo Cowie Stay tuned Hello.


Hey Stephie

What is up with you this week?

I would like to say that I’ve been a victim of influencer marketing


And I’m not sad about it sorry

influencer marketing coming against you this week.

Well, it made me spend money.

So I,


bought one of those enormous water bottles, because I realized that I have not been drinking enough water, especially since this whole pandemic situation, which is funny because I have worked from home for like, five years, something insane. So it’s not like I’m new to being at home all the time. But I haven’t been drinking water and it’s been affecting my body. And so I realized I need to do something about that. So I bought this giant half gallon water bottle. And I love it, it’s pretty great. I immediately had to, it’s a hydro jug,

hydro jug.

It’s a bottle, it has a nice handle. So it’s easy to carry and like drink if you don’t use a straw, but you can buy a separate straw for it. You can buy a separate sleeve, which I got has a sleeve that is like insulated. Like a neoprene kind of thing. It has a pocket I guess for a phone or keys or something if you’re working out with it. And like a strap.

How very fancy


so I got that. And I also got some new shampoo. And

they’re not like super expensive either. They’re they actually are like pretty affordable. So

yeah, and you can get like sets, I should have got a set. So you could have like one that was clean all the time. And then you could wash the other one and still have a jug. But oh, instead of being I think that far ahead and the same thing day after day after day. And then that is what

I do. Yeah,

I’ll go steam and then you’re like, Oh my god, what am I drinking? Yep,

yep. So yeah, I have that I have some new shampoo that I’m trying out. And I’ve got those new socks too. I guess technically, those are not maybe in influencer marketing. But I did first year with the brand through influencer marketing. So were influenced by me who said, Hey, I’m ordering some bombas socks.

Do you want to add anything to my order? Because I’m getting free shipping anyway. Right?

I do my

same set.

I mean, would we pick anything else?

No, absolutely not.

No. We don’t.

Yeah, I’m wearing my little I got there like slipper sock things and they’re so soft. I into them. Yeah, I love bombas socks. Yeah, I may end up having to get one of these high droge jugs because currently I drink out of a soup container. Soup container, but it’s like open and the cat sticks her head in it all the time to drink out of it as well. So

yes, it is pet proof.

Yeah, this is actually Cora proof. So you know it’s details. It’s fine.

What else has been going on with you this week?

I feel like not much. I feel like it’s been a pretty chill week over here. You know, we’re just we finally got above like 35 degrees here yesterday. And I was like, oh my god. It’s like shorts weather.

It’s so warm out.

It’s so warm. Bless our hearts have like sub zero temperatures for like two weeks straight.

I went to the store yesterday and I I know I went to the store yesterday. Damien put my puffy coat on and I was like, man, so lovely. This morning I went out. I went out in the yard this morning and I didn’t put a coat on at all. Ridiculous immediately acclimated to the new situation in my life, apparently,

right? Yeah, I have to go somewhere this afternoon. I might just wear like my little like puffy vest like not my full coat not what am I gonna do with myself? I don’t know. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I mean, we also look through February which is bananas, I guess but I know

February will be it will be March. Yeah, bananas. I’m shocked how fast the snow melted to.

Oh yeah. We

had good amount of snow.

Of course now it’s muddy as shit. So the dogs are tracking mud everywhere. But

yes, it’s

fine. It’s the pit Safina dog owner in the Midwest. So we have spent a lot of time on this podcast talking about relationships and marriage. But there’s an aspect of these things that we cannot ignore what happens when relationships end?

Divorce is a reality for many, but our society still treats this reality as it’s as if it’s something to be ashamed of when the truth is and that in many instances, it is the best outcome for everyone involved, to talk to us about her experiences. And to help us break down the stigma. We are joined by our friend Megan Pablo Cowie. Welcome Megan.

Hello, ladies, thank you for having me.

Thank you for being here. So tell our listeners a little about yourself.

Okay, a little bit about me. I am a mom of three that is a step mom and a mom to two little ones. So I have a stepdaughter Juliana, who is eight. I have a daughter Hazel who is two and I just had a baby boy named Marcos born last September who’s about five months. And I am currently a stay at home mom and business owner so my husband and I able we run a local drywall painting slash assorted Home Improvement a business here in Bloomington.

You do amazing work.

Thank you.

I mean, I mean, I basically hired you to do something in almost every room of my house at this point. So my house is like a walking Abell paints advertised.

And I am here for it.

So Megan, you experienced getting married and divorced in your 20s? Can you tell us about that experience?

Sure. Well, and actually, I’ve been married, divorced and remarried Oh, in my 20s. So I’ve been busy the past decade, but specifically my divorce. Um, I would say the divorce itself was kind of a slow burn. So it was a long relationship. I think it was around seven or eight years that included like dating off and on at the beginning. Married for I think, three. And I probably knew I wasn’t happy. And I came to the realization probably a year before I actually got the divorce that I knew in my heart of hearts, this wasn’t something that was going to survive for a lifetime. And so before that was before I ripped the band aid off, I kind of knew what was coming. But once I committed and admitted to how I really felt and I started to take the steps of actually making it happen. The divorce itself was actually pretty quick. Now, we didn’t have kids, we were fairly young still. So there wasn’t like a bunch of assets and things to divide. Nothing to make it super messy, like you like you hear about sometimes. I do think that the actual realization and admitting that the marriage was failing was actually a lot more difficult than the divorce itself, simply because the divorce was the actual resolution to the problems that I was having. So the divorce was actually a very pivotal and positive time for me although super stressful and emotional as well.

I think that’s important. I think that I talk a lot about how multiple things can be true at once like conflicting feelings can be all happening at the same time and like multiple things that you think are conflicting can coexist and so I like that you say that because like you can say that something was like you knew that it was the right thing. And it was giving you this like, resolution that you needed while also still being hard. Those things can totally be both be true.

Right. And I think the the interesting thing about my divorce and one of the things that made it very difficult was that it when you tell people you’re going to get a divorce. It’s like they want a really clear and cut reason. simply saying I realized I’m not compatible with this person. I feel unhappy. Most of the time. People like they almost like yearn and that’s including my family, my friends, his family, and Friends, like everybody wanted this big reason like, oh, like abuse or, you know, some major disagreement or somebody cheated on somebody or something like that. It’s almost like, you know, people were searching for that. So I think that was like the internal conflict because I had a lot of people looking at me like why your Nothing is wrong, like, exterior wise people couldn’t understand where my emotions were coming from. So as much as I was, like, excited for this new chapter, there was also a lot of emotional trauma because I felt like people thought I was doing this for for no reason if that makes sense.

Yeah, it totally does. I wonder. And I wonder if that’s actually the case for most divorces? I mean, I haven’t looked that up at all. But I think I think we hear about the ones that are like, super messy, or there’s a super clear, like reason, but I would guess that a lot of them, it’s just things fizzle out. And there’s no clear. Oh, my gosh, this one thing is the reason. So it’s interesting that so many people in your life wanted that when I I would guess that’s actually the more common way that things happen as it just fizzles.

I think a lot of people in general are always looking for explanations for things so they can understand it. And if there’s not something clear like that, then they’re just confused, especially when it comes to relationships, because there’s so much in relationships that happens under the surface that people don’t know. But like they see, they might see you interacting a dinner or restaurants going out to the park or whatever, but they don’t know exactly what’s going on in your relationship. And so if See, things seem fine in public, it’s just super jarring to see something else happen.

Right. And I think that’s what happened with his family. And I do think it’s probably a coping mechanism, especially for people who were a very close part of my life. Because when I pulled the trigger and said, This is what I want, this is what I’m going to do. I had made attempts to reach out to his family, obviously, they had been a part of my life for almost a decade at that point a few years shy of a decade. And so I really wanted them like I desperately wanted them to understand where I was coming from. And I really didn’t get that opportunity. And I think that was like the hardest part of healing after this was that they didn’t really want to live, they didn’t want to hear me out. And now looking back, I realized that is probably just the way they emotionally needed to cope with it, they needed a clean and cut ending to it. And since I wasn’t going to give them that hard reason that they felt they needed. I don’t think they really wanted to hear my explanation. And so I think that was the most emotional part for me was because this was a second family to me. And I just desperately wanted them to hear me out and understand where I was coming from why I was making this decision. And they never really gave me that opportunity. And obviously now it’s been a long time, and I’m over it. But I do specifically look back at that time and think, gosh, I wish they would just let me explain where my emotions were coming from. But even so I don’t know that they would have accepted my answer because I really felt like they wanted some, you know, in like you said, it’s just, it’s just so people can understand and be like, Oh, well, of course, of course that had to end and I couldn’t give that to them. So they didn’t really want to hear my side of the story.

Yeah, that makes sense. So even though you’ll hear statistics, I think we still hear a lot of the statistics that say the divorce rate is around 50%. I actually found multiple resources that said that is actually closer to 39%. But divorce is still a taboo topic in many ways, despite those statistics, especially if you’re young, can you talk to us about how the stigma around being a young divorcee affected you?

Yeah, so that was I think another and you hear about different types of divorces and what was most difficult a lot of times it’s children and homes and things like that. And mine since I didn’t really have those one of the most traumatic parts of my divorce actually had a lot to do with the stigma of divorce. I had a lot of fun with a previous employer right around the time of my divorce. I found out after my divorce, when I started dating again that my boss was actually telling the person I was saying who happens to be my husband now that he should be cautious seeing me because quote unquote, all young women who divorce go through a crazy and Wild phase and that? Yeah, and that, um, and that he was probably not the only person I was going to be seeing. So

I just have my head in my hands right now.

What a dick.

It was pretty awful. It was embarrassing. Obviously. Abel didn’t believe any of that. And as soon as I knew that, I immediately quit and also threatened some legal action against that person, just to basically just to tell them, it’s not okay to do that. Like you can’t, you can’t make those assumptions about people and also be talking about that in the work environment. It didn’t go anywhere. But that was probably actually more traumatic than my divorce because I was so emotionally fragile. In that moment, I was new to the dating scene, I was nervous about how quickly I had gone into a new relationship after the divorce. So I was like treading really carefully trying to guard my emotions. And then to find out that this person was saying these sorts of things and kind of in a sort of a way sabotage my first relationship, new relationship out of divorce was like, really just a slap in the face, it was really, really difficult to accept that someone was a making those assumptions about me when they didn’t know me that well, and also kind of attacking my character during a time where I was feeling really vulnerable and emotional already. So that was definitely one of the unique factors of my divorce, I think, and also, probably one of the most difficult parts of it as well.

So as you mentioned, you’re now remarried and a mother of three. When you started dating after your divorce, did you find the actual act of you know, finding a date going out explaining that you are a divorced person? Was that difficult? What was that like?

So I had a really short period of time where I was like, Oh, no, like, the new way of the world is dating apps. I don’t want to do this. I’m not interested in doing that. And I was like, I you know, I had a little bit of freakout. But honestly, there was, there wasn’t really a lot of dating I, I fell pretty quickly after getting my divorce, which I’m sure my ex in laws really loved when they got wind of that. But it really did happen quickly. I knew my husband or my current husband, I knew him, I worked with him. He was a friend of mine. So he actually knew and he witnessed me going through the divorce. And it went pretty quickly from friendship to relationship after my divorce was formally like finalized. I was really scared honestly, that it was like I was rebounding. And I think that was like what I was perceiving from others. Like, I was really worried people were seeing me dating, dating my person. And I think I was casting that on myself, because I was like, oh, everyone’s gonna think this is just a rebound relationship. And I think also because of the situation with my former employer, I was already feeling a little self conscious about it. And I was worried everyone thinks I’m crazy for jumping into this new relationship so quickly. But oddly enough, I just knew right away, I knew that I needed him in my life, I followed my intuition, I assured my family and friends. I couldn’t explain it at at the time, but now more than ever, I know that my husband is absolutely my soulmate. I and I’m in the happiest and most importantly, the healthiest relationship of my life. Looking back now that I’m in the relationship I’m in it’s it’s near impossible to envision it changing ever meet me being with anybody else at this point. And it’s really interesting to kind of reflect on those former relationships, especially when I had something as profound as a previous marriage and somebody that I loved enough to commit originally commit my life to looking back and, and comparing it to not just that relationship, but all my relationships. It was kind of like a Oh, so this is what a healthy relationship looks like. So the dating scene was not really super existent for me, I fell really quickly for my husband Not long after my divorce. And so I’m actually pretty grateful that I didn’t have to endure the dating.

I always say that if anything happened to my husband, we if he something happened to him, or we got divorced, I just be like, I’m not, I can’t do the online day. No app, I

would swipe the wrong way on the apps. I know I would always swipe the wrong way and be like, why am I matching with people? I said, I didn’t like what’s like it’s too much. I can’t it’s too complicated. So So I want you to kind of expand on that last thing that you were talking about of how different your current relationship is, and how much healthier your current relationship is than any of your previous relationships. What, what are some of the things that you were more aware of going into your current marriage that maybe you weren’t as aware of heading into your first or even previous dating relationships.

So I think the main thing I noticed was that in my current relationship, we really truly are two individuals that enjoy being a part of one another’s lives. Whereas in my previous relationships, like the ups and downs of how I were feeling, were always tied to how well my partner was doing. And I was just felt like, I was always on this roller coaster, because I had my own emotions. And then I was also like, you know, I’ve like riding these waves of emotions of my partner. So going into this one I was, I was so much more aware of the why behind the relationship, why do I want to be with this person? Because my first marriage, my ex husband, he had some trauma in his past. And that did result in some tumultuous years together. And then once you turned his life around, him and his family, they sort of like credited me for like helping, quote, unquote, save him. And I think they, them putting me on the pedestal is why I stayed so long in that relationship when I shouldn’t have, because I felt like, oh, wow, like I really helped this person turn his life around, wow, these people think I’m amazing and special, and I felt very loved. And I think on my other relationships, too, I was always basing my self worth on how well my partner was doing. When really, him and I, we weren’t very compatible, and that that’s the truth. And when I was, you know, telling him, I wanted to divorce him, like, we just don’t see the world the same, we see through completely different lenses, which makes me feel like you don’t understand me on a deep level, and I don’t know that you ever will. And so yeah, it’s the second, the second marriage, I really wanted to be with my husband, because I liked my husband, he listened, he understood me on a deep level. And he always continues to want to learn more about me why I think the way I think why I make the decisions, why I react to certain things, why don’t react to other things. And he, you know, he supported me and made me feel lifted up, and I enjoy spending time with him. So it’s, that was the main thing is the why I feel like in my previous relationships, I was always getting, like, my value of myself was really always based on how well they were doing. And right now I’m in a relationship where I am my own person. And I’m 100% feel like I’m my authentic self once again. And I know that my husband is completely himself. And we actually just complement one another, versus, you know, basing our value off one another. Does that make sense?

Totally, I like want to applaud. Because I think that’s like such a key that you can just be yourself with somebody else who is also being themselves instead of feeling like

you have to perform.

Yeah, you have to perform or someone else’s well being is tied to your well being or like any like, honestly, I know that if something happened to Alex, I would be devastated. And I know that if something happened to me, Alex would be devastated. But I also know that we both could carry on. And in some ways, I think that that is helpful. Like, I know that we are both our own people. And we make each other better, and we lift each other up and all of those things. But like, if something happens to one of us, the other person will be able to carry on because we haven’t tied up our personalities into each other. Does that make sense?

Yes, absolutely. And that’s, you know, coming out of that divorce. That was the one thing I had to work on in therapy specifically was letting go of that concern. I was worried because he had had some mental ups and downs throughout our relationship. And so my number one fear and I wouldn’t I would cry myself to sleep and I because obviously I cared about this person and they spent a good part of my life with me. And so when it ended, I had this almost to an irrational point fear that he was going to harm himself that he was going to spiral out of control and go back to like, the traumatic, the traumatized person that I met at the beginning when things were a little bit rough. I was like, this is it. He’s gonna just go off the cliff if I’m not there to support him, and I’m the only one that can get him out of this because I had spent so many years before Leaving that, that he needed me so badly at just to function and then like not viewing him at it as his own individual self, which was really kind of ridiculous on my part. But it’s what I it was a learned behavior. And so I was so emotional, I was so worried that he was going off the rails just simply because I was gone. Which sounds I mean, silly now when I look back, but that’s the that’s the way I had been conditioned over those years that if I, because I saved this person, if I wasn’t there, whatever things would just go off track. And so it’s that intertwining that I’ve really had to like, undo, I really had to do some self reflection. And my husband now is just excellent at recognizing it and making me realize, like, if he’s having a bad day, it’s his bad day, and I don’t need to, I don’t my day doesn’t have to be bad because of it. If that makes sense. He’s always like, you know, I just need a minute, I’ll be fine. You don’t have to. I used to be like, What can I get you? What can I do, I want to make it better, which is loving and fantastic, but not always necessary. And he’s really taught me like, it’s okay, if I’m having bad, just let me have it. Like, you don’t have to come in and save the day and fix it. So he’s good at reminding me. When I fall into those patterns of feeling, I have to fix everything that I don’t actually have to fix everything.

I don’t think that’s silly at all. And I think that the situation that you’re explaining is actually a reason that a lot of people stay in relationships that they shouldn’t be in any more. So I appreciate you describing him and you know, getting through that and growing and moving on.

Thank you.

If someone listening is going through a divorce or has been recently divorced, what advice would you give them?

So I feel like the one thing I would say and that I do say to people, when I meet people who are going through it is that it’s okay to be happy. In divorce. It’s okay to celebrate the end of a chapter that really actually needed to end. So many times when I told people I was getting divorced. They’re their knee jerk response is, of course, oh my gosh, I’m sorry. Oh, my gosh, I had no idea. You were so unhappy. I feel terrible that I didn’t know. And it kind of threw me because I was in this place like, No, no, no, no, it’s it’s fine. Like, I’m really proud that I took a stand for my own happiness. I’m looking forward to this new beginning. And so many people associate divorce with doom and gloom and that you almost feel ashamed to be happy or celebratory for starting over. So whenever people tell me, they’re getting a divorce, I can tell they’re almost like bracing themselves for the negative response. And I’m always like, oh, wow, congratulations, like, Welcome to your new chapter. I think it kind of surprises people at first. But there’s a sense of relief in that response. And I always follow up with was it the right choice? Is this what what you needed in your life? And of course, the answer is like, yes, if I wasn’t happy, so I I try to make sure I congratulate people instead of telling them I’m sorry, that they’re going through a divorce.

You You mentioned earlier, you said something about how for you your divorce was the resolution of the things that you had been experiencing and feeling and that like, I feel like that circles back to that where you know, for you it was okay, I’ve taken the steps I am this is happening. And so the actual divorce itself was like, a peaceful thing for you. So good job during the background. Thank you. If so, if there’s one thing you want everyone to know about divorce, I think specifically people who have not been through divorce, what would it be?

I think I think there’s the one thing I want everyone to know is that if you in your gut are feeling like, I should be happier, they should be coming a little bit easier to me, I don’t feel completely understood. If you’re having those thoughts or those feelings, however subtle they may be. If you’re feeling that way, then that probably means you are in a situation where maybe it’s not the perfect fit for you. And I would just urge people if they have the resources available to seek therapy, I was so scared to hear what my friends and family would think. And I also knew their answers. impossibly amazing emotional responses would only make me feel more confused about what I should do, because obviously I care and value their opinion. And I knew that people would probably be a little surprised when I told them I was going to be going through a divorce. And so going to that third party, completely unbiased, completely unrelated does not know my husband doesn’t know me, and just sharing my thoughts and my feelings just as they’re coming out of me and then getting that unbiased feedback really helped me realize you How badly I needed to move on and and how ready I was to do so. And I think if I would have just been bouncing this idea and these feelings off of my, you know, my tribe, the people that were close to me, I’m sure some of them would have been like, you know, do what’s right, do what’s right for you. But I also think I would have over analyzed responses I would have worried about emotional responses, probably my parents were emotional when when I went through this, and rightfully so. But I think if I would have just went to the people closest to me, I probably it probably would have lasted a lot longer, I probably would have held off and pump the brakes and and really overanalyze overthought the decision I was making, and when I went to somebody who had no relation to me, it was pretty clear and cut. And you know, it became a really clear realization that no, this is, this is what’s healthy. And this is what I need to do. And my therapist confirmed that for me, and it was just really reassuring.

That is really great. And I think, I mean, we talked about therapy all the time on the show. And I think that’s a really good point. Because people, your friends they want, they want you to be happy. And they genuinely think that, you know, they, they view divorce as a sadness, like you said, and they think that, you know, breaking up would be bad. So getting those outside opinions, I think, is super important. So thank you so much for sharing your story with us and our listeners. But before we go, let’s talk about what’s bringing us joy this week. So what is bringing you joy right now? Megan?

What’s bringing us joy?

Oh, most of the time, it’s my kids.

They are

jewels. my stepdaughter is just amazing all the time. She’s eight years old. She’s like, she’s just my little buddy. I always have a blast just chatting with her. She’s not with us full time. So it’s always fun. We get her every other weekend. So like this weekend, she’s coming over. And we have an ongoing Monopoly game with Grandma, we’ve got some paint by numbers are working on. So I love that her and I have little projects that like we get to look forward to together. And then Hazel is just just about a month past her two year birthday. And her personality is just like, shining through. And we just started her in her first like hobby. She’s in a gymnastics class primarily because she likes to walk on the back of the couch like a cat and do all sorts of scary. And I want to give her an outlet that’s safe and padded for that behavior. So she started gymnastics, and it’s just amazing to watch her. It’s like, Oh my god, she’s my little baby. And now she’s like, doing all these crazy things. And I just I have so it’s a mom and taught sort of setup, and I get to do it with her and just really fills my heart up. And then Marcos is just like the easiest five month old ever, like he just smiles, eats and sleeps. And so I just love on him constantly. So all my kids are just at these like really nice ages where there’s like, more enjoyable moments than there are enjoyable moments. And so I’m really just like soaking it all up. Because you know, it all changes by the second like kids but right now everybody’s just like, they’re just really fun. So that’s been bringing me the most joy lately.

And you’re in you’re actually sleeping because

I am sleeping sleep before she was like

now, like I’m sleeping maybe that’s the thing that’s really bringing you joy is the sleep

that is probably a ya know, you’re probably right and I’m just not realizing it. Because you know, I haven’t slept in two and a half years I literally joke with everybody that I’m doing sleep training with the two kids to just try and get them synched up and you know, make my life a tad bit more organized. And I think like two nights ago both children slept through the night till like 630 in the morning and I kid you not like I my parents think I’m being like, dramatic I but I was like no you guys don’t understand. That’s like the first time I’ve slept through the night and two years like I was emotional about it because I aside from a wedding that I went to like I was I had a baby who hated sleeping which was Hazel, and then I got pregnant Not long after that. So even when she would like have random nights of sleeping, I was waking up to pee like every three hours so I literally haven’t like slept through the night aside from like starting two nights ago, in probably two years. So yeah, that probably should have been my number one joy right now.

I constantly tell people that I’ve been tired for 13 years. So now that now that my younger one is pretty self sufficient and we went and got a dog so kind of you know real into that situation of sleeping in.

Now sleeps on your head small details. It’s fine. It’s fine. Okay, other Megan, what’s bringing you joy?

I have so much ice cream in my freezer right now. So much ice cream.

You Yeah, you did you were doing recipe testing, right?

Yes. So For those of you who don’t know, I am a recipe editor for a regional magazine. And the theme for July is was ice cream. So I had to make, I think I made seven, eight ice creams. I don’t even remember now, because so many I went and I counted all the containers, and there are 17 containers of ice cream in my freezer. So I am set, but it’s making me really happy because I really like ice cream. So I just have this wide variety of flavors to enjoy

a spoon and like one and then like, take another bite of a different one.

Ryan have like my own little Sunday situation happening. It’s great. Like

when you go to Baskin Robbins, and you like, gotta test all the flavors, you’ve got your own little Baskin Robbins.

The other benefit is that a couple of flavors are ones that the kids are not going to eat at all. So they’re really just for me and my husband. So for me, it can’t be met without at all I’m probably going to have some problems eating all this ice cream. But

like I said, I shall take it upon myself to help you. Gosh, what a hard. It’s gonna be the hardest thing about our friendship. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do it.

We’ll see. We’ve already eaten like a lot of it. I’m surprised but you know,

I have not because I feel like every time we’re over there, your boys are like, Can we have ice cream for dessert? So they are ice cream fiends.

They truly truly are. But I can’t really say no when we have so much of it. So

that’s true.

I feel like I need to have ice cream for lunch now.

I had no

ice cream girl. So I was at Megan’s house last week for something. And I offhandedly like in a conversation with her mentioned that I’d had a cookie for breakfast and Max from the other room goes cookie for breakfast. I was like, but it’s the only useful part of being an adult. Like, you gotta have a cookie for breakfast, you can have ice cream for lunch, give cereal for dinner, live your laugh.

That’s what I tell them all the time. Like you can have whatever you want when you’re an adult, but when you live here to eat vegetables.

Just make it for 18 years.

So Stephanie, what is bringing you joy.

So my husband’s been doing some freelance recipe development. And the last couple of days, we’ve just been like bouncing ideas off of each other. And I really enjoy that. Like, we’re such nerds and we’re such food nerds I love like when he comes into my office and it’s like, okay, I’ve been thinking about this and these flavor combinations, like what do you think about that, and then we just like kind of go back and forth like trying to refine like, where he wants to go with it and like what things sound good. And then eventually we like rabbit trail into other things we want to make. And I just really I enjoyed that I enjoyed that part of her relationship of our shared nerdiness around food. So

that was fun. It was fun.

Next week’s episode

It was really fun. So I’ve been enjoying that. So next week, we’re gonna do another minisode a little bit of a quarantine mental health update. So it’s you know, we’ve been in quarantine for basically a year now.

Yeah, it’s been quite a year full of ups and downs. And I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now. So we will check in and see how each of us are doing and talk about our hopes for the rest of the year. Until then, be sure to leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at irsipodcast or send us an email at we’d love to hear from our listeners. Talk to you soon.

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