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66: Let’s Go to Costco!

Hello! Welcome to episode 66 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re talking in great depth about our love for Costco.

Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your hosts Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week we’re chatting about bulking up at Costco and sharing some of our favorite buys. Stay tuned.

Hello, hi. Okay, I

need to rant.

Sure, of course I ran.

I ranted briefly on my Instagram stories about this, but it’s always worth another rant. So I went this morning to get my first COVID vaccine. Yay. I went through the health department because I was having a hard time figuring out when the various pharmacies opened up appointments. It is not very clear. I’m sure anyone who has tried to make these appointments knows by now that it’s not a very easy process. So the health department, the health department had a lovely little like, sign up for our email updates. And they opened up slots last week, and I saw I got a slot for myself and a slot for Alex. Alex, this is tomorrow. So I go this morning. And a lot of places have their like health department vaccine system as a drive thru system. Easy peasy. Not Bloomington, Illinois, apparently. And like, okay, it was kind of annoying, and you had to like, go through this long line. And it wasn’t very clear because like you got there and you had to like wait outside the building. But there wasn’t really anyone out there. Because I had like one of the I had like a nine o’clock appointment. And that was like the first appointment time. So they there but there wasn’t anyone really out there like directing traffic or telling you what was really going on. And there was just this long line of people and you’re like, what is happening? And I feel like appointment times were kind of moot because I don’t think you went actually paid attention to the appointment times, it was just clearly in enneagram one and an enneagram five did not organize this circus. But the thing that really bothered me is that so this morning, they have my appointment, I got an email, and because the appointments are at, like the local arena, they did say that like there are some stairs, and we have accommodations if you can’t take the stairs, okay. But there was nothing in there talking about the fact that you were going to have to stand in line, I was standing in line for like 30 minutes, like all told, because you I stood outside, I got there five minutes before my scheduled appointment time as instructed because again, I’m in enneagram one. And, like, waited outside in then once I got into the building, there was this whole big long, like maze you had to go through and follow all of the yellow arrows. And while you were like walking and standing in line, you also had to be filling out, like a form on a clipboard. And none of that was indicated in the email ahead of time, like, hey, by the way, if standing is an issue for you, please let us know like there was and I couldn’t, I could not see how they were making accommodations for people that cannot stand for prolonged periods of time. People who like can’t stand and walk and fill out a form on a clipboard at the same time. I was just like when disabled people and senior citizens are like your prime target right now. Like I think we could be doing better.

I always hate when that happens when we’re gonna vote. Yes, because there’s always a huge line when we go voting and there’s never any place to sit because the inside part where you actually vote is so small that you Everyone has to stand outside so of course there’s nowhere to sit. Right. And there’s always definitely older people. There’s always at least one pregnant person. There’s never any chairs anywhere and yeah, I can’t like just let them go to the front line. Yeah.

Like I I don’t know, I wish there was just a lot of things where I was. It’s funny because when I got the appointment like when I made the appointment, I was very emotional about it. And so I thought I would be more emotional actually getting the shot but I was actually just so indignant that it it really just took away any of the like, I might cry about this thing, because I was I I was just so annoyed. And how, like, I do think that the people that were there were doing their jobs like the best that they could they had the the Army and the Air Force reserves National Guard something I don’t know. They were they’re like all running the running the show, I think that they were probably doing the best that they were equipped with. But we have had a year to figure out what the system was going to look like. Like, my dude’s. Yeah,

it’s weird because I have a lot of people in Texas. Like they actually volunteered to help work these mega centers for shots and stuff. So they had like, tons and tons of volunteers. And it seems like at least where we live, there’s there is sort of a volunteer system, but it’s not as easy as just like, hey, you’re gonna sign up to volunteer and like direct traffic. And that’s the way it was for all these mega centers in Texas. It’s really weird to me. They don’t have that here.

Yeah, it is weird. It’s weird to me too. And especially, like the testing site, the main, the main testing site, again, through the county, I guess, is a drive thru site. And I’ve gone through it twice. And like, particularly by the second time, like it’s a really well oiled machine. So I was actually expecting it to be like tied into that, or very similar. Like, it’s out at the fairgrounds, they get like, it’s, it’s great. So I was very surprised when I walked into that whole situation this morning, and I was like, What is happening? And the answer is no one knew because I also like, everyone in line was as confused as I was this morning. Like walked up. People were walking up, they’re like, are you in line for the vaccine? Like, are we in the right place? Are we supposed to have gone somewhere else done something else? Because again, there was no real like, signage, there was no insane like, Hey, we’re going to open the doors right at nine o’clock. If people who have a nine o’clock appointment, please come to the front or like, whatever. Like, I think my appointment time could have been at whatever fucking time I wanted. And as long as I had my damn QR code, they still would have let me like, I don’t know, it was very strange. Anyway, that’s my rant. Just like it’s been bothering me all day, just the lack of accessibility for people who, like are not able to stand for a long period. Like I was just even thinking like, of my grandparents. Like, that wouldn’t have been a great thing for them. I don’t know. The end.

I would. I would. I would guess that if it was a little more organized, we could have been among those states that already opened up to other people.

Yeah, Yeah, probably. Probably. Yeah, I have heard that the pharmacies are like well oiled machines so apparently if you can get one through the pharmacies that’s the way to go. But here we are. I did not and I was just appalled this morning but then I did treat myself to an almond croissant afterwards so that like

I mean worth it. I’m


Towels are pretty great.

They’re a pretty excellent Megan what’s what’s new with you?

Today I got my official filing paperwork for my LLC I’m a real business e adult now

are such a business e adult.

It’s been way too long of not doing it because it was just like the idea of it was like, like I didn’t necessarily need to kind of things so that I put it off for a really long time. Right. But I’m glad I have it done now. It is all done. I just have to do a few more things. And then I will have everything all set up and I’ll be a fancy business lady. Yeah, my Business Women’s special lunch

will get you I know I definitely thought it I think I was intimidated by I thought it was going to be like a really like tedious process for a really long time. And because I finally did it when I started offering adoption advising I was like, Oh yeah, I really need like an LLC. If I want to Been doing this. But I know for a long time when it was when I was just blogging, I was like, I’m just gonna keep putting this off because it seems really intimidating. But you and I use the same lawyer.

Right? Like, we didn’t really do anything we pay a lawyer to do a

fucking penny that we paid her. She’s fantastic. saved from probably doing something very incorrect. Yeah.

So it was a lot easier. And the good thing is that now that it’s done, my husband can stop asking me when it’s gonna be done because it’s been like every day is like, Is it done yet? Is it done? Like I told you takes a couple weeks? He’s like, well the day file it. Yes, they did violate Just relax. Because we have to set up my 401k because you can set up a fancy 401k when you are self employed.


Well, I guess I’m not self employed. Now I’m employed by my LLC.

Which is awesome me.

But I need to get that set up. Even though I haven’t told December to make sure all my taxable incomes in there, but just checking off the boxes, basically. Feels good. Oh, I

love that. I love getting shit done. And having that checked off and say yeah, especially when it’s something you’ve just been putting off for forever. And then you finally just like bite the bullet. Like, I’m gonna do this. I’m going to be a big girl I’m going to put on my big girl panties.

Now I have to go to the bank and open up my big girl bank account.

Oh, my goodness. Wow. That’s very exciting stuff for all of us.

It is very exciting.

What a week, what a week.

You got outside really like about being an adult and doing adult things.

Tell me

go into Costco.

Oh my god. I love Costco. I love grocery shopping in general, for the most part, but I do really love Costco. And we were texting with our friend Susanna. You’ll remember her from last week’s episode. And she was at she was asking us, I guess their new house is pretty close to a Costco. And so she was asking us like, did we have any tips and tricks and she said you should do a podcast episode on this. And we said, twist our arm. So we’ve always talked about our love for Costco, and some of our like, kind of favorite tips and tricks. We live like 40 minutes from our Costco. And so last weekend, or two weekends ago now. We did a little trip together and got a whole bunch of stuff. And before we went, we actually asked on our Instagram for like if any of our listeners had some Costco tips and tricks for us. And we watched out for some of those things and tried some of the products that you guys recommended. So that was very helpful. So we’re going to talk about that stuff today.

Yes, I have been so excited to talk about Costco for like, oh, we’re thinking about it earlier today. I was like, Oh, we get to talk about Costco today. So exciting. Okay,

so what is so great about Costco, if people are like, what, what, what, what? Why?

I mean, it’s 2021. I feel like everybody knows about Costco. At these days, you know, whether you do a cut, whether you’re a Costco person or a Sam’s Club person, but I like but Costco is better. First of all,

I grew up going to Sam’s Club and it was fine, but I do like Costco better.

I will just say that. I mean, I think Costco has higher quality products in general. Yes. But also, the Costco company treats their employees, like 1000 times better than the Walmart Corporation, which is what own Sam’s Club right. And that is my main reason for always wanting to support Costco over Sam’s Club. Absolutely. But Costco when we lived at our old house in Texas, Costco was five seconds from our house. Basically, it was the closest grocery stores in my house. So we were there constantly. I would just pop over there to get fresh fruit or my husband would go to get gas and then get a hot dog for lunch because it’s $1 for hot so I think a lot of people still think that Costco is just like, you’re gonna come home with an enormous 50 pound bag of rice,

or like whatever a gallon jar of mayonnaise,

right. And you can do that right if you want to. Right. But for the most part, Costco is packaged in a way the products at Costco are packaged in a way that the average family can really benefit from it provided you have space to store whatever items It is like you’re not making five pounds of macaroni and cheese at once. It is individual boxes of macaroni and cheese right? bundled together or like a two family sized boxes of Cheerios bundled together. Exactly. You’re not buying a vat of Cheerios.

Yes. And so I actually the first time I lived near Costco was when I had my first apartment. And obviously, I was living by myself in an apartment. But I still had a Costco membership, because even though it was just me. So I wasn’t buying a lot of the perishable foods, the fresh meats and cheeses and things like that, that would have been a little excessive, it would have been really hard for me to go through them. And like I just didn’t have enough freezer space for all all that meats or things like that. There’s a lot of non perishable items that I was still able to buy and like squirrel away and like my front closet or whatever. That it just was a much more cost effective way to buy certain items. So even if you don’t have a ton of space, or it’s just like one or two of you, there’s still maybe a way that you can Costco shop that is useful for your household.

Yeah, it definitely depends on how far away you are from Costco, like when we go to Costco because we still far away now we stock up, right? But if you’re closer, you can make it part of your every other week or whatever, a grocery routine.

Yeah, for sure.

One of the other things I really like about Costco that is not really related to anything else that we are going to talk about later. Is that they always have really good cookbooks.


yeah. I have bought so many cookbooks at Costco. And I totally avoided that section.

Yeah, we probably would have spent a lot more money than we did.

So they don’t have a ton of cookbooks, it rotates through like a selection of like, maybe they have like 10 different cookbooks or something at a time. But there’s nearly always almost, you know, there’s at least one that I want to get. So sad. Because I really don’t need to buy any more cookbooks. But then I’m just like, Oh, I need all three of these because, you know, I need them obvious. Obviously, they’re right. And they’re it means Costco. So they’re, they’re discounted somewhat. So that’s my like my little extra.

I’ve also heard that their leggings are really good. I’ve never tried them. But I’ve heard that they have good leggings. So in this day and age where everyone lives in their sweatpants or their leggings. Anyone happens to know or has tried them and knows that that is true or false.

Let us know. I have heard some other clothing is good. Yeah, I have not bought I think I’ve maybe bought like pajamas for the kids at some point. Yeah. But that’s it. I don’t think we’ve bought anything. Like any kind of adult clothing there. Yeah, that sounds weird. I don’t know. Anyway, yes.

Megan and her adult clothes.

So okay, let’s talk about some of our favorite things to get a Costco. So I did a really nerdy thing when we got home from Costco and I actually made a table that lists out some of the things that I purchased and Megan added some of the things that she purchased. And then I price compared what we paid at Costco. And the size of the item that we got or the amount of the item that we got, compared to what you just get at Kroger which is if you’re not from a place that has a Kroger, it’s just a standard grocery store. It’s not it. It’s kind of a middle of the road price grocery store. It’s not like an oldie, but it’s not as expensive. I think jewel is like more expensive. So it just kind of picked That one as our price comparison,

but one thing I will say is that not everything at Costco is going to be cheaper than your grocery store, depending especially on the season, so a lot of the times, so I always try to buy organic berries, fresh ones, and they sometimes are cheaper at Costco. But right now when it’s like getting into berry season, it is hard to be like the regular grocery store price. Because the grocery store can get them so cheap, but little containers are like, I don’t know, they were like 250 the other day and I was like, okay, right. So like I bought a bunch of fruit of fresh berries at Costco, they were not cheaper than buying them at Kroger, but I didn’t really care that much. Because they’re still really good at Costco. They have good quality. Yeah, organic produce. And it’s

a lot of times even if it’s not cheaper, it’s usually about the same price as your regular gray or insula. Yeah, depending on your family. And depending on the item and how much you go through of it. Costco might be a good option for you, if you go through a lot of paper towels, or toilet paper or fruit or whatever that item is just might be more efficient for you to buy it at Costco than to buy 804 packs of toilet paper at your regular store.

Yeah, we eat a lot of fruit in my house. So I always buy enormous containers of fruit. The last time it wasn’t at Costco, but one of the recent times I went to the grocery store, they had like a buy one get one on three bag, three pound bags of apples. And I was like, Yeah, of course. I will get both bags. A lot of fruit. Yes. We need all of those apples.

Yes, absolutely. And there’s also a couple of things. So before we actually talk about some of our favorite like deals at Costco, there are also some things that you can find there that I have not seen at other grocery stores. So prime example is they in the refrigerated section, they have uncooked flour tortillas. And you were like these are great. And so obviously, former Texan is telling me that tortillas are great. I’m going to buy them and so we bought them and we had Tor and we had tacos last week and Alex was like these tortillas are awesome. I love these tortillas. They’re the there raw tortillas and then you just like griddle them cook them or whatever, before you eat them. And they’re hot and they’re fresh and they’re really good. So that’s a nice little find.

Yeah, I think some it depending on where you live, you might be able to find those but they are pretty hard to find at the average grocery store. So I was super excited that I had them at the Costco here.

Yeah, the other another thing one of our listeners said to try the Motor City frozen pizzas or cheesy breadsticks, and you got both and you said the cheesy breadsticks? Were Primo. Yeah,

they Yes, they were pretty awesome. We got I got both the pizza. It’s a pepperoni pizza. I guess they’re named Motor City because it’s supposed to be like Detroit style pizza. It’s not quite a Detroit style pizza. It’s just like square pizza with crispy edges and stuff. doesn’t have the sauce on the top though. But it was a pretty good pizza. I would say I mean, you know what’s up there for frozen pizza. But the breadsticks were definitely really good.

Yeah, they were.

They had a they don’t have marinara sauce on them. They have a glitter, garlic, ml and they were it was totally worth buying those I would definitely get the breadsticks. Yeah, you they’re basically it’s like the size of a pizza, but you cut them into breadsticks.

You told me that and I was like, Fuck no buyer’s remorse that I didn’t get any

why made them a camera what day it was maybe Friday or something and Max up wanted to make them again like immediately because they loved them so much. And I was like, Yeah, they sound


So that will definitely be on the repeat buyer list.

Yeah, so there’s a couple things like that. I know there’s some really good there there were some really good looking like dips and stuff like in the like kind of in that like section but they also come in very large tubs.

So I have bought some of those dips before and they are very good and but yes, they come it’s like a thing that You buy because it’s, it looks amazing and you know it’s gonna taste good. And then you definitely have regrets because now you have 32 ounces of dip. And you’re not having a party. It’s just you it’s just you

and your sweatpants watching TV eating 32 ounces of debt. Yeah, I think maybe like, sometime if we’re ever having like company or something, I’ll get that. But I have a really hard time like, chips in depth been like anything. dippable is tonight. Oh my god. Yes. Just like such a siren song for me. I can just hear it. I’ll be like upstairs watching TV. And I can like hear it calling to me from the fridge. So I can’t I can’t keep that stuff in my house or I will just eat all of it like hummus, I can handle it because hummus is healthy. So obviously, who wants to overeat on hummus I want to overeat on like French onion dip, and like Mexicali dip and all that shit. So it looks amazing. But I also I also decided to forego the very large blocks of cheese. But they do carry like some really nice cheeses. So

they do have some really nice cheeses. One thing that I really like is that they carry. It’s like their little version of like a premade cheese tray, basically. And it’s like four or five different varieties of cheeses. And it’s just basically all cut into wedges for you. So you can just plop them on a platter and be like, here’s my cheese tray. And they usually I think they also have one that’s like a meat one. It’s you just buy one of each. Yeah, and you’re set and then some crackers. And you’re totally set. And I’m sure

they have and I’m sure they have a party set of crackers. So like

absolutely have entertaining,

especially now that we are kind of getting back into people are able to get together again like, yeah, Costco is great for regular sized families, great for big families. But yeah, if you are having any sort of get together, Costco got a lot of really great stuff for again, if not cheaper, at very least probably the same price as what you’re going to get like your standard grocery store. Without having to buy 87 things of small hummus, you can get one big thing of hummus. So

they do also sell alcohol at Costco. I totally forgot that you can buy alcohol in the grocery store here. No, like I’m confronted with it every time I go to the grocery store. It’s very confusing for me, Texas, you can’t do that. So the liquor store at the cost codes in Texas are like a separate store. Basically also because they’re closed at certain dump times. Yes.

And so we don’t care in Illinois, you can buy your booth now and ever.

Also the ones in Texas I believe my husband cuz I’d never gone inside of them. But my husband said that it actually is just like normal sized bottles of things. Like Costco here definitely has like,

oh, giant bottles and burl bullet bourbon. Like,

do I need that. And if I want it, I don’t really need it. Like one

of our one of our followers. she messaged me to say like their bourbon, or like their alcohol in general, their liquor is like top shelf liquor at mid shelf prices. So again, if you really like a cocktail, or if you’re having a party, pick up some booze, pick up some booze at your local Costco.

Hey, I’ve got everything

that actually brings up another really good point. I promise we will get to these price. So just

stay tuned

to buy facts. Um, so one of the things I really liked about Costco is that they so they have their own brand, like all grocery stores have their own store brand. They’re all called various things. Target keeps rebranding their store brand, which is super confusing, stop doing it target. But Costco store brand was called Kirkland for whatever reason. And it’s like, I have heard that it is literally the same stuff as it would it’s in other products. So I’ve heard this about a few other things too, naturals Costco, but basically all of these products across the country like facial facial products, food products, blah, blah, blah. They’re all manufactured in the same place. And then they just get different stickers slapped on them. Yep. Which is mind blowing to me. And so real ridiculous, and like a whole thing about capitalism that we’ll have to talk about at some point. But point being like, the Kirkland brand products are just As good, if not better than what you’re normally buying

at your grocery store. Yeah, they’re the same. The the the Costco private label is excellent. So that Kirkland brand there, they really are excellent. Yeah, you’re right. Because I went through this when I was in my old job. And we had some clients, some food clients that were doing a couple private label things. And yeah, it’s the exact same product. Just with the store brand label on it and not the name brand.

Yeah, that you’re the only thing that I will not buy the Kirkland brand of his toilet paper.

Oh, absolutely not. I do not buy my store brand toilet. Would you like another rant? listeners because you’re about to get one I do not buy off brand. Toilet paper. I do not buy single ply toilet paper. Also, we are we are very strictly a Sharman or Quilted Northern household. My husband doesn’t even like Angel soft because he has a toilet paper folder. He’s not a Crumpler. He’s a folder, and he doesn’t like that Angel soft has like the lines, because the lines go in the same direction as the wiping of when he folds it and so he doesn’t feel like he gets his claim.

That is interesting. I’m also a folder, but I never really paid attention to the direction of which the ply is he does not like

the lines on the angel soft, so it does. And it was funny because when, you know, the pandemic started, and there were like toilet paper shortages. He literally at one point, like, he went to a couple different stores, not because they were completely out of toilet paper, but because Angel soft was the only brand that they had, and I thought it was gonna be a real hot mess moment of him having to have the lined toilet paper. And it was going to be a whole thing. So anyway, but they do carry the sharmin in like, what, like 32 rolls of Sharman or something.

Something like that. There’s there was

a lot yeah, it’s it’s a lot of toilet paper. And the other thing that I do not buy private labels of is Manet’s. Oh,


I don’t I don’t mean store labels. Yeah, yeah. That store the private store labels of Manet’s I am really weird about that. Like I will buy store brand of many, many, many, many things. But for some reason I just never like the mayonnaise. So I always buy. I mean, Alex makes our mayonnaise most of the time, but if I am buying it, I will only buy specific brands of mayonnaise so that’s my other like, weird thing. Okay. our listeners are like, Man, that household is weird. People are weird guys haven’t figured that out by now. blessings on you. Okay. And so let’s talk about a few of our favorite buys like our favorite deals, things that we think that people need to be looking out for at their Costco.

Alright, so number one, I guess because I was going to order here. Yeah, but it’s also one of my number one things that I always buy is organic maple syrup. Oh, my goodness, guys, stop buying friggin log cabin, or whatever fix or branch you’re buying. Please buy real maple syrup.

Real maple syrup

is much better. And it’s not that much more expensive. Unless you are like drowning your food and maple syrup. But the thing is, if you buy higher quality maple syrup, you don’t need to be drowning your food in it. It’s Yeah, the flavor is so good. That you don’t have to use as much. I agree. So yeah, so the price at Kroger for an eight ounce bottle of maple syrup is 579 which is not too bad actually for maple syrup. Especially organic. Right? But you can get it at Costco for a one liter for 1099. Like

it’s a no brainer, doesn’t it’s a no brainer.

It lasts a long time like my kids eat frozen waffles like practically every day. I cannot get them off of frozen waffles but something they’ll eat so it’s fine. And so we go through a lot of syrup cuz I also like willy nilly frozen waffles four days a week for breakfast and that other weekend. I’ll make pancakes. Yep. So then we’re all Indian syrup. We go through a lot of syrup. And nothing lasts a long ass time.

Yeah, I usually buy like the bigger jugs of maple syrup and we don’t Alex doesn’t really love sweet breakfast stuff. So if I make pancakes or waffles, it’s usually just me eating them. But we use maple syrup I use it more in like baking. Sometimes some of the stuff that we cook so it takes a really long time to go through maple syrup but you keep that jug in the fridge and it keeps pretty much indefinitely so even if you don’t go through a ton, get that maple syrup. So next, the next thing we legitimately turned the corner and Megan saw it and she went which that King Arthur flour, all purpose flour. It is our favorite flour. Just for general purpose baking and cooking at Kroger you’re going to spend about $4 for a five pound bag at Costco you can get a 12 pound bag for $6

amazing like I used to order 20 pounds of flour from the King Arthur website they stopped carrying the giant pack

you bought you bought all of the bags and they said we have no more.

I’m guessing probably it wasn’t worth the cost of shipping to be shipping 20 pound bags of flour to people. But Costco doesn’t always have the flour. So that’s one thing about Costco is that sometimes they don’t have the thing that you have come to rely on them having so for a long time they stopped carrying the King Arthur flour and that is why I shrieked a little bit when I saw

Yeah, I

I was very excited. So it’s it’s the it’s go find your King Arthur flour Yeah, if your store doesn’t have it. Our condolences but ours did and we were both extremely excited.

I go through a lot of flour I keep our flour in what is supposed to be a dog food container on wheels. roll roll it right into my kitchen and then roll it back into the pantry. It’s amazing. Maybe we’ll link to one of those things in the show notes in case anyone wants to buy themselves a rolling flour, dog slash dog food container. Yeah.

If I if I had space for that you can bet that’s what I would be using to it is a pretty it’s a pretty sweet set at Megan’s got going for self there.

So next is olive oil. We I we use olive oil multiple times a day like to use it for everything

for so much olive oil in our house.

So we go through a lot of bottles I always try to buy big bottles at the grocery store. But still does not last that long. But at Kroger a 16.9 fluid ounce bottle is about $8 I’m not sure exactly what brand that might have been when we did the price check. I was buy like the more expensive olive oil to begin with.

Yeah usually.

So it can get in get pretty pricey especially if you like start to get the really really fancy stuff. But the Kroger olive oil for the Costco, Costco or olive oil, so for the Costco olive oil, they gigantic bottle that is 101 fluid ounces slash three liters. It is $15

so you are paying like basically it’s like free. It’s basically getting almost I just did the math you’re getting almost six times as much olive oil for twice the price. Like it Yeah, it’s it’s a no brainer. And yeah, it’s a bigger jug. So like a lot of times when we just buy it at Kroger it’s a small enough bottle that we can just keep it on our we just like keep it next to the stove or whatever. When you sometimes if you buy the bigger containers, they’re a little bulky to just have sitting out on your calendar counter. Keep your other olive oil bottle and just refill it like you can. You can also get fancy olive oil bottles, but you don’t even have to be that fancy. Just keep the bottle from the one the smaller one that you bought at Kroger or wherever refill it from the Costco one.

Yeah, and now you can just store away the gigantic one until you need it again unless you enjoy watching people in your family struggle with a gigantic bottle which sometimes I do which is fun. But I did actually after this Kroger trip I went on Etsy and ordered myself a fancy handmade olive oil for that I’m very excited to do. So. I’m getting old and succumbing into the old food person ways of having a fancy olive

oil pour.

I don’t know. It’s a good deal though. It’s good olive oil. The olive oil that we got this time actually is a Spanish olive oil. They don’t always have a variety of flavors, but they actually hit like three different kinds of time. Yeah,

it was a nice they had a nice selection. Yeah. So butter is a great thing to get at Costco, especially kerrygold. Butter. If you are a baker, you would know that carry gold is just like, absolutely the tits. So there are salted butter is so so good. It’s so good. You’re gonna get at our Kroger, you’re paying about $5 for for an eight hour eight hour block. Yeah, for an eight ounce block of kerrygold. at Costco, you’re able to get for eight ounce blocks for about $13. So when you average it out, like per eight ounce, it’s absolutely a better buy. If you’re like I don’t know if I can go through that much butter. Butter freezes.

Yeah, I always buy a bunch of it and freeze it.

Yeah, throw that stuff in the freezer. And if you I mean, this is actually just a really good does not just carry gold, any butter. If it’s some some on sale. If you overbuy and you’re like I don’t know if I’m going to use this before it goes funky, put it in the freezer and then just pull it out like as you’re gonna need it because it’s absolutely one of those things that if you have the freezer space, it’s great to stock up.

Yeah, and around the holidays. They usually usually they have just the salted, but around the holidays, they start to carry the unsalted as well. Yeah. Which is baking and stuff like that. But also I always bake with salted because I’m one of those weird people


extra salts extra some,

but actually carry gold we just eat like that’s the butter we eat on a normal basis. It’s just it’s the best butter. It’s so

good. And so like yellow. Oh,

so good. Happy

cows make happy butter. Like a little ad for all of our favorite products are really is we are not sponsored by anyone.

No, we just are obsessed. It’s fine. We’re totally normal. Um, so

this is something that I believe one of our friends recommended. Yes, they did. This is a fruit and nut and cheese snack packs, you probably have seen these at the grocery store, the main brand that has a Miss sargento but I think a lot of stores have started to make their own little snack pack II things. Especially I feel like in the past couple of years, basically everybody has been making those little snack packs. You can get a three counts at Kroger for 449. Or you can get 16 at Costco for 899. Yeah, I mean, the main The only issue is like finding a place to put it into your refrigerator, right? But that’s like, not a problem. And

I cuz I did just like plop the box in my fridge and call today. Um, but you could also take them out of the box and like put them in, you get like a little you know, container thingamajigger and like, dump them in there and put them in the fridge price. I

mean, if you’re fancy, if you’re fancy,

I am obviously not fancy. I just have the giant box. Although now that I’ve eaten some of them I probably should have put them in something else. It’s less bulky than the box but it was an easy solution when I got home and I was like the boxes go into the fridge. But then I like I’ve been having those like in the afternoon when I just start to get a little peckish I need a little bit of protein. There’s the mixes like there’s one that’s got white cheddar and almonds and dried cranberries. And then the other one is yellow cheddar and cashews and cranberries. So just a nice little nice little afternoon pick me up instead of eating potato chips, which is what I really want to be doing most of the time. And one of the things that I got because we go through a lot of these if you have a baby or a toddler in the house are the fruit and vegetable puree pouches. There. We fall back on these probably more than we should but they’re a really easy way to get fruits and vegetables into her and they’re not messy. To feed her, they’re great. We’ve I throw them in the diaper bag, if we’re like on the go or whatever, we’re going to the park or whatever it is. And I always get the organic ones. So I priced out and they range in price at the different stores. The the less expensive of the ones at Kroger were $1.49 each. And at Costco, I got a box of 24 of them for 1089. So it’s a pretty good deal.

Yeah, that’s gonna last way longer

it will last way longer than buying like a handful at a time. And yeah, they’re just they’re they are. They’re much better when you have a toddler that eats everything like she has a hollow leg.

As I do, I think the only the only problem that you run into with stuff like that is typically if you’re buying obviously if you’re buying a much larger box, you’ll have less variety. Yes, then if you’re buying, you know, packet by packet, but I feel like that is more than worth the trade off. Yes. For the cost savings. Yeah,

I’m like if I were just going to Kroger and buying a bunch then I could buy like four or five different flavors. And I think there were two flavors in the box. But she does not care she literally anything she does not give a shit. So and these have both fruits and like vegetables in them. So if you struggle with getting vegetables into your little ones, I like those sort of a little cheat.

One thing that we always always buy is batteries. And batteries are so freakin expensive. They’re so expensive.

And here’s the thing. I bought off brand batteries like I think I bought target brand batteries last time.

Did they last way longer than the name brand?

No, they lasted like shit. They didn’t worth a fuckin shit. So because they like they were like way less expensive. And so I’m like, Okay, well, I’m gonna get the target brand because they’re probably the same. No, they did not last at all compared to like the Duracell brand. So I was excited when we saw the batteries at Costco.

Yeah, my son goes through a billion batteries because he has an Xbox and the Xbox remotes for whatever stupid reason that these people design these things. The controllers are run on batteries. They’re not charged weird. They’re like wireless, but then they’re not chargeable. Like our switch ones charge. Yeah, or the PlayStation ones. That’s weird, right? But they weren’t these run on batteries. And so he runs through double A batteries, like an insane person. And so getting batteries is important in our house. Otherwise, it’s like drama islands. So a 16 counts package of batteries, double A batteries at Kroger is 1349 or the Costco price for Duracell these are both for Duracell is 1699 for 40 Yeah,

I was like I didn’t add enough like cuz I got I got double A and triple A batteries. I didn’t check triple A price because I feel like people go through those not quite as less off Yeah, less often the double A but we just have a few like remotes and things that take triple A But yeah, I was like, and here we go. You know, the thing that I told you after we got home I think the next day I was like, Okay, I have regrets about this is that we didn’t check out light bulbs.

It was really funny that you said that because literally that day one of our light bulbs went out and they needed light bulbs. I was like, ah, we should have looked at like

shut up looked at light bulbs. Yeah. So if anybody happens to go to Costco, check out and see what their lightbulb selection is like because I am very curious. Because that’s another thing that we and I because I feel like light bulbs are one of those things where you go a really long time without having to change any and then they all burn out at once because you’ve probably like

because you probably replaced them all at the same time last time.

You’re like, shocked. So you go through this period of time, we’re just buying a shit ton of light bulbs. So anyway, um, I know that we so I try to be I tried to be good about not using a lot of plastic blah blah blah. Don’t ask me but we go through a lot of freezer Ziploc bags. And so at Kroger, you can get a 75 count box for 1099. Or at Costco, you can get a four pack of 54 count boxes. So that’s over 200. bags for 1389. I mean, obviously,

you can also get what they have. And that’s the quart size freezer bags to be clear. Yeah, they also have a variety pack that comes with like quart size and gallon size. But it’s like a weird variety pack where you definitely get to use one size more than the other. Isn’t that so? I’m glad that they have just the quart size packages now too.

Yeah. always the case there’s that’s the thing with variety packs you like think oh, this is great. And then you end up flying through one and have used to have something else it’s really annoying.

So this is something that you got that I actually don’t buy at Costco because I have sensitive skin and we have to buy special stuff. So

I cuz I I personally use different laundry detergent than my husband because my husband if you guys remember he works in a restaurant, and his clothes were get really stinky. Like there’s something about just being in the restaurant and being around and like he works at a nice restaurant guys. He doesn’t work in like a fast food joint. But there’s still like he comes home and his clothes just smell like garlic and grease and just all of the things and so he uses like a more like powerful laundry detergent than I do. So when I saw the laundry detergent with oxy clean, which is what he uses, he usually gets the tide with oxy clean, and he’ll get so i i he usually just buys like a smaller jug, but I tried to find like a price comparison of about the same size. So 154 ounces of the tide with oxy clean at Kroger is almost $23 the Kirkland brand, which is the exact same is 194 fluid ounces. So you’re getting it’s a little bit bigger of a jug. And it’s just under $16. So that was a that was a pretty good buy. Considering he goes through his laundry detergent like crazy because

he probably is doing laundry like every few days.

Yeah, like he does laundry every couple you know cuz he usually runs a load like before he goes to work of just like his normal clothes from during the week. And then he usually washes his work clothes like separately and stuff. And then a lot of times I also use it for like the dog blankets and stuff because they get extra stinky because dogs. Right. So I don’t know, I didn’t look and see what laundry detergents they had that were like the hippie dippie sensitive skin stuff that I use for myself and the baby and that I know that like you tend to use. But maybe next time I’ll take a look at those and see what the price comparison is on that stuff too.

Yeah, I haven’t actually ever looked at that stuff. I think we’ve bought it you know, dryer sheets. There are a couple of times but I don’t think we have bought the laundry soap at all. So yeah, definitely something I have to take a closer look at. Something that I saw when we were there that I was very excited about because of the pandemic was that they had Clorox wipes in stock.

Yes, they

did. I know Same thing with like, you know? Yeah, big patches. The same thing with you in the freezer bags. Like Don’t ask me about the Clorox wipes. Yep. I have two kids two boys. They’re disgusting. My husband is also disgusting. The easiest thing to be able to clean the house quickly is Clorox wipes and also no one else seems to know how to clean unless they have wipes. I’m the only person who like knows that you can use a spray bottle and a rag. It’s a whole thing too hard. Maybe we’ll talk about cleaning at some point. Anyway. A regular container of Clorox wipes, contains about there’s like two different sizes there’s a small size and a big size the big size contains 75 wipes and Kroger is 499. at Costco, they have a five pack of containers that have 85 waves so you’re automatically getting more wipes and it is 1499 Hello, you’re getting like an insane amount of weight. Like, free wipes basically.

It’s free stuff, you guys. I know that’s not really I mean, like it,

right? I mean, you’re getting at least like 200 wipes free comparatively to the same, like if you’re paying the same amount for the smaller ones. Anyway.

Yeah, the other

thing is a really good deal. They last like a five pack of Clorox wipes will last you a really, really long time unless you’re totally disgusted and the only thing you use to clean your house. Yeah,

yeah. The other thing that I will say about some of these things like the Clorox wipes, or even like the, the ziplock bags or things like that, that they come in, you know, multi packs of smaller containers, like, like you mentioned at the beginning of the episode. So even if you don’t know, like, it’s gonna take you forever to go through five packs of Clorox wipes, or four boxes of Ziploc bags, you might have a neighbor, who also uses those things. So you might be able to like, kind of go in together and split some of these packages.

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, a lot of like, Costco has a membership system. So a lot of people share the membership with their friends. Yeah,

so that’s definitely that’s definitely something to keep in mind. Because, you know, sometimes when you hear like, Oh, I can buy a five pack or a four pack or whatever. You feel like a doomsday prepper you’re like, Oh, my God, I gotta have those in my basement where I can keep all the extras, like, if you don’t have space for that, see if you have a friend or a neighbor that goes through some of these things, too, because you can go in and and end up getting better prices together.

I don’t know about anyone else. But I have allergies. Everyone I know in Texas has allergies. If you don’t, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, because everyone has. Um, and so basically, I have lived on taking various allergy pills for like, years and years. But allergy pills are really, really expensive. Yeah, I don’t know why they’re just really expensive. And if you are a person who needs allergy pills, you have to go to Costco because they sell. They sell all three of the main ones like Allegra Zyrtec Claritin, and like their version of all of those. And so I usually get sir tech. They have let’s see. So is there tech at the store? Not search Id just regular search tech. A 30 count bottle is $19 Okay, that’s a month like that’s, that’s like a month Yeah, a month of allergy pills. at Costco, the regular price it was actually on sale this time, but the regular price for a 365 count bottle that is allergy pills for your entire year. For $14 it’s on so on. It’s the same. It’s the same ingredients. It’s like you know, when you go to Walgreens and they’re all like willerton and you’re like Haha, I’m not gonna get the Walton it’s literally the same

shit. It’s the same thing. Yeah, um, so if you are somebody that uses Zyrtec or Allegra or clairton or whatever, like you conceivably could get your Costco membership only by DESERTEC whatever allergy medicine and still be saving money. Right? Like if that’s literally the only thing you purchased at Costco, your membership would still have paid for itself.

Oh, absolutely. Yes. And so the Claritin and Allegra you can’t the bottles aren’t as big those are tech bottle. I don’t know why those are tech formulation is cheaper. So they’re smaller bottles, but there’s still so much cheaper than buying them at the grocery store. Yeah. It’s Yeah, it’s totally a no brainer. I it’s it’s crazy to me.

Yeah, I don’t

I it was actually truly mind boggling when I saw that. I was like, wait, wait, that can’t be. That can’t be right. Um, our friend. Our friend Kathleen also said that she gets like probiotics and that there’s a lot of like other general medicine there I picked up children’s Motrin because Hello, I have a teething toddler. And I didn’t I didn’t really price compare on that. But even if it’s not cheaper, I still was able to like get a couple of bottles that I can have in the cabinet instead of freaking out because oh shit I gave her the last of the Motrin and she has a tooth popping through and my life is over.

So I mean,

just keep an eye on that until she’s like till she ages out of it because you always need it when you don’t have it.

It’s just exactly. always like, Oh, yeah, that’s not a thing. And the other thing Kathleen said that they have are disposable face masks. So obviously, that’s a big thing that you need right now. So there’s obviously there’s lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of things that you can get at Costco. We bought our TV at Costco, we got our,

our Christmas trees from Costco, our

I’m pretty sure. Our PlayStation we got at Costco, the PlayStation four, I think we bought at Costco when it came out. So yeah, there’s crazy things that you can get there. They’ve got also got a lot of like, home organization type things. So we I know you and I both picked up. They had little, like a two pack of like lazy Susans that we picked up both picked up for our homes. But I saw I I I specifically did not go down the aisle because I would have purchased all of the things but they also have a lot of reusable like food container type thing, storage containers and things like that. So you know, if you are has really probably where we should have gotten when we were reorganizing my pantry. Um It’s fine. Um, so you know, just aside from all of the food, like keep in mind a lot of other things. Yeah, so many other things for your entire house. So

furniture we got let’s see what else I’m trying to think of other things we got. I got my VitaMix there.


we got we got a mattress there at one point. like one of those you know, it comes in a box Yes. On roll kind of mattress? Um, they sell like playscapes for your backyard with cotton

tires at Costco? No, yeah,

that’s a good one. A printer ink is really cheap at Costco printer ink is still expensive, but it’s cheap. They’re so

expensive. Just like printer ink in general, something a little more

expensive. I know that and printers and cameras and I got packing tape at Costco if you love if you love Sharpies, you can buy an enormous pack of Sharpies.

Yeah, like your office supplies or like anything of anything like that. You are going to be f7 you’re going to be you’re going to be you actually should pick up Sharpies there because Alex goes through them at work a lot and he only he doesn’t once they get like what’s the tip kind of wears down? He doesn’t like them as much anymore and then they end up in my office so I should really pick next time I should pick him up a box of Sharpies you know cuz you need to label things. spines

true. He’s very particular about it. Go figure I will say you do have to have like we said you do have to have a membership to go shop at Costco but you will totally make all that money back.

Yeah, and you’re saving it is definitely unless

you’re buying like I don’t know like they do have weird expensive stuff. Like they had a whole lamb at the store when we were I mean I’m not

kidding you. It was a day it was a whole higher lamb it was I like stopped dead in my tracks and I was like this is amazing. Like

but you always have the new a Costco

right? So they you can get there’s there’s a couple different Costco like membership levels. And they like put that just the regular Costco membership is 660 dollars for the annual membership fee. And so it’s not terrible. There’s also like they do have a like a Costco Visa card that comes like with the membership or whatever. So there’s, there’s a few different things that you can do there and also like you can get if your student or your military, you get a you get discounts, medical professionals get discounts on some of the on the memberships. So definitely some things to kind of look into there. And also look into potentially like maybe going in on a membership with somebody.

I can’t believe we forgot to mention the one thing that we like always would get a Costco when we did not get this time, which is gas.

Oh my gosh, yes.

Girl gas is so much cheaper at Costco. I don’t know why. They just give you an amazing discount on gas. So was at our when we lived in our old house, we would always get our gas at Costco. Yeah. Yeah. Because that’s also a thing where you have to be a member to get the gas. So yeah,

yeah, it’s definitely if if you if you live like nearby one, because my parents there used to be there was the Costco that we went to is not too far from the church I grew up in. And so once the Costco went in, I think the Costco when I when I was in college, or whatever, so my parents would stop by every Sunday after church, they would like go to church, and then they would hop over to Costco and fill up the car with gas. So also, I think I forgot to tell you this, when we were in line at Costco, there was a family with a few little kids behind us. And I heard the mom talking to like the little girl who looked like she was like, four or five. And the mom was like, Okay, now like they were talking about like, okay, it was like lunchtime, so they were going to get lunch after they finished checking out. And the mom was like, all right, like, do you want pizza? Or a hot dog and the little girls like both? The mom was like, okay, no, you really need to pick one because it’s a big piece of pizza or a big hot dog like you. You can only have one. So be thinking about which one you want. Like the little girl just being like I was. I was like, laughing so hard.

It’s a really good hot dog.

I’ve never I’ve never had their

hot dogs. But maybe. I mean, if you like hot dogs, like a lot, you know, you’re going to talk about change your mind if you don’t like hot dogs, right? But it’s like a Vienna beef. So it’s like oh 100% beef and it’s like really big. And then the has like the little Turner thing for onions that I really like to have them. I guess you wouldn’t know the half of them at the baseball park. Baseball parks. I

would I know that right?

And then like you put relish on and stuff, but they’re they’re pretty good. They’re like a pound.

Oh, wow. Enormous. Yeah,

that’s what that’s like. $1.50 for a soda and a hotdog. Yeah, I

mean, is it I think because I’ve seen a lot of like families do that. I feel like that’s pretty hard to be definitely done that. Yeah, pretty hard to be that like run to Costco and then like, everybody get lunch, but just this little tiny she was a tiny little girl being like, mom was like, there’s no way you can finish both. That’s not we’re not doing that.

I think I mean, we almost always would get the hot dog. But I think the couple of times that we’ve gotten the pizza like they didn’t finish the pizza. Yeah, because it is such a big slice of

pizza pizza. That’s funny. It’s a

lot which you can also buy like a whole pizza at Costco and it is enormous. But you could buy a whole one fewer.

Pizza, huh? All right, Megan, anything else to say about Costco before we talk about our joy?

Ah, I don’t know. It’s just that it’s a it’s just a really great store. And I think a lot of people make fun of Costco because of, you know, the stocking up aspect of it. But I think now that we’ve all lived in our houses for a whole year. Maybe you might look at it a little bit differently.

Exactly. Exactly.

What’s bringing us joy?

Four for sure. Oh, all right. So obviously Costco brings us joy. But Megan, what else is bringing you joy this week?

Okay, so I have two things to share that are not necessarily joys, but I came across them this week in my social media feeds, okay. And the first one is this website called other people fund. It’s other people fund calm. And they are a group that began at the beginning of this year. And their purpose is to connect more people to therapists. And so they have a shirt. That is really cute. It’s a cat and a mouse. And they’re like eating the charcuterie board together. And it says, I think we need to see other people and by other people, I mean, therapists.

I love that.

And every purchase of the shirt helps offset the cost of therapy for someone else. they donate the money to a partner organization called support for the psyche, Inc. And so they send funds to people to help them get therapy. Yeah, so I’m gonna order one of these shirts, because I think that’s a really awesome thing for people to be doing.

It probably need one of those shirts too. That is really cute. It’s pretty great. Yeah.

And then the other thing that I found this week is An online bystander intervention training. Has we all know there’s been a lot of anti Asian American violence happening? And that is bullshit, frankly, yep. Um, so there’s a thing called a bystander intervention, where if you, you know, see stuff happening, you can get involved and make sure it stops happening. But obviously, it is dangerous. And there are things you need to know, to protect yourself and to protect the other person. So a lot of groups have been doing intervention training. And this group is doing online trainings. And they teach you about all of the top types of micro accurate micro aggressions and violence that are happening. And they talk through five strategies for intervention. And basically equip you with tools that you need to help you help other people. And that is I, slash bystander intervention, and they have a whole bunch of trainings opening up in the next. Boom, let’s see, it looks it they’re scheduled through the next month or so, for now, and I’m assuming they’re gonna keep going for the next year. That is awesome.

We will link to both of those things in our quick links in our show notes. That’s amazing. I love Yeah,

I’m I was pretty excited to find both of those things. So yeah, that kind of thing makes me happy because I want to do more. And I think other people probably want to be doing more too. So absolutely.

Sure. Absolutely.

What is bringing you joy.

It’s a whole lot more fuckin frivolous than yours. I’ll tell you that. About a new car yesterday.

That was making I know, it’s so interesting. Watching this process happen over text message

was very interesting. Yeah, so we have just been dry. Like we we had a very nice car. But it just as pretty much once we became parents with the two large dogs and then the car seat. It was just a standard like sedan. And it once we upgraded Eden from her little like baby bucket car seat to like the convertible car seat. It almost did not fit in our car, like it had to go like in the middle, it was so hard to get her in and out of because I had to like lean across like get into it was such a pain in the dick. And then obviously, taking the dogs anywhere was a nightmare. And so we’ve been talking about needing a new vehicle for basically since the baby was born, and we just dicked around about it because we haven’t really gone anywhere. And finally, I was like I’m sick of this. And so we ended up getting a Subaru and went yesterday and it was actually kind of funny because I my husband was just I love him, but he was just being really kind of annoying about it and being like I don’t know, I want to look at Godot and I want to test drive dododo and I don’t know maybe I should consider data and I was like I want a Subaru. I know I want a Subaru. I’ve driven driven meghann Subaru. That’s what I want. Let me have it. And so yesterday afternoon the weather was nice and so we went and it’s funny because like as soon as we were getting ready to leave the house, Alex goes now we’re not buying anything today. We’re just test driving. I thought motherfucker that No

Does that ever. Now that

he’s like said that? Like as soon as the words came out of his mouth, I was like, well, we’re probably buying something today because now that he’s gonna fall in love with something and sure enough, I mean to in all fairness, the sales guy like did bring out a great car at a really great price. But I was Alex was like, he just like looked at me like it was like can I have it kind of face and I was like yeah, okay, yes, I guess we’re buying a car today.

I it’s so funny because I have had the same kind of experience with my husband because they they just get like weird ideas in their head about cars. I think I don’t know. It’s just a guy thing and I hate to be so stereotypical. But making those statements but


but I want like the next time I buy a car I would, I would like to go by myself. But also I know because of the way people

sales people are Yes,

I have to bring my dumb husband along.


But I totally feel you with like, we’re gonna test drive a bunch of stuff and then end up buying. Like the it’s the most like, it’s the most enormous car like I haven’t seen this car in person, but it’s bigger than my car and I’m like beggar one baby, but it’s fine.

But I do have two very large. So now he’s so happy about it. And now we could have more big dogs. And so I’m like, Okay, well, I guess I could have more big dogs now. Um, but I did. I was very skeptical about the size like Alex drove at first. He’s like, I love it. I was like, I don’t know, it’s gonna feel like a boat. And it did. It actually doesn’t feel as bad and I even parked it quite successfully today. Like I was like, Okay, this is better than I thought it I know you were concerned about it fitting on our garage. It actually does fit in our garage quite well. So you know it is it is a nice car. But I have to tell you, I put that I got that baby in that car seat so much easier. When like we all have and I was like, Okay, I think that this this was this was worth it. Like just getting her in the car seat was also way easier to just like, install the car seat in the new car versus the old one like the little like latch hook. Things were so much easier to access and it just the whole thing. I was like, okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay.


The funny thing that I even remember right now is that when Reese was a baby, we went from an SUV to a


Oh, man, because my damn husband took our SUVs to get like some sort of warranty thing fixed on it. Oh, no. And they had like these new cars. And he was like, What if we just get a new car? Oh, well, you’ve already decided clearly.

What’s happening.

He just brought one car in and then came home with another car. No, but a smaller one, which made no sense when you have a baby. But yeah, and the next time we go to Costco, obviously you will be driving. Yes, your boat.

I will bring my 16 drinks with me. Yes, it has 1000 cupholders, which is really perplexing, but it’s fine. We’ll have lots and lots of space for all of our beverages. It’s great.

You won’t be able to get to them because they’ll be in the third row.

But it’s fine.

You’ll have them.

They will be there as backups fine.

Next week’s episode

Well, next week, we are going to talk about something that a lot of us as being white women are obsessed with true crime.

We’re gonna kind of talk about why white women are so obsessed. And what does that mean? And how can we maybe use that obsession to do a little better and bring attention to some often overlooked victims in that genre. But in the meantime, leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at irsipodcast or send us an email at we’d love to hear from our listeners. Bye!

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