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067: Crime, True Crime with Bethany Modos

Hello! Welcome to episode 67 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re joined by our friend Bethany to chat about the obsession with true crime.

Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your hosts Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week we’re chatting about true crime with our special guest, Bethany modos. Stay tuned.

Hello, hello.

Hi Stephie

What’s up, Megan?

Today I was reveling in our beautiful sunny weather. And I like trotted all around town, not all around town, but like, in my little neighborhood today, and it was so nice to like, realize I live in a neighborhood where I can go and draw around run errands and do stuff with my car.

It is really nice. Right?

It was nice. I missed it so much.

Yeah, because your whole neighborhood was just like,

it was the suburbs.

It was right off the highway in a suburban neighborhood. Like I mean, you could have walked around, like literally around the houses in your neighborhood. But you couldn’t have like walked to the coffee shop or the bank or any of the places that I know you went today. So

I could have maybe walked to like Walgreens. But


go on like a underneath the highway and fear for maybe not safest Yeah,

no. Hard fucking pass on that. Yeah, no, thank you.

Yeah. So I did like my little like, went and voted. And then I went to the cute little bank and then I went to the coffee shop and came back home.

I love that you did quite a little loop. Okay. Yeah.

I’ll figure it I was already downtown. I had to go to the coffee shop. So

it was basically required. Mm hmm. Yeah, it would have been you have to do your part to pour back into the local economy. So you know, of course, that means stopping by the coffee hound and getting a croissant then it’s, it’s what you got to do.

I mean, it’s like I am saving money because the croissants are enormous. They

are very large. It is a value meal.

Started shy.

The coffee shop version of a value meal perfect. So they should advertise it.

It’s seriously like a plate size croissant.

I don’t. They are pretty much as big as your head. I can still come in one sitting. It’s fine. Everything is great. But they are delicious. So yes, I highly appreciated this life choice.

And the bonus is that I got the element one, which is the best one. And no one else in my house likes they all meant one. So nobody asked to share.

What is wrong with the people you live with? Well, I know you would say many things, but

it’s fine. It’s been a long 13 months

long warranty for Megan in her house.

How are you doing? I know that you’re not feeling well. But other than that, yeah, it’s been kind of a

wackadoodle week health wise but I so I actually have an update for so last week I ranted about my vaccine experience. And that was on the episode that went live today as we are like recording this episode. And my mom’s best friend Sheila texted me to tell me about this. This website called vaccine She’s a social worker, she uses it with her patients, and you go to the vaccine you can pop in your zip code, you can choose which of the COVID vaccines you’re looking for, pop in your zip code and like how far you want to go and then search for vaccine. And it’ll show you all the places in your like, search that have it and whether it’s it says like whether it’s in stock or out of stock, which is interesting. I don’t know like how and it says it’s updated daily. So I would assume it’s like fairly accurate. Um, but yeah, I thought that was pretty handy. So she was like, if you want to give an update, then you can tell your listeners to check out vaccine if they’re not sure where to look or how to find places that have it. Like it has like all of the Walgreens locations that have it all of the you know the jewel the jewels that have it and places like that. So it’s not just like go to go to Walgreens go to CVS like shows all of the locations. So yeah, there’s a there’s a little update off of my rant from last week of something, a service that is actually usable and helpful.

So that sounds so much easier than like Like I was on the Walgreens website last night, and I just was like, I don’t fill out all these things, right to like, find out that there’s no appointments anyway.

Exactly. So yeah, I don’t know, you guys can check it out. Again, like I don’t know exactly. And I know that based on availability, like some pharmacies, like some pharmacies have opened to everyone and some haven’t yet, and depending on states and locations, and all that kind of stuff, so I can’t speak to any of that. But it does seem like a pretty easy way to check. So like, I just clicked on hyvee, which is a grocery store, here in town. And it says that the Madonna is in stock and call to confirm for Pfizer, Johnson Johnson, it has their hours, and then it has the address, and it has where you can check online for the appointment availability. So it’s a lot of information on there, worth checking out, you guys.

Cool, handy tip, although there’s probably like, you know, five of us who still don’t have it yet,

that’s fine. All five are like,

I’m the last person to get the shot. That’s it,

it’s fine.

I get it,

whatever, it’ll happen.

Thank you, Illinois.

I went on the website. So the McLean County Health Department, they had like all these website or all these appointment blocks, and they’re like handy yellow boxes for each day. And so last week, they had like the first through the 10th. And so I was like, Okay, once the weekend is over, obviously, they will update this to show more days now. They have not updated it. So it has Yeah, it seems really days. It has the first and second and the third still on here. Also today, still on here. And so I don’t know when it’s gonna get updated. I’m on their like email list for updates. But I’m also one of those people who just keeps refreshing it in hopes that they’ll change it without telling me.

Yeah, and it seems random as to what like days of the week and times of day they update it. So and I don’t know if that’s like purposeful to make it so that like if someone works all the time, like Mondays at 11. Like maybe if they do it on Thursdays at one that those other people have a chance, I don’t know if it’s that or if they’re just so disorganized, that it’s just completely random. Honestly, 5050 shot, right, between those two things. So it’s pretty much impossible. say

if you haven’t noticed that white women are obsessed with true crime, you clearly have been living under a rock.

And since Megan and I aren’t personally well versed in the true crime arena. We’re joined today by one of our friends who is as we talked about the why behind this obsession, please welcome Bethany Matos. Hi,

Bethany, please introduce yourself to our listeners.

I’m Bethany. I, I work with Stephie his husband at a restaurant in town. And that’s how we met. And yeah, I’ve lived in this town, my whole life. And well, I moved away for two years. And I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. And then I came back and got married and just been working at a restaurant for the last four years.

She puts up with my husband on the days that I don’t have to


And she texts me when he misbehaves.

And he loves it.

My husband did

this joke your husband told me

right and all hell like come home and I’ll be like, I know what you did today. And Bethany told on me. Yes. You’re also a dog mom. That’s very important.

Oh, yes. two dogs all over. And let’s see.

My favorite thing that you’d have done during quarantine is you made your dogs make art by you put like paint on these little canvases and plastic like Ziploc bags and put peanut butter on top. And then let the dogs lick the peanut butter off and then what was left like where they smashed the paint around. That was their painting.

Yeah, I love

that I found that on Tick Tock which is another thing that’s happened during quarantine.

Tick Yeah,

two of the three of us. So it’s fine. We’re doing fine. Everything is okay guys. We’re making art with our dogs. We’re on tik tok. It’s fine, we’re fine. Our sanity is still intact. So we asked you to join us today because aside from a few tidbits here and there, Megan, and I don’t really take in a lot of true crime content, but I know that you, on the other hand are definitely a fan of the genre. So let’s start off by when and how did you really get into true crime?

I, so, as a child, I guess I was always really curious. And I was a middle child, so I wasn’t really supervised.


I would stumble upon like documentaries on TV, and it was just like, grabbed my interest.

And you were like,

I know you listened to a lot of podcasts, what are a couple of your favorites? Um,

my favorites are like, my favorite murder is like one of the ones I listened to every week. And True Crime garage is good crime junkie. That’s about it. And sometimes I’ll listen to like certain episodes of different ones if it’s like a case I’m interested in.

My favorite thing about you is that sometimes you just randomly text me tidbits about serial killers. And what was I think the one time I actually had a tidbit that you didn’t know and I was like, Really?

I think it was about Jeffrey Dahmer. It was because

I listened to the Jeffrey Dahmer episode of you’re wrong about and did you know? And you were like, Oh, I didn’t know that. And I was like, I feel so special. I knew something you didn’t have at a serious?

Well, like, yeah, the main stereotype about Jeffrey Dahmer is that he eats people, right? or eight people. And I guess he only ate like one person.

or tried.

Does it really matter?

kind of changes the perception of like, hates everybody to like, hate somebody. thigh one time? Yes. Not that it makes it better. But

I am true. curious about what documentaries you watched as a child that were true crime Really?

Um, I stumbled upon one about Ted Bundy. Like, because we had cable as a kid. So like we would have? I don’t know if investigation discovery was a thing back then. Probably not. But whatever, maybe a and he had a bunch of like documentaries on it at one point. And I was like, Ooh, this looks interesting.

And it was

so normal things for I was like wonder, like, how old would you have been?

I’m probably like, two young, probably 12 or something. Maybe 10?

Yeah, at least you were a little you were like past the age where you would have been like drawing pictures for class. Yeah. Where your teacher would be like, Oh, we have some concern about Bethany’s drawings. Yeah, no. Okay, so one of the things that we wanted to talk about, so white women are like, super obsessed with true crime, and obviously, not all white women, because you guys, because we’re like, whatever. And I have other white woman friends who are like, man, whatever. And I also have friends who do not fall under the category of white, female, sis female who are interested in true crime, but, um, I just saw, I pulled some articles. And it was really interesting. Because there’s been a lot of like, kind of research into the fact that it does seem like white females are the ones that are the most interested in true crime. And there’s some different thoughts about why that is, but I’m just wondering if you have some, like, thoughts about that, as someone who takes in this genre a lot.

Yeah, um,

I think it’s mostly women in general. Just baby like men aren’t so like upfront about it, because that would be kind of creepy if a man was obsessed with murder. But like, my dad is in like, I think I also think it’s kind of like genetic because my dad is like, really into that stuff. And like, he’ll like be like, guess what I learned today and I’d be like, oh, and then my mom’s like, what is happening?

I’m wrong with my family.

Yeah. So I think that maybe men aren’t as like, you know, upfront about it because it could be kind of creepy. And women. Like, for me, I like learning about it because like, I feel like it’s a way I could be like, Okay, what would I do in this situation? Like, how would I survive? And it just kind of like helps your anxiety that way? Cuz the world is a scary place. Yeah. So yeah,

yeah, cuz I mean, most of the victims are female. Most serial killer victims are female. So I mean, it makes sense that you’d be like, Okay. Can I get inside the mind of this person and figure out like, what they did, how they did it, why they did it, so I can avoid this. I’m surprised my anxiety hasn’t gone down that road yet.

That’s interesting, because I think I mean, a lot of the articles that we looked at ahead of this recording to actually basically back that up. It’s kind of like a self protection kind of thing. I guess where you’re thinking, like, if you get into that situation, you can protect yourself. It’s a good thing that you have not gone down that rabbit hole.

I don’t

think I’ve watched. I’ve watched some true crime stuff. Not a ton of it. But I think there was one that I was watching. I think maybe it might have been the I’ll be gone in the dark one that was recently on. And I think maybe I told her I was watching it. And I was like, you shouldn’t watch it. I knew that like if she watched it, she would the jet and be like, texted me at 2am and be like, I can’t sleep because someone’s gonna come get me.

Yeah, I can’t know. My brain does not handle that stuff. Well, so it’s like I can I was able to read devil in the White City because it happened so long ago. I was like, it’s fine. I can read about serial killers that happened like a century ago. But I can’t read about anything that happened in like, the last 50 years, because then my brain is like, Oh my god, I’m gonna get hurt.

Oh, that one’s kind of cushioned with like, architecture stuff.

We’re gonna freak you out with how completely deranged this human being was. And then we’re gonna talk about like, the Ferris wheel for?

Yeah. I started reading that book. And I like was getting bored with the architecture. Like, maybe I’ll skip over this, but then I

just go to the killer.

So, yeah.

So one of the things that the articles all kind of talk about is that one of the reasons why women are so interested in the true crime is because for the most part, the people portrayed the victims portrayed in podcasts, and these documentaries and books and all those things are all middle class white women. Do you think that is the reason why you I mean, not you in particular, but the reason why people are drawn to it, because that’s they definitely see themselves in those situations. Oh, yeah,

that could be part of it. One of the reasons I like my favorite murder is because they talk about all kinds of cases like in bring awareness to some of the cases where police would have deemed the victim as like high risk lifestyle or like sex workers. And I find that interesting, because those stories do need to be told.

So yeah,

yeah, I found it, I found a statistic. In this, one of the articles that I read said, recent study found that between 1979 and 2009 22% of confirmed serial killer victims were sex workers, this number have jumped 43% over the last decade, considering that less than 1% of the American population is in sex work. It’s clear that something isn’t right. So it Yeah, it is interesting that I think so many of the like, famous, like, famous serial killer stories that we hear about our middle class white women, but that’s not necessarily the majority, it seems that that’s not necessarily the majority of the victims. And so clearly, there’s a lot of stories that are just being swept under the rug because I think so many people are like, well, they were a sex worker. They like had it coming to them, which is absolutely not. Okay, it’s like not just not an okay, way to think about it. So I think there’s definitely, and I mean, the the article kind of went on to talk about that, like, with when you don’t give victims proper respect, you’re just kind of just celebrating the killer, which was really interesting. Which was I thought of really like, poignant statement. Because there are so many, I think there are a lot of shows and movies and like p just pieces of media that do kind of glamorize the killers, right, a little bit. Which is

Yeah, I think I think a lot of that has to do with people want to know, the reason why the person did what they did,

right? I’m like, into the psychology of it and stuff. But also, like, it’s important to learn about the victims too.

That’s one of the things that really bothered me about serial actually. whether or not he was guilty, is that they didn’t really talk about the victim that much. Like, I know this. I know, the focus of the story was more about his, his trial and all of that, but like she was still murdered, whether or not he did it, and it really disappointed me that they never really like, talked about her as much as they would, as much as they should, in my opinion,


Yeah, cuz I think there’s a fine line, right? There’s like a fine line between, let’s understand the psychology of what makes somebody do these horrific things. And then also portraying it in a way that sort of like, almost romanticizes them, right? And like, the things that they did, and like glamorizes it like I think there’s a very, very fine line that a lot of media doesn’t really get that nuance between that.

Did either one of you read in cold blood?


I started it and then never finished it.

So I had to read it for college for one of my journalism classes, and it’s credit is kind of credited as being one of the first true crime books I suppose. But it’s really interesting that you brought up like the romanticizing of it because part of the thing about in cold blood was that Truman Capote he, like kind of fell in love with one of the guys. That was a murder, as he was like researching for this book, so I did not Yeah, I think it can be kind of like a dangerous thing. For the people behind the crew, like behind the researching and behind like making those documentaries. You just get kind of caught up in the the psychological aspects of these people on like, it makes me think of like all the people that have been tricked by these murderers, basically.

So a lot of the articles that I pulled, were also talking about, like the, essentially like the whiteness of the genre. And you know, how is marketed to white women and stuff, which we wish we talked a little bit about, but it was interesting, because multiple of the articles were actually mentioned, a man named Samuel Liddell, who apparently was is like one of the most prolific murderers in American history, he credits himself with 93 victims, but he remains relatively unknown. Because and there’s a lot of like, questioning if that’s because many of his alleged victims were black women. And so if that’s like, kind of why it’s remained under their cultural radar, so I’m actually curious Bethany, if you have heard of him before, like we started researching for the podcast. Yeah.

I don’t know. I don’t know much about him, but I did know that he has killed a lot of people. And yeah, he just like recently died. And I think there was like, I read a news article about him and I was like, Oh, interesting. I also I don’t know if he killed sex workers, which is like another probably another reason right? So

yeah, I had never I had never heard I mean, again. It’s not like I’m like really into this but I at least like many of the super prolific serial killers like I at least know their know of their names, right? And I had never heard of him before. So I did think that that was that was kind of interesting. Because I mean, that indicates that like, someone who’s really into this genre might have known about him. But even like with you, being really immersed in it, like you still It sounds like you still haven’t heard a ton, or like read a ton. So I just find that I find that interesting, because he would be a really interesting, like, that would be a really interesting case to look at. So Netflix get on that documentary?

Yes. Do seems like from some of the articles that talked about him, and that they didn’t believe that he did any of it. Or maybe not all of it.

Yeah, there was part of it to the alleged victims. And I’m like, I mean, he says he killed 93 people like I don’t know seem I mean,

I think they have to say a legend because if he wasn’t ever tried for Yeah, but also it does definitely sounded like they were just like, he didn’t murder them. Which is odd. I guess. I mean, I don’t know if there’s if people are working on the cold case or anything like that, but it’s that makes me wonder how many other serial killers are out there that are kind of being dismissed? Right. I’m sure there’s Yeah.

It’s really interesting. I mean, you know, if you watch any like fictionalized, like crime show, they would have you believe that there are serial killers everywhere. So which, weirdly, I can watch those shows. I’m fine watching those

killers are everywhere shows.

Yeah, that’s totally fine. I can watch like bones. I can watch you know, law and order I can watch like all that shit. I cannot actually watch what’s actual. It’s funny because there was I can’t there was an episode of something that was basically based off of like john Wayne Gacy. And that did for that episode did freak me out and like, give me nightmares. But I mean, I maybe it was part of your life.

You’d like to be able to divorce reality a little bit more,

I guess. So. And also like your crime. Also, maybe not have the serial killers be clowns, because I’m already tired of clowns. Oh, no. Yes, please. No. Too much. It’s way too much. So, so creepy. Um, I okay. This is absolutely a rabbit hole. But I am now I don’t can’t remember what I just googled that made me think of this. So there’s there so you red devil in the White City. And I’m having a hard time remembering the name of the guy

that he chose Holmes.

Yes. So some people think that he was jack the Ripper

is possible. There’s lots of people that could have been jack the Ripper. Tell us

your theories, Bethany.

So actually went on a ghost tour in St. Louis, that your husband suggested.

That’s right. I forgot about that.

And they talked about some guy. I cannot remember his name right now. But that was pretty convincing that he was jack the Ripper.

I think that is wild. I think it’s wild that we’re still trying to figure out who jack the Ripper was.

Mm hmm.

So I haven’t read this book even though like 5000 people have told me to read it. But for our listeners as well, could you like do a brief overview of the book and why people might think that other people are jack the Ripper? Because jack the Ripper was in England. So there’s like baffle part of it. But can you just do like a brief recap of what happens in devil in the way city?

Did did they change homes go to London? I don’t? Well,

by my recollection, it’s been a couple years since I read the book. He sort of appeared out of nowhere, okay. Like if I’m trying to remember that he just like appeared as a grown ass person. And like they couldn’t figure out like what his background really was. Like it’s very unclear.

He just had some weird childhood.

Yeah, like it was unclear like really like he said he grew up in this like specific area or was from this area, but there was they were really able to confirm or deny that. And he had this like murder Hotel in Chicago. Like he built this hotel and slash sort of like, boarding house like boarding house type of hotel. And it was basically like, a maze of murdery

creepiness with like, shoots down to like the incinerator where he Send bodies.

Yeah, there were like rooms trapdoors, like rooms with like, random closets and like women would just disappear just regularly, like disappear. And

then everyone was like, oh, okay, she

ran away. Exactly, yeah. And it was all happening during the reason. It’s like, we talked about the book being like, interlaced with like architecture and the Ferris wheel and stuff is because a lot of this was happening during the World’s Fair in Chicago. And they think that that’s like, when he can’t remember if it’s either when he got caught or when he like, Did this killing.

Yeah, he because so many people were coming to Chicago, he would like lower them somehow and kill him.

Yeah. And so then, so they, they sort of interlace the story of the world’s fair with like, the story of hh Holmes, like in this book. So yeah, it’s a it’s, it’s creepy. They literally call they literally, like, refer to the hotel that he had. They call it the murder castle.

And they totally like afterwards, they totally just like bulldoze that whole block. Yeah.

Yeah. Because it was like to connected to all the creepy murders and such. So. But like, I think there was something about like, the way that he went about it, that and just the fact that he sort of like came out of nowhere, he just sort of like appeared out of nowhere. And he was a he was a doctor.

Well, like back then you could be a doctor just by saying you’re a doctor.

Like, I think I want to be a doctor so they’re fine. Yeah, cuz they the, they know that like with jack the Ripper. Like, they assume that he has, like, surgical background. So yeah, I think that that’s a lot of kind of the reasons why they think that ha, Tom’s could have been jack the Ripper. He just like popped on over popped on over here and just kept on doing his thing. And his murder castle. But I do think it’s, I do think it’s fascinating that you know, jack the Ripper, like all of those murders happened, like in 1888, or whatever, and that we’re still over 100 years later, like

who was jack the Ripper?

As if he’s still alive or something. I find I find that like, very interesting. That’s about it. That’s about as a recent as of serial killers as I can actually research


like a system

I cannot stand like unsolved murders. I mean, like, obviously, I’m gonna, like read about them and stuff, but

just watch every episode of unsolved mysteries.

It just makes me so mad. Like, I’m like the JonBenet Ramsey case could have easily been solved if the police had not been so they just like let the parents do whatever they wanted. And like they invited friends over to help them look for JonBenet in like contaminated the crime scene. And yeah, so many things could have been solved.

Well, I mean, I think I’ve gotten that from listening to too many episodes of you’re wrong about of just how many because they talk about a lot of I mean, they talk about a few like prolific killers on that show occasionally. But they also talked about a lot of like isolated crimes and basically just like how badly the cops fucked up. And like if the cops had just done like followed protocol and done what they were supposed to do, then they would have been like they it would have been fine. Like with Jeffrey Dahmer even it was basically like he actually had to victims get away because he was caught by a victim getting away but he had somebody else that got away.

And then he like convinced them that they were in a

relationship. Yeah, like just having like, the cops and the cops were like, Huh, that’s weird. This guy’s like wandering around the streets like naked. And Jeffrey Dahmer was like, Oh, yeah, we’re in a relationship. He’s my boyfriend they’re like, Hmm, I don’t know gay people. I like let them take them up. And then he killed him. So he like he could have been caught so much earlier if the cops hadn’t just like disregarded him and like, I don’t know, gay people or that I don’t we don’t want to mess with that. Like, I don’t know, it’s just kind of amazing to me in a totally terrible way. Like, what the fuck?

I think that’s interesting, because one of the articles mentions about how in a lot of the true crime genre, mostly in the documentaries, I think it’s like really pro police. Yeah, pro pro law enforcement everything when like, like you just said, like, they’re the ones a lot of the time who have made it really difficult for the perpetrator get caught.

Yeah. I also wonder if that’s why a lot of like, why maybe white females are most likely to listen to a lot of these things. Because, I mean, we have been taught from a very young age, like we can trust the cops, like, oh, if you’re ever in danger, you should go to the cops, like you should find a police officer. Like they’re a safe person, blah, blah, blah, and so many communities of color, that is not the message. Because that’s not the case for them. It’s not they’re not safe. So I think that is I mean, that is also why the stuff that I do listen to like, you’re wrong about I like because they’re like, the cops really fucked up like they are not. There needs to be some like major fixes happening here because they majorly fuck this up. So idea, I find that I do find that an interesting contrast of like, if the cops had done this differently, this, all of this could have been avoided. Yet, we’re like, oh, yeah, the cops caught him.

Law enforcement.

Isn’t that a sexy cop?

I think that also was really illustrated with the whole Golden State killer case where like, the cops fucked it up for years, basically. And then, like, random people on the internet solve the crime, basically, which is like, Hmm, I mean, I guess they had a lot of free time. But

so like, should they have had to be the ones

Right, exactly. Right.

Probably not. The Golden State killer was a cop.

Yes. So that it like is even there’s even more of it. Like, just I don’t know, I just, I do have a hard time with that. Like, oh, we’re just gonna romanticize the police. Like, it’s like they’re romanticizing the police, but they’re also like, romanticizing the fact that the killers are outsmarting the police. I don’t know. It’s so very interesting.

It’s almost like I don’t know I’m too I’m of two minds about true crime in general, because I feel like and not just true crime

content, but

like news articles that talk about the killers and what they do. Because on the one hand, I see like the I want to be informed side of it. And then on the other hand, I’m like, but are you like telling other potential murderers? things you could do? Right, now? You’re giving them tips? What?

Right like, Ah, yes, this is how you can evade the there’s a little Yeah, that is an interesting and interesting thought there. Bethany okay. Yeah. So you talked about how you like to listen to this stuff and read this stuff, because you feel like okay, I’m ever in a dangerous situation. I’m gonna know what to do. What’s your top thing? If you’re ever in a creepy situation that you’re gonna do?

like Brian?

Not be like the people in like horror movies. Yeah. Oh, no. Killer. I should stand right here.

I’m gonna run up the stairs.

So well, like Ted Bundy got hauled his victims by faking an injury like he had a broken arm or something and like would drop books or like, be like, hey, I need help attaching my boat to my car. I mean, I’m not gonna say I’m not going to help people. But maybe not go alone to help this person in case they murder me or something.

I mean, it’s probably a pretty smart

Just stranger danger.

Don’t be too trusting. Yeah, yeah. Don’t be a Midwesterner and be overly trusting. might get you killed. All right. Can we? Can we also lump? Like, just don’t talk to your neighbors into that? Yes, I’d be fine with a very, very small number of neighbors. I’m okay with. No, thank you. Okay, so, if anybody so you know, you mentioned a few podcasts at the top of the show, but if anybody listening like hasn’t really listened to a lot of true crime, but like, thinks they might be kind of interested in listening to more, what are your top? It doesn’t just have to be podcasts. It could be books or shows or like documentaries, whatever. What are the top like, pieces of media you think that they should look into?

I, I really like my favorite murder, because it’s, it’s two girls, and they kind of like feel like your best friend. And it sounds it’s like a true crime comedy podcast, but they’re not joking about the crime. They like, they just have a dark sense of humor, which I have. And so like they’ll like, say jokes to lighten the mood, but I don’t know. It’s fun. We never do that. No.

I’m never saying anything inappropriate.

And then, I really like mindhunter on Netflix. It’s it’s more fictionalized, but it’s also got real serial killers in it. Oh,

yeah. That’s the one with Jonathan girl. Yes.

And like if you close your eyes, it’s like, yeah, it’s like Christoph is interviewing serial killers. I love it.

Like, can you do this fan voice? Yeah.

I like that. Um, yeah, and true crime garage is interesting, because it’s just two dudes drinking in their garage talking about murder.

I like that. I like that concept.

Should I drink into our


Why have we not? What is wrong

with us get wild towards the end.

I definitely had one day where I was gonna take an edible and shit. We’re podcasting later.

How about I could be like your one of your episodes.

In retrospect, I should have seen what happened. I mean, we are planning on partaking in some treats for Megan’s birthday and watching the movie cats. Okay.

You’re gonna watch cats. I mean, yeah.

Well, cuz we, we had a movie night one night, and we were really trying to decide what to watch. And it cast is on the table. And I was like, I think we need to be high to watch this movie. And so that’s what we’re going to do.

I wanted to ask if you have watched I can’t remember the name of it now. So there was a documentary but then there was also like a really short series. And it was the one that was like the Munchausen by proxy. Oh,

story. Yeah.

The documentary was mommy dead and dearest. And I don’t I don’t know the Hulu one. It can’t remember the name of it. But

did you watch the documentary or did you? Yes.

Yeah. I did watch the documentary. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. That I did. Watch.

That’s, that’s true crime ones I like Yeah.

And then to go off the Munchausen by proxy, I watch sharp objects on HBO. Yeah, cuz I don’t know. It’s just so interesting how you could just like keep making someone sick, just to take care of them and get attention.

Yeah. And there was also another show that was that came out recently that is also Munchausen by proxy, and I cannot is it their show or movie but I don’t remember the name of that one either. But I don’t know if they were. I mean, I know sharp objects was a book. So I don’t know if the newer one was made because of the sudden like, weird rise in popularity of the topic, I guess probably. I think that’s definitely like status. super interesting one to look at let’s psychological aspect of that isn’t it’s more of just that one’s definitely more psychological. Right? Straight up like murder in a way that like, well we feel super uncomfortable.

Yeah, I think the murder only happened because she figured out what was happening and she

she like wanted to get out of the grip of her mom basically. Yeah, yeah. I just googled it the Hulu series like mini series or whatever about Gypsy rose Blanchard was the act. Yeah. I saw Yeah, I did watch that. And then fell down many a research rabbit hole while watching it. Cuz that was like, What? Yeah, I don’t know. There’s something about that, that I was fine. Because I think I was like, Well, I’m not being Munchausen and I’m not going to Munchausen anyone. I don’t know what the verb is there. But I was like, I can watch this. It’s fine. Whereas, like, the murder, like the serial killer stuff, I’m like, I don’t know. That could actually happen to me. So

the the new one is called run. And it has Sarah Paulson in it. Oh, right.

What’s it on?

Is it it’s on Hulu?

Okay, so

I’m gonna wait. It’s also on Hulu. But yeah, it’s interesting. It’s kind of that basically the same. kind of seems like the same kind of thing. We’re with both sharp objects and the Gypsy rose story. Where’s the mother with doing stuff to her daughter?

creepy. Yeah.

Well, now that we have totally creeped everyone out, yeah. Thank you for joining us. I went down this weird little rabbit hole. But I’ve just been really fascinated by I think I’ve been fascinated by the fascination that we could glad I could chat about this when this fun. freaked everyone out. Let’s let’s bring it up a little bit. Let’s talk about joy. What’s bringing you joy this week? Bethany.

What’s bringing us joy?

I’m the weather has been amazing. Like, I’m one of those people that are like, Oh, I should get outside but then I don’t. But, you know, walking to my car has been nice. Yeah. I’d rather stay in.

You would rather stay in? Yeah. Yeah, it’s been beautiful. I’m like been really annoyed. I haven’t felt really very good this week. So I like haven’t really taken advantage of it. But I did send Alex to the park with the baby. I was like, take her to the park, go swing. And then he was like, it’s hot. And I was like, I don’t care go anyway.

I mean, if you did not wear 16 layers, Alex, you’d probably be less layers.

For someone who’s always talking about how hot he is. I’m like, take off, take off a flannel, but my dude.

God bless him.

Megan was bringing you joy.

Um, similarly, along that line of the weather being great. It was like almost 80 degrees here today, which is crazy. Only apparently nine degrees off of what it was in Texas at my old town. But it didn’t feel like I was dying like it does in Texas.

He still win. Right? Um,

so on Saturday, we spent a lot of the day outside. And we decided to walk to a restaurant downtown. And we ate outside on a patio at a restaurant for the first time in like 1000 years. And it was great. I windy, but it was great to like have someone bring me food and sit at a table. That’s pretty serious, isn’t it? I know. And then my kids were there so funny because they clearly have not been to a restaurant in a while. But they were both like, they picked out what they were going to order. And then the guy came to like, take our drink orders. And they took the drink orders and then they left and the kids were like, I was ready to order. I was already had my things. I was ready to order and I’m like, you get the drink order first and they’re like, but I was ready to

they forgotten No, it works.

Because we’ve only been like we ate we ate out at a patio. Ah, an August, I believe August or September like right after either was either when we were visiting or right after we moved. And then I ate at a restaurant inside twice. And then this time is Saturday. So that’s like all I’ve done for like 13 months. So it was very weird, but it was very nice to have someone bring me my iced tea.

They bring you your iced tea, and they take your iced tea away and they wash the glass for you.

Well, they give you plastic glasses, but

whatever is close enough, eventually you will

have real glass.

You don’t have to wash any dishes. That’s right. That’s the amazing part. That’s like the best the best part. Yes, I like being able to just be like, Hello, I would like this food and it appears but I also really appreciate that I don’t have to clean up any of the dishes. Bethany and I were texting the other day about how like, yes, you can get the carry out. But you have to like assemble it.

Yeah, and I don’t like plastic cutlery cutlery. So I don’t use like the takeout cutlery. I use my own. Yes. And then and then it’s a waste. Yeah. And so I just we just have piles of plastic forks, in our drawers. And then like, also, I don’t we don’t get takeout drinks. So then we still have to pour drinks and still a lot of homework involved with getting takeout. Yeah, that is not involved when you get to eat at a restaurant.

I hope that the takeaway for everyone, not the people on this call, because I know the people are on the On this episode, because I know the people I’m talking to you right now. But the takeaway for everybody else after this is that you should really tip well. Oh, yeah,


Extra generously, because of all the things that your servers and bartenders and back waiters, and all of those folks do for you when you’re eating out at a restaurant. So be generous. Yes,

yes. If you can’t afford tip, well, you can’t afford to go to a restaurant. Amen. yet. Stephie What’s bringing you joy? I voted

today. Yay. voted for Mayor hoping that we don’t have another old white dude. And yeah, that’s, that’s where I’m at. I voted and I felt like I had my voice heard.

We briefly discussed before we started recording that they were very excited about the turnout for the election today. And so I looked up what the count was, and it’s about 12%. But they’re very excited about that. 12%.

Like, oh, so excited.

I mean, I guess we have our voices heard. But now I’m like, Well, how can we get more than 12% of the people to vote what

I mean, I mean, I just feel like advertising it better help. But it’s, you know, well,

yes, that is true. But also like my family, like we don’t get the newspaper. Right. And we don’t watch TV news. So I actually don’t know how we would have found out about the election if we had not seen some lawn signs and you hadn’t texted me some links.

Thank you to the lawn sign people. Because I was like, Oh shit, I’m

seeing a lot of lawn sign

says election must be happening. Thank you to Adriane across the street for your lawn sign. You made me aware. Anyway, bless our hearts

as only you know, what’s it? It’s there’s only a few 16 months and tell, you know, the next midterms. So get that to look forward to with all the advertising you’ll see for that.

Oh, God, right. Can we do Okay, can we like cut down on the advertising on some elections and like boost it on others so that we know it’s happening? It’s Yeah, it’s fine balances. It’s, you know, it is it’s fine.

I mean, maybe 12% is great. I actually don’t know if 12% is a great percentage for a local election. I have a feeling happy. it’s higher than

0%. Yeah, I have a feeling you’re gonna end up researching this and this will be your rabbit hole for the week,

we’ll do elections, part two, at some point to

local elections. Actually, that probably would be interesting. So there you go. It would be interesting to us whether any of you wanted to listen to it or not, we don’t care. We still might talk about it.

It’s fine. As you know, we just do whatever we want. So

we do run this show

Next week’s episode

opens painted Well, next week we are going to just be real casual. Maybe we it’ll be a boozy episode. Who knows? We’re going to do and ask me anything. That’s right. So

get your questions ready. Hit us up on our Instagram email. If you’ve got questions for us, please let us know. In the meantime, leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You know where to find us on social media irsipodcast and our email. we’d love to hear from you.


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