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068: Ask Us Anything, Part 2

Hello! Welcome to episode 68 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are back with another AMA. Buckle up, it’s about to get weird!

Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your hosts Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week, it’s an Ask me anything. Stay tuned.



what’s up, man?

So I was getting ready to log in for us to record. And I realized that my MacBook was five minutes ahead of my iPhone. And I have a lot of questions.

Mine is currently mine is currently three minutes ahead. Um,

everything is set to like automatic Apple time.

Yeah. Very confusing to me.

Yes. And so I don’t really know. Like I manually changed it actually, because it was like too much for me to handle. I don’t know which time is correct. Now, I know that time is a construct and nothing Israel. But as a president who values promptness? Yeah, this is very concerning to me. Yeah,

I also find it. I also find it weird. I was I was wondering the same thing. Like, before you got on. I was like, man, why is my Why is my computer like, three minutes ahead? Yeah, that was weird. It bothered me as well. I just went in and I manually change it on mine too. Because I was like, well, cuz I was like, Okay, I’m right on time. And then I opened up my MacBook. And I was like, Oh, my God, I’m late. And then I’m like, right? That’s

the same thing that I was. I was like, Oh, no, I’m late. For some reason. Like,

my work computer is at is at the same time as my phone, which makes me think that’s what maybe makes me my phone is correct. And that this computer is just wrong. I don’t know. I don’t know why.

I don’t know anymore.

I know. I know. Nothing. I am Jon Snow.

So that’s where my head’s at right now.

We’re really killing it this week.

It is true, we are

doing great. You know, we just we do what we can. Um, I need you to tell the people what you did last week when you could not order the Dolly Parton ice cream.

I made my own diaper and ice cream. So for people who don’t know, Dolly Parton and Jenny’s splendid ice cream partner together to make a special flavor and then all the proceeds are being donated to her foundation

is a gift to this world.

Right? We don’t deserve her know. If you further do not know what Jenny’s splendid ice cream is it is very good ice cream that makes like fancy flavors. And it used to just be one little shop and now it’s various locations all over the country and they ship pints and you can get some of it at the grocery store. Depending on where you live, I can find it here sometimes.

usually only like

a couple flavors. But they’re like usually the best flavor. So it’s fine. Yeah. It is, you know, obviously way more expensive than your average ice cream. But it’s delicious. So yeah. And it seems formerly a small business. I guess it’s technically a small business. It is worth. Yeah, it’s really good ice cream. Um, so they were working together to make this ice cream and it was strawberry pretzel pie. And it sounded amazing. And they were doing a limited release of it. And they broke, like, people broke their website, like broke the internet. It broke their website completely. You couldn’t get to it. You couldn’t. I think some people were managed to get it maybe. But they did not really prepare their website for the situation and it broke in it was all sorts of messed up for hours and hours. And then I think they eventually they just kind of put up a thing that we’re like, it’ll be back some point and we’ll tell people about

it was really funny. I was like, they really underestimated the dolly fans.

They really really did. And, um, I guess you could but you could like buy it at a Denny’s if you lived it. We know where Jenny’s store location is Yeah. So I do know some people who like went to the store and picked him up. But I was thinking about it the day before it was being released. And I was just like, Oh, you know if I was a good blogger, I would just make my own And then you and our friend Susanna were just like, Well, why don’t you do it? Okay, I’ll do it. So then I spent basically the entire day making the ice cream, doing a real making a web story, such writing this whole post about it. It was exhausting. I wrote the post the day before, so that was actually ready. But the actual making of it and doing the video and the photography, part of it was a slog. Because the ice cream has three different components. It’s make them all separately, obviously. Everything has to be cold and all this stuff, but it was really good ice cream.

It’s worth it.

I was really proud of myself.

Also, like you were able to make some like Jolene references in the blog post.

I was I was gonna start looking through some other songs for more jokes within the post, but I decided to jokes was good at the beginning. And then

you’re like, that’s enough. I don’t want to scare it off.

We’ll just jump to the content here. Um, but yeah, I was really proud of myself because it was really good. And it was the first time that I have made an ice cream sauce that goes in the ice cream. And I wasn’t sure how it was gonna work out and it worked out great.


The other what I would consider a bonus is that my husband thought that the ice cream is too tart.

Oh, well, and I liked it as I know. I mean, it did not stop him from eating it.

I did notice that.

But if I make it again, he might not because he thinks it’s too tart. But I think it is good to tart. I think it’s supposed to be tart. I don’t know what the Jenny’s flavor tastes like. I have no idea.

I haven’t heard. I mean like I love ice cream. Just like as a general. I love tart ice cream. I love sweet ice cream. I love ice cream in the middle. But I do think it’s nice when like an ice cream isn’t overly sweet.

Yes, because it does have a team. Yes, exactly. A lot of times ice cream can especially stuff ice cream that has mixin so you can really get way too much sweetness. But I think this one was good. It’s a it’s a cream cheese ice cream. So it has cream cheese and sour cream is most of the base. And then it has the strawberry sauce. But I didn’t want to add too much sugar to the strawberry sauce because then it would just be like, super sweet strawberry night like strawberry flavor.

It would be like strawberry sauce that you get it like, like out of a squeeze bottle. Exactly. Which Yeah, we’re not here for that we like oh, strawberry flavor. Yeah.

You’re queen. Well, thank

you. Good job, a labor of delicious love.

So if you want to make some strawberry ice cream, you can go to Megan’s site and get that recipe because you absolutely need it in your life.

I will also say that, while I was just complaining about how long it took me to make, it really is not that difficult to make. It was mostly because I was trying to take video and photo. Yes, at the same time.

When you have to stop and like document every step that you do in a recipe, it absolutely adds to the amount of time it takes to execute the thing.

Yes, that that was really the thing.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. For sure.

And other news, my husband went to the doctor last week and he came home I was like I have to go and get a EMR. I think it’s what he called it. Because apparently, he’s been having this weird feeling in his arm for about two years. What? And so the doctor said, Oh, we should probably look at that. And so he had that appointment this morning. And they said, what was pretty obvious that he had a pinched nerve. I don’t know what else it would have been. I guess they maybe thought like it might have been in his head. But he has a pinched nerve and so now they want him to get an MRI.

I have a lot of questions that he had. He never mentioned this to you in two years.

No, he had not.

So I have a lot of questions about men. I think

he’s, I don’t know either. I have questions as well. He He goes to the doctor pretty diligently because he takes cholesterol medication. So I don’t really know what prompted him to not ever say anything

to you to the other doctor.

I think maybe it might have been hurting more lately. And that’s why he finally said something about it. But now he has to have like 1000 other appointments, apparently. And the only thing that they probably can do is just have him do physical therapy.

So I guess the good news is that you’ll probably Max out your health insurance for the year?

Probably not. We have a really high deductible. Oh, wow. So I don’t think that will happen unless surgery.

Hopefully not on that. I don’t know. MRIs are pretty expensive, but Well, I guess we’ll see. Yeah, we’ll

see how much of its covered. I don’t know. He also had some other problems that I was totally making fun of him for, which I probably should not do. But it was funny. We had to buy prescription drugs for some things. And they were expensive. And so I was teasing him about how ridiculous medication was. You know,

if that’s marriage for you, if he didn’t want to be a little bit made fun of occasionally he shouldn’t have married you. First of all.

That is true.

It’s not like he didn’t know what he was getting into primary and you

it’s entirely possible. He did not know the full extent. I don’t know.

Wait, did you guys lift? Did you guys live together before you got married?

We did? Yes.

Oh, that’s Yeah.

That’s like we Alex and I lived together for like a year and a half before we got married. And so I was like to be like, he absolutely knew what he was getting into with me.

Yeah, I think we lived together for me, it was over a year. I don’t remember how long. He knew. He did it.

I think it’s more that in these trying times. A little more punchy and salty about everything. I mean, maybe teasing them a little bit more than I normally would, because I have no other outlets.

Literally nowhere else to channel your energy.

I know where to go. It’s

fine. I’m trapped. I’m trapped in my house.

I had to run errands today. And I absolutely took like the longest route possible for my son’s school to the vet. So I could be out of the house longer.

Just like doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. What else do I need to do today?

I’m sure there was something that I needed to do that I did not do. I mean, I did not get cookies that I wanted. So I was I drove right past the coffee shop. And as I was driving past it, I was like, No, but then I didn’t want to turn around. So

you guys, we’re just we’ve reached the point where we’re just really we’re struggling but but I’ve had my first dose of the vaccine and Megan gets her first dose soon. So you know what? The light it’s there at the end of the tunnel. We can like see it. It’s it’s like close enough to touch.

I can see it but I feel like it’s one of those things where that just keeps like while we’re moving. It is awesome movie.

Well yeah, there’s a little bit of that


You’re you go if you’re on a park trail or something and you see another person ahead of you. And if you’re trying to you don’t run, but it’s kind of a running thing. So if you want to get faster, so you want to pass that person and that person just keeps getting you think you’re gonna catch them and No, no. I did also

open the wine for tonight. So that’s about it last week. Might as well just go for Vegas extra pochi this week.

We all know why. Oh my goodness. So to that end, we thought we would do another Ask Us Anything. And so we put some questions out to our followers, our listeners on Instagram. And you get some some pretty good questions. There’s there’s some good ones on here.

There are some good ones. I think at least one person is trying to cause a fight. Uh huh.

Yeah, we’re looking at you Taylor. You know, we see you do so alright, let’s let’s kick this off. First question. What is the topic that’s been on your to be recorded list the longest so we

Because we are organized peoples, we have a spreadsheet, I don’t know if the person asking us knew that we have a spreadsheet, probably. But we have a spreadsheet of ideas and topics that we started the spreadsheet when we started the podcast. So almost two years ago now 20 months ago about. And we have quite a lot of topics that we never covered.

We have a few. So we have a few travel topics that we are planning to get you last year, and then

maybe a topical.

We’re like, oh, let’s not do any travel topics, what no one is traveling. So we have a number we have a number of topics around, or ideas around travel and different aspects of travel that we will do someday, when that’s the thing that we can all do again. But also remember, like when we first started, just like jotting down ideas. We were like, oh, we’ll do an episode on exercise.

It’s still on here.

Is this a thing that either of us regularly do. So that that is no, no. So that’s on there. We also have a couple of like, kind of Debbie Downer topics like navigating grief, taking care of aging parents that have been on the list pretty much from the beginning. And we just we keep like being like, oh, maybe we should. And then we’re like, I don’t know, that feels depressing. Yeah. And then we just don’t.

One of the other ones that we have have had on here for a really long time that I remember wanting to talk about from the beginning, and we just never have gotten around to it. But has become really topical. So we probably should pop it in. Soon to our planned is cultural appropriation and football game?

Oh, yeah.

It’s a big deal.

It’s been getting a lot more attention lately, because of all of the overt racism that has been happening. And so that is definitely one topic that I would like us to talk about soon. So hopefully we can get it on the schedule soon. We plan out pretty far in advance, but

and somebody is typing it out. Yeah. And some of these topics like we haven’t. Some of them, we haven’t done for various reasons that we just listed. Some of them we haven’t done yet, because we want to find like just the right guest for them. Especially something like cultural appropriation and food blogging, like to white women, probably not gonna be the best people to talk about that. So we want to find like just the right person to come on and chat about that with us. So yeah, we’ve got a number of topics that have been sitting around for a while. Just for one reason or another. haven’t made it to the top a list yet, but uh,

you know, we’ll cover average everything eventually.

It’s fine. It’s.

So the next question is,

how’s your skin joy?

I want to know what our current routine is.

I will let everyone any, any of our longtime listeners I’m gonna let y’all just guess who sent that question in because I think you know, if you’ve listened to enough of our episodes, you know who our skincare friend is. Um, so Meghan, how is your skin doing?

This past month Actually, my skin has been pretty good. Um, in terms of breakouts at least I I don’t know what has changed. I don’t know it could be related to the weather. But I have been breaking out a lot less I have noticed weird pigmentation issue. Probably no one else is noticing except for myself

that I feel often the case, right.

But overall, it’s doing really well and I cannot really ascribe that to a good skincare routine because I am

the worst

ever skincare routines. For those of you who do not know basically, I almost never washed my face for like years. Especially like in high school. I didn’t remember really wash you taking care of my skin at all and I had great skin in high school. And then I started breaking out in like my 30s, which

is a really lovely gift.

Love that journey for you.


But I’ve been doing a Tula probiotic facial cleanser that I alternate with a Kate Somerville acne cleanser. And then I’ve been doing this blackseed cold brew serum from premiera Oh fancy. And it is very fancy. It was expensive. But I really like it. I got a sample A while ago. And of all the different serums that I have tried, it feels the nicest putting onto my face. A lot of serums to me feels like weirdly sticky. Yeah, like have a weirdness to your fingers after you put it on. But this one feels really nice. And I have been really liking it a lot.

And then

I do a Mira add


that has SPF and is supposed to be good for anti aging. And that’s basically it. I tried to do a mask every once in a while, but I usually forget. And I also usually forget to wash my face at night. Oh. Because I brush my teeth and then I’m like, Oh no, I have to wash my face. And it’s like, oh, that’s just another like that’s so much time, which is really not it just feels like so much time.

Ridiculous. Sorry.

It’s fine. She just might pray for you a little bit.

It’s okay. It’s probably has been heart palpitations. Right now.

I mean, at least like cuz you don’t wear makeup really every day.

So I don’t wear makeup almost ever.

So it’s not like you’re going to bed with makeup on. So that is at least better. Get going. I feel like going to bed with your makeup honest is like really the

other issue that I have with when I do my nighttime routine. Because I have when I do do it. I wash my face. And then I put my toners lash serum stuff on and then I put on my neck cream. But then the dog likes to lick my face.

True story.

To me sometimes. It’s really weird. So

what is the point of putting on this $50 face cream? If the dog is gonna look at off rows, right?


So maybe the real reason my skin is nice is because it has like a layer of slobber.


It’s really the best serum for you. little known secret How is

your skin? You know what my skin so I had a little bit of like a bump in the road. Not too long ago, I had this really weird rash around my mouth. And like it was just escalating. And I finally went to the dermatologist. And it was like one thing that then turned into another thing. And so long story short, I ended up getting a couple of like prescription like creams or whatever to you is one of them is like oh something I can’t remember some sort of lotion. And then the other one is like a steroid cream that I have to use for two weeks, go off a week and then I can like repeat that or whatever. And that luckily it clear that up really fast which actually The nice thing about living in a pandemic and having this is that when I went out of the house I had my mask on and so people could not see because I was super self conscious about it and like hurt and it like it hurt an itch and it was just really ugly and all the things so kind of when I was going through that I was like really struggling with my skin in general. But I got that cleared up. So that’s been cleared up for like, about a month now. Um, and the rest of my skin I’ve like gotten back into like a really good routine I think and so during the day, so my cleansers I’m alternating between right now are the Pixie rose cream cleanser. And then I recently got the inky list, cleansing balm that they it’s like a it’s like a Sephora exclusive and that stuff feels so decadent. Like oh my goodness, it feels so good. So those are the two cleansers that I’ve kind of been alternating between and on. When I double cleanse I just use the same cleanser twice.

And then

I’ll go in, I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads as my, like acid toner.

Oh, I’ve been using those two, I forgot about those. I like them a lot.

They’re like my newest addition to the routine. And then I’ll go in with q 10. And then a hyaluronic acid from inky list I was using, I was using a different hyaluronic acid, I think from the ordinary maybe, but that one had like almost like a film Enos to it. And so then I changed to the one from the inky list and I like that one a lot better. And then I go in with. So right now when the weather is a little bit warmer, and it’s not so dry out. I am using the Kate Somerville goat milk moisturizing cream, I love it so much. It’s not the cheapest stuff in the world. by any stretch of the means. It’s not the most expensive either, but I love it. And it just feels so nice. I can’t really use it in the winter because my skin gets so dry. I have to use like a more of a heavy duty moisturizer in the winter. But I love it once like for like spring, summer fall. And then obviously my SPF right now I have the supergroup super screen daily moisturizer. I am running kind of low on that. So I need to decide if I’m going to reorder that same one or if I’m going to get a different one from them. But I love the super group products. And then at night. I mostly just use the the inky list retinol and then the moisturizer the Kate Somerville moisturizer. And again, sometimes I go in and I’ll do like a clay mask or something, but I usually forget. So you know. That’s, that’s where I’m at. But yeah, I feel like my skin’s been in a pretty good place in the last month or so. So that’s been a relief after having a couple of months of being just really frustrated with it.

I do always feel really stupid like when I don’t do it, because the times that I do do it and like my skin feels so nice. And then I just don’t keep doing it because I’m a dum dum

repeat cycle forever.

Right. But I think I’m also such a purist. Apparently I’ve had this because my my night creams, I am still using. I’m using a sample that I got from caudalie, which I really like. And it smells like cucumber, which I also really like. I like cucumber scented things not like I don’t know that sounds kind of weird because I’m not like a bath and Bodyworks cucumber. No.

We draw the line somewhere.

But the caudalie stuff smells really good. And then my usual is the fresh Lotus youth preserve dream face cream. And that smells really good too. But then just like my face feels like so I don’t know, I want to say like luscious. But I feel like that’s a weird word to describe your skin. But that’s kind of how I feel.

If it makes your skin feel luscious, then it makes your skin feel luscious.

So I guess this is my reminder to that after we record the podcast to do a proper face receipt.

You better I better get a text from you. That you just finished a full routine.

Now I have to text you somebody steps. Oh my gosh.

ever talk after we record the podcast?

Yeah, so the other thing is that I don’t I’m trying not to try new products. I’m trying to use up everything that I have before I buy anything new. That’s fair. Um, and so I’m also kind of like, which one should I use? Because I’m trying to finish everything but also I haven’t used this one in a while kind of situation. So.

Alright, at least.

This next question is the dangerous one. What is your pet peeve of each other when doing the pod? I am terrified of what you’re going to say.

Ah, the only thing that I could think of to be honest, is that it’s something that you used to do that you don’t do as much anymore. And that is a use to interrupt like all the time.

I still feel like I do I still feel like I do it all the time. Okay, so I was getting better. I spent hours pondering this question. I don’t really have any, like real pet peeves that you do. Sometimes when we interview I’m like waiting for you to like jump in with a question. And you’ll like, I can tell that you’re like sitting there thinking and listening. And I’m like, Where does she say something? doesn’t even really a pet peeve because my pet peeve is that then I can’t handle the not saying anything. So then I just blurt out something. It’s actually a pet peeve of myself, like all all the pet peeves I could think of were actually pet peeves of myself, apparently. Which is absolutely probably is like an absolute enneagram. One thing, like I was thinking about this, and that was, I was like, oh, what does Megan do that drives me crazy at all. Like, my self critic was like, I don’t know, but you do a lot of shit. And it drives us crazy. So

it doesn’t like it doesn’t bother me. I don’t even know what else I’ve tried to think of what else you might do. You used to like, do a weird sniff thing a lot. But I just edit that out now. And I don’t even

know I got it.

I don’t even know what I’m doing it and sometimes. I will like, okay, don’t sniff before we start this podcast. And like now that we’re talking about it, I need to sift so badly. And I don’t write I’m not a cokehead you guys. I just I don’t know.

I think it’s just a thing where you’re recording. And suddenly you have to make as much random noise as possible. It’s like if you’re on camera. Yes. And you’re supposed to be doing a nice interview with somebody and you’re suddenly have feel like you have everything on your face. And you need to touch your face and blow your nose and have to sneeze. Yes, you’re like fine before,

or like you’re like trying to fall asleep. And like, you’re really fun to try to fall asleep next to somebody and you’re trying not to like, toss and turn and annoy them. But then suddenly, like you can’t get comfortable and you’re just constantly moving. Oh my god. Yeah, it’s one of those. I think it’s one of those things, I think.

So one of our other friends asked us really good question was, they wanted advice for a first time potential dog owner?

I love this question. I love this question. It is a really good question. Um, so I know this person, like we know this person. And so I know that they would be looking to rescue. So my answers are going to be a little bit some of my some of my answer is going to be like pretty specific to a rescue situation. So two things, I think, one is, like Be prepared to question your life choices for at least a week after you bring. And like, I would actually expand that to any new pet, I have more dogs and cats than any person probably should have, and have had many, many throughout the course of my life. And basically, almost every time I have brought home a new animal that first week, you’re like, what did I do? What is wrong? Like, what was this a bad life choice? Like? Because especially if you have other like existing pets in your home? They’re like, what the fuck did you do? The new animal is trying to settle in, they’re confused. Like ever, you got to figure out a new routine, like everything is just thrown off for a good week. And so you’re gonna spend that first week being like, Oh, my God, was this a bad choice, and then things settle in. So like, just give it a week, give it a couple weeks before you panic. That would be advice number one. My second thing is to remember, especially for rescue dogs in particular. And again, I think this actually does also apply to cats, but I see it especially with dogs. their personality, like their full personality is going to take probably six months to a year to fully come out after you bring them home because they have spent time in a shelter or their little foster home. Like they don’t really know what’s going on. Now. They’re in your home, like you might see, like shades of their personality, but they’re gonna fully like settle in and all of their goofiness and sweetness, and all of that stuff is gonna really come out after about six months to a year. So like, just be prepared and that doesn’t mean that it takes off for six months to a year for them to like, settle into your house and for you guys to settle into your routine and get to know each other, but it will take about that long for you to see like, Oh my gosh, they are just the funniest dog in the world or they’re the snuggliest dog in the world or like whatever it might be. So be prepared to have some like getting to know you time.

Yeah, I think especially for rescue dogs for the first few months when you leave, or if you take them somewhere like they don’t know that you’re coming back or the they’re coming back. Yeah, they’re not used to that situation where they’re in some place for a long

time. Yeah.

So whenever we leave our dog, she loses her mind and with excitement when we come back, or even when she hasn’t seen you for a week. Oh, yeah. Oh, excited.

Oh my god. Stephie came back to see me.

Oh my god, I have a visitor.

This is insane. Ah, yeah.

So it does take time to get used to I definitely still have been there. We haven’t had any problems with our dog at all. But there’s there have been days where I’m like, why did we get a dog? Usually when it’s like 530 in the morning, and she’s decided to wake up and demand her breakfast ahead. Why? Why did I get a dog? Why did I decide to go back to this routine of getting up really early when my children finally can take care of themselves. But dogs are great dogs are awesome. I think especially if you are person looking to adopt a dog and you have kids the relationship between dogs and kids is so wonderful. It’s just really sweet. My kids have had pets their whole life we had cats and it’s just different with the way they act with the dog than they have ever reacted with the cat. So

yeah, that’s great.

I think the other thing you should do would be just like a dumb thing master well not a dumb thing but a more basic things just just how have a place in your house? That’s like obviously their place to be Yes,


We got a bed for my dog before we think right like I guess we had it before we brought her home. But she knew that it was a dog bed I guess for whatever reason and she just made it like that’s my bed. Okay cool. I feel comfortable here because this is a place that can be so a nice safe place whether it’s just a dog bed or a crate or however you’re going to set up your house that they know that they can be and be safe and comfortable is is really good.

Yeah, and especially if if you’re crate training or they aren’t crate trained or whatever. Like depending on their background like Royce just cannot be created. He just doesn’t he doesn’t handle it well on yet. did very well being created actually when we would leave when we first got her we would create her when we would leave because she’s the naughty one so she was really the one that like needed to be created. Anyway, Royce almost never gets into shenanigans. That would require him to exhibit any kind of energy whatsoever. But there are currently we have a crate and our bedroom. So we don’t we don’t create them when we leave anymore. But we still have a crate that just is in our bedroom. The door’s always open. It’s got blankets in there, and it’s just like Royce will just go in there and sleep and lay down and like that’s a little safe space. But if you’re crate training, something that you can do to is make that crate a safe space for them. So I have a blankie in there that they really like, if you have like an old pillow, you could put that in there for them. If you have some, a couple of toys that they like that they only get when they’re going in the crate. That is another way to like make that like a special time a special thing for them. And that can definitely help with the whole like creating situation if you find that you need to create them when you leave the house, etc. So which like everyone has like different needs and stuff based on their home and their dog and their family and all of that but particularly when you first get a dog creating them when you leave can be really helpful. Even like, if it’s as much to protect them as anything else, like, if you’re not sure what kind of shenanigans they’re gonna get into yet, like, you don’t know how to predict what crazy things they’re gonna do, sometimes creating them can kind of help with some of that. So,

yeah, I think also, it’s good to remember that when you’re getting a dog or any pet really is that you are training that pet, but also you’re training yourself to learn about their habits and what their needs are. And it’s a two way street. So yeah, you learn chip,

you learn to read their cues. Both of my dogs have slightly different cues for when they like want to go out. Not none of none of them. None of those cues are normal, like dog cues. Really. It’s not like, I’m going to go stand by the back door. No, no, no, no, no, that’s not what they do. So we’ve had to, like learn that, you know, they’re just like little people in fur coats to be honest with you.

Yeah, that’s true.

So another question that we got, is believe this is from one of your adoption community, folks? Uh huh. And it was would Stephie adopt again, if

the opportunity presented itself? Short answer is most likely not. Um, and I say most, here’s a long answer. So he’s saying most likely not. Because I’ve learned never to say never. Because like the minute I say never do something, then something crazy happens. We are super happy as a family of six. And I say family of six because there’s three of us and then Eden’s birth parents and sister. But we’re super happy. Being a one kid family, I was, I’m an only child. So the idea of raising an only child has always kind of appealed to me, actually. And Eden still has that sibling relationship she has with her sister and all of that stuff. So at this point, having other kids is really not on our horizon. Now, is that to say if something absolutely crazy happened, that we wouldn’t, like discuss it? That I mean, it would have to be like, super crazy. It’s so crazy. I can’t even like think of what the situation would be. But the odds are good that we will probably not adopt again. Several, have our little, little tiny family, and maybe more dogs.

So okay, I love this last question. debtor living five people you’d love to have dinner with?

This is such a hard question.

It’s a really hard question. I was pondering over it for quite some time last night.

I don’t even know if I because I start to think about stuff like this. And then at first, I’m like, can I even think of five people? Then after a while, then I have a list of like, 30 people? That’s not the point of this question.

Okay, so I’ll start, okay. And my parameters for this because like dedra, levain my parameters were that it could not, it can’t be someone that like I already have, like, a reasonable connection to. So can’t be like any of for me, my rule is like, it couldn’t be any of like, somebody I know, online, but just have not met in person yet. Or it can’t be someone that I already knew when they were living that is now dead. So like, I cannot list my mother five times. Okay, so there were there was my rules. I had to I had I’m an enneagram one, I had to make myself some rules. Okay. So the first person I thought of was Christy teegan.

That would be hilarious.

Good. She’s amazing. Um, and then my list is so weird. I would love to meet my great grandfather who passed away like before my grandparents even got married, but I’ve heard tons of stories about him and would love to meet him. And then I was thinking about it. And I actually would really like to meet my husband’s grandfather, who, like he also never got to meet who passed away when his mom was like, pretty young. But I have I’ve heard so many stories. about, about him, and then about my great grandfather, I just would really love to meet both of them. And then the last two, I was like, I don’t like I was having trouble with the last two because I feel like there’s lots of people that I could list. There are like inspiring people I would just I would really like to chat with. But like narrowing that down got kind of hard. Like, I would love to have dinner with Michelle Obama. I would love to have dinner with like Dolly Parton. I think there’s just a lot I would love to have dinner with like RuPaul there’s a lot of people like that, like Jonathan Van Ness. Basically any basically most of the of the Queer Eye team I would love to have dinner with so like fill in those last two spots was I was really struggling with those last two. But I think I think for the sake of saying five names, I’ll say, Michelle Obama and Dolly Parton. That’s my last two.


Those are all really good ones. For me, it’s hard because these questions are really hard for me because I’m as an introvert and as a five. This is the kind of situation I would absolutely hate so because you I start to think about the question. I’m like, I would like to have I would love to meet these people. But then I’m like, but but if what would I do if I actually met any of these people? I would never say anything. I would sit there and not say a word and be like the dumbest person who would you like

to watch me have dinner with basically what it comes down to?

Maybe like this person will be at the same table as me. We will have no scintillating conversation, I

will feed Stephie questions to ask them,

because I will just sit there thinking for so long about the perfect question to ask them and nothing will ever happen. And we will eat our salads inside.

So I don’t really have I don’t have any. Like semi connected people like you have that I would I feel like I would want to have dinner with but my first immediate thought was Amy Poehler. Yes, that’s immediately and then immediately after that I thought Apollo read. Yeah. And they’re both hilarious. I feel like that’d be really fun dinner.

Also, do you think if you have dinner with Paul, right that like I would die, youthfulness will like rub off on you. And you will also stop aging.

I can only hope so.

But I would probably also just die on the spot. Or I don’t know if you ever have seen episodes of Ally McBeal, but whenever she would see a cute guy, she would just fall down. And that would be what would happen to me if I ever met Paul read. I’m

like God.

So like, in theory, I would like to have dinner with him. But also I would die. And then I would really like to meet Julia Child. Oh,


It’s not just because she has this crazy celebrated cooking career. But she has a pretty badass life before that. But also the fact that she came into her cooking career at such a later point in life. And I think that is really fascinating. And I would love to hear more about that I have her biography. And it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read because it’s just so interesting to me. Another one would be Jon Stewart, who also like I would pass out, I would pass out because he’s just like, so freakin smart. And I don’t know, I’ve just been obsessed with him for years and year. I wrote a letter I wrote a letter to the editor about john stewart when he was first doing the Daily Show. And it was like a question on whether they were going to renew his contract, for whatever reason. So I wrote to Rolling Stone and was like, basically all about how they would be making a huge mistake if they didn’t continue and they printed it and I was like, oh my god. Maybe just do it. Read it. fan girl. Yeah. Um, and then the last one. I definitely couldn’t narrow it down when I was definitely the same boat as you. I was like Michelle Obama would be amazing.

I like Barack

would be amazing. Kamala Harris would be amazing.

I don’t even know.

I think

there’s just so many interesting people coming up in politics these days. And I would love to talk to like any of them. AOC would be, oh my gosh, she’d be amazing to talk to you a Z, because I also feel like she’s just such a human being. Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think one of the reasons why people like her so much is because she feels really relatable because she is like a normal person. And so it just be it be, aside from the fact that I mostly agree with her politics, I think it’d be really interesting to, to get in a room and just like hear her ideas, because that’s the kind of thing I really like, in general. Anyway. I like being in situations where you’re talking about something, and you’re kind of all working together to solve the problem. And when you have at least one person who has that really great energy. It just kind of empowers the whole room. And I think that she has that. And so I think that’d be that’d be a weird. I don’t know if that would be a combo dinner if we’re talking about separate dinners with these people. Because that could get kind of weird. But yeah, I think I think, I don’t know. I can’t really narrow down that last person. But

I feel like other runners up could be like Trevor Noah would be Oh, of course. Great. Stanley.

It was a real toss up to try to decide between Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah and I only picked john stewart because he was he’s been in it longer.


the only reason Trevor Noah and also he has that rescue farm and I want to talk about the rescue farm.

Okay, there’s that. Oh, yeah. Um, another one that was on my list was the kitten lady.

So the kitten lady on Instagram? Yes. Except

she’s a vegan. So, you know, I

think we could deal with that.

We could probably, I guess we could probably deal with having a vegan lunch. That literally did. I was like, Oh, she’s a vegan. I don’t know. Do I want to have like dinner with a vegan? Um, no hate to vegans. I just don’t want to eat fake cheese. Um, yeah, I there was there’s a lot of really cool people in the world.

So yeah, there’s a lot of really,

I feel like, I feel like with social media, there’s a lot of really cool people that are not mainstream celebrities, like the kitten lady, who, like people know about and are like Sharon McMahon from Sharon says so like just people that are popular on social media and are using their platforms to do really interesting things. And they’re not like Papa Razzi level celebrities. They’re just, like normal ass people doing cool things. But that I think would make for really interesting dinner companions.

Yes, but then we still run into the same problem, where I am still just gonna be like, I don’t want to be seen as an idiot. Because extremely smart and talented. And I will just be the dumbest idiot ever. which is how I became friends with my friend Catherine.

Love that.

I thought it would be too stupid.

It turns out you were not too stupid.

We both thought the other person was really smart. And we didn’t really talk to each other and then we became friends.

I love that. Funny jameela Jamil.

Oh, yeah, you

seem to have dinner with Oh, Kristen

Bell would be amazing

Kristen Bell and Dax

like I mean, I don’t I DAX is fine. I don’t care about DAX as much but I have like Kristen Bell for so freakin long. And I would probably cry like she cried when she met this law. I met her I would definitely cry

like when she actually just kind of want to be like part of their like pod of friends. like they’ve got this little pot of friends that they like do things with and hang out with and I just kind of want to be like one of their friend pod. Kristen Bell. If you ever hear this? Give me a call. It’s fine.

We love you.

We love you and not a totally not a creepy way.

I doubt my first question to be like, so what’s it like to be a goddess?

Love her love.

So basically, we love lots of people we love love cannot properly answer this question.

It was a very hard list to make. Yes. So we have a fleet. We have our five then we have a lot of people as like honorable mentions. Should one of our other five not be available? Right? Well,

it’s just like you start thinking you think of your five and then Someone mentioned somebody and you’re like, Oh my god, I totally forgot about that person. Right? Obviously, they have to be on the list. And now I have to bump them. And my list is laminated. And what am I going to do?

Maybe Maybe you pick five to have dinner with five to have lunch with five to have breakfast with?

What about casual stroll?


Like you could walk to the park together, get a coffee,

get a coffee,

welcome coffee date.

Yeah, have five to have after dinner drinks with them, maybe we’ll run through our list, but then we’ll come up with more, it’s fine. We play like a whole weekend

we like to go dancing with

that would actually that would be really fun to like, had our universe, right? Have have your list of people and then decide like what activity you think would be like the best thing to do with each person, like, right? go dancing with so and so. And I’m going to get coffee with this person. And I’m going to go to an art gallery with this person.

Like, I know you guys are trying to change the world, and do your acting jobs and do good things for people. But we are planning this alternate universe in which you will obviously love to have brunch with us,

you’re obviously going to be with us. So no, I

don’t think I could handle being friends with any of them because it would be too much pressure.

Megan’s like, No, please don’t do that to me. No. Well, like, I want to be best friends. And you’re like, No.

It’s not just that. Because then but then you’re like, well, if you became friends with Kristen Bell, like, how would that make me feel?

Oh, I was happy for Kristen Bell in a minute.

So I exactly like I can’t compete with Kristen Bell I owe myself for Kristen.

Always says she’ll like text Kathleen and I and she’ll be like, Look, when I meet and fall when I meet and marry Chris Evans. I’m dropping both of you like hot potatoes, and you will be happy for me. And that’s how I will know that we were truly friends. So

I have multiple friends who have said the exact same thing about Chris Evans.

Oh, we’re gonna have to have like, it’s gonna be

there’s gonna be a fight. Who gets that poor beautiful man.

It’s so wonderful.

I don’t know if you guys if anyone follows him on Instagram, Instagram is so pure, so wonderful.

It’s mostly him just scaring his brother.

And his dog like that is like it’s like, Instagram Stories of his dog. And then him and his brother scaring each other. And there

was one where he was he was playing the piano and multiple people sent it to me with like, hard eyes. I’m like, I can’t help you. Like, I understand. But also, I was gonna send you both something. Yesterday, I believe were I think it was. It was one of the accounts that we both follow, but they were doing like, a vote between the best relationships. Uh huh. And it was it was just a whole lot of people in relationships.

But one of the ones

was like baby Chris. And I can’t remember who the person was that he was dating. But I was like, Oh, he’s so young.

It looks like a little 16 year old. Oh, baby. Oh, baby face.


man. All right,


All right.

Well, that’s,

that’s a lot of questions. I’m not a lot of questions. But like, that’s a good, a good amount of questions. That’s

a good amount of questions. I feel like I learned some things about you. I hope our listeners learn some things about us. So also, if you guys know who you would have dinner with, please let us know. Because we’d love to hear your lists.

So and please make me feel better if you would be having dinner with them but also be like me and like not be able to say a word.

Oh, I I definitely had like, I’m gonna have dinner I definitely kind of chose people that I thought would make. Probably not think I was or at least not act like they thought I was stupid. Like, I feel like I feel like Christy teegan and Dolly and Michelle Obama like I feel like all of them are very kind and would at least like not be like you’re stupid like to my face. So did I did I specifically choose people for that reason? Maybe maybe a little bit.

It’s fine. I mean, that’s all we can really hope for us to not have people call stupid to our face.

The bar is low. So Megan, what’s bringing you joy this week?

Uh, well, we talked about my ice cream. Already, it can be bringing you joy. Well, it was bringing me joy but now I gave the rest of it to you so

so now it’s bringing me joy. The traveling joy.


well that’s other food related thing is bringing me joy. for Easter, I decided to order some fancy chocolate. And I also bought some for our friend Taylor as a belated birthday present. And this chocolates really good. And I’ve been trying to parcel it out so I don’t eat all of it. Because it was really expensive. Because it’s fancy fancy chocolate. But it’s it’s really good. I decided that I wasn’t we bought Easter candy for the kids but then I bought mostly not chocolate stuff I bought like the you know, laffy taffy. Kinda weird things that kids like, Uh huh.

And I was like, Oh, I

for myself, I’m gonna treat myself and buy some nice stuff instead of like scavenging their leftover Reese’s eggs or whatever. Yeah, I bought the stuff from France and Seattle. It was recommended by a friend on Twitter when I put out a call for who could ship candy quickly, because I forgot until like the Monday before Easter. And they they delivered excellent product in a couple of days. And so if you like good chocolates, I highly recommend friends.

Love that. Yeah, I know. Taylor was like she had a couple pieces of it while she was visiting. And she was like, This is amazing.

It’s really good. Especially if you like dark chocolate. I feel like it’s really I they have the boxes have both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. But I feel like the dark chocolate chocolate. Like the tempering quality is really good. And if I ate like a Hershey bar after this, I would probably like her She is so terrible.

She’s ruined. ruined it.

I mean, it’s not again it’s it’s like Hershey’s is barely chocolate. I know people are gonna get mad about that. But like it’s not good quality guys. No, no, I haven’t placed in the place is a chain grab crackers and a marshmallow.

I was gonna say I think it’s like the perfect swore Not that I eat it. But I feel like it’s the perfect small chocolate and that’s like, about as much as it can do so. Yeah.

Yeah. Cuz it melts really fast. You know?

We all have our purpose in life.

Yeah. I don’t know what mine is yet, but we’ll

have one. We’re figuring it out. Yeah. Well, we’ll get there.

We’ll get there. What is bringing you joy this week.

I’m Loki ashamed to admit this. tik tok has been bringing me joy. And I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you why. I’m gonna tell you why. Because I don’t post any content. I don’t follow anyone that I know. I literally just follow like, random things that I find interesting. And it’s all like, again, like, I think I talked about this a few weeks ago, but the algorithm is actually pretty excellent. And so it’s pretty excellent at like suggesting content that I will actually like, and like things that I’ve bought that are similar to content that I’ve already liked, and followed and then occasionally, it’ll throw something else in there. Like, I think you might be interested in ex Mormon Tick tock, and I’m like, I definitely want to hear what the ex Mormons have to say. Like, it’s completely random. But it’s, it’s been kind of bringing me joy, because it’s just like, because Instagram, I do so much advocacy work over there. And like education work. And so even though I follow like some of my just like regular friends and I follow a wide variety of accounts, a lot of times when I go into Instagram, it’s it feels almost a little bit like work because I follow so much like adoption stuff and education and like adoption, education and advocacy and like all of that and so, tick tock has sort of become my space of like, I’m gonna zone out I don’t want to think I’m just gonna flip through, see some people do some silly things gonna watch this person do a DIY project that I will never ever do. And, you know, that’s that so I’m truly ashamed to admit it, but here I am.

I am still not downloading it. It’s fine.

I send you the ones that I think you need to see. So that is true. What

Usually either you send me links or people will repost them on Instagram anyway, so I have seen quite a few. Yes. But I’m also trying to not spend so much time on my phone. So I’m trying to stay away, I started watching reels a bunch and then i’m i’ve been trying not to do that either, because it just you really zoned out. So I’m trying to not spend so much time on my phone in general or watch reels, or even like Instagram stories. The only one that I really make an exception for is sharing my fan. Because she’s teaching you exactly she does. She does teach you learn things. And I also get to see pictures of eagles and whales.

So the whales content is Primo.


you and I both know that we have some problems with some of the other people. She is so nice. We are not as patient as she is like,

She’s so much kinder than I will ever be. Yeah, I think is what I have determined.

She gets a lot. So if you don’t know who Sharon McMahon is, first of all, get right with yourself. Yes, her Instagram is Sharon’s so I think that I can’t remember her to her Twitter is something else a little bit different. But I it the Instagram is where all the content is. Yeah. She teaches people about the government basically.

She calls herself America’s government teacher.

Yeah, till it talks about current events talks to tells you about how government works, answers people’s questions. She has classes that you can sign up for. And she does really awesome. fundraising things. It’s great. But she’s so nice. And every day she posts like how can I help question marks and people ask their questions about current events or about the government? Or about whatever? Ask questions or

I mean, first of all, their Google

their Google, I mean, a lot of the questions if you go Google Google a ball, but as you know, people don’t go go No. And I am trying to be I try to be positive about it. Because they are trying to learn Yes, they are. They’re trying to learn about things. And that’s why they’re asking her and I try to remember that.


when they’re a grown ass adults, who I’m just going to, I could be making assumptions about where they grew up. But like, I assume most of the people who follow her how to add American education. And they don’t know that there are three branches of government and what each branch does,

yeah, it’s a little it’s

I’m trying to think of a specific example. And I can’t think of one now but

Oh, anyway, she had up on one she she had put because she’s gonna be starting a podcast. And she put up a question box to say like, podcast guest suggestions for her. And somebody said, any Founding Fathers?


She did respond. Her answer to that was for sure. For sure. Dead people are great podcast guests.

would be amazing to have George Washington on our podcast, we could ask him about all his racism.

So he were alive. Like, oh my god, I was like peeing my pants when I saw that. So, I mean, sometimes, sometimes her answer, she’ll just straight up go. No. But she does usually like she answers and is he is so patient. And I mean, she was a teacher. So like, she has the patience of a saint anyway. But yeah, there are sometimes I see things that she I don’t like what? I’m sorry, what? These people What? So? Yeah,

but she’s fine as I will never be as good as Sharon McMahon? No, no, I’m fine with that. But also you should follow her on Instagram.

Yeah, you will learn things. You will I learned a lot from her on it on a regular basis. So yeah, she’s a good she’s a good and it’s funny because she has mentioned that. A lot of times people who are trying to take like social media breaks will actually create like, a set like a separate account where the only account they follow is hers. Because they want to like stay up on like the current events and the way that she talks about them and teaches about them and like what’s happening in real time. But they like don’t want to see all the other stuff in the Social media feed they want to like, take a break from that. So I thought I have thought that was kind of fascinating. And then apparently other people are like you were. They have moments where like, I kind of just need to detox from social media for a minute, but I still need my sharing content.

Right? She might try on clothes today.

I need to watch that. And if she does, you will pee your pants laughing.

Well, this has devolved into a Sharon’s so Fan Club, which I’m fine with. But

next week, we are going to bring on another guest this time to talk about small business ownership. We know that owning your own small business is full of ups and downs, and particularly in the last year or so we’re going to bring on someone who owns a small business here in town that we both love to talk about that. In the meantime, leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at IRS AI podcast or send us an email at I’d rather same we’d love to hear from our listeners.


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