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Minisode 003: Everything is Fine

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Our gardening episode for Megan’s luffa/loofah vine adventures.

Sarah Sews Etsy shop for cute donut (and profanity-laden) face masks.

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Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in the podcast for cozy introverts. We’re your hosts, Megan Myers

and Stephie Predmore

this week’s topic is a minisode!



Life’s great.

It really is.

We’re doing awesome, you guys. I feel like so we alluded in our last episode, how we’re tired of looking at the faces of the humans we live with. And except for my baby, she never gets old. And so in that vein, we just felt like it was time to do a little bit of just a life update. You know, we did one partway into COVID, quarantine life and It felt like time to just have a little bit of a rant and say what the fuck 2020

yeah yeah. As I sit here in my house it is gradually getting hotter and hotter because our AC just busted.

it’s only been 100 degrees here. It’s fine

right? You only live in Texas in the middle of summer. So it’s everything is Everything is awesome. You You started virtual schooling this week for both the boys your air conditioners dying. You know? It’s going awesome. It’s great.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so, school started on Thursday.

It’s actually not going That bad it’s virtual obviously, the middle school the middle school was able to give everybody a Chromebook.

Oh, that’s good

with all the stuff that they need already on it. So we’re able to let Reese like have a Chromebook for school. And then we have we actually have a Chromebook ourselves. So Max can use that one

 that’s good

and so they don’t have share and we have to worry about them trying to use like we don’t have enough machines and the whole situation. but likeschools like all day, which seems so duh, but like, it’s a long day.

It’s a really long day and and I know that this is the case for your both of your kids schools, but like basically because I’ve been like sort of following along with the Schools of, you know, people I know that are having to do virtual school or have chosen to do virtual school this year. And it’s not just here’s your work, get it done. It’s like, they have to be on these calls all day.

Yeah, so yeah, they, the little one, a second grader has three calls a day. We missed one today, because I had the time wrong. I thought it was at a certain time, then it was actually 20 minutes earlier than

it won’t be the last one that you missed

I’m sure. Yeah. Um, and then the other one has like four or five a day. Depending on the day.

Yeah, it’s a lot. It’s a lot for parents to juggle and you know, you’ve got two kids. So it’s not just like, here’s my one child. I have to keep track of schedules for you to children in different schools with different schedules. So you have to keep track of it’s almost like you need like on like on on the Great British baking show when they have like 87 things going at once and they have 87 timers going it’s almost like you need like a timer for each kid like, Okay, got a class starting. So okay, yeah. Um, and you Only you only have two kids. Can you imagine parents that have more than two kids

good thing is the good thing is that Reese is like pretty much handling it on his own. So like he has I made schedules for both of them. Like I printed them out that show like when they have video calls and all this stuff. So he has his schedule. And he just like, does the day. So like he’s good, although it’s the only day 4 so

There’s still time for it to go downhill.

Right? Um, they haven’t had any like real assignments yet. And so that’s really the kicker, I think.

Yeah, the first week of school is really yeah,

like let’s learn how to use this program


kind of assignments and let’s get to know each other. Yeah, yeah. Um so he has been fine. I haven’t really had to help him. But like, obviously the second grader like the the assignments that he does get are so quick and easy. They’re like the time blocks that he has to do his assignments are so long that we like to do the assignments for like the entire day in like 30 minutes, and then he has like all this extra time. But also because he has all these zooms that he has to go to throughout the day. It’s not like he can just like go do something else for the rest of the day. Or, like he still has to participate in all the zooms because they talk about assignments, they talk about certain things and she wants the way that they’re doing their classes that it’s like, it goes like, like English class on your own and then English class together and then English class on your own again. So like each class subject has like three little chunks. So you’re supposed to do some do some, like prep work, basically, and then meet together and then finish the assignment for each subject. But like, he generally gets the assignments and so like, we missed, we missed math today, which is like, it doesn’t really matter. You know, your 10s and ones.

Okay, you’re good. You’re good.

You did the assignment, no problem. So we just have all this extra time that he’s not occupied. And not sure what to do with that time because I don’t want him just like playing video games. are watching television, right? But also like I have a job.

I also I want to be really clear for any listeners that are hanging in with our rant basically, that we are like this this particular conversation is not ragging on teachers, the teacher

No, definitely not

Teachers are legitimately doing like the teachers are. We can’t say enough good things about teachers, especially right now teachers are super heroes. So I just want to be really clear that when we’re expressing frustration, like when Megan is expressing of frustration, and I’m expressing frustration on behalf of all of my friends, many of whom are teachers. It’s the fact that the system is letting down all of these kids and all of these teachers

it’s, it’s an it’s a mess, and I don’t I don’t it’s definitely not you know, It’s definitely not the teachers fault for sure. Especially considering so many of these teachers have kids themselves. And I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now. Right. But it is just disappointing because like, I feel like our school district has done a really good job of what they’ve been able to do, like getting computers to kids and like being communicative about what these schedules are going to look like and things like that. But also, like they’ve had so long to prepare, I feel like


and they because we started off by sort of doing virtual in March. And it was really cobbled together then understandably but then, over the summer, I it felt like they were just kind of waiting it out to see what was going to happen.

Right, like they should have had, it feels like they should have been kind of planning

right? And maybe they were and they just weren’t telling us but we were supposed to actually switch to a different platform for the school year. And it’s not ready for whatever reason, and but they also keep telling us that we are still going to switch to this other platform.

So you’re learning one.

So at whatever point in the school year that we switch to this new platform, we will all have to relearn it, because at least that’s the benefit of using Google Classroom is that that’s what we used in the spring, so we know how to do it. Right.

So yeah, it’s kind of a mess. And it’s also really frustrating because, um, so I live right outside of Austin, and there’s all these different school districts. So there’s Austin School District, there’s the pflugerville school school district, which is where I am. There’s a Round Rock School District. There’s a Georgetown School District, there’s the beauty school district is major School District, all these different districts around Austin, but we’re all like this Same media market basically. Okay, so we all get the same, you know, TV stations and newspapers and blah, blah. And we’re kind of a lot of we share. Travis County takes up mostly Austin but also other parts of the area. And so Travis County has all these rules that are different than Williamson County and blah, blah. But the problem is that so the Austin school district voted a couple weeks ago to completely delay school until after Labor Day.

They were just gonna postpone the problem.

Yeah, they were basically Yeah, you know what, we’re not ready. We’re just gonna wait another three weeks to start school.

Mm hmm.

Our school district did not. And a couple other ones didn’t either. So then you have this problem. Where there are, you know, parents who might work in one city and live in another city? Like there’s all these parents who like they can’t properly go back to work. They don’t have school starting, but like their colleagues might already have school starting, even though they work at the same place, but they go to different schools and it’s kind of like, it’s kind of crazy. Yeah. So I don’t I don’t know. It’s all it’s a whole thing. I know. Like each school district is up to them, but but it’s just kind of a mess.

Yeah, I mean, we have a we have a similar situation here, like our two main like districts here in town. Have they said that they’re doing all virtual throughout the semester, this first semester, but then there’s a lot of like, small towns that surround us that have you know, they’re they’re very small schools. But they are doing all in person and a lot of those you know, we’ve got like teachers that live here in town like here in Bloomington but teach at a small town like neighboring town or people that live there and work here until I get like, if things are all completely doing different things like it’s just oh man. Yeah, I I one of my really good friends is a teacher. She’s an art teacher at a neighboring in a neighboring town and they had their first it wasn’t the students weren’t back yet but it was our first like in teacher day or whatever on Monday this week. And it was her first time leaving her four month old baby and which is like nerve wracking anyway, first day in daycare, but then you add COVID to it as she was a mass like texting are like how are you doing if she was like, not great? Oh, she was as they were having like an open house and she was having to sit there and take temperatures of parents that are coming in for it’s just a mess.

Yeah. And also it just also speaks to like the inequality in funding of different schools and I just, it’s just makes me Yeah, it makes me really frustrated for everyone involved. And it’s like I like you said like, it’s not a teacher rag at all. It’s like,

all the teachers are doing the best they can.

Right. And yeah, you know, like your school and a lot of the schools nearby here are able to, you know, give Chromebooks they’re able to for doing virtual Chromebooks for all the students but you know, there are schools that can’t afford that. And, or there’s, you know, probably families who, okay, their middle schooler got a Chromebook, but maybe they have Two elementary schoolers, and they don’t have and they’re in different classes and so they have to do different things at different times or at the same time and they only have maybe one extra computer in the family or maybe they have no extra computers in the family and then what are those? What do those families do it just the more I think about it, the more like a spiral I go down and yeah, I don’t even have a child in school. And so it’s not even like it’s not even necessarily like my problem, but I just my heart goes out to all the families and the teachers that are stuck in this situation and just trying to do their very best because oh man, yes, shitty, it’s shitty. It’s absolutely shitty. Like, we can’t go out to eat and that sucks because that’s kind of our thing. But you know what, there’s a there’s also a Other things where I’m like, you know, we’re doing okay. Like personally, we’re doing okay. Like there are hard everything like anything that’s hard is a hard thing. And that’s what those are valid feelings. But I’m also like, Okay. In comparison to a lot of other families like we’re, we’re doing we’re doing okay.

Yeah, that is true.

I don’t know.

Although, you know, as I say that though at the same time, there’s a meme I saw the other day, that was something like, you don’t. You don’t have to make lemonade out of lemons. Like sometimes. You can just be annoyed that you have lemons.

And I was like, Oh, man. There it is.

Yeah, so

I don’t know. That’s that’s that’s that’s the school rant.

That’s the school have something good. Talk about though for a minute.

Oh, yes, let’s hear it.

So this is just an update on a previous topic that we discussed. My luffa is growing very well

luffa vines!

So I have the vine is very long and tall and scrolling over the top. And also I have one luffa

One luffa I’m so proud of the little luffa that could

I’m, I guess I’m fine if I only get one. Like, I still consider it a success

feeling for your first year if you only get one like, yeah, you’re doing pretty good

I mean, there’s other flowers on the vine, so I need to get more

I feel like you will.

But I’m, I have high hopes for this particular one because it’s the first one.

So it’s your first luffa baby.

Yeah, and it’s growing really fast. It’s like a cucumber like it because it’s a gourd so it grew it started like a week ago, basically. And now it’s already I’m trying to like visualize with my fingers here that you can’t see obviously. This is radio.


Ah, let me see. Oh, I have a ruler. Look at that. Oh, no fancy in my it’s maybe like I want to say seven or eight inches long

that’s impressive

Yeah, and it’s getting like thicker too. So,

how long are they supposed to get? Do you know?

Um, maybe like a foot.

Oh, wow.

If you like let it go, I think and then. So basically, you just you’re supposed to just like let it sit on the vine like forever till it dries up and then you Like peel the skin off, but we’ll see I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. But um yeah, that’s exciting. I think I think I’ll get at least one and then because it’s gonna be super big I could probably like cut it into pieces maybe and like make it last longer. Well yeah, I also like

I feel like you know, it’s pretty big. Yeah, this year you get your you get your one loofa that’s like a winter’s worth of loofa.

To Yeah, well like if I cut it in half, you know, however long I’ll have 2 you know to and and I can get the seeds out of it so I can grow more next year

more and then you can just have like a loofa business. I can’t remember

my little loofa farm.

I cannot remember who it was that was asking me. I might have been. It might. I was somebody that listens to the podcast. I want to say it was

about loofas?

well. She was she heard you talking about the lupus and she was like, What is Megan gonna do with all of her loofahs

well It’s only one so

you know, there could be


with my loofa dreams. Yeah, I know. So there are things you can like do with them.

Like if I decided to suddenly go into the soap business or something like I can make soaps with slices of loofa and then

I have a friend that makes her own soap like with the like lye and stuff like that if you like you guys could team up like you provide the loofahs Yeah, she she like makes the soap with your loofas like I feel like you could have like a real

sell them down at the farmers market


I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it because I haven’t really thought past the fact like what if I get like more than I need? Because my original thought was just to give them to people.

Sure, yes,

but then I could still end up with like Many, many loofahs

you could because again it is a gourd.

which, so update for me, Alex’s cucumbers have started producing

And how many picking a day

so we’ve got like currently, I think in the last two days he’s picked like four or five but there’s still a ton of flowers and like a bunch more that are like, starting to pop up on the vine so it’s not gonna be very long before we’re drowning in cucumbers.

I’m betting that you probably have some that are like hidden.

Oh, I’m sure we do

you’ll find foot-long cucumbers in a couple days.

Oh 100% we will be like, Oh my god, it’s a monster cucumber. Mm hmm. Yeah, cuz there’s Yeah, this is so There’s a lot of cucumber happening out there and you know, probably like, hidden in the  crawled into the like tomato vines and it’s probably, like in the tomatoes now it’s there. You know It’s everywhere. It’s fine. Everything is fine. It’s true.

I warned you.

I tried to warn him to hit Listen, that’s fine.

Well, he’s a man.

He is a man. He is a man. You guys, we got 40 pounds of tomatoes from the our CSA farmer last week so that Alex can make sauce. And I said several days ago. So babe, do we need jars cuz you got 40 pounds of tomatoes. We’re gonna, you know, turn into sauce.

No we’re good.

So then he makes his sauce and looks at me today and goes well I need to go to man target because we’re out of jars.


And then he went to man target and man target was entirely out of mason jars.

Yeah, cuz it’s august

canning season. He like he was like perplex that the I was like babe it’s canning season also, what else do people have like what else do people have to do? Besides can things

Yeah, man target for those who are listening and don’t know is farm and fleet. It is its farm and fleet. Yes,

fleet farm, aka fleet farm which are real far north.

Yeah. I don’t know why it changes names when you get to like Madison, but for some reason it does.

Yeah. Who knows? Different companies I think

ah, You know, I don’t know I know that I know the fleet farm was based in my hometown but I I feel like they’re say I feel like they’re maybe it’s like aldi and Trader Joe’s that like it was the same company in Europe and then they had a spat and split I don’t know, right

I don’t know

very perplexing but now I need I need to look this up because

I know

I was wondering what the logo was because I feel like the logo would tell me Oh see the logo is very different. I think the fleet farm logo is is different. Still family owned since 1955.

But that is what we would call a man target as it has everything. Its target for men. So yeah, it’s great.

But they didn’t have mason jars

They are different stores in their different stores.

That’s wild

which is hilarious because. Okay, so fleet farm was founded in 1955 by the mills family, okay. farm and fleet was also founded in 1955. By the Blaine family, who were friends of the mills family.

Well, I’ll be damned.

And so they came to an agreement to have similar names but operate in different areas. And so that’s why there are no fleet farms in Illinois. Just the farm and fleets.

Yeah. Well, I’ll be damned. Look at that, you guys. If you’re still here, you’ll learn something.

Go to fleet farm aka and or farm and fleet and get yourself some overalls and lemon drops.

Oh, yeah. Oh, My gosh they have such like the best selection of old people candy. It’s fantastic. Alex loves it because of course I’m married to a man that loves old people candy.

Of course he just that he fits in very much with his aesthetic right now.

Uh huh. Yeah, we’re having family pictures taken on Sunday and then our daughter’s birth parents are getting married next weekend. And I’ve already had to nag him two or three times this week about getting a haircut. And I’m you know, just keeping track of how many more times I have to say it before it happens. So you know,

I did put my money on seven so

you put your money on seven are from Susannah.

I am I am not optimistic about it

Susannah was more optimistic. She put her money on five. And Eden’s birth mom said he would do it that morning, which is what he did when we got our engagement pictures taken. And I thought I’m gonna kill him before we even get our engagement pictures taken. So, you know, we don’t know how much longer we’re gonna have to do this whole quarantine thing. We may have 87 more of these episodes before Life goes back to, to what we probably never go back to what we knew before does that is that like a depressing thing to think about?

I mean, it depends because on the one hand, I feel like I feel like as a society we like learned a lot about ourselves during this time. I mean, a lot of it was bad.

We’re not doing great

But well I just mean? I don’t mean personally,

oh I know I meant as a society. We’re not doing great.

Right there. Some good things. And so like, I appreciate the fact that like, while not everyone had the opportunity to like really take stock of life and like, figure out what you really want out of things and like, realize you don’t actually have to go out every single night or you know, whatever it is you blow your money on basically. Right? So I am, like, here for that pause situation, right. Um, but yeah, there’s a lot of stuff for us just like, you know, it would be nice to be able to go to the movies, right? Yes, like, just for fun.

It’s a little mind blowing to me, because like, we go, I mean, basically, we haven’t taken the baby anywhere. And except for the doctor, really. But you know, we go to the doctor and she’s not She’s not fazed at all by people wearing their masks or anything like that. And she’s a pretty social baby, but at the same time, you also think like, she doesn’t know any different. Yeah. And so it’s very is sort of mind boggling to think that this, like wearing masks outside of the house could just very much be a norm for her. And it’s just it’s a very strange, it’s a very strange thing to think about stuff like that.

Yeah, it’s weird to think about to where like, you know, 20, 30 years down the line, like my kids are gonna be like, Oh, you know, when we didn’t have to wear we like whenever a little like, we didn’t have to wear masks and like now it’s gonna be like this whole thing where they’re like the before. Like everyone already says the before times, right? In 20 years, it’s really gonna be a thing,


It’ll be like, it’ll be like 9-11 was for us. Do you remember 9-11 or not? What was the world before? 9-11 What was the world after? 9-11 I feel like in a lot of ways this is going to be that for our kids, like your kids will remember before. Yeah, and mine won’t

Right. I think that’s gonna be like the generational like break. Mm hmm. To be like the kids that can remember and the kids that don’t. Mm hmm. It’s gonna be very interesting to see.

Wild. It’s wild shit. Another news I got out I did get a face mask with donuts on it so


Yeah, go on with doughnuts and I got one with pineapples, and. This shop I got it from an Etsy shop. I’ll link in the show notes. She has one. It’s really cute. The fabric is real. It’s like blue. It’s got flowers on it. And then when you look at it more closely, it says six feet, motherfucker.

Yeah, I thought you’re gonna say cuz my friends only my friends have this thing where, whenever it’s our one friend’s birthday, they always buy him something with a dick on it.

I am like certain there are those too.

So I thought because they have a pillow. That like, from further away It looks like beautiful blue flower. But when you get up close, you realize that there’s a bunch of dicks on it

I really thought that’s what you were gonna say. Cuz I was gonna be like, oh my god Stephie

No I didn’t buy

I don’t doubt that you would do it but I also would be a little surprised

No, no this is just this it just has profanities on it which you definitely should not be surprised.

That’s like stephie is taking her baby to the doctor with a face mask with dicks on it.

Oh god no but the this this she calls it the like six foot swear mask it just says six feet back says what it says six feet, motherfucker and then it says back the fuck off.

Which is basically equivalent of like, if you can read this you’re too close.

Uh huh.

Yeah. And I even though I just got two I’m like trying. I’m trying to decide if I need the one that the profanity laden mask but you know, it’s great.

I’m jealous of the donut one because I used to have a donut phone case. Mm hmm. When I had a smaller phone and obviously that doesn’t fit the phone I have now and now I have this really boring like heavy duty like it’s never gonna break kind of phone case switch it is good but also

value in that but

it’s not. It’s not cute. So I miss my I also had a succulent one. Yeah, I miss my little pretty pictures. I could also just buy a new phone case but I have too much.

But a lot. I’ve spent a lot of money during quarantine. I’m not gonna lie to you.

I mean,

we’re also not going anywhere.

this is true.

We’re not going out to dinner, right? Like we do get carry out maybe like once a week. We’re not going and doing anything.

So I did realize I didn’t buy any we didn’t buy any gas in July. That is wild like at all. So there’s that we save that money.

Yeah, that is wild. I probably we probably I mean, we probably went you know, a couple there’s probably been at least a couple of months during this where either we haven’t filled up at all or have just like, barely put any gas in either of the cars for sure. So yeah, yeah, it’s it. There’s some of that stuff. It is just it’s kind of wild. So yeah, I don’t know. It’s all all bizarre. To trippy it’s a trippy world out there Megan.

Yes, it is.

Also I just I pulled up Etsy to properly quote the profanity mask and there’s weird shit on etsy I’m not gonna lie to you. You guys, if you ever there’s a great shit on Etsy, there’s also some weird shit on Etsy. So just throw that out there.

If you start to look at like the vintage stuff, too, like that gets even. Yeah, that can get pretty weird too. But there’s a lot of like super weird handmade stuff. They’re just like, really?

Right. There’s everywhere like, why why, like there’s these, like, couture. couture baby dresses.

Mm hmm.

Yeah, baby looks like she’s Trying to be like an 80 year old mermaid and it’s just it’s just real bizarre. I don’t know. I don’t. Funny anyway.

Anything else?

What’s bringing us joy

Well, I was thinking that we should talk about joy.

Oh, Farts are we gonna do joy this week?

We have to do joy we because we always do

minisode You’re right. It’s we always do joy. I know better. Well, you have to go first because I have to think for a second.

So last week, you had mentioned a podcast that you listen to, yes.

You’re wrong about and I listened to it, and it’s awesome. I loved it immediately. It’s great. But I also started listening to this new podcast, new to me podcast. That is called Smart Money Mama’s show. Oh, and she does like multiple episodes a week, which is very impressive. But it’s, uh, she does. She’s mostly talks about money. But there’s other topics, where you talk about like reaching your goals and passion projects and like changing your career. And there’s one that was about emotional spending, like, you know, buying stuff on Etsy. There’s one about self care. So there’s all these different topics geared for women obviously. And it’s really good and the the woman who does it is like, she’s a really good speaker. So I really enjoy it. So if you are you don’t be a mom, even though it’s you geared toward moms, but if you’re a consider yourself of the female persuasion in any range than I feel like that’s really good advice, especially because women generally have more trouble with like, money matters. Like we don’t talk about money, right? So I feel it has really good advice but also like just the way that she does her podcast is really nice. They like started with a little quote and Then at the end she she usually hasn’t ended like a guest. And then at the end she like does a little wrap up where she’s like, Oh, these are the favorite things I learned from this guest and I was like, that’s amazing because sometimes podcasts are really long and to be honest, I don’t always pay attention 100%

little bit of a TL;DR

Yeah, and so I I’m really enjoying it. Smart Money mamas show.

Love it. We’ll add links, which by the way, you guys we starting this past week are putting full transcriptions of the show in as the show notes, so I will put like some quick links at the top and then the full transcript of the show will be in there for any hard of hearing listeners. So

or if you just really like to read all of our nonsense

or if you just really like to read the nonsense The transcription is not 100% perfect, but it’s pretty close. I try, I try to like, skim through, make sure that it’s at least, you know, pretty close on most of the stuff. But want to make that available to any listeners that might need that. So just isn’t

that exciting? I’m really glad we found that.

Yeah, I am to one of my, one of my friends is she’s really great. She really advocates for the disability community and she clued me into it. And so we’re going to start doing that. So that is cool. Awesome. My joy. So we had a discussion you and I offline, or I guess it was online, but it was off. The air

Off mic

had a conversation about how it was futile to To try to teach a child my daughter’s age how to use a straw. Yeah, and I taught her how to use a straw this week.

I do not believe you because so I would feel like maybe so maybe you could teach her how to use a straw but can you teach her how to hold the cup and drink out of the straw? Without her spilling it?

Well, I it’s a it’s a Munchkin straw cup.

So there’s no It has a lid

and it’s like what Okay, little so like the Yeah, that won’t spill. No, she can’t hold a cup and not spill yet. She’s not. She may be advanced but she’s not that advanced. I can’t even do that. And I’m 31 Ah, no, but I taught her how to like drink from and then I use that cup and anyway, so we it took a couple days but I am a determined human being And have apparently nothing better to do in my life.

Sowe’ll figure out how to drink from the straw. like such a big girl she’s very proud of herself. I can tell.


I am impressed. My kids still tend to when they’d have cups with straws they still want to tilt the cup. Not all the way but they still like attempt to tilt it I’m like that’s gonna leak right out the bottom a little you know, the lid part and they’re just like what and then they spill it and you’re like,

yeah, they apparently they need Eden’s little Munchkin knows no spill straw cups. Got

the little edge. There’s just something about straws that apparently refuse them so


Next week

It’s, it’s fine. Everything is fine. That’s that’s really the punch line for this episode. Everything is fine. So next week, we are going to Talk about the joys and trials of buying a house.

Yeah, it’s a fun show. I think it’ll be fun.

Yeah, there’s a there’s a lot that goes into buying a house and so we will be talking about it next week. So be sure to join us right back here. And in the meantime, please leave us a review on Apple podcasts and continue to listen to us wherever you get your podcasts. You can also follow us on social media

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