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041: The Life You Want with Dani Faust

Hello! Welcome to episode 41 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are joined by intuitive life coach and metaphysical practitioner Dani Faust (@thedanifaust) to answer all of our questions on life coaching!

Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in the podcast for cozy introverts. We’re your hosts Stephie

and Megan Meyers.

This week’s episode life coaching.


Hi Stephie

what’s new this week Megan?

Well, a lot of stuff but I don’t want to talk about it right now.

we will talk about it in a future episode.

You do you have some big life changes happening, but we’ll we will. We’ll save that for later. So, you know, I also I also know we’re gonna save our Megan’s children going back to school rants for next week.


You know, so yeah, it’s so good. It’s a lot. It’s a lot. There’s a lot happening. I feel like there’s just a lot happening for everyone. And everyone is overwhelmed and everyone is just tired of seeing their their families like the ones that they immediately live with like you’re like I’m sick of your face.Can I see some other faces? So you know, it’s there’s just a lot happening and we’re all doing the best that we can do.

I did want to give an update from our enneagram episode that i did not make my husband take the test yet still because we got some stuff going on. But I figured out today that he’s probably a three.

And I agree with that based on what I know of Bob and your guys’s relationship and all of those things. So I feel like that’s, that’s excellent. You can like get get to the root of How you guys interact and understanding each other and you know,

so yeah, I felt pretty pleased with myself after

when I was reading the like the relationship part of it with the between threes and fives I was like oh, oh yeah yeah so because there’s so many other parts of the three that I would not think that he is but there’s a lot that he is so it’s yeah more sense

and one of my very best friends is a three and she’s like the poster child for a type three so I’m very familiar with like that like like I feel like I am very much poster child for one your poster child for a five like Erin is poster child for three but then we like we have to remember like there are people not just like every single thing checked off, right, you know, like there’s they’re a little bit more maybe they have stronger wings or whatever. So you know, it’s always good to like Have I feel like it’s always good to know people have the same that are all of the same type but very different from each other. So yeah, that’s a that’s an excellent update. Good job. Megan. goldstar for you.

You were supposed to do some homework.

I was supposed to do some homework. So last week we talked about boundaries. And we said that we were both going to try setting our phones aside and like across the room or spending time with our kids, and so I’ve been trying to do that I’ve been trying to be a little bit better about it. I don’t I’m not always successful, depending on what’s happening and where my brain is. But I have been trying to do that something that has helped me with that a little bit is like in the morning, if she and I are playing, I put on a podcast or something and then I can set it across the room because I I don’t pay attention to podcasts as well if I’m like also scrolling on my phone, so like playing the podcast helps my brain be like, Okay, this is like we’re not scrolling on our phone, we’re focusing on playing with the baby, but my brain is still like, because I mean, I’m not gonna lie she’s six months old. Like, there’s only so much that you can do in my brain like she’s very entertained, but at some point my brain starts to wander. So like the podcasts help, and I feel like she’s, I feel like she must be obviously absorbing all of the words and becoming brilliant. So there you go, how did it go for you?

So I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t even like had my phone. So I guess technically it works.

I guess it’s great for you.

Because I will just leave the room and go somewhere else and I don’t even have it on me. So there you go.

That’s been very effective. Successful Good job gold stars all Around we all get an A plus

both managed to win

love when we all win.

Life coaching with Dani Faust

No, of course. Well, today’s topic is something that I have been fascinated with and intrigued by for a long time life coaching. We hear the term a lot, but what exactly does it mean? Who should do life coaching? How can it help you?

To answer all of Megan’s questions. We have invited Dani Faust to join us, in addition to being an expert in manifesting in a metaphysical practitioner, and you know, we’re going to talk about that too. Dani is an intuitive life coach, and all around badass. Welcome, Dani.

Hi, girls. Thank you so much for having me.

Thanks for being here. Dani, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, I am a mom of two and a wife of one. And like you guys said before I am sick of seeing their faces. I was a blogger for about a decade and I’m currently a podcaster at manifest it sis, and I do live coaching with manifesting kind of spin. And as you mentioned, I am a metaphysical practitioner. So that just means I do Reiki and energy healing, as well as using my intuitive skills when I’m assisting my client.

Wow. So many follow up questions already.

I know. Dani is legitimately one of the most fascinating people I know.


So I have always been curious about life coaching, but I don’t really understand like what it means. So what does life coaching mean in the most general sense?

In the most general sense, it’s, it’s a relationship. It’s a relationship between coach and client, where you enter into conversations to help the client get from point A to point B and how it looks in between Really, it really depends on the coach and the client, but it’s really to help someone get to where they want to get in life.

So you are specifically you say that you are an intuitive life coach. So talk to us a little bit more about what that specifically means.

Yeah. So well, first of all, I believe that everybody is intuitive, just to varying degrees. And for some, it comes more naturally than others the same way. Some people have to really, really study at math and some people just get it. So it’s similar to that kind of natural ability, but everyone can end up doing the math. So intuitive life coaching. I kind of blend my Claire’s I don’t know if you guys have heard of that Claircognizance, clairvoyance clairaudience you may have heard of, so I blend that those skills or gifts with the coaching modalities and tools that I’ve learned, and I kind of smoosh them together to help My clients in a way that makes the most sense for them. So using my intuition, I’m able to kind of commune with spirit, get answers that maybe a coach who isn’t connected to spirit wouldn’t be able to get for that client. And I also teach my clients to not rely on my intuition and really open up to their own. So I help them in addition to the mindset and the practical strategies, and, you know, the accountability and helping them with the goals, goals, goals, and also teach them to open to their intuition and do tools like their own energy work and meditation and things like that to help them help themselves after we’re done working together.

And is that how they’re Reiki kind of plays into that.

Yeah, so Reiki is something I do, I do do it with my clients, but I do that separately. Reiki is energy modal energy healing modality. And I use that as well as crystal therapy or just kind of other energy healing modalities to shift the energy. so we’re all energy. And we have and it’s in different densities and sometimes you might have resistance to certain things because there’s a part of us that is blocked with a heavier dense energy so I’m able to kind of go in and clear it out. You guys might have heard of like, chakra clearings and things like that. So I’m able to kind of go in sense from even before I meet you in person just kind of sense what is blocked and where and kind of help you clear it out on your own or do it for you if need be, but I am really, I prefer to equip my clients so that they can they feel empowered to do this work on their own and not feel like I have to pay someone to clean this out of me when they can just do it on their own.

That’s awesome. I feel like you know, it’s that sort of like, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime. Kind of mentality of, you know, I’m not gonna make you rely on me every time you want to check us out because you do. Like, we all have that within us to do some work on ourselves. So I think that’s really cool that you help them you know, kind of find that within themselves and figure that out.

Absolutely. I would be wary for anyone listening. I would be wary if you met with any type of metaphysical practitioner who made you feel like you needed them in order to commune with spirit or do energy work if they make those kinds of statements run, don’t walk because you have the power yourself.

Sure. Those those are probably the people that are like try to try to take your money.

Yeah, Miss Cleo, and like, Oh, no, you’ve got a hex on you give me $500 Yeah.

So I actually know other people who suddenly decided to become life coaches, and that kind of makes me think of I like that concept where people just suddenly, like want to be life coaches, and I’m not sure they really are thinking about that on like, such a deep level that you are. But I’m interested to learn more about how you decided to become a life coach.

Well, I just started like five minutes ago, but it’s doing really well.

So yeah, um, right after I graduated college, I knew that I was going to go deeper into my education. So I started a marriage and family therapy master’s program. I quickly changed that to family therapy. And then I quickly changed that again, and I was like, You know what, I think therapy is not for me.

They might kick me out if I keep changing stuff, be here a million years.

Exactly. I was just prolonging this process. So I was like, let me take a break and you know, figure out what I want. And that’s when I I stumbled upon coaching after working with a career coach myself. And what she guided me through this conversation wherein I found the answers. She just asked the right questions for me to have my aha moments. And I felt like since I had done therapy in the past, I was like, This is better than therapy. Like I’m not crying, but I get the good outcome. And I still love my mom, don’t have that emotional hangover. Exactly. And it and it still kind of like uprooted what needed to get uprooted and shifted. So that’s when I was like, Okay, this is what I’m gonna do with the rest of my life. So I went to NYU, I took a coaching certification course. And since then a million other courses have been, and then I just hung my shingle and got started, I just knew that I would be able to. I’m nosy. I love to ask people questions. So I knew that I’d be able to ask the right questions to kind of tease out their aha moments too. So I think

as the thing that you You just hit on something that I feel like Meghan was sort of alluding to before, like you, you have certifications in coaching like you studied that this is not just, you aren’t just like, ah, I could, I could do that,

you know. So here’s the thing. I don’t feel like it might be very, very necessary to go take a full on course. But I do think is necessary is the desire to really help and transform lives. a shit ton of life experience to draw on some level of intelligence, and a true desire to help like that’s probably number one is a true desire to help. And yeah, read a coaching book, learn how to ask questions, learn how to do more than just say, here’s how I did it. Go do go copy that because everyone is a unique, beautiful rainbow unicorn and they need a special kind of nuanced Shoot, I forgot the word I’m looking for approach. Sure. So I think that maybe you don’t need to take a full on six week course. But you do need to learn how to ask the right questions instead of just tell, Tell, tell word vomit and then send people on their way.

Yeah, I feel like listening is a big part of that. Yeah, yeah. So manifesting is a huge part of your business. If anyone was paying attention before your podcast is manifest, it says. So I’d really love to hear more about this what manifesting has done for your own life and the lives of your clients.


I love manifesting. I could just talk about it all day long. so okay. It is a big part of my business. It’s kind of like my bright and shiny thing that I dangle and I’m like, Hey, everybody, look manifest, get what you want. And then when I get them in, I like hook on my Come in and I’m like, haha, now you gotta change your life with the mindset and gotcha. And then I help them transform inside and out. And in doing so you it’s natural that you manifest what you want. So spoiler alert, it requires like the real heavy lifting. But what has it done for me, Jesus? Ah, it child. Okay, so the biggest thing I think I manifested is my kids. I was told by the doctors that I could not have children naturally. And I was you know, devastated Of course, but I started saving up for IVF treatments and during that whole time, Loki depressed I was like, You know what, let me put my manifesting tools towards this. And I did and I magically, I and I still maintain to this day that it’s magic. I magically conceived my son and I thought that was it. I was like, Okay, well, you know, every I’m never getting anything I want after this because Rarely I used up all my juice with God right now. So thank you. I’m not asking for shit again ever. And surprise, my daughter came like, less than two years after she was born. So I was like, whoa. And then I just kind of recognized the power I, I knew manifesting was a thing. And I knew that the power of the mind and the power of our energy is, is just so transformative and literally magical. But that just solidified it to me. And I was just like, Okay, well, what else can I do?

I got the power. Yeah.

So I mean, I manifested my home, which looks really spooky, similar to the one that I had on my vision board like five years prior to Florida. Yeah. And my husband and I manifested him. That’s actually the most popular podcast episode is how I manifested my husband.

I will find that we will link to that in the show notes for our listeners. (How to Manifest a Love)

and my clients. They get massive transformations. A lot of what my clients come to me for is business success and manifesting, you know, wins in their business life. And so they have had massive up levels in their income shifts in their business that you know, the clarity that they receive kind of brought them an influx of clients things like that. So, yeah,

I love that. That’s awesome. But Megan and I so the first media vine conference that Megan planned the keynote speaker Oh, Megan, you’re gonna have to help me with her name

Kathleen Shannon

Kathleen Shannon so she spoke about she talked about having a hot shit list. And like having that list of like your dream, like clients or whatever it is that you’re doing. And that she, you know, has this whiteboard where she like literally has empty spaces to where she feels that she’s, you know, I’m going to fill this these spaces with clients. And when I started my job now like, I was like, Okay, I’m doing it heavily. The whiteboard and I’m making the empty spaces and I’m making space for this. And it fuckin worked it was awesome. I was so I’m a big fan of like that kind of stuff and like the hot shit list and but I do think like because you said, you know you hook your clients that are like okay you have to put in work that it’s not you’re not just like sitting and like chanting ohm and like things are just magically happening around you, right?

Yeah, yeah. So a lot of people what they know about manifesting, they hear of the law of attraction from the secret. And that kind of gets people a little off track because it made it seem like you just think about the Corvette and there it comes. And it’s like, no, there’s a lot in between that. Both energetic work, mindset work and actual physical, tangible actions. So yeah, there’s a lot in between but that hot shitless and you kind of making space on that whiteboard and is so powerful because you literally made the space for it you had a place for the energy to go and you had intention of what you wanted the energy to do when it got there and you made it happen.


yeah, I was like okay I’m doing this this might be a little woowoo but I’m gonna do it but yeah turns out I’m really big into things that are woowoo so there you go

it’s hidden inside of you.

So how can someone know if life coaching is something that is right for them? like hiring a life coach.

Yeah, um, you know, if you are someone who is post therapy or in between therapists and you want support that is not as deep it might be for you. If you are someone who has you just feel stuck like okay, what’s next? What now? Which way do I turn? You have so many ideas, so many options you don’t know which is the right path to take, then coaching might be for you. Or maybe you know, the path you have to take, you see this long to do list of what you have to do, and it’s just overwhelming and you need that accountability and a guide and support. Life Coaching might be for you. Anything that’s gonna help you get from point A to point B is what I always say. And it just kind of shortens the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. So if you’re not where you want to be, get a coach, it might shorten that distance up really quick for you.

That’s awesome. And so in addition to life coaching, as we said, Your metaphysical practitioner, I did an intuitive reading with you not too long ago, it was amazing. I was like gushing to everyone about it. I immediately got on Marco Polo, and all my friends was like, Oh my god, I have to tell you about this. But police our listeners more about this side of what you do, because obviously you know, you said that it connects to the life coaching but then you also do you offer those, those services on their own and I’m, again endlessly fascinated.

Yeah, so yeah, I definitely use all my tools in my coaching. I kind of pour a lot into my coaching clients. But I do have my ala carte menu. And on that side I do. So I trained as a Reiki practitioner, which is again one of the energy healing modalities. And that’s really just that universal ci that you might have heard of that, that universal life force energy that gets channeled through a practitioner like me and put into you and kind of goes wherever it needs to go to heal. I’m also able to see so I told you about the Claire’s I have the four main Claire so I’m able to kind of see a person’s chakras and see what areas I need to just kind of clear out and I do other energy healing modalities. Like I will help cut cords and remove blocks from people as well as doing just straight up psychic readings and intuitive readings. I use sometimes I’ll use Oracle cards or in sometimes I just answer the questions straight up. But it’s all communing with source communing with spirit and always to the benefit of the client. So I know some people are like, Ooh, that’s the devil. That’s witchcraft. It’s like and get out of here. It’s all for your highest good. And I always protect myself and the client before we start our session by calling in only the most high white crystal in healing light for the set for the session. So it’s never any like doom and gloom, fire and brimstone stuff.

Yeah, not like oh, well, you’re gonna go out your door and be hit by a bus. It was nice knowing you by

that only happened a few times.

So okay, this is is a little bit of a rabbit trail. But how did you find out that your discover–

Yes, that was gonnabe my question.

Like, I’ve got to know, I’ve got to know how you discovered your Claire’s.

Okay, so the, the short answer is I’ve always had them and and kind of hid them. But so my my brother passed away in 2016 and after that I sought out the help of a medium to try and contact him. I was just lost, you know, at the time, and the medium contacted him. It was an amazing experience. She was even calling me the nickname that he called me, which is not a normal nickname. So I was like, okay, she’s really, she’s really doing something here. How would she know that? So I after speaking with her, she was like, Oh, yeah, by the way, you can do this too. He had the gift and so to you. I was like, What are you talking about? So when she explained she was like, yeah, you know, you have this gift, yada yada. I was like, Alright, cool. You know, before that I kind of thought that I was just good at reading people like, I can smell a liar, but I feel like we all can you know, we know someone’s blessing. But so that night literally that night I went to bed and I had the most wild crazy dreams. And I had it was just like, filled with memories. The next morning I woke up I felt like I was a new person I had all these memories of when I was a child having prophetic dreams and telling my mom and my mom getting scared, having memories of being a little baby like 234 and saying Who’s that mommy and like, pointing at a woman that I can clearly see now And remember, it was my great grandmother who had already passed away and my mom getting freaked out and like running, picking me up and like running to the other side of the house. Yeah, so all of these like memories from really young came back and I recognized that I assumed as you know, my young brain thought that okay telling mommy about my dreams equals mommy gets sad and mad. Pointing out these people makes mommy sad and mad. So I just kind of shoved it down. I pretended it wasn’t happening until I just really separated myself from those gifts. As a young child, yeah, and then around like 1213 I was doing some stuff that I didn’t even I didn’t put two and two together. I took a regular card deck and I kind of made up a tarot from it. And I like doing readings on my friends just for fun like, hey, okay, the boy likes you. Oh, no, the boy doesn’t like you, whatever, right? Little things like that. So I kind of was pulling into this without recognizing like, Oh, I have something here. I was collecting crystals. But I wasn’t collecting crystals. I was just like, Oh, these are pretty rocks. I want to keep these rocks. So I had it all along, but I wasn’t recognizing it. And then when this woman said oh, by the way, It just kind of flooded all back to me and I was just like what Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Yeah, and then a couple years later like for the two years after that that session with her I just kind of started learning I found some guides and mentors and it just felt like it just so naturally fit in with the coaching that I just started offering it alongside it

That’s so cool. Yeah, that’s amazing that that that session with the medium just sort of like broke the dam

Yeah, I feel like she did something I feel like there was like a balloon in there and she popped it like welcome to the dark side

amazing I I am, that’s so cool. That’s so cool. I actually I am supposed to be I just remembered I’m supposed to be seen a medium with my my in laws. They’ve been to this gal like once or twice. But I’m so speed. It’ll be my first time going here and the I think in like a month or so. So I’m very I’m like very I don’t know what to expect. So which is basically what I said before I had my reading with you too. So like, trying to like go in with like very open my like just a no expectations I guess. Like I I guess because I would hope that I would hear for that my mom would come through but I’m trying to go in with no expectations but i just i do i think that people i and i do i think that people get freaked out by this kind of stuff because like, oh it’s evil scary. It’s dark, but I don’t think that it is.

So everything is love. Yeah, everything is love. And if you’re, you’re the person that you’re trying to reach that has crossed over, loved you on this side, and they love you so much more profoundly from the other side. So can only be love. Yeah.

Yeah. So cool.

Well, if someone is interested in booking time with you for any of the services that you offer, how can they do that?

Yeah. So they can just go to Bitly slash manifest with Dani. That’ll take you to my, my blog., and then there’s the whole work with me thing. So that link will take them there. And I’m always on Instagram. And I love it when people just slide into my DMs

on Instagram, I’m thedanifaust so you can reach me there

awesome. And then your podcast where can they listen to your podcast and what can they you know, kind of expect from manifest it sis?

Oh, that podcast is everywhere. So anywhere you want to listen, I’m there. And yeah, I talk about personal development type stuff. And I also talk about the manifesting listen I’m a Virgo So I need that practical like tangible stuff. So I knew that you know, goal setting logistics, but then I also am like, Yay, Reiki energy. So I smush both of them together for my listeners. So they’ll get a balance of the woowoo and the practical.

Love it. Yeah, I love I love. I love having a balance of woowoo and practical. I feel like that’s that’s very me.


But I feel like I have questions in my brain that are like, are not coming out to my mouth, which is annoying, but maybe I’ll slide into your DMs later.

We’ll be like Dani, come back. We got more questions

feel free anytime.

Thank you so much for joining us on the podcast.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

What’s bringing us joy?

So we always end our podcasts with by talking about joy. So Dani, what is something that is making you happy right now?

Oh, God. You know what’s making me happy as the Hamilton on Disney plus? Yeah, yes.

I’m obsessed and all I do is sing and now I sing talk everything my husband’s gonna kill me but

it never gets old. Like no matter how many times you watch it or listen to the soundtrack, it never gets old

it gets better.

Yes, I’ve been meaning to watch it with the subtitles on and I just haven’t had like three hours to sit down and do

I know. I know. Right? Because like you don’t want I like personally I don’t want to sit and like watch half of it and like come back. I want to sit and watch it all right. Leave me alone. Everybody shut up for three hours.

I feel like I do know the whole sound like I feel like I have it memorized. But also what if I’m missing words like I need to see what I might be missing.

They say so really fast and some of the songs. You gotta get it. Gotta get all those little words. Very important.

Now I feel like I’m gonna watch it again like, over the weekend when I have time

do it. I think The greatest idea


Yeah have a glass of wine Turn on subtitles perfect. Yeah, it’s a great weekend

kick everyone out on my house.

Oh, tell them to go the hell away for a while.

It’s too hot where are they gonna go huh?

I don’t know. Who cares

Stephie what is bringing you joy this week?

So I discovered a new to me podcast called you’re wrong about It’s been a while around for a while but I just discovered it. And I’m kind of obsessed with it. They basically the the hosts every episode, they sort of like debunk like the common understanding of certain things that are let’s just like in like, that we that we just like talk about or so sometimes they’re like historical Things like I listened to an episode about Anastasia and an episode about Marie Antoinette. I listened to one about Jeffrey Dahmer I listened to one about I listened to a bunch because I was driving to and fro I drove up and back from Chicago this weekend. So I just like binge listened to a bunch of them. I listened to one about like the Columbine shooting, I listened to one on like human trafficking and like, just super to me like super interesting things as they dive in. And they’re like, here is what actually happened or here’s what this person was actually like. Any other here’s what we normally think about. Here’s how the media has made us think about how this went down. But like, here’s how it actually happened. Here’s why it’s important to understand the like reality behind it, like all of that stuff. So there’s a bunch of episodes and I am obsessed right now. So I will probably have listened to all of them and then I’ll be like, Have this ads because I benched them all like a TV show. But there you go.

Well, then you could start watching. Adam ruins everything, which is kind of the same. Oh, yes.

I love I love that show. I Yes. That’s great. I love when people ruin things for me.

My favorite thing I just want to ruin everything with facts.

Megan, your turn.

Um, so I have been rewatching Sex in the City. It’s like a it’s real bad. Yeah, like, I didn’t know I mean, I was. I was like, Oh gosh, when it first came out. I was like in college, I guess it was in college and for most of it, but like

there’s a lot going on there and also, I’m older than the women in the show. are supposed to be so that’s really weird for me and I am embarrassed by the clothing

right it’s one of those rare like it’s bad but it’s different than like Friends that you watch now and you’re like oh god that’s like problematic like for me Sex in the City you watch and you’re like I don’t know there’s like a different

oh don’t there’s plenty of problematic stuff

plenty of plenty of problematic stuff in it but like To me it’s like my reaction to it is different than it is when I watched something like I don’t know like Friends or something. They weren’t like oh, this really is funny is no it’s not I don’t know.

Yeah, maybe because friends is supposed to be a comedy and maybe I’m not sure what it was like maybe

I think was maybe always supposed to be a little bit of a hot mess. I don’t know.

I don’t know. I mean, I’ve been I’ve been enjoying the rewatching it but it’s also been like, Oh, this is this is weird. And also I text I texted you last night where I was like, I watched a single episode where Carrie had Three or four different Dior saddlebags.


for whatever reason, but that purse is $3,000 for one. So the realism is not exactly there

No, I also I also like to you mentioned that you were sort of having a crisis because you had never really understood like, why she was so attracted to Big and now you’re like, Oh, yeah, I get it.

Oh, because you know, he was a jerk, but then also, when you rewatch it as an as a real adult, you’re like, Oh, actually, she’s a dummy, and psychopath, not psychopath, but like, She’s crazy person in the whole series. Whatever. She’s anyway.

It’s not a good look for Carrie, but Big. He’s much sexier. Now. That’s the whole thing.

Getting old is weird. It is. That’s the short story.

Next week’s episode

It’s a real mindfuck. That’s all there is to it. So with all this going on now Next week is going to be a minisode.

Yeah, so we’ll be right back here kind of giving you a little update about stuff. But until then, leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at IRSIpodcast, or send us an email at we’d love to hear from you. Talk to you soon.

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