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Episode 001: The Enneagram

Hello! Welcome to Episode 1 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re diving into the Enneagram.

What the heck is the Enneagram?

From The Enneagram Institute:

“From one point of view, the Enneagram can be seen as a set of nine distinct personality types, with each number on the Enneagram denoting one type. It is common to find a little of yourself in all nine of the types, although one of them should stand out as being closest to yourself. This is your basic personality type.”

There are a lot of things we love about the Enneagram, but this is perhaps our favorite:

“Ultimately, the goal is for each of us to “move around” the Enneagram, integrating what each type symbolizes and acquiring the healthy potentials of all the types. “

The Enneagram is really all about growth and existing on a continuum. It is set up for us to understand how our basic personality type is likely to react both under stress and when we are in a pattern of growth, allowing us to understand how to be our best selves.

What are our types?

Stephie is very much a Type 1 with a Type 2 wing.

Megan is very much a Type 5 with a Type 6 wing.

How do you figure out your type?

There are some paid tests and resources to help identify your type, but you can also find a lot of free tests on Google.

A lot of these aren’t super accurate, but EnneaApp and Your Enneagram Coach both offer decent ones.

Some of our favorite Enneagram accounts and resources

The Enneagram Institute and Crystal Knows both offer great basic information to get you started on learning about the Enneagram.

Some of our favorite Instagram accounts include: @enneagramandcoffee,, @godblesstheenneagram, @enneagramvibes.

Other stuff we mentioned this episode

Trust us, you’re going to want to follow @mytherapistsays.

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