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037: Namaste with Farryn Pearson

Hello! Welcome to episode 37 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we are talking to our coworker and yoga instructor, Farryn Pearson, to teach us all about yoga.

How did Farryn get into yoga?

Farryn started taking pilates, which led her to yoga classes. She decided to go through yoga teacher training as a way to deepen her own yoga practice.

For her, yoga is an enjoyable way to work the body and keep it at its best.

There are many types of instructor styles and trainings. Farryn did a 200-hour classical yoga training over the course of 6 months.

What’s up with the breath in yoga?

Your breath is a life source. You are also able to calm your heart rate, focus in on inhaling life and exhaling negative energy, contract your core for more power while moving through poses, and more when you breathe intentionally.

What’s the deal with mantras?

Mantras can be anything from actual phrases to sounds that are repeated in your head or out loud.

Mantras can be positive or negative. Intentionally repeating positive words, goals, and dreams can help speak those things to life.

What makes yoga a good workout?

The ability to stretch and align the body is something yoga absolutely provides, and something many more intense workouts don’t focus on or entirely neglect.

Not only do you check in with the mind, but you keep the body stretched and moving.

Many of the balancing poses and postures are also challenging and strengthening on their own!

How can you get started doing yoga?

Even just doing a “beginner yoga” search on Google will pull up some great 30-minute classes to get you started.

There are also some apps you can use to access varying levels of yoga workouts.

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