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089: Snack Time!

Hello! Welcome to episode 89 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, we’re talking all about snacks!

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Episode transcript

Megan 0:00
Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your hosts Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week I hope you’re hungry because we’re chatting all about snacks. Stay tuned.

Stephie 0:10
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Hello, hello.

Megan 0:51
Hello, Stephie I have a question for you. Oh,

Stephie 0:54

Megan 0:55
Have you ever had a problem where you are either laying in bed at night trying to relax yourself to sleep or meditating? And you’re focused on your breathing? And suddenly you start to think about what if I forget how to breathe? And then you’re full of anxiety because you’re like, what if I forget how to breathe?

Stephie 1:24
So I haven’t had that exact problem. But I very much remember like being a kid. And the whole concept of like our bodies just know how to breathe. Like blowing my mind and then just like really overthinking the whole like breathing thing. And like blinking to like if you think too much about blinking then you like blink too many times where you stop like it’s like a hole? I can’t Yeah. So well, that has not been an exact problem. similar problems. Yes.

Megan 2:01
I’m sure it’s just related to general anxiety anyway, but this past week, there are a couple of nights where I’ve been trying to fall asleep and I’ve been trying to breathe it into sleep. And I just end up thinking about breathing. And then thinking about forgetting how to breathe. And then subsequently I have problems breathing. I will say that that happens to me more often. If I’ve been rolling in the catnip. Well, that’s not my problem. So

Stephie 2:36
no, but I do like anytime I’ve brought in the catnip, so to speak. Thank you Caleb for that. I’m like breathing is weird.

So there’s that.

Megan 2:57
Yeah, that that would make sense.

Stephie 3:02
So I have created a monster I. So this actually goes back a few months. Anytime I’m eating anything, my child is like, I need some of that. And she started doing it like with like drinks too. And a couple months back I had an iced green tea from Starbucks. And she was like, I want some of that. And because there’s only like three people on the planet who actually like iced green tea. I was like fine, you’re gonna have a set because you’re not gonna like it and then you’ll leave me alone. No, no, no, no, no, no. Now there are four people on the planet who like ice green tea. So that was a thing. And because I drink especially like during the summer months, I drink iced tea a lot, and then when it’s cold are switched to hot tea. And so pretty much anytime I’m drinking tea, she’s like, I want some of that. And then this week, I made myself some Chai concentrate. So I’ve been drinking iced Chai. And she was like, I need that. And this afternoon well this this morning she like specifically came over to my desk It was like tea. Like oh my god so it was pretty watered down by that point. It was like the very bottom of the glass and it was like mostly like ice water or like water down at that point. So I let her have like a last couple steps. And then in the afternoon. She was like before like she got they got home from physical therapy. And she was like about to go up her nap. And she was like tea. And I was like oh no, honey, like, how about you want some water? No, that’s it. Do you want some milk? No. So you want tea? Yeah. So I had to like put like three drops of Chai concentrate in the glass like it like And then fill the rest with milk and say here’s your tea and then she was very happy so I don’t know if I need to like make like cinnamon water like concentrated cinnamon water for her to like because I’m a young girl You do not need the caffeine so anyway I made a monster

Megan 5:22
just get her it just get her into sleepy time tea

Stephie 5:28
just you know

Megan 5:29
have multiple problems solved

Stephie 5:32
the problem I was like girl I just so like what toddler is like yes, tea that’s my drink

Megan 5:42
Yeah, even Max who is eight is like tea doesn’t taste like anything. Like it tastes like it tastes like tea but he’s like it tastes like water It tastes like nothing like okay dude sure

Stephie 5:56
Ted lasso of him. Well, he does like it tastes like something so yeah, so that was that’s my that’s my weird kid who thinks that t is great asks for it by name. You know, at least I can give her basically milk and call it tea and she’s like, Okay.

Megan 6:16
I mean, could you just give her regular milk and she wouldn’t know the difference?

Stephie 6:20
I mean, probably but I like at least like her seen me like pour the concentrate like in the glass. She’s like she’s making me tea. She watches me do it for myself. So she is like smart enough that you can’t completely trick her. Like I’d have to at least pretend to do something to it and be like it’s dirty.

Megan 6:40
just wants to be like mom, she’s too smart. Sometimes I wonder sometimes if she like doesn’t have taste buds

Stephie 6:52
everything well, I mean she does there are certain things where she’ll just be like no, like she clearly doesn’t want it that day or like there have been things that she’s like about it first and then the second time she tries it she’s like yes, this is awesome. But sometimes Yeah, I’m like you are wildly unpicking who’s wildly picky and she is the opposite end of the spectrum. Also guys she learned how to say Reus. She has to this point just called Reus Bubba which we call him Bubba a lot. But yesterday she said Reus for the first time. Reus Reus Reus it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Big Big times ever hear another ear infection? Guys we have to talk about food again.

Megan 7:49
I mean, have to want to you know like

Stephie 7:54
it’s been like too many episodes of not talking about food. So it just felt like we needed to have a little like food chit chat before we like start to hit the holiday season.

Megan 8:06
Yeah, kind of like a little prepper for like all the food you’re about to eat.

Stephie 8:14
Just like appetizers just like snacks. Yeah, it’s a little snack

Megan 8:20
See what I did there

Stephie 8:24
so because mess Megan is Megan she did a lot of research on the history of snacks for us.

Megan 8:31
I be and I had to

Stephie 8:34
wait we knew it was gonna happen.

Megan 8:36
We can’t just talk about food we have to like talk a little bit more deeper.

Stephie 8:40

Megan 8:44
So there’s a little bit of a debate over what is the oldest snack food

Stephie 8:52
Okay, first of all, I have to interject the fact that there is a debate about this. I mean, it’s kind of hilarious to me

Megan 9:01
historians are such nerds and they love to find stuff like this to argue about

Stephie 9:10
no it was this no was this like okay

Megan 9:16
I mean I can see there there are multiple reasons why that argument makes sense to me though so and why like is worthwhile argument in my opinion, but I’m also kind of under so the day is either whether it’s pretzels, or popcorn, which I didn’t even snacks. I did not think about pretzels. being something that was old.

Stephie 9:43
Um, I what I know about pretzels are that they were made by like, this is not this is me not looking at your notes. What I know about pretzels is that they were made by like nuns or monks or something as like To teach the kids Something about like crossing your hands to pray or crossed arms for prayer or some such nonsense.

Megan 10:11
Well, you were raising evangelicals. So that would make sense that that is what

Stephie 10:19
it was like, old. Yeah. So

Megan 10:22
they were supposedly invented in sixth century by an Italian monk. And apparently he used it as some sort of reward for children attending church. Okay, I do not I do not know if the part about the crossed hands or hands and lap or that I’m not sure if that’s true, but that way I can see it.

Stephie 10:45
Right. Like it’s one of those it’s one of those whether it’s true or not like you can see the tie, you could see how if it’s a myth that it came to be,

Megan 10:53
yeah, I don’t know how good they were in the sixth century.

Stephie 10:58
I mean, like, no, no shots to the sixth century, but like, probably not great.

Megan 11:02
Probably not great. I can’t imagine they’re like a delicious soft pretzel. They’re probably they’re probably like those really, really hard. Who would like break your sourdough ones? Yeah. Yeah,

Stephie 11:15
not really sure what those pretzels are good for, to be honest with you.

Megan 11:18
I do not know, but they still sell them. However, some archaeologists believe that Native Americans were making popcorn for 1000s of years before that. I mean, that makes sense to me. Right? Because popcorn is comes from corn. And it’s a natural, like, there’s nothing you can do to it necessarily. And but

Stephie 11:44
indigenous peoples have been growing corn syrup forever time. Yeah, basically. So I can tell I can totally see the popcorn thing. Yeah. Are they drizzling it with butter? Probably not. You know,

Megan 12:02
butter and salt. And I mean, maybe salt. But that also probably tasted very differently than the popcorn. We’re used to. We’re used to aside from microwave popcorn which, right? Who knows what’s all over that? I mean, true. Yes. But for anyone who doesn’t know popcorn is actually a different kind of corn. Then like corn corn, that the corn you eat. And also most of the corn that you see growing is like corn for cows. Yes. So we have a cold corn problem here. But a lot

Stephie 12:39
of different kinds of corn growth. Yeah, lesson you will learn a lot about.

Megan 12:45
But you can also buy popcorn on the cob, which I’ve never done. But sounds fascinating. We have gotten it from the CSA a few times. And also, I saw at the farmers market. Um, last week, the week before that some of the places had popcorn on the cob still. It’s kind of fun thing to get when you have kids because

Stephie 13:12
you say sounds like a good like, little kid project. Yeah, cuz

Megan 13:17
you put it in like a paper lunch bag. And then you fold it up and you pop it in the microwave. And then it just like falls off the cob. Yeah, most of it falls off. Some of it will pop at but stay on.

Stephie 13:30
I would need to do this now. It’s pretty fun.

Megan 13:32
We have some here. So yeah, the kids think it’s fun. Yeah. And actually the pups like really well. I’m always surprised about when when you look at the corncob and then you see like how much popcorn you get afterwards. And I was surprised by how well it pops.

Stephie 13:50
I mean, I always struggle with that when I make popcorn of like, I always put too many kernels in the pot. And then I’m like, Well, I definitely overshot how much popcorn I needed. Like I’ve never Keaton like okay, I am one person not need this many kernels because it makes like it just expands so much. And it makes so much popcorn.

Megan 14:15
I feel like whenever I make it in the air popper, I never make enough. But when I make like the cob, like that’s too much,

Stephie 14:24
somewhere in between.

Megan 14:27
Yeah. So that’s the main debate between the first snack. I mean, it’s kind of a weird title to battles. But yeah, I would give it to the the popcorn as well. Also, popcorn is more delicious. I’m just gonna say it.

Stephie 14:44
Yeah, I mean, unless we’re talking like a soft pretzel, which I which is not what we’re talking about here. I again, like probably the like hard pretzels. Yeah, I’m probably gonna choose popcorn.

Megan 14:57
Yeah, I would say a soft pretzel with like, A cheese spread.

Stephie 15:02
Amazing. So good. Yeah, yeah, although we do really like the the dots brand pretzels here really fucking good. That’s cuz they’re seasoned though. Well, yes, but we were talking about like now we would pick popcorn over pretzels I depending on like it has to be a very specific brand of pretzels for me to like, choose it over popcorn but nine times out of 10 it’s popcorn for me. Yeah, cuz I’m like in chex mix. I’m picking around the pretzels. I’m not eating the Oh yeah, no, the pretzels to the dog.

Megan 15:38
I Max loves pretzels. I will like save the pretzels for him to eat.

Stephie 15:43
Oh, I’m such a good mom. But really, because I didn’t want them.

Megan 15:48
I’ll eat like a couple of the pretzels, like sporadically in between my bites. Yes, but there there’s like more than like three pretzels in my bowl. That’s too many.

Stephie 15:59
Yes, agreed. You’re on the same wavelength with the pretzels.

Megan 16:05
I’m continuing along our history. We’re jumping ahead in time now. And you’re talking about triscuit which is triscuit. Not triscuits. Which is is weird to me because it should be plural. But it’s still just triscuit apparently,

Stephie 16:24
I don’t like that. We go back in time and fix that.

Megan 16:29
If only they were invented in 1903. And they were the first crackers to be made using electricity. They were made with hydroelectric power. And that is why they have the name triscuit because it comes from electricity biscuit. I’ll be damned. Which is just silly. But everyone apparently thought like the tri part was meant three something like three layers of wheat or three ingredients or whatever. But it’s not.

Stephie 17:06
It’s just the middle part of electricity. And the last part

Megan 17:10
Yeah. Yeah. Because apparently I guess in if you know, we were around in 1903. And suddenly there was electricity. I mean, it would probably be losing our minds, right?

Stephie 17:22
Like thing and you’re like, Oh my gosh, they made these crackers, these biscuits using electricity. Oh my god.

Megan 17:30
Yeah, that’d be insanity. Who knows, but the world is going to come up with next? Well, it turns out more snacks.

Stephie 17:41
We will just come up with different snackage.

Megan 17:44
So you know, then after world war two and 1950s, a lot of things started getting more automated and industrial manufacturing pack ship packaged food became a huge part of everyday life. And everybody wanted easier ways to get food on the table, everything had to be easier started to make, you know, moms lives a little bit easier. And that included snack foods.

Stephie 18:09
I mean, that makes sense.

Megan 18:11
And there’s just like this chart that I had found on the Smithsonian, where it just shows like this. I feel it’s almost like a vertical line of like the number of new products introduced every year. And for like, basically from the 1970s on it’s just like 45 degree or her or smaller. So many new products every year, and most of them seem to be snacks like coming from working for a grocery store. And just like knowing about food stuff in general, like everything is snacks. thought was kind of crazy. And we’re all like at this point in time. We’re all used to like kale chips, and sprouted grain bites and whatever protein bars and all that nonsense. But by the early 1990s we were already obsessed with making packaged snacks healthier, like snack wells.

Stephie 19:20
Absolutely not.

Megan 19:23
Do You Do you remember how? Like what his stack was made by Nabisco? I’m pretty sure Uh huh. Um, they like tricked us all to thinking they were good. Yeah, so bad. Really were terrible. really terrible.

Stephie 19:39
Actually. I know I mentioned maintenance phase, the podcast last week, but they actually have a great episode on snack wells.

Megan 19:48
I was trying to find it and I could not remember if it was on maintenance face or you’re wrong. Mike was talking about I knew because every time one either the him or Sarah or odd Aubrey say snack was they just like start getting angry for good reason like I feel like snack was really brought in this crazy era of like junk food can be good for you we’re not even gonna like pretend to make you eat vegetables we’re just gonna make this kinky chocolate cookie be healthy

Stephie 20:25
really just tasted like ass and was not good for you spoiler

Megan 20:33
no they still make them though yeah that’s we’re still around

Stephie 20:38
I mean diet culture man.

Megan 20:42
I know the funny thing is that snack walls is like like we were so consumed by snack walls and then they came out with like those chips that were made with olestra Oh, and then everybody like poop their pants

Stephie 20:59

Megan 21:01
so that went away But like all these other snacks that still don’t have good things in them are still around because like you poop your pants less often. I don’t know

Stephie 21:16
it’s like somehow less offensive and because it doesn’t happen as frequently Yeah, I got a lot of questions about that.

Megan 21:24
I don’t know I actually I think it was not that long ago, but I had a snack was recently ish. Just to see what it tastes like. And and first of all, it tastes like really fake chocolate fake chocolate. Sure. And so I got like the quintessential snack was I feel like is that like the devil’s Food Cake one that’s like yeah, the like. It’s like, cake with like a weird, fake frosting and then covered in like a hard shell. Uh huh. And so all of it tastes like chemicals. Yeah, the cake is like eating a sponge, but like drier than a sponge it’s really hard to describe but also that is exactly what it tastes like. It’s got that that’s got that flavor that basically like if you’ve ever eaten one you know exactly what it tastes like. It’s just like 30 years later in

Stephie 22:32
your memory.

Megan 22:33
Yeah, they were so bad. I feel like now there’s just too many snacks in general, like how and it’s this weird thing where they just keep introducing more and more snacks because and I mean food products in general because they want to capture the market but the thing is that Americans and probably other people like humans in general our brains shut down when we have too many options

Stephie 23:07

Megan 23:09
so like

Stephie 23:11
a lot of us tend to just like we have like that comfort thing so I feel like it’s kind of unusual for like something like brand new to come on the market. I like really succeed long term because like oh the novelty but then you revert back to like your old staples.

Megan 23:35
Yeah, I would agree with that.

Stephie 23:38
Like you you’re you go back to like potato chips and the pretzels and the popcorn and the cheese it’s and the ice cream and like shit like that. And the stuff that’s just like wild and crazy like it doesn’t just doesn’t stick around particularly like a particularly long time.

Megan 24:03
Yeah, even like I mentioned kale chips earlier kale chips were huge for like, three years and there’s technically still around but I don’t I don’t remember

Stephie 24:17
their senses on that.

Megan 24:20
Sometimes they were okay but most of the time they were not. And so I don’t really know anyone who still eats them.

Stephie 24:29
No, I don’t know anyone that eats. I mean, the way that I feel about celery is how my husband feels about kale so it’s basically not allowed in this house. Like he was like looking at a recipe online like he was like doing some like research for like some recipe development stuff. And he was like, Yeah, I found this one but it uses fucking kale. We will not be doing that. Just like laughing Like I know kale,

Megan 25:03
I mean how does he feel about like chard or collards?

Stephie 25:09
That’s fine.

Megan 25:11
Really because collards I feel like are even like more of a of a

Stephie 25:17
I mean they’re less offensive to him than kale.

Megan 25:21
I feel like for kale it is more the association than the actual vegetable at this point.

Stephie 25:26
I mean I’ve tried to feed it to him different ways and he’s had a lot of different ways that work and he’s just not he’s he just no. So kale chips if I brought home kale chips and was like you should eat this kale chips. He would probably smell that probably smother me and my sleep would be that would be that.

Megan 25:53
I was trying to think of a snack that is new ish, but is also still really popular. And I can’t really think of anything. But takis are new ish.

Stephie 26:15

Megan 26:16
And those are still pretty huge. Also, I just learned that there is a angry burger flavor of takis. A what? Angry burger. It’s a spicy hamburger and dill pickle flavor.

Stephie 26:33
I wish you could see my face right now. I’ve got a lot of questions about that.

Megan 26:41
There’s 24 flavors of takis.

Stephie 26:43
I didn’t know that.

Megan 26:45
I did not know that talkies were invented in 1999. And but they didn’t come to the States until 2006. That makes sense. And now they’re huge. My son loves talkies.

Stephie 26:57
That makes sense. I also feel like, well, I feel like maybe Texas got them before we did up here.

Megan 27:09
I would assume so. Yeah. Like are making their way north. The proximity to Mexico? Yes. There are actually here. I noticed there are a lot of tacky flavors available at the group. Yeah, I

Stephie 27:21
see a lot more now. And like, I think they’re just like, I just think that they I think it took a little longer to get up here, then down and down and into Haas. Um, yeah, cuz like a lot of the stuff that I’m thinking about. They’re not like new snacks. They’re like, staple brands. And it’s like a different,

Megan 27:44
like a variation. Yeah, like

Stephie 27:48
those crackers. That’s like, I think it might be like, I think they actually might be made by townhouse. But they’ve got like the two. It’s like one sides of pretzel, one side, it’s a cracker, or whatever. Like those came out. I think that I might have been in high school maybe, or something when those came out. And they still actually make those, which I feel like is a long time for them to like, I would have thought that they would have petered out by now. I mean, they’re pretty good, but it’s definitely a lot of stuff that I’m thinking about stuff like that, where it’s not a new snack, really, it’s just like, they’ve taken their existing product line and like, expanded it slightly or like done a twist on it, or, yeah, whatever.

Megan 28:37
That made me think of. I was at the store the other day, and I bought a box of townhouse crackers. And it made me realize that we only ever ate townhouse crackers when I was kid. Like, we never got Ritz. Oh, I don’t know if it was like, ritz were more expensive. Or there was just some weird brand loyalty there. Because I feel like and I also could be incorrect in this. So Texas listeners don’t sue me. I feel like townhouse crackers are not available in Texas. Oh, because we bought Ritz but then when we got when I bought the townhouse here I was like now I remember why I like the townhouse. And it’s because if you’re eating summer sausage, and you cut a slice of summer sausage, it’s around but then you have to cut it in half. You have to cut it in half and then it’s the half size is the perfect size for a town house cracker cracker.

Stephie 29:47
It does. I just searched on the town house website. Apparently something is available in Texas but I don’t know if it’s the regular one. Are these booze boozy as flatbread crackers?

Megan 30:03
It could also depend on the store too. Yes. So you never know

Stephie 30:09
search for I don’t I don’t this is not a this is not a very user friendly website. If anyone from Kellogg corporation is listening the townhouse website needs some love. Thank you.

Megan 30:25
Just one snack, cracker if while we’re on the snack cracker category apparently one snack cracker that I’m always surprised still exists is chicken in a biscuit? Yes. Which is the same kind of thing where you like I haven’t had a chicken in the biscuit and like 25 years, but I know exactly what it tastes like.

Stephie 30:46
And like weird they’re weirdly good. They’re weirdly good. Like once you eat like you cannot stop eating them.

Megan 30:54
They should not be good. No, they should. The concept is

Stephie 30:59
just what even what even.

Megan 31:03
It’s I feel like it’s a cracker with like chicken bullion on it. Well, we’re in maybe some cheese

Stephie 31:09
chicken in a biscuit. But like baked snack

Megan 31:14
crackers. It is definitely a concept that you’re like, Yeah, that’d be delicious. No. Also, what do you eat it with? You can’t eat it with anything.

Stephie 31:23
Let’s see. Blah, blah, blah, blah, normal cracker stuff. onion powder. dehydrated cooked chicken. Spice extractives There you go.

Megan 31:37
dehydrated cooked chicken.

Stephie 31:39
And yet

Megan 31:42
they’re really good. They’re really good. I know there are certain people out there that are like nodding along like they know.

Stephie 31:48
Like I’m not gonna go out and buy a box of chicken in a biscuit crackers.

Megan 31:52
Well, I’m

Stephie 31:52
kind of craving sugar.

Megan 31:54
I’m always tempted though when I see them at the store. I’m like, You know what? I know. Those crackers are good.

Stephie 32:02
We should just do like a shitty snacks. Snack tray.

Megan 32:06
Like a guilty snacks.

Stephie 32:08
Uh huh. And then I like actually, crackers will be on Yeah. We’ll do it. Well, we have our Twilight watch party.

Megan 32:20
We can we can add it on with the totino is talkies pizza rolls.

Stephie 32:27
Oh, God.

Megan 32:28
sounds horrible.

Stephie 32:30
It sounds like heartburn right there. I got a little heartburn listening that we were so weak friends family. My mom always bought wheat then. Or triscuit sometimes if we were feeling rich, but usually like storebrand weekends.

Megan 32:46
I don’t really yeah, we would always read townhouse and like we wouldn’t get weekends probably because they were wheat and that was like healthy. And like which is funny because we only would buy wheat bread.

Stephie 33:00
That is funny.

Megan 33:03
But we then does make really good flavored Wheat Thins

Stephie 33:06
I I love a wheat then I was like

Megan 33:10
straight up addicted to the range flavored Wheat Thins for a while.

Stephie 33:13
They’re good. I love I love a triscuit and I love a wheat then.

Megan 33:18

Stephie 33:19
some good stuff. So I found a random ass list of like, the best snacks.

Megan 33:31
Oh really?

Stephie 33:32
It’s like the 99 best I don’t know. I don’t know who created this is sort of like a random ass website but a bunch of the like the first like 20 plus Hold on. The first 24 things that are listed or candies first, like mostly candy bars.

Megan 33:59
Is this list brought to us by m&m Mars company, as you

Stephie 34:02
would think so. And then the like Lindt lindor truffles are on there for rochet and then m&ms, and then finally at number 25. We get to hostess Twinkies, which barf. And then finally at 26 we get Doritos, but they’re saying the Cool Ranch wants the nacho cheese, superior Doritos. Everyone knows that.

Megan 34:32
I do enjoy Cool Ranch Doritos, but Cool Ranch Doritos. I was just reading about this the other day. They are not as cool or as ranch as they used to be.

Stephie 34:46
Big there’s a shock.

Megan 34:49
Apparently they changed the formula from like the 80s or 90s or whenever it was that they like brought out Cool Ranch Doritos. Yeah. So they’re not the same anymore. She said,

Stephie 35:01
That’s sad. Well, I always thought the nacho cheese ones were superior.

Megan 35:08
We don’t even buy the nacho cheese ones anymore because we like to net the spicy nacho cheese ones.

Stephie 35:13
Well, you know, I don’t do that. But we like to get when we make when we make nachos, we like to get the nacho cheese Doritos and do half of those, and then half regular tortilla chips. Fancy because we are trash.

Megan 35:30
I mean, I did make taki nachos for my son’s birthday a couple years ago, so you admittedly felt terrible afterwards. It was a mistake. Don’t do it.

Stephie 35:40
Pringles are also on the list although they list the barbecue flavor. Specifically,

Megan 35:48
barbecue was like my number two though.

Stephie 35:51
But the sour cream and onion are where it’s at.

Megan 35:54
It’s my companion or better than the barbecue. That’s true. I don’t understand how the savory snacks are way below all the candies, either. I mean there’s really like a list of the top or is it? Are they not in a particular order?

Stephie 36:06
I don’t um, I have a hard

Megan 36:09
time believing that Twinkies got rated over Doritos

Stephie 36:13
it seems like maybe oh it seems like maybe they like I don’t think maybe they’re in a specific or I don’t I don’t think they’re in the order of the best it because it does say this list is comprised of the best of the best candy bars chips fruit snacks core may and quarter store favorites okay

Megan 36:30
so like they’re like in categories

Stephie 36:33
but they did it is not clear when you’re just scrolling through the list very quickly while you’re talking about a podcast and so they list they do sprinkles which Pringles are Megan’s in my like go to that’s like a go to road trip snack. I can eat Pringles in the city. It’s extremely embarrassing.

Megan 36:56
I just pulled up I just wanted to go see like maybe if we could get the same list and I got a list from thrillist Oh, and this is an order. And it goes from 100 to one kick. You will never guess what 100 is.

Stephie 37:12
Is 100 the best or 100

Megan 37:14
the 100 is the worst of this. 100 snacks.

Stephie 37:17
Probably sour cream and onion. sprinkles.

Megan 37:20
Premium saltines

Stephie 37:23
I don’t know why that’s even on the list of the best.

Megan 37:27
99 is sunflower seeds. 98 is Raisinettes who made this list.

Stephie 37:42
Oh my

Megan 37:43
god. They put Swiss rolls down at 89 that is offensive to Little Debbie.

Stephie 37:51
Megan’s gonna start a letter writing campaign on

Megan 37:53
behalf they’re rated below club crackers. Come on. Oh, and Pez Pez is not even a food.

Stephie 38:00
Food is like

Megan 38:05
I gotta get to the top. This scrolls forever. Oh, like there’s so many things on here that are just like bad that are rated higher. gushers those are horrible.

Stephie 38:16
Oh, those were terrible when I was a kid. Oh, still exists?

Megan 38:21
They do. Yeah. I think my kids had them once. Like maybe in a Halloween basket or something.

Stephie 38:27
Jelly goo on the inside.

Megan 38:30
Kids love that stuff.

Stephie 38:32
Where there’s originals on my list, which just makes me think of my grandpa he loved he loved Werther’s originals.

Megan 38:40
I do kind of let them know. He always liked Yeah, the hard ones you’d have to sock on. Uh huh. Yeah, I kind of liked him when I was a kid.

Stephie 38:50
Same. I mean, I don’t know if I liked them. I don’t know if I actually really liked them. Or if I just had such positive associations with my grandpa. I don’t know. But yeah, I also really

Megan 39:02
like nips. I don’t know what those are. nips are like a hard candy and on the inside, they have like a filling, like a cream thing. So you’d have to like suck on the hard candy until you could get whatever the cream type feeling was usually like a chocolate or like a butterscotch or coffee flavor or something. Okay. What I hope this is still just like,

Stephie 39:30
oh, we’re back to candy on my list. Oatmeal cream pies are on here.

Megan 39:36
Those are good. Yeah,

Stephie 39:38
I just really liked the cookie and not so much the cream filling because I’m a weirdo.

Megan 39:44
What I actually like better though is that they sometimes have available a peanut butter cream pie where it’s peanut butter cookies. And then like peanut butter filling it but I’ve only seen those at the gas station. Unlike twice my whole life something

Stephie 40:01
I’ve made something like that, like a like a peanut butter oatmeal cookie sandwich with like peanut butter, like filling and that was pretty fucking good. So I’m in the back.

Megan 40:15
You can be vindicated because thrillist number one is doritos

Stephie 40:21
Thank you.

Megan 40:23
I will also note that in their menu header, they have their own tab for cannabis. So that might have something to do if something

Stephie 40:30
to do with it. I do love Doritos. I cannot keep them in their house because I don’t really know how to stop eating them and it’s kind of a problem although what I say it is the number one snack of all time. I don’t know about that. But I don’t know what I would list but you know, I’m okay. How do you feel about Fritos?

Megan 40:53
I do really like Fritos. Mostly. So plain Fritos for Frito pie. Okay, slash walking tacos. Whatever you want to call it. Sure. We usually make that every time we go camping because it’s easy, and they will eat it. And then I really like the chili cheese Fritos. Ooh, yeah, those are good. And I like the barbecue Fritos like the twisty ones. They used to make ranch Fritos. Which I believe they also still might make but you can only get at a gas station there’s a lot of snacks you can only get a gas stations. Why road trip snacks are the best they are like I’m sorry you can save your carrot sticks for later

Stephie 41:45
I don’t want them I don’t want them on my road trip. No,

Megan 41:48
I want that’s no fun.

Stephie 41:50
I want ice you know what I love I love at a gas station when you get

Megan 41:54
many donuts

Stephie 41:55
well no I was gonna say the bags have just the right chips

Megan 42:03
oh yeah

Stephie 42:04
like the i don’t i don’t think it’s Chex Mix that doesn’t maybe gardettos but it’s like literally the just the rye chips from like the Chex Mix Yeah,

Megan 42:14
I think it’s gardettos so

Stephie 42:15
fucking good because the rye chips are the best part of like a packaged like Chex Mix situation so just a bag of those totally happy peeps are on here gross.

Megan 42:32

Stephie 42:33
The Sour Patch Kids I do love the Sour Patch Kid.

Megan 42:37
I love Sour Patch Kids and my kids also love Sour Patch Kids which I think is hilarious that we all are like garbage cans. Whenever the kids get them I’m like can I have some days?

Stephie 42:49
I know I think I put them in Alex’s like Christmas stocking last year because he loves candy and we both love Sour Patch Kids let’s see. There’s some are some random ones on here. Lots of like hard candies. Airheads Oh, I don’t see what actually eat

Megan 43:12
my kids do i mean kids eat them.

Stephie 43:14
I guess kids eat them. Yeah. That brown sugar Pop Tarts, which are Oh, arguably the best pop tart. I mean, Pop Tarts are trash, but the brown sugar ones are arguably the best ones.

Megan 43:34
Yeah, you don’t like chocolate but I really liked the the they were like smores ones. Oh, I had like marshmallow goo in them along with the chocolate

Stephie 43:47
one of the many times in the 80s and 90s when snack food companies tried to sell us desserts as breakfast. Absolutely.

Megan 43:58
I mean they still do like I mean it’s not.

Stephie 44:01
It’s not gotten better, but

Megan 44:05
like you like waffles. We’ll just repackage it into a sugary cereal.

Stephie 44:11
It’ll be delicious. You like the shelves?

Megan 44:14
What was I felt like the most ridiculous cereal the other day and I can’t remember what it is because it was so ridiculous. But it was literally just like you like Twinkies we missed cereal out of it.

Stephie 44:25
For breakfast.

Megan 44:27
Why not? It’s fine. It’s part of a healthy breakfast.

Stephie 44:32
I love a gummy bear. I’m not a sugar bite you

Megan 44:36
only like you only like certain flavors of gummy bears, right?

Stephie 44:40
The pineapple ones are my favorite. I will eat other flavors, but the pineapple ones are my all time favorite. Like no contest. Although we had been brand was that we’ve grown we went to We went to Wisconsin our friends had gotten these gummy bears and there’s like 12 different flavors in them.

Megan 45:13

Stephie 45:16
trying to remember Oh my gosh.

Megan 45:19
Were they like, were they fancy gummy bears? Or

Stephie 45:26
like harboe Albany’s candy 12 flavors. I mean you could get them they had them at the people’s Kroger so they’re definitely not Oh,

Megan 45:37
I’ve seen those before, I think, but they have like, they’re literally 12

Stephie 45:41
different flavors. I’m trying to find. I’m trying to find a list of the flavors. Like, read more. Flavors include cherry pink, grapefruit, watermelon, strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, which hold on I have a rant about boo boo raspberry in a second. orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, green apple, mango, pineapple and lemon. Hmm. They were they were quite good. Um, what? How? How about blue raspberry become a thing.

Megan 46:09
Um, I actually used to know this, because my kids are always asking me about it. But I do not remember

Stephie 46:17
remember as a kid being like blue raspberries don’t exist. And it also, blue raspberry doesn’t taste like raspberry. It just it like it tastes like blue raspberry. But blue raspberries don’t exist. So it like it tastes like nothing. It tastes like a thing that doesn’t exist.

Megan 46:40
Well, the reason why it’s blue is because all the other fruits that are candy is already made out of is red.

Stephie 46:49
Sure, I mean I guess so.

Megan 46:52
So you can’t tell the difference between like my kids don’t necessarily know the difference between like a cherry candy, a watermelon candy and a strawberry candy because they’re, they’re all sometimes they’re different shades, but it depends on what. Who has made the candy.

Stephie 47:08
Yeah. But why does it not actually tastes like raspberry. I don’t think it tastes like raspberry.

Megan 47:20
It does not It tastes like food coloring. Sugar. syrup. Supposedly, the flavor comes from a raspberry that is called a blue raspberry. Or there’s it’s got three names. It’s it’s called White bark raspberry blackcap raspberry or blue raspberry.

Stephie 47:39
So sounds like a GMO?

Megan 47:45
No, it’s just I mean, raspberries crossbreed? Um, I don’t think the fruit is blue. I think the fruit is probably like a dark. Dark blackish like a Blackberry. I would guess because there are, you know, similar. I’m sure there are black raspberries, so I would assume it’s the same kind of color.

I don’t really know why they decided it had to be like this horrible. Neon blue color. Purple.

Stephie 48:16
Yeah, it’s like weird. Oh, sun chips are on the list. Those have not been around that long.

Megan 48:23
Really? I remember eating some chips when I was a kid. They launched in 1991 Oh, that makes sense then, but that was in like the health that’s interesting because that was in like the healthy snack phase. And some chips stuck around. And they’re good. They’re freaking delicious. Yeah, they’re not terrible. I do remember a lot of people have been like, Oh, those are disgusting. Because like grains black. sand. Great chip.

Stephie 48:50
Yeah, the garden salsa is so good. Yeah,

Megan 48:55
I like all of them.

Stephie 48:56
I know. Yeah, I like Well, I mean, I’m not gonna kick a son chip out of bed. But yeah, very good.

Megan 49:03
Just to get back to the blue raspberry for one second. Yes, the flavor was developed using banana cherry and pineapple.

Stephie 49:15
I told you it’s doesn’t taste like raspberries.

Megan 49:18
Right? Weird. Um,

Stephie 49:21
see, this did not solve my issues. trust issues with blue raspberry. bugles. Oh my god. I haven’t thought about bugles and like 100 years.

Megan 49:36
Yeah, I think there was a time when we all had them as kids and we put them on our fingers and they dance. But bugles were not delicious. No, they’re not. They’re very salty. They’re very salty and don’t taste like much of anything else.

Stephie 49:52
Yeah, they’re like their corn ship, but they’re not like it’s not like a Frito

Megan 49:56
No, it’s like a corn chip derived or privative it’s corn.

Stephie 50:03
like a like a muted corn.

Megan 50:07
Corn chips for people who don’t like corn?

Stephie 50:12
Yeah, kinda um, do you have obviously I don’t eat Oreos? Do you have any particular like Oreo feelings? Because I know a lot of people have like very specific like they only eat the double stuff or like they always pull them apart the cream filling first. Like an Oreo thing.

Megan 50:34
I have I have multiple thoughts about Oreos, would you tell? First of all, Double Stuf are the best Oreos. Okay, there’s no contest. It has doubled the filling like what would be the problem here? I don’t understand. Who would eat Oreo thins why it’s just gonna say you know like those thin ones it’s funny that I prefer the Double Stuf because I’m not a frosting person but I am a little surprised but i think i think it’s because the chocolate in the Oreo cookie is so chocolatey. That you need to cut it Yeah, I need to cut it and the ratio is correct in in doubles.

Stephie 51:16
It’s like having a glass of milk with a piece of chocolate cake like you need that like,

Megan 51:20
right? But I don’t like I guess ideally you would dip your Oreos and a glass of milk but I don’t do that because then it’s soggy and disgusting. So like why are you writing your cookies? Um, so I’m a Double Stuf all the way person The other thing I don’t understand about Oreos is this constant need for new flavors? Oh God, just like so many new flavors all the time. every holiday there’s at least one new flavor every third month where the second Sunday has dropped with the full moon there’s another flavor like it’s just super random and weird. I don’t get it I’m

Stephie 52:06
here let’s uh i’m gonna

Megan 52:09
you’re gonna go through the Oreo flavors because there’s a lot on their

Stephie 52:11
website right now. So currently listed on the Oreo website we have Oh, they’re not terrible number right now. smores Oreo s’mores cookies. Limited Edition we have Oreo brookie Oh brownie. What? So

Megan 52:33
that’s located and

Stephie 52:34
original brownie original cream and cookie dough. Triple layered cream. So okay, so I think it’s like, I think from the picture on the package. I think that it’s the regular cookies, and it’s three layers of cream one is regular. The original one is cookie dough and one is brownie.

Megan 53:03
But it’s layered they’re not like

Stephie 53:06
they’re layers of the cream. three layers of cream with the regular cookies. Ponder that for a minute.

Megan 53:16
We try I’m trying to picture it in my brain and now I have to look

Stephie 53:19
I have the like chocolate hazelnut cream so basically Nutella but they can’t use Nutella Can you tell us whatever the Java chip flavored cream so like coffee chocolate chip cream. There’s of course the mint Oreos but I don’t think that’s like new I think that the I think the or the mint Oreos are kind of a perennial flavor. I think we have birthday cake flavor cream. These all these all have except for the s’mores one which is like a graham cracker cookie with marshmallow and chocolate flavors of cream. All of these have like the original chocolate cookie as far as I can tell. And then there’s the like chocolate chocolate so the chocolate cookie and the chocolate cream and then the chocolate cookie with dark chocolate cream. Cuz you know there’s a the vanilla cookie, but with chocolate. So it’s a grande flavored cookie with peanut butter and chocolate cream like swirled together that’s the chocolate peanut butter pie flavor. And then there’s the peanut butter Oreos, which is the regular cookie with peanut butter cream. Carrot Cake. So carrot cake flavored cookie with cream cheese frosting. Big fucking pass thing. No thank you. Oreo chocolate marshmallow sandwich so I guess it’s marshmallow pieces in the cookie with Mart chocolate marshmallow cream. gets very confusing. And then the Oreo Carmel coconut flavored cream caramel coconut flavored cream with coconut pieces in the chocolate cookie and then we have like the golden the golden Oreos and then like the lemon flavored cream golden Oreos. I actually do like the golden Oreos. That’s exhausting.

Megan 55:23
Yeah, and that’s just like the tip of the iceberg, right? Like Like there

Stephie 55:28
was like the fudge covered ones and like all of the other

Megan 55:33
I mean, so all of the like,

Stephie 55:36
more limited edition ones I didn’t even see

Megan 55:39
Oh yeah, there’s like the ones that were around for like a season and then went away and then there were apparently a bunch of ones that they made specifically for movies. Like right now they have the Pokemon ones, but they also made Oreos for like the Transformers movie and there was there’s way

Stephie 56:03
too many I can’t

Megan 56:05
there’s I’m just gonna run through like the more crazy ones. Fruit Punch flavor. It was vanilla cookie with fruit punch flavored cream.

Stephie 56:14
God that sounds a whole bad.

Megan 56:17
key lime pie. Maybe can be good, but probably

Stephie 56:22
not like citrus but probably not when crap.

Megan 56:27
Marshmallow crispy, which is the gold or Oreos with marshmallow cream and then somehow Rice Krispies are added into that which doesn’t make any sense to me.

Stephie 56:36
No, that doesn’t make sense.

Megan 56:39
Fruity crisps Oreo cookies.

Stephie 56:44
Like Fruity Pebbles situation.

Megan 56:46

Stephie 56:48
no. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Megan 56:51
blueberry pie.

Stephie 56:52

Megan 56:56
Swedish Fish flavor. jelly doughnut flavor. waffles and syrup Oreos. Look I love waffles. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing

Stephie 57:12
that? I don’t love that. No, no.

Megan 57:17
Mystery Oreo do not I turn the mystery one was the Fruity Pebbles flavor

Stephie 57:23

Megan 57:25
P peeps would you said peppermint bark? Oh my gosh. In China. They made a hot weighing Oreo. And a wasabi Oreo.

Stephie 57:36
Oh my god no. Oh no. Oh no.

Megan 57:41
In Japan they made a crispy tiramisu Oreo.

Stephie 57:48

Megan 57:49
They made apparently they made a marshmallow moon Oreo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon and right now they have apple cider donut Oreos.

Stephie 58:05
Just who?

Megan 58:12
I do remember that when they came out with the fudge Oreos? The fudge covered Oreos because those were like the fancy Oreos that you would get at Christmas.

Stephie 58:22
Yes. Like if your game or like like they’d be on like the holiday

Megan 58:27
tray? Yes. Yeah.

Stephie 58:31
Um the other company that does weird flavors is lathes.

Megan 58:41
Yes. But I do actually like trying though.

Stephie 58:46
I am way more likely to try a weird

Megan 58:50
a weird a weird chip. A weird savory Yeah,

Stephie 58:54
I’m way more likely to try there’s like right now. They’ve got latest Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake Bay crab spice.

Megan 59:04
Actually us already makes a crab

Stephie 59:07
chip which I would I would totally eat that they’re pretty good I had them when I wasn’t well I had that they had that like contest for a while where it was like submit your flavor idea we’ll pick Yeah, we have them every year and I had like one of them was something like shit What was it? It was fucking good.

Megan 59:29
There were a lot I feel like I actually we’re pretty good

Stephie 59:32
and some I hate like biscuits and gravy I think was like surprisingly delicious.

Megan 59:36
That one was pretty good. It sounded weird, but it was like weirdly, it was like chicken in the biscuit you’re like this is weird.

Stephie 59:46
Okay, so are you good? Are you more likely to go for a sweet snack or a salty snack.

Megan 59:53
I am one of those horrible eating disorder people who will go for a sweet and then a salty and then a sweet and then a salty And then a case stop. I can’t stop. No, it’s the worst. I will. But if I’m like, I generally just need a snack. I will go for salty.

Stephie 1:00:11
Yeah. Cuz to me like all Well, I guess like something like gummy bears are kind of the exception to that. But like a sweet thing. I’m likely getting like a portion. Yeah. And it’s like dessert. I might eat it later when I’m watching TV but it’s like, very rarely Is it like us where I’m just like for me like a snack I am mindlessly eating it while I’m doing something else watching TV a movie, most likely, um, but I very rarely do that with sweet things. But you put a box of cheese, it’s in my lap. You will not have any cheese’s left

Megan 1:01:00
at the right like I’m not going to eat a whole package of like Oreos,

Stephie 1:01:04
I right I actually. It was like kind of embarrassing. Alex and I had not been dating a terribly long time. Like, not long at all. We were staying at his parents house. And they like they had gone to bed and like we were watching TV or whatever. And there was a brand new box of Cheez Its and Alex, like brought him into me and I just like cuz I do. I like zone out and then I’m like, Oh shit, I’ve eaten the whole box. And the next day, his dad was like, where was that box of cheeses we bought? Me Like I ate them all. Like, yeah, like luckily they thought it was fucking hysterical. But this was really kind of embarrassing because I really hadn’t been dating very long and I had to be like, I just I kind of I just sort of blacked out and I just ate all the cheese. It’s oops.

Megan 1:02:05
Look, Bob and I have been together for a very long time and I would still rather bring my own snacks to his parents house than finish something that they have.

Stephie 1:02:19
Midwestern over here, Wisconsin of you

Megan 1:02:23
cannot possibly be embarrassed for eating all their snacks. Yeah, I know it’s a problem. snacks are like I love snacks. And I feel like most Americans love snacks and there’s just no way to get around it. And I know you know, it’s not necessarily good for us, but uh, too bad I guess.

Stephie 1:02:50
But you know what? As long as it’s really good for us, but like it’s also not as bad for us as companies like snack Wells was terrific.

Megan 1:02:59
I yeah, I do think that companies like that definitely poisoned our brains a little bit more than like, just the idea of snacking itself. Yes. I think what really confused matters was when everyone was like, Oh, you actually it’s fine to snack because you actually should be eating like six to seven small meals a day. Everyone went crazy. being like, well, I can eat all day long and they’re like, Oh my god, which is correct. Truth is nothing is correct.

Stephie 1:03:28
Right? Cuz everybody’s body is different.

Megan 1:03:31
Right? It is fun.

Stephie 1:03:36
So let’s find a snack. It’s okay. Eat when you’re hungry people.

Megan 1:03:40
But also maybe don’t eat like a whole bunch of gummy bears. in one sitting,

Stephie 1:03:47
followed by a whole bag of potato chips. You will have a tummy ache asked us how we know

Megan 1:03:58
it’s me.

Stephie 1:04:00
Making sure you people understand. You will have a tummy ache so

Megan 1:04:06
it was bad. It was bad to me. You will have a tummy ache and also if you have the non sugar free gum.

Stephie 1:04:16
Yeah, Joey has shown for bathroom donita hairbow sugarfree gummy bears. If anyone has not gone on Amazon and read the user reviews for the customer reviews for the Haribo sugarfree gummy bears, please do it. We will not regale you with a live reading although maybe we should but there you will cry you’re laughing so hard. So if you ever eating gummy bears, just double check that they’re not sugar free.

Megan 1:04:49
Or you know just put the bag down on yourself. Something something. Let’s talk about joy.

What’s bringing us joy?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59

Megan 1:05:01
Stephie What’s bringing you joy?

Stephie 1:05:04
I bought new sheets and they’re great I like them a lot

Megan 1:05:08
I enjoy new sheets as well

Stephie 1:05:10
yeah I ordered some from Pact I was served a Facebook ad for a sweater and clicked on it because if you guys don’t know by now ads work on me and I was like, I don’t need another sweater and then I was like but maybe I do need another sweater and then I was like I’m gonna get it I might as well like see if there’s anything else here that I like. And I was like oh home section that’s new. So I went and they have towels but they weren’t the kind of towels that I like. And then they had sheets and I was like I’m gonna try them and they’re like and they’re called like, they’re like a T shirt sheets or whatever but they’re organic cotton and they are so soft.

Megan 1:05:57
They like jersey sheets

Stephie 1:05:59
Yeah, it’s like they call it like it’s like your softest t shirt material or whatever it is it’s like soft t shirt like jersey sheets and they were like super soft straight out of the package and then I washed them and they got even more soft they’re they’re nice I like them a lot nice yes so highly recommend especially and they were like I mean they weren’t like Target cheap but they for like an organic cotton set of queen size sheets they were not terribly expensive I’ve definitely purchased more expensive sheets so I didn’t end up loving as much so yeah I feel like I’m like perennially on the hunt for sheets.

Megan 1:06:44
I feel like it’s always such a toss up because you can’t really try them right beforehand you don’t really know what’s gonna feel like because like at the store if you go to an in person store they have sometimes they’ll have those little like swatches that are supposed to tell you how it feels but also 15,000 other people have touched that swatch so of course it’s going to be really soft

Stephie 1:07:08
right? Also like my husband is an oven like he just when he sleeps he just like becomes a dragon and so he like I’m constantly I’ve spent so many years trying to find sheets that are going to cater to his like need for something that keeps him cool and I finally decided I said fuck it and just decided to order these because I wanted them and quite frankly I don’t care if he likes them or not. I think once the weather cools off there I think they’re a little too thick for him right now but everything is to like all sheets and blankets like it just started to cool off enough that he’ll start sleeping with blankets again and then I think he’ll like them like once it’s like winter like really fall and like winter and early spring I think I like them a lot so and I love them so I don’t really give a rat’s ass

Megan 1:08:09
yeah we have the same problem where Bob sleeps like really really hot and then I’m usually cold and so we have this whole situation happening right now are like the fan will be on the window will be open and he will have like most of the covers off and I’ll be under the blanket and the sheets yes I’ll

Stephie 1:08:28
be like under like three blankets hold all the way over my head and he’s just like laying there in his like boxers and you’re like okay

Megan 1:08:38
also asleep because they fall asleep immediately because

Stephie 1:08:41
they stay asleep through everything

Megan 1:08:43
you jerks. Yeah Turks

Stephie 1:08:47
oh man Megan was bringing you joy

Megan 1:08:51
in an ironic twist the thing that’s bringing me joy is my new pillow.

Stephie 1:08:58
Guys bedding the bedding is on fire this week what we get

Megan 1:09:04
so it is a beauty rest blah blah blah I don’t even know some sort of sleeping brand of pillow

Stephie 1:09:18
I don’t it’s not like one of those fancy pantsy

Megan 1:09:21
things no I mean I got it. I got it at home goods like I yeah, it’s like a it’s a good pillow but it’s a we have a king size bed so buying things that fit our bed is actually kind of hard sometimes. And getting king size pillows was hard for a while for some reason. Although now there seem to be more king sized pillows out there. I don’t know. And so we Bob and I wanted to pillows for a while and then Max decided he also wanted a new pillow so I was like shoving my fist into like every Oh Bye Hello Hello. Feel how soft they were and how firm they were.

Stephie 1:10:04
That’s always

Megan 1:10:06
nice struggle with Oh yeah, cuz like Bob really likes a flat pillow. But then his doctor told him he should be doing flat pillows finally. And so he has a normal person’s pillow No. But I’m one of those people who always I like the pillows at hotels and I don’t know if it’s because it’s a combination of the fact that I have like four pillows on the bed. Or it’s just that they have whatever they have for their pillows is just that great, but like I feel like I’m always searching for the perfect pillow. Yeah, and I mean it’s not the been that long I’ve been using this one but it’s pretty good. It’s like soft, but it’s like firm enough. Love it, but it’s not hard. So I like it. It’s good. The dog likes it as well. She really taken test Yeah, I mean, she’s back to her her nonsense where she will sleep in her bed most of the night and then she’ll wake up around 5am and then share the pillow with me as she will she will sleep back to back with me with her front half on my pillow. And then half the time it’s also on my hair so I can’t get up. That’s great. She loves you mom. It is very cozy.

Stephie 1:11:36
Funny and I actually really love it’s get it now that the weather is cooling off it’ll be on your snuggle season. She is such a good snuggler and she’ll like sometimes when it especially if it’s cold she comes up and she gets she like doughnuts between Alex and I are she’ll like she’ll like spoon with one of us and like put her like paw like hold pause with the other one of us. It’s very cute. Sweets is very sweet. It makes up for when she does things like poop on the floor.

Megan 1:12:07
The boys like to call it Win Win mystery does her her donut he Bailey’s color a cinnamon bun. Oh, she looks like a cinnamon bun.

Stephie 1:12:16
Oh, that’s cute. Love it.

Next week’s episode

Megan 1:12:21
Well, next week, we are going to learn all about life coaching. Do I need one? Probably.

Stephie 1:12:28
I mean, we both probably do. Let’s be really honest with ourselves. In the meantime, leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at IRSIpodcast or send us an email at we’d love to hear from you.

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