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048: Halloweenie

Hello! Welcome to episode 48 of I’d Rather Stay In. This week, you’re getting all of our unsolicited opinions on Halloween!

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Episode transcript

Welcome to I’d rather stay in the podcast for cozy introverts. Were your hosts Stephie Predmore and Megan


This week’s episode, Halloween.

Hello. Hey Stephie

What’s up?

Ah, not a whole lot right now are getting really we’re pretty settled now.

I love that. I love that for you.

I love that for me too.

I mean, I know there was like a small carpet snafu puzzle. And your carpet that was supposed to go in last week didn’t. But I also am proud of you for just saying fuck it and unpacking your bedrooms anyway. Well, we still don’t know what is actually gonna come so right. Like I’m not living out of a box for however long. It’s unnecessary stress. Like you need to just settle in. And live your lives. Yes, I need to be in my bedroom.

Yeah. My things. Yeah.

Yes, the difference. It makes a difference. You know,

I still don’t know where some stuff is, like, last night, I made cookies. And I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out where I had put the brown shirt. Oh,

oops. Um,

because I put all of my like baking stuff into that big drawer that I have.


It all fits perfectly. All my all my ridiculous number of flowers, and sugars. And it wasn’t in there. And I was very confused. And then I realized Finally, that the brown sugar was in a container that I had put inside of another container inside of another container. For like, packing is

always been very smart. Mm

hmm. We always think these things when we’re doing them. Mm hmm.

Yeah, but I have not actually put that container away. So that’s why I didn’t know where my blood sugar was.

Yeah, you’re gonna have moments like that for a while. I think. I’m pretty sure yeah.

It’s fine. I almost called you.

Because towards the end of last week, Thursday night. Alex was making soup and the crockpot who’s gonna put it out on Thursday night and he was going to let it go overnight for Friday dinner. And he needed our six quart. It might be a seven quart, whatever. It’s a large crock pot. And he went to go use it and realize there was like a hairline crack down the whole like along the whole bottom of the crock. And we used to have a second big crock pot, but I don’t know what happened to it. I don’t know if we lent it to someone. I don’t really know what happened to it. It has disappeared and so he made a you know a 10 o’clock Walmart runs 10 o’clock 10 o’clock Walley world run to get a $20 crock pot, but I was like, Oh, I almost texted you to be like to pick crock pot. I could borrow? And I was like, I don’t know that she’s gonna

know where it is. So I do know where my crock pot is. Um, but I have like a rectangular one.

Oh, interesting.

Which is? I feel not ideal for making soup.

Yeah, I feel like you’ve got weird corners.

Yeah, I like it for making a roast. That makes sense. Because if it’s if it’s cuts of meat in it a lot better. But for soup, it’s not great.

Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense. So now we have two large crock pot bases. And one crock, two bases, two lids. One crock. I’m sure you can buy a replacement. I’m sure we can buy a replacement crock or worse like find one at the thrift store or some I don’t know like I was like just don’t don’t get rid of the base hang on to the base cuz I there’s always a neat I always feel like we end up with a need at like Thanksgiving or when friends have Christmas parties. You know, and that’s the thing. Like you just need an extra crock pots handy to have which is how I’m sure we lost the other one but it’s fine. Probably Yeah,

we do have a mini crock pot. I have a little like the dipper size

a little Dipper.

Which I love for like case. Oh

yes, that’s a perfect size. I was just gonna say put some buffalo chicken dip up in that bitch. So good. I love it. Yes, yes, yes. So as we’re talking about cozy things like soup and making buffalo chicken dip. I feel like that’s a nice segue to today’s topic, which takes place in the fall and it’s always cold here in the Midwest for Halloween.

I got some real feelings about Halloween. Megan.

I have heard this and I am very curious to learn more about this because I i’m not i’m not a Halloween fanatic. I know. I have some friends who are crazy about Halloween. Yeah, um, but I also don’t hate it. Like, I’m like, I enjoy it. I can get with it. I can get with the holiday. I like pumpkins. I like taking my kids trick or treating. We decorate slightly. But I’m not like, one way or the other. necessarily.

Well, listeners please to like me after I say this.

I fucking hate Halloween. I really really hate it.

So, what Halloween do to you? Stephie?

Well, okay.

I feel like there’s a lot to unpack here. Uh,

how could there not be I mean,

I mean, obviously, this is like a. So I was a weird kid. I’m a weird adult. But I was a weirder kid. And I actually have never been trick or treating. Because for one, we lived in the kind of a weird neighborhood that didn’t really have a lot of kids in it when I was little. So it really wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been a very great trucker tree neighborhood anyway, but it was like mostly like little old people. Or people that like just didn’t have kids. But even so I was terrified as a kid of people dressed up as things or in masks where I couldn’t see their faces. And so Halloween has always just kind of been scary to me a lot because it’s meant to be scary. Like, I am afraid of mascots, Megan, I don’t do mascots. I don’t do clowns. I don’t like things where I can’t see people’s faces. So even things that aren’t meant to be scary or petrifying to me, so my parents were always like, I don’t really think this is the right activity for Stephie. Also, I hate chocolate and even non chocolate candy as a kid I didn’t really like so Halloween was just always kind of that holiday where I was like, this is a whole bunch of shit. I don’t really like

Well, I’m a candy fry it that’s definitely understandable because the bulk of Halloween candy is chocolates. Mostly

chocolate. Or candy corn gross.

Well I read or like gotten kit you don’t get candy corn like in your trigger treat bag because that’s no but it’s everywhere. It’s like why does it exist? But the the Halloween? The Trick or Treat candy that is not chocolate is usually like

banana Tootsie Roll.

Girl or like, some like there’s usually like a good dose of sweet tarts.

Or maybe like some sour gummy worms or something like that. But it’s like, the bulk of it is really it’s chocolate heavy. Yeah,

it’s so chocolate heavy. Um, it’s just I don’t know, I also I grew up in an evangelical church, and particularly in the 90s. Halloween was like, a No, no. at church. I feel like as our generation has kind of grown up, we’ve sort of been like, there’s nothing really inherently bad about juicing up taking your kids trick or treating. Like, I’ve got a lot of friends that still go to church that are my age that I grew up with, who take their kids trick or treating or dress them up for Halloween or whatever. But when I was growing up in the church, it was like you don’t tell Halloween is the devil’s holiday. Megan, I don’t know if you knew this. The Devils away. Oh man. And so you just like did not celebrate it? And it was very frowned upon to do so. So it’s much like reading the Harry Potter books, which I also did anyway. So I don’t know. You know, it was just like a whole combination of things. And I’ve just never I’ve just never enjoyed it. So I was I actually wouldn’t mind like, part of me wouldn’t mind being that house like hands out candy at Halloween. But also, every year Halloween rolls around, and I haven’t bought candy and then I’m like, I don’t want to go buy candy because what if I buy too much candy? Then I have all this stupid Halloween candy left that I’m not going to eat analysis I can eat and all the people coming to our door would scare the literal poop out of our dog. So every year I just end up closing the blinds and turning off the lights and pretending we’re not home.

So I did a lot of things here that basically just point to the fact that you never really had Halloween. I don’t think

I did hate it. I think that’s probably why

I don’t like scary things.

That’s true. You don’t like scary things. It’s interesting with the church thing because churches nowadays a lot of times have their own Halloween things like the trunk or treat thing they have their own like pumpkin like if there was a church at our old town they had they had their own pumpkin patch

for fundraiser

But yeah, I so it there’s so many things here

now we lie definitely like a dead so I will say that I

do will tell you that does not scare is

not an it’s not it’s not Halloween, like the people, right? It’s like Mexican Halloween. I’m like now you are like you’re an ignorant motherfucker. It is not Mexican Halloween is completely different. It is about celebrating our loved ones who have passed on it is full of culture. It’s a beautiful holiday. So that has always really resonated with me. And so I love Day of the Dead. And it always gets like, like stuck in there with Halloween because I happens like the next day. And the sugar schools people are like decorating for Halloween, the sugar schools and again, I’m like don’t do that wrong holiday. But that I love Halloween. Ah, no, I’d be happy if I just could skip over every year.

So I think now that you have a kid

we might have to try it.

I know. I have to like figure it out.

So we obviously don’t have dogs. So that’s never been an issue for us. But when we can trigger trade again, because obviously we’re not trigger trading this year.


But next year, what so what we’ve done, especially when the kids were a little was that we would just go trick or treating and not hand out candy.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Because obviously no one’s home. So like, What’s going to happen? And that kind of worked out for the best for us because then I didn’t you know, I kind of don’t like jumping up every two seconds to handle the candy. I don’t mind like actually handing out the candy right? I just would rather just sit outside and do it which is what a lot of people in Texas do. They just like sit in their driveway. Candy to the

door you just brought up another point. Like you up until now you are in Texas which is warm on Halloween. And and when you grow up in the Midwest, there is like a 95% chance that you’re going to have to wear your winter coat either under or over your Halloween costume in order to go trick or treating.

Yeah, in the Midwest there at least when I was kid, there was definitely no instance of like, the sexy whatever no kind of costume because you have to put on your winter coat and possibly your snow legs.

right there’s just like so many layers in order to have like your like you plan this cute costume even if it’s like not you know just a cute costume then you’re like sorry, good to get to put your winter coat on either.

Your costume was entirely based on what you thought the weather was gonna be at least in the 80s that’s definitely was Yeah, it was just like

it was very mask based.

Because you could just put out a mask and your little like face was covered your face was covered and then there was maybe like a plastic like shirt that you could put out over anything. Yeah, or there was always a face beat face paint based face paint was also very popular Halloween costume and they will use it as much now there’s a picture of me and my brother from Halloween when I don’t know maybe I was like six and he was eight or something like that. And I’m a clown which is hilarious because terrifying.

clowns are horrible. And

he I guess is like a Google because this face is all green.

horrifying with like,

I don’t know, he was green. He had like a black thing on it. And then I had like, a clown face a clown wig and my winter coat.

We might have to can you find this picture so we can put it in the show notes.

I’m pretty sure I have it online somewhere. I’m looking on Facebook so I can.

We’ll see if I can track that down because even though the clown sounds terrifying, I feel like we need to share this.

We’re also both staring at the camera like, what is happening? We’re not smiling. We’re just like, let’s take the picture. Yeah, Halloween was always definitely like, I was not focused on being cute. It was just like, what can I dress up as like counts as a costume? But also I’m not gonna be cold

for Risa. Yeah, cuz it’s, it’s probably gonna snow.

Yeah. But we have had bad weather in texas a couple years ago. Actually. We had like thunderstorms.

That still went trick or treating. dreadful.

Yeah. Because it gives the worst like, reason made a costume and like, there’s whole like, all these things about it. I don’t know,

man. And

but I do think Halloween is fun with your kids to go trick or treating.

At least when they’re younger.


first few years, because it’s adorable. Yeah, the one thing and you’re like, one thing you’re teaching them manners. True, because they have to say thank you after every house. That’s what our rule is.

I mean, that’s a fair rule,

right? You have to knock on the door and you have to say trigger tree and you have to say thank you. Um, and they get so excited. Like the little kids get so excited. Like they get candy goes in their thing and they look in their bag. They’re like, Oh my God. I got it.

Oh my God.

It is super cute. That like even if you’re not like a fan of candy or whatever, they just are like, you mean I just knock on the door and they give me candy. Amazing

was happening. Yeah, and I will say like little kids and Halloween costumes is pretty cute. Yeah, there I was on a I was on target’s website the other day looking at the like baby and toddler costumes. Because Eden’s birth mom was saying that she wasn’t she had gotten one for even sister yet. And so I was looking and there’s like these cute this cute little like, llama one. There’s a little hedgehog watchin I don’t even know that little You can also make them do whatever the fuck you want. There’s one number you can make this. It’s a seal. Make your baby be a cute little white seal. That’s adorable. Like. So I will say that. That is that is pretty cute. Because

I also like dogs and costumes.

Oh, well. Yeah, that I mean, I do feel like putting Royce in something. And then having eaten be like, have them be like a partner costume. That would be pretty cute.

That would be really adorable. Yeah,

he would be pretty cute in a costume. Well, again, we’ll leave Anya home because society would not be able to handle it. But parian Eden and Royce up and a little costumes. That would be pretty cute. Yeah. What? Okay, so you have a picture of yourself in a terrifying clown costume. But aside from that, you know, and you were an old lady one year do you have any other like, favorite Halloween costumes that you remember from when you were a kid?

I don’t really remember a lot of costumes from when I was kid, for whatever reason. I don’t know why. I don’t remember them. But I have a really funny costume for when I was a grown up. Okay. And I don’t have I don’t have a picture of it. But it was a party that some work coworkers were having. And we had been talking about how like, it was right when like, all these sexy, whatever costumes had kind of really, were starting to hit their peak. Mm hmm. And everything was just getting really ridiculous. Yes. And so I was like, I’m gonna do it. Oh, gotta be a sexy animal.

And I wasn’t sexy lobster.

Good. All right. Tell me tell me. Who’s so weird. I love you so much. Tell me more.

Um, so I got a like a I set out to to I guess it’s like a To Do I got to read to to skirt thing. Uh huh. And a read like course it thing like shiny red. They’re both they were both shining. Read. And then I made myself like little antennae headband. Um, and I wore oven mitts all night and read up admits you could do like drink anything. No, it’s very difficult to do anything.

I mean pretty fun. I guess that’s just living that lobster life.

Yeah, cuz I was like no what this is ridiculous costume and I’m gonna do it. It’s fine. That’s amazing that I also one year I was Madeline Khan’s character from clue. I really liked that costume as well.

That would be a great costume. Yeah. I like that. That’s funny. So, okay, you go configure training with your kids. You come home. They’ve got all this candy. How much of it? Do you eat?

So, the great thing about my kids is that they are they’re really excited about the idea of treats. Like in the moment. Uh huh. And then they kind of forget about them.

When for you, so like,

generally, my kids will still have Halloween candy at Christmas. Because they forget they have it? Yes. Because they’ll just be like, they’ll forget it that they have it or they’ll have like a one piece of day. That so because they know if a lot of it, they’ll feel sick. And they like take that to heart smart kids. And I was like, wow, yeah, they have way more willpower than we do.

I was gonna say, I don’t have that kind of self control.

No. So usually what happens if the kids did you get they like, pour out all their candy and they do the I guess you’ve never done it. So you wouldn’t know. You poured all your candy. And you make it you arrange your candy and a little piles. And then you trade with your friends. Oh, for what you like and what you don’t like.

So everyone gets my chocolate and I get the one thing of gummy bears

getting nothing I know.

Well, like I if you know, so if one kid gets like, has like tons of m&ms and the other one has lots of peanut butter cups or whatever. Like they trade trade even trading


Yeah, Max really likes lollipops. So he trades for those all the times. Oh, um, so they they trade and then usually there’s stuff that they don’t like, at all. Like, they don’t like whoppers. The defendant like anything with coconut. They don’t necessarily like things with caramel.

You’re like, give me Yeah, like

I will eat all your Twix. Thank you.

So there’s lots of, there’s lots of stuff that they just voluntarily give up to us.

Nice. Um,

and then it kind of just then they just like, it just sits there. And then we can just like sneak it because they aren’t eating it. Like, well,

they clearly aren’t gonna notice

pretty much they don’t they don’t really notice like that we’re eating it either. And then like, eventually they’re like, Oh, I still have Halloween candy. Or like, yeah, you had a lot, a lot more.

But I hate it.

Yeah. And then it also depends on like, if we do give out candy because once the kids got older than only one of us went around the neighborhood and the other one stayed home to give stuff out. Mm hmm. But in recent years, we actually switch from giving out candy to giving out like snacks.

I like that better.

Yeah, I think it’s better. For one they’re getting a ton of candy as it is. But then the snacks that you get are usually a little bit like more inclusive of people who can’t have like peanuts or anything like that. Yeah,

they’re more allergen friendly. Yeah, or the little you know, your poor little diabetic kids that I know are like, I just need something I can eat like, here’s some goldfish, honey.

Yeah, and you’re not gonna be like, here’s a pencil.


Um, so we usually get like little mini pretzels. Or at still does like cheese balls.

Oh, uh huh.

So if there’s any of the cheese balls left, I also eat those

and act like crazy on those. Yeah, I feel like I feel like next year it’s gonna be you and me taking like maxon ed. Yeah, trading and then like Reese can hand out he can like jump up every five minutes and hand out the candy. Well, Bob and Alex. drink beers or something.

Yeah. I don’t know if we would get trigger treaters at our house. But I bet if we did it, I mean at your house. They probably would.

Yeah, I there’s just yeah, there’s definitely like kids in our neighborhood. Because they there was somebody in our neighborhood Facebook group that was like really bummed that she wasn’t gonna get to see everybody students this year because there’s no trick or treating.

So, I mean, womp womp

I wouldn’t know I always pretend I’m not home.

The one thing one thing that I don’t like about Halloween, and Halloween candy is the concept of leftover candy recipes.

Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of those. Yes. Some of them, I suppose. Make sense. Like, I’ve seen ones that are, again, they’re almost always, you know, using chocolate candy. Right. So I’ve seen ones that are, you know, using like candy bars in like brownies or something like that, like putting like Snickers bars or whatever. In the brownies? I guess that kind of makes sense. But a, like, I feel like you like so for some of these recipes require you to actually have like, a certain amount of these candies. Mm hmm. And like, Are you just going to overbuy so that you can make the brownies later? I don’t know if there’s a three I feel like a lot of math to me. And it feels like leftover Halloween candy math, and I like it also. Some of them don’t look good.

No, they don’t. Because a lot of them it’s like they take the candy and they like roughly chop it into pieces. Uh huh. And then they put it in the recipe so that it’s all like sticking out so you can still see what it is.


And that is not appealing to me.

I don’t need to see the butt of a Twix sticking out of a cookie.

Like, why? Why would you do that?

I also always notice there’s a lot of like, here’s ways to use up all that candy corn. I’m like, why are we still buying candy? And then you won’t have any left? God STOP IT people.

It is an abomination. No one should eat it.

Oh my god, like I don’t understand. Um, yeah, I don’t. Like I said, some of them make sense. Some of them are like, Oh, hey, you know, cuz you can make like monster cookies that have, you know, whatever, random candy and pretzels and all that kind of stuff. So I feel like if you have like leftover packages of m&ms, you could throw those in there. Make some monster cookies, make some m&m cookies. But yeah, some of these feel like they’re just combining literally every kind of candy that you can get. And it just seems excessive.

Yeah. I mean, I guess that is the reason like you would need a specific amount of candy. And usually, like, if you’re making a you know, a pan of brownies, you would I don’t know how many things you would need. But you’re not going to have like 10 Mini Snickers bars.

Right? Like, let’s be specific, right? I don’t know. Yeah. Like, Oh, just buy these. And hopefully no kids want the Snickers? No, yeah. They’re like, I’m seeing this one thing where they’ve taken. As I’m googling this, as we’re talking they’ve taken and they’ve broke is basically making a trifle and they’ve broken up like, brownie on the bottom. And then it looks like there’s chocolate pudding, and a layer of whipped cream. And then it’s just like all of this random ass candy. That’s just like chopped up. candy bars. m&ms random shit. That’s a layer repeated. Oh my god, it looks terrible. Why y’all if you’re listening, and this is your jam, I’m sorry to be judging you. But no.

While we do ruin a trifle like that, first.

You’re ruining all the other thing.

Hey, don’t

then there’s I mean, there’s some recipes that like seem like they would be okay. Because it’s, you know, like a cookie bar or a brownie. And he uses candy bars. But then they also put the candy corn on there and you’re just like, why did you do so close? You

could have had it. You could have had it and it could have been fine and great. And then you ruined it. So okay, Megan, how do you feel about scary movies?

Okay, so I do not like gross movies. Mm hmm. For sure. Like anything that’s like super gory. Definitely do not like and then when it comes to this, I don’t like them but I don’t necessarily think they’re scarier and they’re gross.

Yeah. That’s fair. The

the scary movies they don’t like are the ones that are like more psychologically scary. Ooh,


Nope. I also saw Poltergeist and Poltergeist too when I was like, a little,

like seven way too young to be seen.

Especially considering like the age of the girl in poltergeists, like, no. was a bad idea. Um, and so movies like that, like, freak me out. Yeah. So I don’t really I’m not like a super scary movie fan. There are circumstances in which I will watch a scary movie. But I’m not like oh, yeah, scary movies. Love it. Halloween gonna watch a scary movie every day this month. Like No,

the worst. And then into it, though. That like extra worst thing about October. Is that the minute October hits, it is like every freaking commercial on TV is for some horrifying looking new Scary Movie. Yeah, so I’m just like constantly having to just like change the channel or mute the TV or just like get up and leave during commercials. I can’t handle it. They’re horrible. I don’t I can’t do scary movies. Like, look, I can watch Hocus Pocus. I can watch beautiful shoes. That’s about as far as I go.

The worst thing about the the commercials is that it is usually during like Hulu. Well, you can’t just barge in. And they’re always like, super. For their commercials for super scary looking things are super gory. Like, you can tell it’s going to be it’s meant to be really scary movie. But you’re not necessarily watching a show where that commercial makes so

I can watch these super fluffy and happy and then it will be like the most terrifying commercial for something where they have chosen the most horrifying bits and pieces to make you jump out of your damn skin or like the commercial will start and it’ll seem like a totally normal thing. Like the little trailer will seem like a totally normal movie. And then all the sudden something jumps out and eat somebody and you’re like what the fuck? Yeah, like, oh my god. You’re just like pee in your pants. Like, I don’t know. I also really hate when I’m at a move back back when we all went to movie theaters. When I’m at a movie that is just a totally normal movie and a trailer for a scary movie comes on. I yeah, hate that. Yes, it is. Terrible. makes me so mad. I’m just here to watch Beauty and the Beast. Not here. tema pants scared off me. Okay. Yeah, and psychological thrillers are the worst for me. It depends

on what it is.

I can watch. There’s some stuff like it’s I can kind of handle. Um, but so I can I can watch like, a zombie movie. Doesn’t bother me. I can watch the walking dead. To me. That’s not scary, because it’s not real. But the minute you start pulling out things that could potentially be real. Mm hmm. Nope. I’m out of there by Yeah. Can’t handle. Yeah. Give me some like Halloween Town. Give me some Hocus Pocus that I can handle.

Do you ever read? Um, scary books?

I’m not like Stephen King or God. No. No, if Stephen King is even remotely involved, I want nothing to do with it. I’m like scared looking at the cover.

Absolutely not. Absolutely not you.

So you were at my house this weekend before we went to dinner. And we were finishing up like Hocus Pocus was on TV like the end of it. And you had a really excellent point about that movie that I feel like we need to share with people. I mean,

I don’t remember which one. I have so many questions about Hocus Pocus in general. Let me just start out with I did not watch Hocus Pocus when it came out. Mm hmm. And so I think I only saw it for the first time like a few years ago. And I kind of like, this is where everyone’s gonna hate me. I don’t

get how loved it is. Like I love that Miller. I love kathina Jimmy, but like, it’s, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s not like I will watch it when it’s on TV. But I don’t think I’ve ever sought it out.

Yeah, it’s fine. It’s a it’s a good movie to watch a Halloween but I’m not like oh my god, okay, smell Gaza, right? Um I’m not like a person who’s like freaked out but people who do love it because I know those people too, but it’s fine. But I have many questions about Hocus Pocus. But the one that I asked on Saturday this hopefully no one is listening has never not seen Hocus Pocus, if you’ve ever seen

it’s like 20 years old right then like deserve to have it be spoiled. Okay, okay, so

the cat, so there’s a cat. There’s in the story. It is a boy who was turned into a cat

300 years ago,


doomed forever to live his life as a cat and never die. And so adorable young thora birch

She’s so cute.

She’s so cute. she befriends the cat. And then and they, you know, go on the adventures through the movie together. And then the end of the movie, the curse is lifted, and he turns into a boy again, but then he’s like dead because he’s like, go away. Right? Um, but she’s like really sad about it. And like he kisses her on the cheek at the end, I think. And it’s like she’s in love

with him. It’s real weird. But

also as a cat. He was a cat. So like, she’s not broken up because he’s a cat. She seems to be broken up because she was in love with him.

Yeah, that’s definitely the vibe again. It’s like I would be like, Damn, that was a great cat. I just lost my cat. That cat could talk to me. He was dope. But she’s like, oh, factory beaks. I think I kind of love you. I have a crush on you. But he was a cat.

Right? Like, I’ve lost my true love.

That was 330 years old.

But yeah, I’m pretty sure he was cat. Yeah. And so I have questions.

Yeah. It’s an excellent question. Like,

I don’t it’s not one that I had like vocalized before you said it was like once you said it. I was like, I mean, that’s an excellent point.

I am sure we’re supposed to gloss over that whole thing.

But sure that we are. But he is a cat. But we’re not capable. Megan is not capable.

Yeah. My friend actually was also watching it because I guess they played it like the entire weekend. And so she was watching it. And she posted a she posted a screenshot. And there’s the part where they’re in the kitchen. And there’s a jello on the counter. Like a gentle rain a little bold. Yes. And she is like, so they’ve been out all night and the parents have been on all night. And there’s this jello mold that has been sitting on the counter in theory all night not weeping. Not melted. Not Nothing’s wrong with it.

This is just chill is Matt it is I mean, it’s fine. I guess. That’s like the ladies is very cold. It’s like so cold. And what is it? Like? That’s the least unbelievable part of that movie. But actually, maybe the most unbelievable part of that movie.

was just funny that like, because I had that question. And then she’s like, here’s my problem with this movie. I’m like, that’s your problem with the movie is the jello mold because there’s a lot of things wrong with this movie.

Yeah, I mean, you know, not the

least of which is the fact that they saw the two boys get caught in the cage. Like, yes, they’re bullies. But our heroes leave them there to die.

Yeah, it’s like look for heroes. I mean,

I had a huge crush on Omri Katz, but come on. I will not a good thing for him to do.

does look for our guy or guy Omri Katz

I do recommend the show that he was in later if you can find it anywhere called like Erie, Pennsylvania. Gary, Indiana. You’re in Indiana, I think where it was like creepy stuff that happened the town it wasn’t like scary because it was on Disney or something like that. But that was a pretty good, good show.

I’m looking it up Omri Katz on imdb.

Irie, Indiana.

Yeah, that’s a good show. Looks like it’s just like a couple seasons. Mm hmm. I don’t think it’s available on anything.

It Doesn’t look like it would be It looks like he in this like, poster. It looks like he did this basically. Yes, like 91 92 so it’d be around the same time. Yeah, cuz he looks exactly his the exact same haircut that he doesn’t focus but it was a

very popular haircut in 1982 I’m not gonna lie. A lot of the guys I had crushes on a lot of celebrities I had crushes on had what my friend and I called the hair.

Yes. I mean, what was there’s like a meme going around this year? That was your childhood crush had this haircut? You should probably take a Tylenol or something.

Like rude but also

Rude but true.

Dare you internet names?

How dare you be so true?

Oh my goodness. So Megan, any any other final thoughts on Halloween? Um,

one thing that I don’t like about Halloween

is the idea.

Not sure the idea but the practice of pumpkin carving and how it became so popular.

Up here we go. We’re gonna bit this we’re going down the Megan Research rabbit hole.

I did not research this.

I just want to complain because I love the idea of pumpkin carving. They do not love the practice of pumpkin carving. You know, it’s a pain in the dick. It really is. Because you have to like, if you you don’t have to draw a pattern on but like my kids are always like, I want to do spider and you’re like, great. You have to get you know the fancy patterns that they have. or draw your own pattern. And then you have to like kind of like punch out the design and then you have to use a very special crappy serrated knife.

Yeah, the kits the to

cut through the like five inches of

the one time I carved pumpkins. I think it was in college just for something. I don’t know. And we had the like kit you buy? Yeah. And it was terrible. The things could not cut through the fucking pumpkin.

No, it’s the same kit since like 1987. Stupid

like 20 we need some better technology up in here, guys.

Like I guess you could just use a regular knife. But you can’t give kids a regular knife. But those little tiny things probably actually worse. But yeah, you have to cut it, you have to cut the lid off, you have to dig out all of the stuff guts, probably the worst part? Because you have to stick your arm in there. And that’s gross. It just doesn’t feel good. My kids don’t like pumpkin seeds. So it’s just kind of all a waste. Yes. And then I have to do most of the work to carpets.


yeah, it’s just sounds like it looks okay in the end. But it’s also like, why don’t we do that?

Yeah, it just sounds like one of those activities that the kids are like excited about in theory, and then parents end up doing most of it and you’re like, yeah,

so are they going to want to carve the pumpkin that they got this weekend at the pumpkin patch. So the big one that we got, that is Max’s goal is to carve that pumpkin. We’ll see how that ends up. The little one I think Reese put the little tiny one like in his room

for decor in this room. So proud of his little tiny pumpkin.

But right now we just had the other ones just like on the porch hanging out on the step. Night hopefully that is where they will stay until November without having to be carved.

Okay, I have one more comment to make. When we were discussing Omri Katz and his the TV show. I googled him. And like one of the top things that pops up is this article. And it was written it was written last year and the title of it is maximum Hocus Pocus looks completely different in 2019. Like, no shit, he does.

Hocus Pocus was filmed in 1983 he was a teenager. Yeah, like of course he looks completely different.

It’s gotta be like, 45 right? Yeah, the thing

the stupidest.

Something like that. He was born in 76. So yeah, he’s 44. Davis 40 supporting me 76. So he’s 44 according to Wikipedia, if the math is wrong, blame, blame Wikipedia don’t do. So like yeah, we’re looking at like 44 versus being a teenager? Yeah, this is the stupidest article headline I’ve ever read. Well, I’ve read some stupid ones, but that is at the top. This is stupid one I’ve read today. Let me put it that way.

Yeah, that’s actually a pretty common headline for like any star from any time period, basically, like even people from Russia like you won’t believe how blah, blah, blah, looks now you’re like, Okay, whatever.

I don’t care. I’m like, they’re adults. Like, I don’t It’s wild.

Why nobody is supposed to be hermetically sealed at night and not age do not know that shit.

Real far behind

us poors can’t afford

Us poors could not afford.

What’s bringing us joy?

On that note,

what’s this? What’s bringing us joy this week? Megan?

Oh, my gosh, I have multiple things that are bringing me joy this week.

Oh, right. I would like to share

multiple things up. Okay. So the first one is that my kids started their new school this week. Yes. How’s that going? It’s going really well. I actually no offense to our old school district. But I really like how they’re doing it here better.


It just seems they’re on like all day long. But it just seems more organized and they are more focused and like, are getting their stuff done. Good. Dude, it’s only been a couple days, but it just seems to work better. Especially PE where they’re like actually doing PE live instead of a mishmash of videos you’re supposed to do on your own,

which I would never have done and my mother never would have made me do so. Right.

They’re doing it live and it seems to work and they were doing the chicken dance in the YMCA. Cute. button. The point that I was getting to is that my son’s second grade teacher. He does not say moms and dads. He says you’re special grownups.

Oh, I love that also, and it’s a man.

Yeah, he’s really nice. I really love that he says that. Because there are lots of kids that don’t have a mom or dad or either at home. You know, maybe they live with their grandparents or an aunt or an uncle or somebody. So I really love that they have that inclusive language.

That’s amazing. I love I love him.

The second thing is that over the weekend, Brianna did her savage Fenty fashion show on Amazon. And first of all, I love the Fenty makeup line. It’s awesome. But the lingerie stuff I am kind of new to but I was following along on some of the stuff and the fashion show and the the the clothing line. It’s all like undergarments and stuff, but they also have men’s stuff, not just women’s, it’s all very, like super, super inclusive. She made a huge point of having a ton of inclusivity in all shapes and sizes and the fashion show and in the models on her website. And there were some men on the website that are not the Standard Model body love that. And it was going around on Twitter, and they were men being like, I have never seen a man model a male model that looked like me before. And the fact that all these women have seen this and they are saying that like that is a sexy body like that is mind blowing to them. And it’s like, they feel like it’s changing how they feel about themselves. And that was just giving me like a really good feeling. And I just really love all the work that they’re doing to promote bodies of different shapes and sizes. I love that. Yeah, and also her stuff is super sexy, so I don’t need anything but I might end up buying some that you’re also like Yeah, and it’s not expensive to you because that’s a big problem with like, sexy lingerie. Like so expensive, super expensive. Especially if you are looking for bigger sizes which right? I am not at all but like I know you have a larger chest size and if you have problems getting some sexy stuff. Yes, I bet they have stuff that you would be able to get. Totally

would. I’m gonna have to check that out. And then my

final thing, so many things that are making

this week,

um, is an Instagram that I shared with you

the other day

oh god yesterday good that I was crying over.

It is an Instagram account called David Rose as art. And it is the cast of shits Creek like photoshopped onto famous artworks.

It’s It’s so

good. It’s so good. Some of them looks so natural.

For some of them. You’re like, Wait, what? Oh,

yeah. Especially like the ones that are group ones where he like sticks, like random people in certain places in the background, you’re like, oh my god. You’re like, that’s just one.

Yeah. There’s Roland.

There’s TV hiding in the corner. Yeah, it’s great. It’s great. It gave me much joy to scroll through. And the captions are pretty awesome, too. So that’s good. I highly recommend that account.

If you are a fan of shits Creek, we’ll drop that in the show notes Quick Links, because it was pretty fantastic.

Stephie What is bringing you joy,

um, by it’s way more superficial than any of yours. But I ordered a Nintendo Switch tonight. And I’m pretty excited because you texted and you were like, they’re a target. They’re on target online right now. And it was the cute little Animal Crossing version.

I know. I’m excited, because so it is all happened because we are. We promised that we would get the boys an Xbox when we moved. And also my son’s birthday next week. And so it’s all like, we’re trying to figure out what Xbox to buy because we’re old and don’t know anything about xboxes. Mm hmm. So I was just looking to see like what the stores have. And I was looking on GameStop GameStop. And I just happened to be like, switch because every once in a while I check to see if they have them because they have not had them for so long. And they said they had them for shipping a GameStop. And I was like, Oh, well maybe Target has them. Because I know target would be faster, and probably more reliable. And then I would target as like, oh my god. I can get one. I can get a new switch. And actually the Animal Crossing one is the one I always wanted. Because it’s so cute. It’s

really cute. I didn’t even realize it was a thing. And I went on I was like, Oh my god, it’s so cute. I just

like the colors a lot better.

Oh, yeah, the colors are adorable. So I’m super excited to play Animal Crossing. And finally understand why everyone loves this game. I mean, by my understanding it is you bop around your little island and make animal friends. Yes, I know, I don’t like see how you could go wrong.

You like a bill. So I have like a

phone version of Animal Crossing. Mm hmm. Which is obviously you know, much less features and stuff like that. But you have your like spot and you build it with furniture and things and you get points for like gathering fruits and trading it with people and you can buy different clothing and it’s kind of like a it’s if you ever played the Sims, it’s similar to that in a way.

But much more durable.

I mean, it’s really the cuteness that gets me and you can visit your friends islands. And you can maybe trade stuff with them too. I don’t really know, we’re so old and like behind the times with the switch thing now that like, we’re like, I don’t know how to play this game. I’m sure when everyone’s been playing it, but I know.

Like, the cool kids have given up they’ve moved on and we’re like,

I’m gonna play my switch. So it’s fine. But also like, I also like that you because we have a we have a PlayStation. We don’t really have any like two player games. So because I’ll play oxeye we’ll play Skyrim but we can’t play together. So I like that there are games that we could get like Mario Kart and stuff like that, that we could like actually play together

that’ll be I think that will be fun. So

yeah, we’ve had a we for a while.

So we’ve always had a like a we and then we you because they have like the multiplayer games. And it’s just much more fun. Like when you have kids obviously something for them to do together. So yeah, I don’t know if we’ve labor to use the same games that we had for those with the switch. Hopefully they’re compatible because we have like Mario Kart and some of the the LEGO games that the boys like.

Yeah, that’d be fun. Yay. Love it.

Yeah, I’m excited. So supposed to get here by Friday. So by this weekend, I’m sure I will get nothing accomplished because I will be playing cute games on my cute. Switch

the eyes. It’s fine. It’s great. It’s fine.

It didn’t need to accomplish anything. It’s fine.

Yeah, get prepared for winter. And how current hunkering down Ah,

right. It’s just the Winter is coming. Right.

Time to buy your switch. So

that’s what’s bringing me joy. Excellent. Excellent. So

Next week’s episode

speaking of hunkering down, figuring out how to get through the winter next week, we’re going to talk about coping mechanisms. What’s healthy, what’s not healthy? How the heck are we surviving this weird year?

Um, so I’m guessing probably eating lots of fudge is not a healthy column.

I mean, but maybe we’re gonna talk about that. Like, we’ll chat about it. I feel like there an argument could be made. I mean, maybe not physically healthy, healthiest, but I feel like an argument could be made, that there are some things that we think might be terrible coping mechanisms, but sometimes, they’re not as terrible as we think they’re, I don’t know. We’ll chat about it.

Well, good discussion.

Yeah. So meet us back here next week as we talk about all of that. Until then, leave us a review on Apple podcasts and listen to us on your favorite platform. You can also follow us on social media at irsipodcast or send us an email at We’d love to hear from our listeners. Talk to you soon.

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