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129: What’s Going On?

Hello! Welcome to episode 129 of I’d Rather Stay In. Find out where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to!

Episode transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Welcome to I’d rather stay in with your hosts Megan Myers and Stephie Predmore. This week, we’re chatting about just where we’ve been in the past month. Stay tuned. Do you love listening to I’d rather stay in and want to support the podcast? Well, now you can visit our website or the LinkedIn or Instagram profile and click Buy me a coffee or visit buy me a podcast. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can help us cover the costs of creating this podcast. There are no monthly memberships, and you could support us at whatever level you’d like whenever you like, whether you buy us one coffee, many coffees or simply continue listening as always, we’re so grateful for your support

Unknown Speaker 0:49
Hello, Megan. Good morning. Stephie I have not heard your voice and solo. I was just gonna say the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 0:59
I mean, you know, Instagram stories not included. But we have not seen each other in person and like a month, which is a very long time, considering how close we live to the longest. We’ve gone without seeing each other in person since you moved here and 2020. So yeah, it’s weird to say things have been going on? Yeah. Because I had my surgery. And then you went to Scotland and then you were trying to catch up with work. And then my family got COVID And

Unknown Speaker 1:33
it’s like been a month and we’re like what the fuck is

Unknown Speaker 1:37

Unknown Speaker 1:40
Yeah, what? What is what’s going on, man? I mean, I also got my hair cut. That’s obviously the most you get your hair cut. It’s so cute. You did that before you went to Scotland. It was very close. It was funny the other yesterday I was like, what if I cut it even shorter? What if I did it pixie cut. Because apparently, if you do a pixie cut, you could do anything.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
I can do that.

Unknown Speaker 2:08
I like that. This is just like,

Unknown Speaker 2:11
I don’t know where I Okay. I have questions about if you get a pink pixie cut, you could do anything. But I think it’s because the I think the assumption which makes sense to me is that like it’s for most people, when you get your hair cut, at least for women, especially it’s like a huge deal. And like, fraught and a lot of the times I know for me when I get my hair cut. I don’t like it.

Unknown Speaker 2:37
Right. And I know I’m at the takes a minute to be like, yeah, what did I do? Yes. And so when if you cut your hair really, really short, like that’s very dramatic. Not that hair doesn’t grow back. But it grows takes a long time to grow back from Yes, very short. And so I think the assumption is that, like, if you can overcome, you can do something like got it that abrupt and that changing. Like you can overcome anything. I think that’s ballsy. God ballsy. Yeah, it makes sense to me. But also I don’t think I’m there yet with my

Unknown Speaker 3:11
bed. I mean, like you at least do have the kind of hair that you could cut it to a pixie cut. I do not.

Unknown Speaker 3:17
I mean, you could but it would. I would look like a little lady. It would be bad. I would look like a little poodle. It would be bad like a little helmet hair thing situation. Yeah. With a curls.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
Bad it would it would be bad. No, thank you. I’ll wait until I’m at for that. Thanks. What if? What if instead? We just shave it all off?

Unknown Speaker 3:41
Maybe it’ll come

Unknown Speaker 3:46

Unknown Speaker 3:50
no, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
I don’t make the curls. I think I’ll keep them.

Unknown Speaker 3:59

Unknown Speaker 4:03
So Megan, tell us about your trip to Scotland.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
So it was amazing. I will say the only disappointment is that there were no Northern Lights when we went to Orkney.

Unknown Speaker 4:18
It’s it’s, it’s kind of it’s like a season. It’s not necessarily seasonal thing. But it’s dependent on a lot of like atmospheric pressure and like all sorts of things and like, it was also very cloudy. But there’s this like forecasting tool where they show like how far they will reach or whatever. And when we were there I was looking at it and it was like you’re not far north enough. Basically like you we would have had to have been in like Northern Canada or like Iceland. Yeah, northern Sweden. I was like Oh, so close.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I’m sorry, I brought my travel tripod that I fretted about for no reason. But I know that if I had not brought it, there would have been amazing northern lights that I would not have been able to take good pictures of. So that’s true. You know, so you So walk us through where you started, like the places that you went? Because you went like, Oh, crap. I mean, not like I say, across the country, like Scotland is big. It’s not, but

Unknown Speaker 5:27
we went a lot, a lot, a lot of places, I will probably not be able to even remember all of them, to be honest.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
On the top of my head, I’d have I would have to have a list, which I need to do anyway, because I need to go through all my photos. But we

Unknown Speaker 5:46
flew to London and then from London, we flew to Inverness, which is not a big airport.

Unknown Speaker 5:55
It would be

Unknown Speaker 5:57
I mean, Inverness is I wouldn’t say like, it’s a small town, but the airport is like, you know, two terminals.

Unknown Speaker 6:06
Or like, you know, an ingoing and outgoing

Unknown Speaker 6:10

Unknown Speaker 6:12
So it was not big. I immediately hurt myself.

Unknown Speaker 6:18
Like at the airport, or leg open. This is the first picture this woman says me from Scotland is a picture of this gash in her leg. And I was like, girl,

Unknown Speaker 6:30
do you mind at the airport?

Unknown Speaker 6:35
It’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
It’s almost completely healed now.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
glad for you. A plus for the bandages that I got at the Tesco.

Unknown Speaker 6:49
So we, we have rented a car. So we were able to, you know, go wherever we wanted basically. I basically refuse to drive.

Unknown Speaker 7:01
As long as they drive math. It’s they drive on the other side of the road. Yeah, so math to me. Like, yeah, it would be it’d be fine. Sort of, but a lot of the roads in Scotland are

Unknown Speaker 7:18
not quite one lane, as in one car can go by at a time. But, but some of them are weird, like you’re driving down the road. And then there’s just like, kind of an extra little shoulder and that is called the passing place. Yeah. Because if another car comes you have to literally like pull over, like pull over so someone can get by Yeah. So I don’t think that’s super awesome.

Unknown Speaker 7:45
But luckily, stuff the friend that I was extremely clear that you don’t like driving that way here in our like, in at home. So really like yeah, I don’t really like driving that much anyway, but I definitely need my space. And the roads are small and people drive. They don’t drive super faster because they’re aware that the roads are small. So at least there’s that but either way it’s Deb said she would drive I would be the Navigator. She’s been to Scotland many times so she has driven there before so that seems like the best option

Unknown Speaker 8:20
is especially because the sun also goes down a lot earlier there. And yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 8:28
by the time we arrived at the first place, like the sun was already setting and we were driving like through trees, so it was kind of dark. And then later on when we were in Orkney driving to our house it was like pitch black because you’re on an island where no one hardly anyone lives. And there’s no like streetlights so

Unknown Speaker 8:49

Unknown Speaker 8:51
So we from Inverness, we drove to the place where we’re staying which is called foyers Lodge. It’s on Lochness

Unknown Speaker 9:01
like, overlooks it. It’s very beautiful. It’s like this little Victorian era lodge hotel ish. Cute, beautifully decorated they have meals there so we had a wonderful amazing dinners. They’re so good. They had like the first night we had

Unknown Speaker 9:22
this like it was like a game meat pie. So it was like venison and rabbit and like something else and it was so good. It was so freakin amazing.

Unknown Speaker 9:36
So that was nice and we went kind of like hiking around the next day and the area was like drizzly because it’s Scotland. A lot of the time we were in Scotland it was drizzly, but not like in a super disgusting way.

Unknown Speaker 9:52
I feel like slightly damp way. Yeah, like slightly damp but not like you feel like it’s damp and you feel disgusting.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Like it wasn’t, it’s not humid, damp. Yeah. And it wasn’t super cold damp. So it was just like, existing in dampness was fine.

Unknown Speaker 10:10
But then it would usually like rain in the morning and then it would clear up so it we would get like still getting like nice sunny days and we had lots of rainbows and it’s very pretty.

Unknown Speaker 10:21
So we kind of spent a couple of days there and kind of drove all around. Like the Loch Ness area. There’s a lot of

Unknown Speaker 10:31
sites around there we went to see some like Castley type things and some Cairns and old bits and pieces around.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
Didn’t seem like your waterproof boots came in handy base, my waterproof Instagram Stories, lots of puddles, I saw there was lots of puddles, lots of muddy areas, especially because so the interesting thing about Scotland and Historic Scotland, Historic Scotland is the organization that kind of maintains all of these old sites.

Unknown Speaker 11:05

Unknown Speaker 11:06
a lot of times these old sites are like literally just you know, on someone’s property next to the Sheffield.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
So they have like, you know, they have little gates, they have signs and things for them. And they have little gates for you to get onto them.

Unknown Speaker 11:24
And it’s fine. And Scotland has these rules where it’s you’re totally fine to walk on people’s property. As long as you’d like don’t do anything to it. Don’t be a dick. Yeah, it’s open. It’s like open land rules, basically, like I can, you can wander around the countryside through people’s land is fine.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Just be respectful. But so that means you’re basically like hiking through sheep fields to get to some of these places. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:53
That is why the one time we only we only had a casualty one time, which was when it was very muddy on this hill where the hike seemed to go forever. And Steph did fall got muddy, but it was totally fine. Because Luckily, she is the kind of person that just laughs it off. And we were able to go on and it wasn’t like a dramatic thing.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
So but that was like through like sheep fields on this side. And she feels on the other side and like

Unknown Speaker 12:27
yeah, it’s kind of wild, but like you’re just going past all these animals Watch out.

Unknown Speaker 12:35
They’ll step in and they poop. Yes, there’s lots of poop around. The animals like don’t care about you. They usually just kind of run away. Yeah, when you when you get close, so it’s not a big deal. Um, we went to a lot of like little Gardens,

Unknown Speaker 12:52
which obviously I loved. I think I have more photos of like, close up flowers than I do.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
The landscape or anything? Yeah, I mean, I also had just got this new camera that does like macro really well. So I was really upset. It’s a really pretty macro shots.

Unknown Speaker 13:13
And so after that, after we were around Loch Ness to we kind of drove up along the eastern coast side. Okay, and stopped a collar on some stops along the way, like this ruined castle that like probably will fall into the sea and like 100 year

Unknown Speaker 13:33
right on a cliff.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
Sounds about right. And then we stopped at this town that’s called that. It’s not really I guess it’s a town. It’s a village, I would say

Unknown Speaker 13:44
a smattering of houses called John O’Groats, which is I guess, like, you know, the northernmost point or whatever. In Scotland. They have all these. It’s one of those places that has directional signs where it’s like New York is this many miles away? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 13:59
it was kind of funny and then we went

Unknown Speaker 14:02
to a ferry to take us to Orkney and I’m very interested to hear about the spirit because it was an overnight ferry right. Well, the first ferry was not an overnight so yeah, so this one was just an evening ferry because it’s shorter distance between the point these two points. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:25
So on the way there it was, maybe like a three hour ferry, I think but then we got to Orkney and it was pitch black and we had to navigate to our little Airbnb. We only saw one creepy scarecrow attached to a fence.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
That’s no big deal. But it was funny because I’m navigating. And I’m looking at the Google Map and I’m like, okay, so you can’t see any of this but on. On either side of you. Our locks and locks are like, you know, bodies of water. Right. And so, so there’s fences but also like, you can’t there’s water

Unknown Speaker 15:00
on both sides you’re aware just be aware that there’s wire and you could fall into it just so you know. Just so you know. Um, so basically and this was actually in Orkney, right because like there’s Yeah. So you were like actually yeah. Orkney. Okay? So Orkney is actually like a group of islands. It’s not just one island but we were on just like one main islands basically.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
And the main reason actually why I wanted to go to Orkney or to Scotland even, I mean, I wanted to go to Scotland to begin with, but when Steph said what is the thing you want to see? I immediately was like, I want to go to Orkney. I want to go to Skara Brae.

Unknown Speaker 15:43
So we went to Skara Brae the next day, which is this Neolithic site. So it’s 1000s and 1000s of years old, like older than, like the pyramids are older than like everything else in Europe that you would normally see. Older than, you know, everything, basically.

Unknown Speaker 16:04
And it’s, it’s really well preserved. And it’s

Unknown Speaker 16:09
it’s just kind of it was weird, because we were we were basically like the only people there again, because it was like drizzly and I think it was like a Monday. So obviously, no one was there.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
But it’s kind of interesting. We were at like aside from Skara Brae we went to Mays how, and we went to like a lot of like standing stone things, a lot of these really old, old, old, old locations, and you just standing there, and you’re like,

Unknown Speaker 16:42
These people lived 1000s of years ago. Right? And like, their homes are still here. And it’s it’s hard to like, think about and like reconcile, I think a little bit. It’s real ice. Like, I feel like Americans in particular have a hard time with this because our country is over, not around 200 years old or whatever, right. So like, I know, like when my parents came to visit me in Spain, and we saw a cathedral that was built in, like the year 1100, or something, and my mom was like, our whole fucking country is like, 200 years old, we’re such a joke.

Unknown Speaker 17:19
Like, well, even correct, even. So then, like, you go even further back than that, and you’re like, What the fuck? Yeah, yeah. And it’s, it’s even weirder. It’s not just that, that, you know, the United States as a concept is still young. But also,

Unknown Speaker 17:38
I feel like our culture in general, like just, we don’t save things, right? Well, we houses but we like, in general, like, anything that’s old gets destroyed. Right? Well, we did a real good job of just like eliminating any, like, indigenous sites have, like so many ads on this site. Like we could have had lots of really, really old historic sites. And we did a really good job of destroying so many of them. Because, yes, you know what I mean? Yeah, I mean, a lot of these sites, obviously, they were buried for 1000s of years. And they were only kind of, you know, quote, unquote, discovered in, you know, the mid 1800s, or whatever. But I think the fact that they found them, and then they worked really hard to then preserve them, so people could go see them is really interesting, how they’re approaching it. And I wish that, you know, maybe the United States could learn some lessons in how to properly care for historic monuments.

Unknown Speaker 18:42
And let’s all just take a walk down memory lane. Remember that Meghan went on, like a whole, like archeological dig in Israel when she was in college. So this is like, so far up her fucking alley. I know, it was made. I think that’s, I think that’s part of the reason also why I was so interested in going to all these sciences because when I was in college, one of the classes that I took was a Northern European archaeology class. So it was like covering all of these things, basically. And I would have actually preferred to do Northern European archaeology, because like, I don’t know, that’s like my heritage anyway. And so that was the only class they had out at my school. So I took that class and then everything else was relegated to like biblical archaeology, which is not that interesting to me.

Unknown Speaker 19:31
Which is why I ended up changing my major okay.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
I have still had a long interest in the concept of, you know, historical preservation and think, Well, you know, like, I think that we want to think that people that lived billions of years ago were like, so different from us.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
And like, they would not really like you know, you go to these you see these like, like I’m pulling up pictures of Scarborough right now and like

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Clearly there’s like, a hearth and oven situation. Like they’ve got some sort of, like, oven type thing that they have with, like, where they probably made bread and, you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 20:14
shit that we do now like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Humans are humans. And we want to think that like, oh my gosh, we’ve changed so much in the last bajillion years. But like, at the other core, not that much. Yeah, they have like, like a shelving system where like, they would display their prized pots and things like that, like, yeah, they have trinkets like we do. Yeah, right, right.

Unknown Speaker 20:46
I mean, obviously, they lived in like much tighter knit communities. But other than that, like, they’re really they were really not that different. Right.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
So yeah, so we went all around Orkney and looked at all of these amazing Neo like, Neolithic sites, and it was very cool. There was one time a couple it was interesting, because some of the sites on the the historical Scotland app would be like, closed and we’re like, let’s go see, like, are you?

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Yeah, we’ll go anyway. Um,

Unknown Speaker 21:23
and there was one place where it is called the, the bro Abro was like, kind of like Skara Brae worlds, like a, you know, these homes

Unknown Speaker 21:35
and have birthday. And so it’s across what is called a TIDAL WALK.

Unknown Speaker 21:40
Which means that if the tide is in, you can’t cross. And if the tide is out, you can cross.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
And so you get lucky one of the time.

Unknown Speaker 21:51
times, so Oh, that’s cool. We are parking the car. There are a bunch of other cars there. And so the guy next to us, he’s like, you guys know, like when the time is, and we’re like, we have no idea. And he’s like, Yeah, I don’t know, either. And we’re like, well, there’s people.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Glad we had this conversation. I can see I can see other people already there. So if we get stuck, we’ll all get stuck together. It’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
So we went across, it was fine, wandered around

Unknown Speaker 22:19
as you’re starting to go back.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
Realizing most of the other people had already left the island.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
The tide was starting to come in.

Unknown Speaker 22:29
And if we had stayed maybe like 20 minutes longer, it would have definitely been dicey to get across the little title walk because

Unknown Speaker 22:39
the water is very cold. And the way that it rushes in there is looks kind of fast. So yeah, it would have been a problem. Luckily, it was not a problem for us, but I was starting to get concerned.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
Um, and then, but then

Unknown Speaker 23:00
we also did some shopping and some of the little stuff the stores in Orkney, I found a bookstore. I got a book by George Mackay Brown who apparently is the most famous author to ever come out of Orkney

Unknown Speaker 23:14
and the orcadian bookstore had

Unknown Speaker 23:19
Oh, whole like, you know, six foot tall bookshelf full of his books and I had to try and pick one and that was difficult but I got 100 ready yet I’m excited to read it though. I got a bunch of other stuff I got like some handed it needed stuff from Orkney, I got a re one that I really like.

Unknown Speaker 23:38
So that was really nice. I got all my like, basically my own personal souvenirs take care of me.

Unknown Speaker 23:46
And then we did our overnight ferry.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
And it’s actually a pretty nice ferry overall. Like, I think I’ve been on a ferry. Not that many times. I remember going on a ferry when I went from Wales to Ireland when I was 15.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
And it was not that good. I guess I don’t remember obviously, this 15. So but I don’t do anything interesting.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
But these are pretty nice. Like they have nice seats. They have, like, people can get a cabin like we had or they have just seats that are kind of like train seats, I guess. Sure where you could kind of recline that a little if you wanted to sleep but also people would just sleep on the benches because they were padded. So yeah, that’s fine, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 24:41
So we get to the ferry. The ferry doesn’t leave until like, I think it left to like midnight, and it goes all the way from like Kirkwall. And then it goes around like through the little island and it goes around the East Coast side that we had driven through

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Before, okay, I’m down to Aberdeen. And it arrives in Aberdeen at like 7am Wow, okay. Yeah, so it was interesting like it just didn’t you know, sleep a lot because it was a short trip and you’re on a boat.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
It’s kind of weird situation. Sleeping on a boat would be certainly interesting. Yeah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 25:26
and then you just aggregated and like nothing’s open. So, rec seven, answer breakfast the cost does not even open.

Unknown Speaker 25:35
I put my luggage right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:39
So I’m just wandered around until the coffee shop.

Unknown Speaker 25:43
Like, please listen, it’s very cold. I need coffee.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
And then from there, we went to stay at these little lodges that are called the tree houses. And they’re not they’re not actual tree houses. They’re trees that are like they’re like built in within tree like a tree grove but they’re not like okay, so So basically it’s a regular cabin. Okay with trees around them.

Unknown Speaker 26:19
But it was very cozy and que han they also had they have a huge property so they also have like two working farmland as well. So there’s cows came right like right up to the edge of our fence areas cute.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
And there was like a little creek that goes by and we had our own wood burning fireplace and it was just super cozy and cute and made meals there. It was great.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
And then from there we went around to a bunch of different castles we went to like dune we went to Stirling Castle, which is huge and really well kept.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
And like we went to funnily enough for all of my complaints about Outlander. Uh huh. went to many places they are featured in Outland.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
I have to ask,

Unknown Speaker 27:14
because you can’t really escape it because you’re in Scotland, you know, so

Unknown Speaker 27:22
all over the fucking place on that show. So they do. Yeah, and one of the castles we went to it’s been an Outlander, it’s been in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It’s been in like, five other movies. Stirling Castle was in movies, like all of these places have been in movies.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
So it was really interesting to listen to the people talk and like some of the guided audio things like have Sam Hagen, and it’s very funny.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
But one of my favorite places that we went to, is called cross palace, and it’s not really a palace. It’s basically just like an estate. They have this amazing, beautiful terraced garden in the back. Ooh. And it had to have apple trees of like all these amazing varieties, different heritage varieties that you can buy on the site to have,

Unknown Speaker 28:23
like, slavery because it’s really pretty pink apples. Yes, yes. The bloody Plowman apples.

Unknown Speaker 28:31
red on the inside.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
They have like, you know, 100 feet worth of blackberry bushes they had just like everything they had, you know, what’s not the artichoke but

Unknown Speaker 28:46
the thing that looks like an artichoke that’s related to an artichoke but isn’t an artichoke. Is it? edible?

Unknown Speaker 28:54
I don’t I don’t know because it’s so going in October like most of the things are, you know, winding down.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
I can’t think of it now. Either way. They had like the plants still there so you could still see it and they had all these other things. They had this one fissile thing that I cannot remember it’s called but apparently in the 1800s That was what they would use for like, brushing fabric. Oh, so once the flower died it like would leave this dry hard thistle center. Interesting.

Unknown Speaker 29:26
So I thought that was really cool to see like the garden basically like a working garden. And so it’s really cool.

Unknown Speaker 29:34
In Outlander, apparently that’s the garden they use for like Claire’s fancy herb garden in the show. And then the house also like they do film in some of those rooms for the show. And it was funny because

Unknown Speaker 29:52
the lady who was working like the ticket area was

Unknown Speaker 29:56
just like yeah, some of the rooms are closed because they’re like a

Unknown Speaker 30:00
about to start filming and we don’t know when exactly, they’re gonna start doing it. But that’s why the rooms are closing like, okay. But then I was waiting for stuff to get out of the gift shop later on after we had gone through the tour. And this one lady was like so excited, because she was reading a little, like, outlander pamphlet that you get. And she was just like, Oh, I’m so excited. Like, you know, is Sam around and the lady’s like, no, he’s not here.

Unknown Speaker 30:31
We just keep hanging around it until somebody asks.

Unknown Speaker 30:36
It’s adorable. Yeah, that’s funny. Yeah, it was it was really lovely trip. I don’t know, I went to so many different places. And I can’t even keep them all straight, I have to probably get like Steffes little all of her little notes that she had just like they have to get like a map and like Mark looks like yeah, she has a mallet. So she’s nice. She has Google maps of all the trips that she’s been on. And so she has them all marked. So she can keep track of what sites she has been to. And I’m like, I need I need that once. I can make sure to label on my photos correctly.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Yeah, it was cool. Especially like, I’m not super well versed in Scottish history, or British history, and not that far back or anything. But it’s really interesting to go to all those replaces, like we saw the the tooth not, I guess to now have like Robert the Bruce. So that’s cool. Like, thinking about that stuff is interesting. And it was really lovely to just, like, get away for a while. And one of the things I like the most is that all the places we stayed like, we would go out and about, like during the day, because everything’s so close, like you could hit lots of different places in one day. And then we will be back at our room slash you know, house whatever. By like, you know, four o’clock. Yeah. And then we will just like Have some tea, just like for the night dinner. Yeah, cozy up reader books. Like it was so relaxing in the evening. It was great. It was great. And we walked out so many steps like every day, so it was kind of thing that we did. That’s the dream, right? Like that. Yeah, that’s it. I mean, I know that it’s not everyone’s ideal vacation. But that is our kind of ideal vacation. Yeah, it was really, really nice. I would say.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
I mean, it would be nice. It would have been better. I guess it wasn’t quite so wet. Um, a lot of the places and like because the sun going, like the sun rose really late, and then the sun went down really early. So you flipped it the day felt shorter, like you did have to like come back to where you were staying.

Unknown Speaker 32:58
Unless I guess you were like a nightlife person, but we’re not so well. So you were like in these like little bitty Plett like, you weren’t like it was like maybe if you were like in like Edinburgh or something and then like nightlife but I feel like these little, probably don’t have much nightlife. No, I mean, even if you like if there is a pub, like pubs don’t stay open that late. So no, you know, pubs. Pubs aren’t like, bars here. Were bars stay open till like 2am pubs closed. 11. Right? Because they want you to stop drinking and go home. Fuck out, right.

Unknown Speaker 33:34

Unknown Speaker 33:36
we had a lot of tea. We had a lot of pastries. Oh, I didn’t say it. Okay, one also cool thing. Before we move on to you.

Unknown Speaker 33:43
They have these things called honesty box, I was gonna ask you about the honesty boxes, I had it on my list. So they are basically like anyone, I guess. I don’t know, if there’s rules, there’s probably rules, but anyone can like open an honesty box, like on their property. And you it’s like basically, it’s like a little free library. Like the same concept. It’s like a little box you have on your property. And you put whatever you want in it to sell. And then you have like a little money box. And so there’s that was interesting because most of the ones we went to are actually owned by businesses. So one of the ones we went to was she It was owned by this lady who actually we had bought her jam at a store.

Unknown Speaker 34:34
So that but then really saw wait. Yeah, so now here’s all our jam and also her pastries. So that was cool. And

Unknown Speaker 34:43
then another one was actually like a big store a big shop where the big shop only has like you know certain hours but the honesty box open extended hours. So you can get you know bread after hours or on the day that they’re not open or whatever. Um

Unknown Speaker 35:01
and they have, you know, they just have like a selection of whatever it is that you would normally want to buy at the bakery. And loved, you just pick out what you want. And you put your money and they have the prices listed like on one of the doors usually, and then put your little money in the box. My, one of my high school math teachers, she her husband’s a farmer. And so they would in the summer, she always had like this huge vegetable garden. And so she would do basically that in her front yard, like with our vegetables, and like sometimes she had baked goods and jams and stuff that she made. And yeah, she just had like a little like money blocked money box, and just like it was on the honesty system, like, you know, K drop your money and like, take what you you know, take what you want, drop in whatever you owe, like, whatever. So I thought that was cool that they had like that. That was like a thing, though, especially with like, pastries. I’m sorry, I’m gonna need to hit every honesty box and get all of the pastries. I mean, we ended up having so many pastries. Like, we had a lot of pastries to work through, we had so much bread because we bought when we before we went to Orkney, we were like, well, we need groceries. Because we’re gonna get in so late. I don’t know, you know what time we’re gonna be able to get groceries the next day, but also we selecting the food when we get in. So we, you know, got a few things at this little farm stand. But then also we needed like, breads. So we like got bread at the Tesco and a couple of things. But then, so we had Tesco bread. But then when we went to Orkney, we went to the honesty box of this bakery. And they had like their special bread. So we’re like, Well, of course, we need the special bread like it’s made here. And they milled the grains here. Like we have to have this bread. So we got that bread.

Unknown Speaker 36:57
And then when we went down to the tree house, when you check in at the tree house, you get like, Oops, you get a box of food, like they give you

Unknown Speaker 37:07
read and like all the things to make breakfast. So basically three loaves of bread.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
eaten, meaning parts of the first two loaves, but that we still had some of both of them. By the time we got third place. We had so much bread left. I was like galore. We have too much food. We I mean, unsurprisingly, we bought more food than we needed.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
Yeah, a shock. You don’t want to not have enough food. So does find

Unknown Speaker 37:35
the nightmare.

Unknown Speaker 37:37
Right? Like not having a food and also not having enough food. And then manipulate the middle of the night. I don’t know the middle of night. You don’t know where you can even go to get food because you’re out 30 minutes from a town and it’s pitch black and you’re in another country. Yeah, right. You’re like,

Unknown Speaker 37:57
Yes, I will also say the other thing about this trip is. So we joked about this after the first few days, when people would ask us how a trip would we was we were going to say perfectly to our well timed, because every single place we went, it felt like we were beating a crowd. We were either beating the crowd, or we were beating the weather, or like whatever it was. Because we were great. We were eschar right? We’re the only people there. As we were leaving, people were coming in, like every, like, every other place. We were going it was as we were leaving lots of people were coming in.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Like so. Because

Unknown Speaker 38:41
very proud of you good job because yeah, yeah, it was great, except now I have, you know, a ton of pictures to go through and figure out what to do with

Unknown Speaker 38:52
details. Because, yeah, you know, because I always feel like I take all these pictures. And then I’m like, Well, now I have these pictures and

Unknown Speaker 39:00
this way. Well, you’re lucky you actually again, I suppose well times, because like Shutterfly is gonna be having tons of sales soon.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
So you should like hop on Shutterfly. And like, take a look at some of their like, not just like maybe like doing a photo album of all of them, but also like look at some of their like wall art options and stuff and like keep your eye out because they’ll be doing like they do shit loads of sales leading up to the holidays stuff like, like good ones. 40 50% off of like photo tiles and framed prints and stuff like that. So you should pick some of your favorites. And then like, you know, do like a triptych or something for your bedroom or I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
Yeah, I was thinking like,

Unknown Speaker 39:47
because I’d have I mean, as I was saying, I have so many like flower pictures. Yeah, I was like, you know, I’m just gonna do like a calendar of Yeah, or like flower pictures and like, Here’s your present everyone. Right? Are they

Unknown Speaker 40:00
probably have like, you could probably get like coasters like do coasters or something with some of them. There’s some they’ve got some really good like, just like gift options, so I just have never sure, but the quality of them everything I’ve gotten from Shutterfly has been really nice. Because that’s, that’s why order.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
Kathleen gets a lot of her stuff from Shutterfly too. And yeah, everything that both of us have ever gotten has been really, really nice. So take that, for what it’s worth. take that for what it feels.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
I usually use like a different I usually use Autorama for prints, but I don’t know if they do other products. So if I’m looking at other products, I have to check it out. I’m always so concerned where I’m like, it’s not going to turn out the way that I shot it. You know, colored like they insist on color, changing it or whatever. So, yeah, usually prints pretty accurately.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Like, obviously, like depending on like how small like if you get like really small magnets and sometimes they it’s not like a sharp but like the really like the nice, like big prints and all that stuff has always printed really nicely. So

Unknown Speaker 41:14
good to know. Let’s check it out.

Unknown Speaker 41:17
So you have been you’re not enjoying yourself, I would say

Unknown Speaker 41:25
it’s been a it’s been a month for me my god.

Unknown Speaker 41:31
Journey. It’s been a journey. Yeah, so let’s see. So the Tuesday before you left, no, Monday, the Monday before you left, I had my uterus taken out. Um, so yes, so I had a so I’m saying this in case like, listeners are like, Okay, I legitimately want to know what you had because I have had and I’ve talked a lot about it on my Instagram. Because I share that I was going to have this procedure done and I lost count of the number of messages I got of people saying like, I’ve been thinking about this I really want to hear like your experience with it and like all that stuff. So that’s why I’ve been sharing a lot.

Unknown Speaker 42:12
But I had a robot assisted hysterectomy and fuck what’s what now I can’t remember what it’s called when they sapling ectomy I think is what it’s called when they take your tubes. So basically

Unknown Speaker 42:28
they laparoscopically removed my uterus, cervix and tubes but they left my ovaries so I haven’t gone into menopause I’ll that’ll happen just like naturally when it normally would. unless for some reason we have to go back in and take my ovaries at some other point. But otherwise they’re just chillin in there

Unknown Speaker 42:51
but the rest is gone.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
It was one of those where we weren’t entirely sure what we were getting into because I had five years ago five and a half years ago now I guess I had

Unknown Speaker 43:06

Unknown Speaker 43:08
I had an excision done for like all my endometriosis and that was a really that was like an eight hour surgery it was really really extensive. But the thing about endo is that you literally don’t know what’s going on with it unless they go in surgically and look like you can’t see on X rays or ultrasounds or like anything like that. So

Unknown Speaker 43:33
we were like weren’t sure if she was going to get in there and there was gonna be like all of this and Demetrius tissue that she had to like do something with so she had like kind of allotted like two hours for the surgery but she was prepared to just like stay in there as long as she needed to to like clean things up and make sure that she wasn’t just like leaving me a mess.

Unknown Speaker 43:54
But like she got in there my first surgeon that did my excision

Unknown Speaker 44:01
is even better than we thought she was because like we already knew she was awesome. But we got they she got in there. There was like basically no excision of anything that she had to do like I didn’t have any adhesions of like my organs to each other or to like anything else which is can be a really big problem obviously. Like none of that. It was a like a super just simple she went in there did her stuff was done in like less than an hour. I think Alex said it was like 45 minutes from the time they like took me back to when Dr. M came out and like talk to him after the surgery.

Unknown Speaker 44:43
And so yeah, that was like it was great because I don’t think I’ve ever woken up from a surgery and had Alex like walk in and be like babe, it went great.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
Yeah, I went crazy, but you have to have another surgery or like oh, yeah, like he was like No honey, it was it

Unknown Speaker 45:00
was great. She, she was really pleased. I was like, Oh, this is awesome. So I got to go home that that afternoon the surgery was like at

Unknown Speaker 45:10
9am. And I think I was home by like, two or something.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
I had to, in order to go home, I had to eat something, drink something, be able to like get up and walk like to the bathroom. And I had to pee, which was actually the hardest part because they catheterized you during surgery. And so peeing after you’ve been catheterized is like the fucking worst.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
But I was like, I’m going home. I’m not staying here overnight.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
And so I did it and got to go home. And

Unknown Speaker 45:44
just like, you know, made myself a little nest in bed. And

Unknown Speaker 45:50
yeah, I don’t know, the the pain wasn’t really that bad.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
i My surgery was Monday. And I think the last day I like took anything for pain was like Friday morning. And that was like a Tylenol, I think I only took Norco for like the first three days or something.

Unknown Speaker 46:13
And it was like the, the pain afterwards, the incisions really weren’t bad, it was more. So anytime you have an abdominal surgery,

Unknown Speaker 46:22
they pump you full of air to make space for what they’re doing. So they can kind of like move your other organs out of the way and just like be able to see what they’re doing. But when they’re done, they can’t just like suck the air back out of you. It has to just like dissipate naturally. So what happens is like when you say so you back up and like you are like laying down or sitting up the air like it comes up into your chest and like your shoulders. And it’s really painful. And it takes like one or two days to like fully dissipate.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
So that actually is the most one of the most painful parts of recoveries, like just that error because it like the pain meds don’t really do anything for it. And it’s really hard to just like get it out of your system, it just sort of has to go away naturally. So that was really painful. And I had like some I had a fair amount of cramping but honestly, it wasn’t any worse than like the cramping I would have been having if I had a period. Like because I always have really bad cramps. So I was like, Well, this is just normal like if I hadn’t period but it’s also the last time we’ll ever have to deal with this. So that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
But yeah, it was not bad. We had

Unknown Speaker 47:47
my inlaws took Eden the day like the night before my surgery and the through the next day. And then

Unknown Speaker 47:56
she went and stayed with her birth parents and sissy that weekend.

Unknown Speaker 48:03
And then she was well, she actually ended up getting sick, like right after my surgery. So we had like a day where she was sick. And then I was also like, unable to get out of bed and do anything. So for Alex was like, trying to like nurse both of us back to health. I think he was a little stressed.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
But yeah, other than that, it was pretty I couldn’t, I wasn’t able to lift anything.

Unknown Speaker 48:28
For like, the first week, it was like I couldn’t lift anything over 10 pounds. And then after that it was like over 15 pounds for the next three weeks or some nonsense. But yesterday, as of yesterday, we were at four weeks, and I was like I’m picking up my kid again. That’s fine. I’m just going to do it. So

Unknown Speaker 48:50
hopefully that was fine with my doctor. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I see her again.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
I have told me questions about the air thing. Oh, tell me. I may not know the answer. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 49:06
like the concept in general is just kind of wild to me. So I’ve never had surgery aside from like having my children

Unknown Speaker 49:13
and so the only surgery that involved was like

Unknown Speaker 49:17
so when me up at the end.

Unknown Speaker 49:21
Um, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
It’s fine. If it happens to everyone. It’s fine. Not traumatized at all this many years later. Rain doesn’t do anything to you. It’s totally fine.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
So, what because you said it has to dissipate naturally, but I’m imagining the air that they’re pumping in. It’s just kind of like going in. It’s like not going. It’s going into your body but like, the way the air in your body would normally dissipate is like through a burp or a fart. Right so

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Like, right, where? How does this error naturally dissipate? Because I understand it’s just kind of picturing it sloshing around in there. Yeah, that’s kind of what it feels like. And that’s why it’s like so weird because like, you just get all of this painful air pressure like in like, especially like up through like your ribs, and like your chest cavity and then like it up into like, the very top of your like shoulders. It’s very strange, it’s very hard to to like describe it is it’s very sharp, it’s very painful. And you’re right, like some because like, some people are all like, well, if you drink like carbonated stuff, you can like burp it out. But my doctors have always been like, that’s not going to do anything and actually could make it more painful.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
So because the air is not in your gut, right? Because it’s not in your gut. Exactly. It’s just like, in like your chest cavity, basically, just like kind of floating around there. So like, I think at some point, it just sort of, I don’t know if it just like leaks out your skin. I don’t I don’t really know how it goes away. But at some point it does. Because at some point, you’re no longer like really puffy and also it doesn’t hurt anymore. So the understand Yeah, I don’t really understand how it gets back out. Like that’s the whole science that doesn’t make any sense to me. But it does eventually.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
I did discover this time that like heat actually helped with that a little bit like helped ease like the pain and the pressure. So like a little heating pad, or like kind of hung it up against like, whatever part was really like hurting. But yeah, it’s it is what and like, because I had it with all of my I’ve had all my laparoscopic procedures. We had a friend, our friend Susanna, whose husband had surgery on his chest recently, and he had it so yeah, it’s like any sort of like abdominal surgery, they do it to just like, and I guess it makes sense. Like they gotta be able to see the thing that they need to see. And this is and they like pump it through your belly button. Because that’s like what you’ll need to have a laparoscopic procedure. There’s always like an incision in your belly button and Alex because he is who he is, like, googled and like YouTubed my surgery he like Oh God, no of my surgery. He was wanted to know what they were doing. And he’s like, Yeah, that’s what the incision in your belly button is I was really pumped there. And I was like, oh, okay, no, no, the more you know, no, no video watching for me.

Unknown Speaker 52:30
Your description is fine. I don’t need to know more. I’m also the person who like, learned how you know, LASIK works, and then refuse to get it for like two years. So

Unknown Speaker 52:44
you had to forget the details before you could go in. And I mean, I had a panic attack at the checkup appointment before I even had it done. So

Unknown Speaker 52:55
that’s fine. And then you were you know, healing really well. And then you got COVID And then I got COVID Yes, I was like bopping along feeling great. Like people would be like, Oh, Stephanie, like, how are you feeling? I’m like, I don’t even feel like I had like literally like a week and a half later. I was like, if I didn’t have these incisions wasn’t still a little bit swollen. Like, I would not know that I had surgery. Like, the surgery recovery has been incredible. Like, I guess I was finally due for something easy with my reproductive system. Because this recovery has been great. I still technically have like, four more weeks of like, the internal recovery.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
But like, I feel totally fine or whatever. Um, yeah. And then Halloween, I tested positive for COVID and that I, I had I really had the COVID there and I was like, you know, I think I texted Taylor. I was like, if I had to pick COVID Or getting my uterus out, I would get my uterus out 100 More times over having this stupid COVID This fucking sucks. So yeah, I mean, also, it’s almost more insulting to get it so late. I was like, so close to well, and it’s funny because our friend Bethany, her family got it, like, three days before our family got it. And like, unrelated like to each other, but we just ended up at the same time and we hit she was like, I really thought we were gonna win the pandemic, but right here, right?

Unknown Speaker 54:25
Like, no, no, no, everyone gets it, apparently. Yeah, well, hilarious. The most hilarious part to me is like I you know, I have all this experience, like looking at pregnancy tests and be like, well, that’s definitely negative and like, all this stuff, and so like, reading COVID tests, not that different than reading a pregnancy test. And my, my husband co said, he comes in the bedroom and he goes,

Unknown Speaker 54:53
Is this positive? Does this mean I have COVID And he hands me the most fucking positive

Unknown Speaker 55:00
COVID tests I’ve ever seen like, the boldest, positive line candidates to me and I was expecting it was going to be like super faint, and I was gonna have to be like, Yeah, even when it’s really faint, it’s but it is the most bold line I’ve ever seen. I was like, Yabe. That’s,

Unknown Speaker 55:17
that’s a positive. Like, clearly you’ve never read.

Unknown Speaker 55:23
Maybe he was looking for the plus sign.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
I was like, Yeah, honey, that’s fine. You have COVID. So sorry.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
So yeah, we just all got over that. So that’s been a journey is it’s been a long Yeah. For us. Like, I’m like, I’m tired.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
Like, I’m like, legitimately tired at this point. So it’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
It’s fine. Now it’s like, Christmas is next month. So I know. Although I guess we don’t have to worry about getting COVID over the holidays now. I mean, I guess technically, we could get it again. But odds are probably we won’t that quickly. I don’t really know how that works. But I have no idea. I think it. I know. It’s confusing. I doubt a lot of I mean, obviously, as they learn more about it, all the things change, and it’s just hard to keep up changes every five minutes. It’s so hard to keep up with it. So like, did you get it? And then you’re like, Okay, what are the guidelines now? Like, I don’t like how long am I supposed to quarantine? When can Eaton go back to school? What do they need to see? What are like, what are the rules? Like? I was like, I don’t have one of my friends was like, Well, what how long are you in quarantine? I was like, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 56:45
I don’t know the right answer.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 56:50
Me what to do. Right? Because also like, you can still test positive for it for like, weeks because there’s just like, oh, yeah, crap in your nose. So you could be like, not actually positive, like not have it and not be contagious. But tests is very confusing. i When? When Bob had it, he tested positive for like two weeks. Right? But But he wasn’t like, well, I don’t know. It was weird. It was weird because he was positive. And then like a week later, that’s when Max got it.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
I assumed from him, probably. And then like I never tested positive, but we’re pretty sure that I had it and Reese never had

Unknown Speaker 57:35
he never tested positive and he never had symptoms. So yeah, I don’t know. Yeah, Eden. Eden did not get it. She was perfectly fine. Extra perky, actually. Oh, as both of her parents oh my god, like what I was like,

Unknown Speaker 57:53
because the first day because the first couple days. We just tried to quarantine me and then like she still went to school or whatever, which was fine for the their guidelines. And then of course once Alex’s a positive, like she had to stay home and stuff because obviously we couldn’t take her

Unknown Speaker 58:11
and we’re both just like miserable.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
She’s like, extra perky. And I was like, Oh yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna throw myself off.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
I can’t lose, man. Oh my god. She was so perky. I remember when when Reese was a little

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Bob and I got food poisoned at once. I think he was. He was younger than Ed, I think. But it was horrible. Because we were so sick. And he’s just like, you know, this little little cat tiny kitten you got to take care of and he’s oblivious to everything. You say? Oh my god. Like I don’t you’re like, Honey, I don’t feel good. And she’s like, let’s go to the park. And you’re like, I know, we can’t go to the park.

Unknown Speaker 58:57
Um, Monday can’t make it to the end of the block right now. Right? Like, I literally like I’m gonna search for every activity to try to keep you busy in this house. Like we did a lot of bubble baths where I would like set up the laptop for her to watch a movie while she was in the bubble bath.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
I could just like sit. Like while she played in the tub watched the movie. Right? Or I’d be like, don’t you want to watch a movie? And she’d be like, let’s play and I’m like, I think you’re broken. I think my kid is.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
Oh, no, just toddler.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Just a two year old so yep. But yeah, we are covered covered. So you know onto the next big holiday adventure. We wrap. So yeah, that’s, that’s that’s my saga much less exciting than yours. Although getting rid of my uterus and not having a period anymore is pretty exciting. I’m not gonna lie to them. I mean, I am pretty jealous of that. Although

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
This bitch two days before my surgery, this bitch was like, I can get another period and

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
squeeze it in there. The fussing audacity

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
your piercing your uterus is just like I’m just gonna scoot Pasha.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
I’m just gonna try pasture there. Yeah, well What a bitch. She’s, it’s fun. I had a sort of God I had the nurse, the pre op nurse just like, roll I don’t think she knew what to do with me she was like, because like, you know, I think a lot, you know, obviously, she’s a surgical like a pre op nurse. And so there’s lots of different surgeries happening there. And so, you know, I think for the most part, people aren’t excited to have surgery. And so they come in and they’re, like, really anxious and stuff. And I was like, she’s like, how are you feeling? I was like, I’m, I’m great. I’m so excited. Let’s do this. Let’s get rid of this asshole. She was like,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
Yeah, I’m gonna share my search on We’re both just cracking up at me like, hey, let’s do this.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
Yeah, then they give it the good drugs and then you go take a nice nap. That’s that’s that. Nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
Yep. So Megan, what’s bringing you joy this week?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
Oh, goodness. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
it is. I would say it’s hard to say.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
But I might

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
just go with my dog.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
Obviously, I missed my dog while I was traveling. She missed me very much while I was traveling, while I was gone, she started taking to sleeping in this green armchair. And that I’ve had, I mean, we’ve had it for like

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
16 years, something like that. We’ve had it for a very long time. It’s very cozy a very, it’s a very comfy armchair. Yeah. And she’s taken to sleeping in it. Apparently she slept in it every night while I was gone, instead of sleeping in the bedroom like she normally does.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
Because I wasn’t there.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
My daughter and my husband it via document that same Mom’s back here. I don’t know what to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
Like, I don’t know if that is the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Here so I think I’ll just sleep on the couch. i Okay, weirdo here.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
But she is so she sleeps in there now during the day as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
And so she’s taken to doing this thing where it so it’s one of those armchairs where the Back Pillow is, you know, not it’s not attached.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
And so she is taken to smooshing it down so she can lay on top of it slash behind it, like the back of the chair, and the big fluffy Back Pillow, basically.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
And she’s ridiculous, but it’s adorable. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
again, like be mad at her. It’s also like it’s an old chair. So I don’t really care if she is kicking it around. And due to it. Not much, right? Nothing. But I think for Christmas, I’m gonna get her one of those like,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
I guess they’re called like a Kudler bed.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
I want one of those. It’s basically just like, I think they’re made out of like the soft like fleecy faux fur kind of like material. And they’re like, it’s like the shape of a beanbag, but doesn’t like it’s not firm. Uh huh. But so you’d like sit in it and it kind of like, looks around you like a little pod.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
And so I think I’m gonna get her one of those because she likes being snuggly so much. She would love and then she can sleep in my office. And I think because she doesn’t have any cozy place to sit in my office, and I think it makes her very sad.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
So I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
so I bought a dog bed for Eden’s room, like right after she was born, because the dogs would follow me in there in the middle of the night. And then just like, look sad. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
obviously, I have to get a dog bed for this room. So yeah, so I we have 3 million dog beds in our house because every room they have to have a cozy place to lay it. Yeah, of course. The carpet is not good enough on its own. She needs it. Oh no. Yeah, well, you know, we got to protect their hips and stuff. Come on. It’s true. She is only you know, like maybe three years old, but you know, she needs to cozy places. So that is what’s pretty much I my doofus dog. Oh, and also like, we finally got our new fence and so she can be out in the yard again and she seems to be much happier now that she can just see out the fence instead of having to peer over it. Nice. Yeah. So what’s bringing you joy? Um, so, our favorite podcast

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
US is maintenance phase. And Mike, one of the CO hosts has a new podcast. I just saw that I’m excited if books could kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
I’m listening to the first episode. And so it’s a, they basically are taking all of these like airport books. There’s just like horrendous airport books and just like picking them apart. And so the first one is about Freakonomics and oh my god, it’s excellent. So far, it’s everything you would expect a Michael hops podcast, I’ve also decided

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
the likelihood that he’s an Enneagram. Five is extremely high.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
Obviously. Yeah, there was just something I can’t even remember what it was. But there was something specific he said in like, this episode is like intro he did with Aubrey on the maintenance phase. Where I was I can’t remember what it was, he said, but I was listening to it in the shower this morning. And and I was like, Oh my God, that’s such a fucking Megan thing to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
So yes, anyway, it’s just everything that you would expect from a Michael Hobbs podcast. But I’m really excited about it. Because, you know, I was like a another way to listen to my favorite podcasters.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
My husband used to really be obsessed with Freakonomics.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
Like the podcast they did put out and like the show and everything. So I’m very excited to listen to this well, and like even Mike is like,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
a pro Mike said, like, I used to listen to that podcast, because it was like one of the first podcasts like there wasn’t a whole lot around and like stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
But yeah, I don’t I’m not really I’m not familiar with. The guy that he’s coasting with. His name is Peter. But he seems really dope based on this.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
This episode that I’ve listened to so far, so I’m excited to see what other books they talk about. Because Mike was like, I’m fascinated with bad ideas.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
So I wanted to talk, I’ll do a podcast where I talk about bad ideas.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
So yeah, anyway, that’s sort of excited about right now. Excellent. Excellent, excellent. I always need more Michael Hobbs in my life. I was very sad. And he left you’re wrong about because they were on opposite schedules maintenance phase, and you’re wrong about had like rising weeks. And so like, I was like, every week, I got to have a new episode. So I know. I know. It’s exciting. But also the latest one, the more opposite. Yeah. The other more most recent episode of maintenance phase was the one about daily harvest. And I was so invested in that story when it came out. I was so excited about that episode, while amazing wild shit, you guys. Yes, if you I’ll link it in the show notes. Because if you did not hear about this whole Hullabaloo, it is fucking fascinating. Also, it was not just about like the stuff about daily harvest that He talked about, but all the it’s like related things basically is yes. Wild. Yes. Yes. The update. Well, and it’s it actually, it’s really funny, because in that episode they talked about, there’s this FDA diets designation called generally regarded as safe or grass. And that like comes into play with some of the ingredients that were involved in this whole thing. And it’s funny because they were like, if we talked about this on this podcast, I was like, yes, you have and then they’re like moving on it. And I was like, oh, no, that was another podcast I listened to. That was like talking about it in regards to I think like supplements.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:39
But I can’t remember what podcast it was. But that also is like very, like they talk about it. Not like super in depth in that episode. But it is really interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
Like how that came about, just in general of this like FDA designation, so you don’t have to like go through the full like FDA approval process. You could just be like, Yeah, this is generally regarded as safe and stuff that like you just don’t know about if you don’t know about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
And then once you know about it, you’re like

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
to make you feel like cheating in the good place. Do you like that? Oh, my name is stomachache. But the chili pot

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
I’ve been rewatching it’s a good place.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
Oh my god, I love it so much. Oh, cheese is bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
Well, next week, we’ll we’ll be back with another episode. I can’t tell you what it’s going to be about because we are super disorganized right now. But we’ll be back with another episode. I mean, we hope so. We hope so. Well, we will be back at some point with an episode most likely next week, most likely with a guest but you know what, you’re just gonna have to stay tuned and see what’s happening. Until then, leave us a review on Apple podcasts or listen to us on your favorite platform.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
You can also follow us on social media at IRSIpodcast or send us an email at I’d rather stay in We’d love to hear from you bye

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